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Sherlock Holmes Main Page

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We love all incarnations of Sherlock Holmes, although this page will mostly focus on the two TV shows, "Elementary" on CBS and "Sherlock" on BBC.  Sherlock Holmes is a great detective, assisted by Doctor Watson. In most modern versions of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock can be quite offensive to people, and very "eccentric" as well as drug-addled. In "Elementary", Sherlock is living in New York as a former drug addict. Dr. Watson is his "sober companion", an Asian-American woman, who lives with him to make sure he doesn't go back to drugs. She also has learned to help him solve crimes as they aid the NYPD and his old friend Captain Gregson.  In "Sherlock", both Holmes and Watson are roommates in London, a slightly more traditional but still modern version of Sherlock Holmes. Holmes uses all of today's science and techniques to solve murders and other crimes that Inspector Lestrade and others need help with. While "Elementary" has a non-traditional cast and setting, the stories are more traditional, and they have the normal pacing for a one hour network TV show that lasts for 24 episodes.  "Sherlock" only has 3 episodes per season and each episode is about an hour and a half, and the shows are very fast-paced and exciting.  The recent "Sherlock Holmes" movies, starring Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law, take place in the original 1890's settings of the novels, yet they have a very fast pace and a somewhat modern sensibility.  Sherlock and his companion are very action-oriented, more like superheroes than detectives.

Welcome to our site for Sherlock Holmes!

The third "Sherlock Holmes" movie debuts 12/22/21. More Info

Watch "The Irregulars" on Netflix! Season One is an 8-episode series about a group of street teens who help John Watson fight supernatural creatures plaguing London. Sherlock Holmes is a "shadowy figure."  We learn more every episode. It's been described as a "Victorian X-Files."

There are no current plans yet for "Sherlock" season 5, but season 4 did well, so it will probably be back in a few years, after Gattis and Moffat do "Dracula"... Post on Twitter with #Sherlock  and #Bring221Back   to let them know you want it back! More Info

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