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By Suzanne

Alexa Havins

Interview with Alexa Havins of "Killer Vacation" on Lifetime Movie Network 11/19/18

It was so great to speak to Alexa. I watched her for years on "All My Children," and I'm glad to speak with her about this Lifetime movie that shes's starring in with Jacob Young Friday. I can't wait to see it. She was so sweet and personable on the call.

Below are the questions I asked (more or less). Here's the audio - part one and part two - of our call. The sound quality is not great - sorry about that. The person that transcribed it for me did the best she could, I'm sure.

Suzanne: So I'm a fan of ours. I watched All My Children since 1984, so ...

Alexa: I love it. I love. We're family then, right?

Suzanne: Yes! I'm a fan and I have my TV site. But it actually started out being about General Hospital and All My Children, so ...

Alexa: So those are your top two? Or your original?

Suzanne: Well, yeah, pretty much. Especially when I started the site. But yeah, I watched all of the ABC soaps pretty much, and then eventually started watching it. Now I only watch Bold and Beautiful, so ...

Alexa: Interesting. [crosstalk], right?

Suzanne: I guess it's Jacob's fault.

Alexa: Did you switch over 'cause he went over for a while? Yeah.

Suzanne: Well, I tried to watch all of 'em, but there was too many at that time. Now there's less, but I don't have time. So ...

Alexa: It's true, I know. We always record, I know it's so hard to watch, there's such good television to get everything in.

Suzanne: Yes. Even with the DVR and everything, it's just really hard.

Alexa: I'm feeling you, I agree. I feel you. Very rarely do I have that time to watch some of my favorite films.

Suzanne: Yeah. So, let me just get right on here. I haven't seen the movie, they didn't send it to me. I asked, but ...

Alexa: I guess I'll watch it on Friday. I haven't seen it either, so [crosstalk].

Suzanne: Yeah, it's funny, 'cause sometimes they'll send me the link, but then the actor hasn't seen it yet and I'm like, that's weird, why just me?

Alexa: No, it is weird. 'Cause I'm like, I think this is what we did, but I don't know what you edited so, sometimes they're writing a totally different movie.

Suzanne: Yeah, Jacob said they changed a lot of stuff while you were filming. That they made constant changes, but because you guys had the soap background, you were able to figure it out.

Alexa: Yeah, even to flex with and they were good with us if we were like, hey, we were doing this, can we go- Everyone was just really open and just ready to make the best movie possible, yeah.

Suzanne: Good. Good.

Alexa: Honestly the soap training, you don't skip a beat.

Suzanne: Right.

Alexa: Like, I showed up, things, and we don't even have a scene yet. And it's no big deal. It's [eep 00:02:02].

Suzanne: So, it was easy for you to get right back into that.

Alexa: It was, yeah. To just jump back in and jump back right in with Jacob. We didn't even skip a beat.

Suzanne: Good, good. Now you guys didn't know ahead of time-

Alexa: No, isn't that crazy?

Suzanne: -or too much, that is crazy. If that was something-

Alexa: [inaudible], I don't know if he told you this. I didn't know, but so they had offered the movie if I wanted. And I wanted to do it obviously. One, because I'd never done a Lifetime movie and that's like a rite of passage for an actor.

Suzanne: Right.

Alexa: You can do like a Law and Order, you gotta get a CSI, you gotta get a Hallmark movie, a Lifetime. There's just certain things. So I wanted to do that and it was filming in New Mexico and I was born there and I still have family in New Mexico. So I was really interested in going back to seeing some of the places that my mom and dad and my brother and I went as ...

Suzanne: Well, cool.

Alexa: ... during my childhood. So that was fun. But, he wasn't involved in it. And no one was attached to it for the guy. And I kept bugging, like, who's the guy? That makes a difference. Who am I gonna be working with?

Suzanne: Right.

Alexa: They didn't know. I literally flew out, still didn't know. To the point where I was asking my husband, Justin, will you come do this movie? Because they don't even have anyone yet.

Suzanne: That's hilarious.

Alexa: [crosstalk].

Alexa: And so then I get there that night and the night before I said, Justin, I bet we're gonna get Jacob. And he was like, what? Why? That's so random, why'd you think that? I was like, I don't know, I think he'd be really good for this. It's gonna be Jacob.

Alexa: And low and behold, the next day I walk in and there's both of our head shots up on the wall. And then I hear his voice coming in, I was like, what? It was kind of a surprise, really fun, reunion.

Suzanne: Well, that's great, yeah. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys together again, on the show. You know, the other lady that came in to play Babe, she was fine, but you own that role, so ...

Alexa: That is very sweet. I agree, I didn't watch her so I can't judge work or anything. But she was really sweet. I think it would be a really hard position to step in and try to recreate. 'Cause I just said that I literally poured my soul and heart, and there's huge chunks of me in that character. So it would be very hard even if it's written on the page to recreate. So ...

Suzanne: Right. And I think that's exactly what it was, is that you had a certain level of intensity in that role. You could tell that you really put yourself in there. And she was, you know, she was okay, but she wasn't that level. It was kind of a different level.

Alexa: I wish they just wouldn't recast. I wish they'd just, you know, let it be, you know? And then I was broken when they killed off Babe.

Suzanne: I know, they killed off so many people.

Alexa: But at the same time, so nobody's really dead, right?

Suzanne: That's true.

Alexa: We're all alive out there somewhere.

Suzanne: I know. So, your character's pregnant in the movie. Were you pregnant in real life or was it just acting?

Alexa: Just acting on that one. But I have a lot experience since I have three children.

Suzanne: Oh, right.

Alexa: So, no, you can draw on that and start from, you know, we've got three. Oh there's one screaming. There's one baby screaming. Justin's on dad duty. Like, okay, done. Doing interviews. Yeah, she's pregnant, I wasn't. Which is very rare, I've only worked a couple times actually pregnant.

Suzanne: Yeah, well, you were playing pregnant on All My Children too, right?

Alexa: Exactly. And that was pre-mother, so ...

Suzanne: Wow.

Alexa: ... you know, this probably had a little bit more depth to it 'cause I know the real experience of it.

Suzanne: Right. But you're used to all the padding.

Alexa: Yes. Used to that. And yeah, so this is probably a little bit newer in the pregnancy and it's just kind of an exciting time in [Lindsey's 00:05:55] life.

Suzanne: Oh, okay.

Alexa: She came off a bad relationship before and so she's starting a fresh life, new town. And that's when she meets Jacob's character and they're like a French chef and love blossoms pretty quickly. So it's kind of a new, exciting time in her life and they're off to celebrate all the future together.

Suzanne: Okay.

Alexa: And things get a little bit crazy in the desert.

Suzanne: Yeah, so the beginning of the movie we see your characters meet and get together and all that.

Alexa: We do. It'll take us through the history-

Suzanne: Oh, okay.

Alexa: -from the beginning and there'll be a couple flashes to show the origin of their very first meeting and stuff together.

Suzanne: Oh, I see.

Alexa: So the audience will be able to see that and then take the journey all the way to the end.

Suzanne: You can never tell from the description what's going on, so.

Alexa: Exactly. I know that I have to even read the description of what am I not supposed to say.

Suzanne: Right?

Alexa: Don't want to give the story away.

Suzanne: No, no. So is it a pretty good mystery? It sounds like a good mystery.

Alexa: Yeah, there's a touch of a psychological thriller aspect and then it is like that true classic thriller. Which was fun for me, 'cause I never really played anything like that. So it's very active, there's a lot of chasing. And there was one awesome day that we hiked up and filmed up on the mountaintop and that was very physical and demanding. But I love that aspect of it, anytime there's stunts or anything. So that was fun, they had a whole stunt team.

Suzanne: Oh, neat.

Alexa: And we had just a beautiful day up on the mountain top. That ended with a very emotional scene in between Jacob and my ... so that was a very rewarding day.

Suzanne: Oh, good.

Suzanne: Do you had any funny stories from shooting the movie ... Anything interesting or funny that happened?

Alexa: I'm trying to think. There wasn't ... nothing funny. It just was really smooth. It was a great group of people, the film community in New Mexico is amazing. I think it was just more than anything as fun as it's gonna be for the fans to watch Dave and JR on screen again. It was fun for us to get caught up and just hear about his ... He's got three children as well, and an awesome marriage, also.

Suzanne: Mm-hmm.

Alexa: Just for us to get caught up 'cause I haven't seen him since All My Children ended. Not being on social media I'm completely disconnected from everyone.

Suzanne: Why aren't you on social media?

Alexa: I know, right? So when I do see people, it matters. Like I went to my high school reunion and it wasn't like "Oh I saw you on Facebook." [crosstalk] It was like, "I have not seen you since high school." It's not like a purposeful choice, and Justin's not on, either. At the beginning we just were like "Ah, not yet." It was kind of a, 'whatever' thing. And then the longer we go, I guess there's something kind of freeing about it. 'Cause everyone that we're around is like "Don't do it, it's so ..." The comment always is, "I'm so jealous that you're not on there."

Suzanne: Oh that's right! Well that's because people- [crosstalk]

Alexa: That's not gonna make it very appealing for me to jump on. I'm like, okay.

Suzanne: Yeah. Well it's just people get addicted to these things, you know?

Alexa: It's true, and I could see that, and I just feel like ... time has been focused on [crosstalk] my family and on my kids. I just don't want to be stuck on my phone worrying about if people liked my picture, or whatever.

Suzanne: Right. Right. Well of course you don't have to do it that way just because other people do.

Alexa: True enough.

Suzanne: You can just go on once a week, post a picture, tell 'em what [crosstalk] you're doing.

Alexa: That's what I was thinking! I'm thinking like Instagram, [crosstalk] something simple.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Alexa: Talked about it a lot. It's a great way to just kind of ... time capsule your life.

Suzanne: Exactly, yeah.

Alexa: To come back and I'm back and just able to have the kids. We should, I don't know why. Each year that goes by and like, "Oh, okay." I'm sure I will love it. You say it, everyone's saying it, but it's alright.

Suzanne: I love the pictures. Personally I love going on Instagram ever since I got a good enough phone to take good pictures. I like taking lots of pictures and putting them on Instagram. I don't really get a lot of comments but it's just fun to see all the pictures everybody posts on it.

Alexa: There's the artistic side, the photography [crosstalk] and it's a good way to connect it 'cause really like, to friends and fans it is a great way to keep the relationship strong.

Suzanne: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You never know, [crosstalk] might help your career. And you know, everybody who ever watched All My Children is gonna wanna see you and Justin as much as possible, so.

Alexa: Okay, maybe I will. Yeah, and that's why they'd always be like, "What do your kids look like? Who do they look like?" Yeah, it would be fun to give them a glimpse into [inaudible].

Suzanne: And you can ask Jacob for pointers 'cause he's on there. He's always [crosstalk] got so much going on.

Alexa: You know he ... He's on a lot. So I was sitting there as he's doing it, or "Hey can we take a picture?" And I was just watching what he posted or what he ... You know, different things each day. It's like a fine social media art. I'll have to master it. I'll call him and have him give me a pointer.

Suzanne: Exactly, he's definitely mastered it. He does so many different things. He's got a podcast or YouTube video thing out.

Alexa: Yeah, he really has. I know, I'm glad he's doing a podcast. I don't know who let me know that from All My Children. But that's exciting. [crosstalk] That's great.

Suzanne: Yeah, I haven't had time to check it out, but. So what else have you been up to? Have any other movies or anything coming out?

Alexa: I just worked on Barry the HBO comedy which is crazy brilliant, I can't get over that show. I was [inaudible] and that'd be hilarious.

Suzanne: Oh! Yeah, it's a good show.

Alexa: I worked on that and our littlest is getting older so I feel good about being away and going back to work. I've just really been focused on our family.

Suzanne: Mm-hmm.

Alexa: I wouldn't have it any other way. Definitely you have to sacrifice time on set and acting when [crosstalk] you got kiddos [crosstalk] you put them first. But it's been ... Justin and I love it. It's been really amazing.

Suzanne: Yeah. Sure. Yeah.

Alexa: [inaudible] babies are oldest as eight.

Suzanne: Oh, wow!

Alexa: I can't believe it.

Suzanne: How is Justin doing if you don't mind my asking?

Alexa: He's awesome! He actually was just here as he was leaving. I can get him on the phone for a few if you wanna say hey. But yeah, he's good. He's doing so good. I'm proud of him. He just had a movie that was in theaters, Indivisible. [crosstalk]

Suzanne: It's called, individual?

Alexa: Indivisible. [crosstalk] with [Norma Drew] from Grey's [inaudible] movie and it's based off of real life Army Chaplain. I mean it's just ... the divorce rate, and just the sacrifice that our military goes through and how hard it is on the home front as well out on the front. It's a really moving movie and I hope people see it and know that there's like hope for marriages.

Suzanne: Indivisible. Yeah.

Alexa: So that was a really fun experience for him, making that and going through all the promotions and it was in theaters so that was exciting.

Suzanne: Okay.

Alexa: Took the kids to show them the poster.

Suzanne: That's neat.

Alexa: He's doing good though.

Suzanne: Aw I'm glad, I'm glad. I always liked him.

Alexa: He's keeping busy. Oh wait, no yeah he's got like a Hallmark movie tonight I think coming out.

Suzanne: Tonight?

Alexa: Yeah I think tonight, "Last Vermont Christmas" or something.

Suzanne: Oh wow. Oh. okay, I'll have to check that out.

Alexa: We've got rival movies. He's got Last Vermont Christmas on Monday and I've got Killer Vacation on Friday.

Suzanne: Yeah, do you ever say, "Oh, okay my movie did better than yours. You get to do the dishes."

Alexa: I was gonna say let's watch the numbers and see who wins.

Suzanne: Yeah, so you're taking me out if I win.

Alexa: Exactly. One night I think we had something air on the exact same night and we were teasing each other.

Suzanne: Funny. Well, that's what DVRs are for.

Alexa: [inaudible] on the same show. [inaudible] All My Children, maybe my awesome husband.

Suzanne: Oh yeah I'm sure, yeah. I remember seeing you guys and I vaguely remember the story it was so long ago. It really wasn't but you know, you watch a lot of TV and it was a long time ago. That was the problem with Babe. I liked her with both JR and Jamie. [crosstalk] It was tough, who to pull for.

Alexa: I know, I know. I know. The chemistry was strong and it felt like there was a craziness with the JR Babe that you couldn't deny but then there was something so sweet and real and could've probably been very lasting with Jamie I think. [inaudible] triangle, because it made it hard to say which direction to go.

Suzanne: Yeah, and he was the good guy. And JR had so many problems. Right.

Alexa: For me, for the script I'd be like, "Oh, okay that's nice. Oh know you've gotta be with him."

Suzanne: I'm sure it must've been fun for all of you to play.

Alexa: It was so fun. It was such a fun time. What a beautiful gift for that to be one of my very first big jobs in our industry. It was an absolutely perfect experience.

Suzanne: [crosstalk] Go ahead, go ahead.

Alexa: I'm sorry?

Suzanne: I also enjoyed seeing you on The Torchwood... I wish there were more.

Alexa: I know, that was great. Justin was a big fan of the original first on BBC. So he was a little jealous that I got to be a part of it. But that was phenomenal. I mean Starz and BBC -- it doesn't get better than that.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Alexa: That was just a dream come true.

Suzanne: That was very different from anything else you've probably done, right?

Alexa: Yeah, very very different and that being cable and stuff makes things very different versus like a network Primetime or versus daytime. Each one has a little bit different quality you feel. Almost maybe it's more like a film aspect of it on some of the cable shows.

Suzanne: Right, and that Torchwood was pretty much like a miniseries more than ...

Alexa: And I'd never done anything like that. It was ten episode event and they knew that's what it was gonna be from the very beginning. That's kinda how British shows work [crosstalk] I watch a lot of them. Maybe but that's what they do, they take high-high quality and instead of stretching out for 24 episodes they like, and this is from their mouths too, they say that they cut it down. And it's, "We're going to give you 4 phenomenal episodes instead of like, 24 watered down, stretched out mediocre episodes [crosstalk] you know? They'll string us up but it's not as satisfying. We're just, 8 and done.

Suzanne: Yeah. Yeah. Right, right.

Alexa: Ours is going that way as well.

Suzanne: No definitely with the cable and the streaming a lot of those are 8 to 10 episodes. Even some of the Primetime ones now they show a show for like half a season and then they'll come in with another show the next half of the season.

Alexa: Totally.

Suzanne: It's definitely better quality. I think the actors like it better too because you get to play different roles more that way.

Alexa: Exactly. Yeah I got to work with John Barrowman and Eve Myles. They loved the format.

Suzanne: Oh, yeah.

Alexa: They're all brilliant actors.

Suzanne: Oh I love John Barrowman. I hope I get to interview him someday.

Alexa: That'd be pretty fun. Oh my goodness he's probably even more fun in person. His personality really does come through on screen.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Alexa: He's phenomenal. He's so fun.

Suzanne: Well-

Alexa: And I hope you get to interview him too because it'll be a blast.

Suzanne: You should go on Instagram just for him. I mean he is so entertaining on there. He gives his fans a lot. Lots of videos.

Alexa: You know, he was always like that even in person if people were waiting on the side he was always very giving and he was the same way too. Like, making sure, spending time. They set a really good example of just gracious and love what they do. There was never anything, you know, like high, mighty, you know? [Braggadocious]. They were just very down to Earth and grounded. They loved what they did for a living and they knew it was because of the fans that they had a job and they're always very grateful and kind. Gracious people.

Suzanne: Yeah. Oh, that's good. I know this from Instagram now, he's on a reality show in Britain called, "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here". It's kinda like a "Survivor".

Alexa: Oh, is he? Anything John touches will be amazing. He's going to be amazing. He'll probably win it if there's a winner there, yeah.

Suzanne: Yeah, I just wish we could see it because it's over in Britain, so.

Alexa: I hope it does stream here in some way.

Suzanne: I hope so. I don't really watch reality shows but that one sounds fun. Anything else that you'd like to tell your fans?

Alexa: No, I mean just besides this project. I hope they have fun seeing the reunion of Jacob and I on screen together. It's really fun. Hopefully giving them a little Babe and JR round 2. We had fun making it, I hope they enjoy it as well. Just, I guess to the fans, just thank you for always being kind and supporting me. Even though I'm not on social media I'm grateful for your support. I miss connecting in that way, so I just want them to know that I love them and that's just been a really fun ride with them along with me.

Suzanne: Alright well thanks very much. I appreciate your taking the time to talk to me.

Alexa: Thank you, I appreciate it!




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Lindsey (Havins, “The Astronaut Wives Club”) and Jake (Jacob Young, “The Bold and The Beautiful”) have been together for two years, ever since he discovered his wife was having an affair.  When she finds out she is pregnant, he is thrilled and tells her they will get married the day his divorce is final.  He has to attend a business conference in New Mexico and invites Lindsey to join him for a romantic “babymoon.”

They check into an upscale resort and decide to go on a hike.  When Lindsey falls behind and can’t find Jake, she nearly falls to her death when the trail gives way!  When they return to the resort, they find that Jake’s soon to be ex-wife, Gwen (Avery Clyde, “SWAT”), has arrived to surprise Jake.  He insists to Lindsey that this is the perfect time to get her to sign divorce papers.  He will have them drafted and make sure she signs them before they leave. 

At dinner later than night, Lindsey has a freak accident that almost kills her.  She is saved by Chad, the yoga instructor at the resort.  Lindsey sees a woman who looks like Gwen walking away from the scene of the accident.  When she confronts her, Gwen insists she is only there to warn Lindsey.  There was no affair and there will be no divorce.  Jake sleeps with pretty young girls but when they get too close, he takes them on vacation and they never come back.

Is Gwen telling the truth or just trying to get Jake back?  Is Jake trying to kill the girlfriend he never intends to marry?  Whatever it is, it looks like the dream babymoon has turned from idyllic to deadly!


About Alexa Havins

Originally from the small town of Artesia, New Mexico but raised in Chandler, Arizona, Alexa Havins was first introduced to the entertainment industry as a young dancer. She quickly found her love for acting and relocated to New York City where she was accepted and studied at the prestigious Circle in The Square Theater School. Soon after, Havins quickly booked a contract role on the ABC’s long running, beloved All My Children originating the character of Babe Carey Chandler.  A part that earned her a Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Young Actor in a Drama Series. 

It was during her time on the show that she met her husband, co-star, Justin Bruening. She joined the main cast on the BBC series, Torchwood, portraying Esther Drummond and has recurred on the ABC television series The Astronauts Wives Club. She has also appeared on numerous shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Law and Order, CSI: NY and Miami, and the HBO series Barry. Alexa has also made her mark in film playing the lead character of Melanie Michaels in Proxy as well as a supporting character in Professor Marston and the Wonder Women which can now be streamed on Amazon.

Havins currently resides in the suburbs of Los Angeles with her husband, son, and two daughters. She is repped by The Gersh Agency and Stacy Abrams at Abrams Entertainment.

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