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By Suzanne

Daniela Bobadilla

Interview with Daniela Bobadilla of "The Cheating Pact" on Lifetime 9/26/13

Daniela does a great job in this Lifetime movie. Anyone who's seen her in her other roles, like playing Charlie Sheen's daughter on "Anger Management", knows what a talented young actress she is! She was very sweet on our interview.

Here is the our interview. I hope you enjoy it!

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!


Here is the transcribed version by Gisele. - I will be going through and adding more of it later if need be.

1.  So tell us about this movie and your role in it.

It's called "The Cheating Pact," and it'll be on Lifetime at 8 p.m. on Saturday. It's about three kids in high school who are all getting pressured to do well on a college entrance exam. It's from themselves wanting to get into a particular school or their parents pressuring them to get into a good college or, in my case, not having enough money, and therefore, needing a scholarship. So we're all under severe pressure, and we take it and we don't do very well the first time. So, for the second time, we actually come up with a pact to hire a nerdy student, one of our fellow classmates, to take the test for us, and things do not go very well at all. So the whole movie is about our consequences. I don't want to say too much, but it's definitely a thriller. Your heart will be pounding, and it's so realistic, that it's scary.

2.  How did you get the role; what was the audition process like?

I went in once, and I met with the director and the casting director. We basically did a few scenes from the movie. I think it was one talking to my mom, and another talking to my best friend, Kylie. We read them together, and the director gave me a few notes. We talked a little bit. Then a week later, I got a phone call.

3.  Have you personally known people who cheated in school?

I knew that kids at my school had done it, but it was never my friends, and I didn't experience it first hand, but it happens absolutely everywhere. During my research for this movie, we found out that there's been cheating in almost every state. Not only in the US, but in Canada, everywhere, everywhere. It's way too common. With all the pressure, kids feel that it's their only hope. If their friends are doing it, and you need it, too, it's hard to say no.

4.  Do you think some teens today get too much pressure from their parents to do well on tests and get into college?

Oh, yeah. Absolutely. It's always questions: what college did you get into, what college did you apply to, what did you get on your SAT? The questions are overwhelming. It would be scary enough as it is if other people weren't asking, so you only have your own pressure, but you have everyone, even on media, everyone saying, "I got into here. Oh, well, where did you get into?"

5.  It seems like Heather got peer pressure from her friend Kylie as well as feeling academic pressure. Have you experienced that kind of peer pressure or seen it in your friends?

I did. I definitely did. Not through middle school, but in high school, for sure. It's not only difficult to deal with, but it's also difficult to remove yourself. Even if you are mature, the people who are pressuring you are usually the smartest, just like Kylie was, so it's hard to reason with them, because they're extremely manipulative.

6.  Heather is sort of the heroine of the movie because she seems to be a good person that gets caught up in something she doesn't expect. Do you view her that way?

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely, and that's why I absolutely fell in love with the part. I believe it carries a really strong message that you can be the good kid, but you can easily just by one choice get pulled into something like what happens on the movie.

7.  What kind of preparation did you do for the role?

We did research on cheating and what it takes to get different scores. I'm from Canada, so I didn't take the SAT, but I took the version that they have there of it, and it's crazy. Everything that goes into it. I just really put myself into that place, and knowing that not only is Heather feeling pressure from her friends, but it also makes sense everything that Kylie was saying. Like I do need a good score, and maybe this is the way, and how you can get brainwashed into believing that it's the right thing.

8.  You're 20 and playing a teenager. Is it fun getting to go "back to school" in roles like this?

Yeah, it really is. I mean, on "Anger Management" I actually started playing out 13, so throughout these past few years, I've been going back a few years, and it's so much fun. It's easier 'cause you have memories to pull from, you've been there before, and it's nice to get out good messages such as this one, coming from experience. I think they did a great job in this movie, specifically, in that they put on just the right amount of makeup -- the heavy eyeliner that most high-schoolers wear. Yeah, it's all very dependent on the hair and makeup and the wardrobe, as well.

9.  You and the other girls seemed to have a great chemistry. Did you all hang out and get along well?

Yeah, we definitely did, plus the casting was so spot on, in the sense that we all believed that we could really be in those positions. It was so realistic and the chemistry just came completely naturally.

10.  Are you staying in touch with them?

Yeah, we are. We actually are all getting together to watch it on Saturday, so that'll be really nice to see everyone.

11.  Where did you shoot the movie and how long did it take?

It took about three weeks. We shot it all around LA. We went all the way from Viola to up by Six Flags for a few days. We went everywhere, and by Dodger Stadium, all different kinds of locations. I definitely got to explore different parts of LA.

12.  I enjoy "Anger Management" a lot. Are you shooting the next season on that yet?

Yeah. I mean, we're not really divided into seasons. We're on Episode 56 out of 100, so we're well on our way, and we're not airing in order, so we're only a few episodes behind shooting live, but we're definitely trying to get all the 100 up by next year. It's fantastic. It's a lot of work, but it's really rewarding to see what you shoot. It's such a fast turn around, and the characters really develop, and you're growing up really fast on the show, which is so much fun.

13.  Did you have to do research to play an OCD teen?

I did, and I actually went too overboard, 'cause I picked up some of those things that we do. It's crazy what a lot of research I did just to audition, and I ended up talking to the writers beforehand to see exactly what they wanted, and they ended up toning it down from what I originally had prepared, but I kept some of the routines, things that OCD people do, like I can't leave my house without checking my doors three times at least. Yeah, it was really interesting. I love playing a part where you have to do the research, and you really are held accountable, not necessarily by the viewers, but it's your responsibility to be honest and true to everything.

14.  How is it working with the "new girl" Laura Bell Bundy (or have you worked with her yet)?

I haven't had a scene with her, but I've met her, and I am such a fan of hers. I'm a big Broadway girl at heart, so I was obsessed with her in "Legally Blonde" and I definitely made sure to tell her as soon as I met her.

15.  Do you get more to do the upcoming episodes?

There have been a few episodes that have been all about Charlie and the family is not really in them, but afterwards, there's been talk that my character gets a boyfriend, so that's definitely going to spice things up with Charlie, which I'm really excited for. It really is fun working with him. He's such a great guy and he makes sure we have the best working environment possible. That's one of the nicest sets I've ever worked on.

16.  Anything else you can tell us about the upcoming episodes of that show?

Yeah, Charlie is gonna be Charlie and so on, with no censorship whatsoever. Well, a little bit, but it's FX, so things are about to get spicy. He throws some crazy parties, some of which have just aired, but the crazy just keeps on coming. They are really catering to Charlie now, so it's about to get crazy.

17.  Have you learned a lot from him?

Oh, absolutely. I watch his scenes, even if I'm not in them. With Charlie, you really just have to be super natural as long as you know your lines. He just makes it look so easy, but if you watch him, you can see his tricks. He knows his timing, and now it comes easy to him. I mean, he learned from Martin, who's also on our show, and he's amazing to watch, as well. Whatever you see them on the show, that's exactly how they are in real life, which I think makes it even more special.

17.  Any other future projects you have coming up?

Not yet, but hopefully so. The show is keeping me super busy

18.  What else would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you so much for watching the movie, and I hope you enjoy it.

Link to our review of the movie

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