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The Cheating Pact cast

"The Cheating Pact" review by Suzanne
Premieres Saturday September 28, 8/7pm on Lifetime

This is a really interesting movie. It's a thriller, to a certain extent, and the story has lots of twists and turns. The story starts out innocently and then things go from bad to worse.  The story is about some high school teens who decide to cheat on their college entrance exam by hiring a nerdy smart girl to take the test for them. The main character is Heather ("Anger Management"'s ), a nice, normal girl who has become friends with a bitchier girl named Kylie ("Awkward"'s ). Kylie seems like your typical mean girl, but her parents put a lot of pressure on her. Heather's mom is divorced and has a lot of bills, and she wants to get into a good college. Kylie doesn't care about school, but her rich parents want her to live up to their expectations (and they are very cold and controlling people, as is Kylie). Kylie's boyfriend, Max ("Teen Wolf"'s ) is the typical dumb jock, but his parents also pressure him to get into college. They get this girl Meredith ("Shameless"'s ), who is very smart and academic, to take the tests for them. Meredith needs the money because she has a single dad and a disabled brother.

All of these actors do a fabulous job of giving their characters more depth than how they're written. The actors who play their parents and teachers do a great job, too. I particularly liked veteran actress , who plays Heather's mom, Brenda, and as the girls' teacher who notices something is amiss. Also, is cast perfectly as Kylie's mother, who's very intense.

Things spiral out of control for the kids, since Kylie has been very mean to Meredith in the past. The movie turns very shocking and violent in several places, like most Lifetime movies. I always enjoy these fun flicks on a Saturday night.  You will definitely want to watch this and see where the thrill ride takes you.

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Page updated 9/26/13

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