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The Days of Our Lives Characters Pages

Days of Our Lives Character Descriptions

Colin Murphy
Played by Justin Melvey
Written by Justin

Justin Melvey joined the cast as Colin Murphy on October 11, 2001. Melvey took over Robert Cuthill's original role. Here is some information about Colin.

Arriving in Salem in late July 2001, Colin Murphy is Shawn Brady Sr.'s nephew. Colin's fiancée, Elizabeth, arrived in Salem with him. Bo Brady, Colin's cousin, never trusted him. Upon arriving in Salem, Colin took a job as a doctor at University Hospital.

Years ago, Colin met Jennifer Horton in Africa. Though they became close, neither Colin nor Jennifer admitted their true feelings. Then, one day, he decided to return to his hometown of Dublin, Ireland. He told Jennifer that he wanted her to go with him, but that was that a lie. Jennifer followed him the whole way to Ireland, with her daughter Abby, leaving husband Jack Deveraux behind. The moment Colin saw her, he blasted her for following him, and they never saw each other again.

Colin and Jennifer kept having close encounters but never actually ran into each other until Lexie Carver's mother-of-the-year party for Hope Brady. Colin tried to talk to Jen at the party, but she just ignored him and ran off. Elizabeth caught onto his feelings and tried to keep Colin and Jennifer away from each other.

Through the next few months, Elizabeth and Colin planned their wedding. In March, they joined Sami Brady and Austin Reed in Las Vegas to get married. Unfortunately, neither couple married as Elizabeth and Austin discovered the truth about their fiancés. Elizabeth found out that Colin was using her, and Austin learned that Sami had lied and manipulated Lucas, Will, and everyone else. Elizabeth hasn't been seen since and neither has Austin.

In May, Colin met Nicole Walker and started to "date" her. He took her to the Brady Pub, the Cheatin' Heart, and the Blue Note. Brandon Walker was not happy that his sister was dating Colin Murphy. One day Nicole, Colin, Brandon, and Jennifer ended up in the same motel. Colin made Nicole cry, so Brandon slugged him right in the face.

The first time Nicole and Colin made love was in Victor Kiriakis' office at Titan. Victor found them there and wasn't too happy.

In late June 2002, Tony DiMera arrived in town; Colin was his personal physician and "best friend." Bo and Roman Brady were suspicious of their friendship from the start. Tony announced that Stefano DiMera was dead. At Stefano's will reading, Colin received a silver bullet with the name Bo Brady engraved on it. The executor of the will told Colin to wait until he got the right instructions.

Colin's blackmailing career began when he started blackmailing Nicole Walker with a video of the two of them having sex. He started blackmailing Sami Brady when he found her switching Lexie's DNA test results for her baby. By then, Colin had loads of enemies; Jack, who has always hated him; Sami, who hates him for blackmailing her; Nicole, for him blackmailing her into give him one million dollars; Bo, who never trusted him in the first place; Victor, who just plain hates him; and the list goes on.

After Larry Welch was shot and "killed" by Bo Brady, Colin began getting mysterious phone calls from Larry Welch. Larry threatened to kill him if he didn't do away with Bo Brady. One day, Raymond Grant, the executor of the will, walked into his office and found a gun being pointed at his head by Larry Welch. Larry killed him and left. The body was soon discovered by Colin. That same day, Tony called Colin to have a meeting in his motel. They met up and talked of their plan to enhance the DiMera Empire. Little did they know Jennifer Horton had been spying on them. She rushed to the police station and told Jack and Bo what she had found out. That information drew Jack and Jen closer together but made Colin very angry.

On the day after Christmas, Colin got a gun and said that he was going to murder “that bastard, Jack Deveraux.” Jen overheard Colin and lured him to his motel room where she willingly had sex with him. Feeling guilty, Jen told her cousin Bo about the little sex affair, while they were at Victor Kiriakis' wedding. Colin had asked Sami to lure Jack to lookout point, where he could shoot him, but Sami refused and told Tony DiMera.

On the night of Victor's wedding, many in attendance brought weapons. Colin hid outside in the bushes, where he prepared to shoot Bo. It seems that Bo's son Shawn D. Brady, saw Colin aiming at his dad and struggled with him. Shawn got hold of the gun and thought he had shot Colin with it. Moments later, Nicole watched Colin get up off the ground, and she took the gun that Shawn had used. She approached Colin and threatened to kill him if he didn't back off. When Colin lunged for the gun, Nicole shot him, ending Colin Murphy's list of dastardly deeds.  

Proofread by Laura on 5/17/11.

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