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Curb Your Enthusiasm Characters Page

Profiles of your favorites!

Larry DavidLarry David - Larry is the star of the show as well as the writer. He plays himself, but nobody is really this clueless. He's a comic genius. Larry the character is socially inept and very self-centered. He gets irritated by other people and situations (sometimes justified) but mostly ends up annoying other people with what he says and does. He gets himself into strange situations sometimes.

Jeff GarlinJeff Greene - Jeff is Larry's best friend and lives nearby as well. Jeff is similar to Larry  but is more jovial and gets along better with people. He's also Larry's manager.  Jeff is married to a real shrew and has cheated on her.  He and Larry are often getting into mishaps, but Larry is more the leader and Jeff is the follower.


Cheryl HinesCheryl David - Cheryl was Larry's wife for many years on the show, but they got divorced.  She thought she was too good for him because she was very pretty and better with people. Larry can be a real idiot sometimes, especially when it comes to people.  Cheryl, like most of the people in this show, is very self-centered. Most of them are very spoiled and living in a rich-person's Hollywood bubble.  Cheryl was an actress but apparently not a very good one because she didn't get too many parts.

Susie EssmanSusie Greene - Susie is Jeff's long-suffering wife who has a loud mouth and is very outspoken.  Larry and Jeff do a lot of crazy, stupid things and she is the one who usually is there to yell at them for it.  Then again, it would be really hard to be married to someone like her.


Richard LewisRichard Lewis - Like Larry, Richard plays a fictional version of himself. We don't know which is real and which is fiction. Richard is very neurotic and worries a lot (most of his comedy shows are about that, too).  He often has a beautiful woman on his arm, but he usually ends up screwing up the relationship in one way or another.


Bob EinsteinMarty Funkhouser - Friend of Larry's




J.B. SmooveLeon Black -




Ashly HollowaySammi Greene - Sammi is Jeff and Susie's daughter.




Ted DansonTed Danson - He also plays a fictionalized version of himself. Ted in the show seems very laid back but often gets into fights with Larry.




Shelley BermanNat David - Larry's dad, who might be even more annoying than Larry.




Antoinette SpolarAntoinette Spolar - Larry's receptionist, who keeps a lot of his secrets...




Vivica A. FoxLoretta Black - Larry's girlfriend




Carla JefferyKeysha Black -




Ann RyersonNan Funkhouser - married to Marty.




Wanda SykesWanda Sykes - She also plays herself. Whenever Larry talks to her, he often ends up saying the wrong thing about black people. Wanda often gets annoyed with Larry for what he says and does, especially with regards to black people.



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Page updated 8/20/14

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