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Curb Your Enthusiasm Spoilers Page

What's Coming up!

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sunday, March 22, 10:01PM The Spite Store (Season 10/Episode 10) Promo Larry runs into a familiar face, causes a rift between expectant parents, and seeks second opinion on his knee injury.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sunday, March 15, 10:45PM Beep Panic (Season 10/Episode 9) Promo Larry David turns simple things into something complicated.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sunday, March 8, 10:30PM Elizabeth, Margaret and Larry (Season 10/Episode 8) Promo A prominent actor shadows Larry to prepare for an upcoming role. Meanwhile, Larry meddles in the sale of Cheryl's sister's house; helps Leon grow a new business; and stirs up trouble at a dinner party hosted by Richard's girlfriend.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sunday, March 1, 10:30PM The Ugly Section (Season 10/Episode 7) Promo Richard has a suspiciously good day on the golf course. Later, Larry attempts to capitalize on a friend's unexpected death; takes issue with a pattern of discrimination at a trendy restaurant; and offers his dermatologist's son a job.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sunday, February 23, 10:31PM The Surprise Party (Season 10/Episode 6) When Susie plans a surprise party for Jeff, Larry suspects she has ulterior motives, and enlists the help of his new friend Wally to ensure things don't go awry. Meanwhile, Larry connects with a problematic inventor to develop an innovative new product.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sunday, February 17, 10:30PM : Insufficient Praise (Season 10/Episode 5) Promo Larry receives a problematic gift from Freddy Funkhouser; causes trouble with Richard's new girlfriend; and offends one of Jeff's A-list clients.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sunday, February 9, 10:31PM You're Not Going to Get Me to Say Anything Bad About (Season 10/ Episode 4) Promo Travel plans go awry when Larry brings an impromptu date to a destination wedding. And, at the hotel, Larry finds himself in a sticky situation when he goes searching for a toothbrush.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sunday, February 2, 10:30PM Artificial Fruit (Season 10/Episode 3) Promo Larry drops the ball when he gets the chance to make amends with Alice; Larry and Richard go to extreme lengths for their upcoming lunch date.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sunday, January 26, 10:31PM Side Sitting (Season 10/Episode 2) Promo Larry's lawyer tries to resolve the situation with his assistant, Alice. Larry surprises Susie with an impressive birthday gift and comes one step closer to exacting revenge on Mocha Joe.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm - Sunday, January 19, 10:31PM Happy New Year (Season 10/Episode 1) Promo In the season premiere, Larry kicks off the new year with a new rival--Mocha Joe. Later, at a cocktail party hosted by Jeff and Susie, Larry gets roped into lunch plans and has a misunderstanding with a caterer.


HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday, December 3, 10:00PM
"Fatwa!" (Season 9 | Episode 10) Teaser
In the Season 9 finale, Larry has a scheduling conflict; takes issue with work associates; and hosts a pair of ungrateful houseguests.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday, November 26, 10:00PM
"The Shucker" (Season 9 | Episode 9) Promo
Larry is blackmailed by an employee and tormented by someone from his past. Meanwhile, Jeff and Larry pitch a new creative venture; and Susie gets turned on by a surprising source.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm "Namaste"  Sun Nov 12 9:00pm
(Season 9, Episode 7) Teaser
Larry irks a hot yoga teacher; has an auspicious first date; and seethes over an encounter with an unfair ride-sharing driver.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday, November 5, 10:00PM
"The Accidental Text on Purpose" (Season 9 | Episode 6) Promo
Larry invents a clever ploy for getting his friends out of relationship jams; Larry upsets Funkhouser's new girlfriend.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday, October 29, 10:10PM
"Thank You for Your Service" (Season 9 | Episode 5) Promo
Larry commits a faux pas with Sammi's fiancé, and tries to start over with his mail carrier and golf club security guard.

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday, October 22, 10:00PM
"Running With the Bulls" (Season 9 | Episode 4) Promo
Larry bribes an usher at a funeral; Susie grows suspicious of Jeff; Larry's therapist accuses him of overstepping.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday, October 8, 10:00PM
"The Pickle Gambit" (Season 9 | Episode 2)
Larry reaches out to a familiar face; gives sartorial advice to a hotel guest; and tries to create a diversion to help a friend's nephew. Promo

HBO Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday, October 1, 10:00PM
"Foisted!" (Season 9 | Episode 1) Video Clips
In the Season 9 premiere, Larry offends Jeff's barber, tries to get rid of an inept assistant and gets into hot water over a new project.

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The Concept Behind The New Season Of Curb Your Enthusiasm Is Genius

Season 9 finds Larry on Judge Judy

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