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Star Trek: The Original Series - The Complete Series Remastered cover


Star Trek: The Original Series - The Complete Series Remastered Megapack

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 11/18/15

I'm a life-long Trekkie. My family watched this original show back when I was a kid. I don't really remember it, but I watched it a lot in re-runs in the 70's and later, as well as all of the other shows and movies. I'm very glad to get this collection.

They've done an amazing job on this set of cleaning up the old prints of the show. The "Spaceflift" feature explains how they took the original negatives of the episodes, uploaded them into computers and fixed all of the tears, smudges etc. on them and also cleaned up the color, fixed some errors, changed special effects, etc. The guys that did this are fans, and some have been with the Trek franchise for a long time. They're not making drastic changes. You'd have to have these episodes memorized to notice many changes. It just looks really good. It sounds good, too, because they also re-did the sound. They actually re-recorded the theme music! It's very good and interesting.

Of course you either love this show or you don't. If you didn't grow up with the original Star Trek, you may not like it. Compared to today's shows, it's somewhat slow and sexist, and kind of primitive. Back then, it was a very unusual show.  They had a multi-racial cast, including aliens. They dealt with issues that other shows didn't back then.  There had been very few TV scifi shows for adults before this one. There had only been anthology shows like Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. The first episode of "Lost in Space" was pretty good, but after that, it was a kid's show.  Even though Star Trek only lasted for three years (plus an animated show), it left a lasting impression on TV and on our culture. It took a while....there were not many scifi shows, really, until the 1980's. What few shows they had didn't last very long or were very bad.

Nowadays we have many great scifi/fantasy/comic book/horror shows; Star Trek is part of the reason for the success of the genre (Star Wars is the other).

This set is a must for any scifi fan; it would make a great gift for anyone.  You should buy it!


STAR TREK: The Original Series - 

Release Date: November 3, 2015

Space. The Final Frontier.
Available for the first time in new, shelf-friendly packaging, Star Trek: The Original Series – The Complete Series Megapack includes all three seasons of the iconic sci-fi series that started it all. The must-own collection features all 79 episodes of the original classic on 25 discs, alongside a trove of previously released bonus material, together in one convenient collection.

Starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Nichelle Nichols, James Doohan, Walter Koenig, and George Takei, Star Trek follows the celebrated crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise as they embark on a five-year mission to explore the galaxy. The Enterprise is under the command of Captain James T. Kirk (Shatner). The First Officer is Mr. Spock (Nimoy), from the planet Vulcan. The Chief Medical Officer is Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy (Kelley). With a determined crew, the Enterprise encounters Klingons, Romulans, time paradoxes, tribbles and genetic supermen lead by Khan Noonian Singh. Their mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Specifications: Full Screen Format; English 5.1 (Dolby Digital), Latin American Spanish and French Mono (No Spanish & French audio on "The Cage" both versions); English SDH, French and Latin American Spanish Subtitles

Season One Special Features: Spacelift: Transporting Trek Into the 21st Century, The Birth of a Timeless Legacy, Reflections on Spock, Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner, "To Boldly Go..." Season One, Sci-Fi Visionaries, Billy Blackburn's Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies and Special Memories, Kiss 'N' Tell: Romance in the 23rd Century, Trekker Connections, Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier, Star Trek Online Game Preview, and Preview Trailers.

Second Season Special Features: Billy Blackburn's Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies and Special Memories Part 2, "To Boldly Go..." Season Two, Designing the Final Frontier, Writer's Notebook: D.C. Fontana, Star Trek's Favorite Moments, More Tribbles More troubles (Star Trek Animated Ep. #1), Trials and Tribble-ations (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Ep. $503), Trials and Tribble-ations: Uniting Two Legends, Trials and Tribble-ations: An Historic Endeavor, Life Beyond Trek: Leonard Nimoy, Kirk Spock and Bones: Star Trek's Great Trio; Star Trek's Divine Diva: Nichelle Nichols, and Preview Trailers.

Season Three Special Features: Billy Blackburn's Treasure Chest: Rare Home Movies and Special Memories Part 3, "To Boldly Go..." Season Three, A Star Trek Collector's Dream Come True, Life Beyond Trek: Walter Koenig, Chief Engineer's Log, Memoir from Mr. Sulu, Star Trek's Impact, Collectible Trek, Captain's Log: Bob Justman, and Preview Trailers.

Rating: Not Rated

Runtime: Approximately 68 hours, 41 minutes

Suggested Retail Price: $79.99

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Page updated 11/18/15

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