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Nurse Jackie: Season 7 [DVD + Digital]


Nurse Jackie: Season 7 [DVD + Digital]

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 11/3/15

I had never seen this series before, but I've read about it in "Entertainment Weekly." They love the show. I knew it was a comedy and that it was about a nurse who takes drugs.  Still, I wasn't sure I should just start watching the DVD, so I first watched the very first episode, which I found online.

It's pretty clear the show started out as a more realistic show about a nurse who takes drugs and sleeps around (although still a comedy), but as the series has progressed, things have gotten more and more outrageous. It kind of reminds me of "House," although Jackie is not nearly as rude as he is.  Then again, doctors have a lot more power than nurses; he could probably get away with it more than she would.

Jackie is actually very likable, even when she's doing some pretty awful things.  I wouldn't say the show is as funny as "House," but it's a good show and enjoyable. The characters are interesting and it makes a good comedy-soap opera.

Season 7 starts after Jackie has been arrested. She got in trouble at work for taking drugs, and then she fled (I think they wanted her to take a drug test). She had a ton of drugs in her car as she tried to drive to Florida, but then she was in an accident, so they arrested her because of all of the drugs they found.

It's a good show, and you should definitely check it out. I would start with season 1, but that's just me. I hate coming in the middle of a show.  They do a very good job, though, of letting you know who's who so you can just starting watching this DVD if you want. I don't think you'll be too lost.

The Blu-Ray is good and has a lot of entertaining features to watch.  This is the last season, so it's going to have some bittersweet moments, I'm sure. I won't spoil it for you.  Go watch!!


The final season of the critically acclaimed, Nurse Jackie will arrive to Blu-ray and DVD on October 20th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.
It never goes down easy in Nurse Jackie: Season 7 starring Edie Falco and her character Jackie as she fights to reclaim her sobriety, her job, her friends, her children, and her identity.

SANTA MONICA, CA (August 31, 2015) – Clear a path for the award-winning series, Nurse Jackie: Season 7, as the final season arrives on Blu-ray™ (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) October 20 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Golden Globe® and Primetime Emmy® Award winner* Edie Falco shines in the final season of the hit series as Jackie fights to reclaim her sobriety, her job, her friends, her children, and her identity. Joining Falco as life at All Saints comes to a close are Primetime Emmy® Award winner Merritt Wever (Best Actress, Nurse Jackie”, 2013), Peter Facinelli (The Twilight Saga), Paul Schulze (TV’s “Law & Order”), Dominic Fumusa (Focus), Ruby Jerins (Remember Me), Anna Deavere Smith (TV’s “All My Children”), and Betty Gilpin (TV’s “The Good Wife”).star  

The twisted and darkly funny “Nurse Jackie” returns for its final season with Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton, a role that has earned Falco six consecutive Primetime Emmy® nominations. Nurse Jackie faces her biggest challenge yet, as the whole truth about her addiction is exposed to everyone. The stakes have never been higher, and the question is, can the world’s toughest nurse save herself?

Nurse Jackie: Season 7 features the complete final season with all 12 episodes on a 3-disc DVD and 2-disc Blu-ray set, and is loaded with special features including commentaries, behind-the-scenes interviews, and exclusive featurettes. Nurse Jackie: Season 7 will be available on Blu-ray and DVD for the suggested retail price of $29.97 and $29.98, respectively.

* Golden Globes: Best Actress, “The Sopranos”, 2000 and 2003; Primetime Emmy: Best Actress, “Nurse Jackie”, 2010; Best Actress, “The Sopranos”, 1999, 2001 and 2003 



·     “The Last Patient at All Saints” Featurette

·     “Final Shift” Featurette

·     Deleted Scenes

·     Gag Reel

·     Last Dance: Flash Mob with Edie Falco

·     Audio Commentary on Select Episodes

*Subject to Change

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Page updated 11/18/15

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