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NCIS: Los Angeles The Fifth Season DVD cover


NCIS: Los Angeles The Fifth Season

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 9/21/14

I don't normally watch this show regularly, but it's not a bad show. Watching the episodes on the DVD, it drew me in and made me care about the characters. I guess the reason I don't normally watch it is I tried to compare it to the original NCIS, and they're very different shows. The characters in NCIS are lighter and more fun, and most of their cases have to do with a murder, often someone that has very little connection to the military. It's set in Washington, so there's a lot more political intrigue. NCIS: LA has a lot more to do with fighting terrorists. In fact, in some ways it reminds me more of "24" than it does NCIS.

I have to admit that when I first watched the show, I thought the characters were kind of boring because they were not as colorful as the ones on NCIS that I love so much. However, they do grow on you and they all have their own charms. I love the relationships between them, especially Deeks and Kenzi. There's no question that NCIS: LA is a more conservative show than NCIS, but I did like the episode where they showed how easy it was for Deeks to use torture when it suited his purposes, even though he said he wouldn't, and then he backed down once he realized that he'd gone too far. That's not something they would do on 24. It showed the humanity of the people a bit more.

The DVD has some good features, including many behind-the-scenes shorts about the show, and how they make it, how they celebrated their 100th episode, how they make the Aghanistan episodes, the writers etc. I enjoyed it a lot.



The newest DVD collection of the fan-favorite series starring Chris O’Donnell and are set to arrive LL Cool J includes an overarching look at the series fifth season, a celebration of show’s landmark 100th episode, an in-depth look at the hit series’ writing staff, plus “Crafting Afghanistan,” a fascinating interview with the crew responsible for turning the Santa Clarita mountains into the Hindu Kush, a pivotal aspect of the recent season’s most thrilling story arc.

Starring Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J, all 24 episodes of the latest season of the high-octane drama NCIS: Los Angeles: The Fifth Season arrives on DVD in a six-disc set. In the fifth season, the NCIS team works to stop a mastermind from bombing a train, solves a top-secret vaccine-related murder, and embarks on a rescue mission in Afghanistan to save one of their own.

Special Features: *Unexpected Developments - Exclusive new interviews with the NCIS: Los Angeles cast and crew on the fifth season.

*The Write Staff - An in-depth look at what it takes to write the #1 drama in America

*Crafting Afghanistan - Meet the crew responsible for turning the Santa Clarita mountains into the Hindu Kush.

*Happy 100th - A new featurette on the show's action-packed 100th episode, "Reznikov, N."

*No Crew Is Superior (Remix) - To celebrate the milestone 100th episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, the song LL Cool J recorded back in 2009 was remixed by producer "Tricky" Stewart.

*Deleted Scenes

*Audio commentaries

Specifications: Full Screen Format
English 5.1 Surround
English Stereo Surround
Latin American Spanish Subtitles
Brazillian Portuguese Subtitles

Not Rated

17 hours, 10 minutes

Proofread and Edited by Brenda

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Page updated 9/21/14

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