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Californication: The Complete Series DVD cover


Californication: The Complete Series

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 11/18/15

I'd never watched this show before, even though I love David Duchovney. I'm glad I got this series now on DVD because it's really good. It's very funny. Seeing Duchovney as this screwed-up writer, Hank, is very entertaining.  In the hands of a lesser actor, Hank might seem very whiney. He's a middle-aged guy who drinks too much, takes too many pills, and has a lot of sex, while he complains about having writer's block and his girlfriend leaving him for another guy.  However, Duchovney makes him so likeable and self-destructive that you feel bad for him.

This is a Showtime show, so there's lots of sex and bad language. However, I don't think it's very graphic. It's very funny and has many great actors, including Evan Handler as Hank's agent Charlie.  There have been many series about self-destructive people, including House and Nurse Jackie, but Californication is one of the first, best and funniest shows of that type.

The DVD has all 84 episodes (all 7 seasons) and some great features. It's definitely worth the price. If you like a fun comedy-drama, try this one!


Californication: The Complete Series Coming to DVD November 3

Starring Golden Globe winner David Duchovny, follow the decadent and hedonistic adventures of famed author Hank Moody with every episode of the hit SHOWTIME® series, Californication: The Complete Series. He’s a lover, a frustrated father, and a best-selling author with writer’s block who still pines for his ex-girlfriend. However he’s holding it all together while falling apart, and he doesn’t mind it one bit. Available for the first time in new, shelf-friendly packaging, this collection includes all seven seasons and 84 episodes on 14 discs, perfect for holiday gift giving (valued at $64.99). 

Audio Commentary, Blooper Reel, Interviews, "Marcy's Waxing Salon" Featurette, "Marcy's Pajama Party", Languages: English and Spanish, Subtitles: English (Closed Captioned).

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Page updated 11/18/15

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