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The Affair: The Final Season DVD cover


  The Affair: The Final Season

 Review by Suzanne Lanoue 3/1/20

This last season concentrates mostly on Noah and Helen. The show skips ahead into the future and shows us a daughter, trying to find the truth about her family. I don't want to say more and risk spoilers.

Just like in the other seasons, there are many shocking twists and turns as the main characters try to face the future. You can't watch the rest of the seasons without watching this one. You will be missing really important information - a piece of the puzzle.

Don't gift this season without the earlier seasons - that would be cruel! The DVD only has one featurette - "Where Does It End" - where one of the show's creators reflects on the series.


The Affair: The Final Season, The Affair: The Complete Series 

Street Date: March 10, 2020

Format: DVD 

Description: The Affair explores the emotional and psychological effects of an affair that destroyed two marriages, and the crime that brings these individuals back together. Young diner waitress Alison and her husband, rancher Cole, are struggling both personally and financially, in the wake of tragedy. Noah, a settled teacher and would-be novelist, is summering at his in-laws' Hamptons estate with his wife, Helen, and four kids. When Noah meets Alison, they begin an affair. For her, he's a welcome escape; for him, she's a pretty distraction. But, the tryst eventually ends two marriages -- one that was already a bit shaky, the other that was on solid ground.

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