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Wicked City cast

"Wicked City" review by Suzanne 11/1/15
Airs Tuesdays 10/9c on ABC

I was really looking forward to this show because Jeremy Sisto starred in it, and it looked like a cool show. I did enjoy it, but unfortunately, it was canceled before I had a chance to review it. In fact, it was the first show canceled this season, the first NEW show canceled, and so far, the ONLY show canceled for the Fall. That's such a shame, but apparently the ratings were very low.

I watched the first three episodes, and I did enjoy it, but it was very uneven, so I can see why audiences might have wanted to avoid it.  The cast was great, and they did a wonderful job. The writing was all over the place. Sometimes it was very good, and at other times, the plot was filled with cliches and tired tropes (the two detectives who are partnered up even though they hate each other, but they grow to respect one another; the detective who neglects his family because he's so dedicated to the case; the serial killer who wants attention in the media -- just to name a few).  The show took place in the 80's, but it didn't really look or feel like that time period all that much, aside from a few obvious things, like the teletype machine at the police station. They often said things obviously from the 80's, but they were just a little too obvious (a common problem with shows set in the past 50 years, aside from "Mad Men" and "The Americans").

I think the biggest problem, thought was that even though Sisto was the hero trying to catch the killer, the killer and his girlfriend were the focus of the story. I don't think most people want to see serial killers as heroes.  We have a lot of violence and depravity on TV already -- there's a ton on cable, on channels like FX and Starz.  So far, shows like "Hannibal" and "The Following" have not been getting good ratings. I don't think people want to see that much of it on broadcast networks. They already have "Criminal Minds" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" if they want to see that.  Honestly, "Wicked City" was not even nearly as violent as those shows, either.

There are two other reason the show was endangered.  This summer we saw "Aquarius" on NBC - a show about a detective trying to catch a serial killer, set in the 1970's.  That is a very good show, and this one just seems like a bit of a lame copy of that. Also, ABC is a very family-friendly network. I'm surprised they even put a serial killer show on TV in the first place. I don't think they had much confidence in it, which is why it didn't make the Fall schedule to begin with and was brought in late.

It's too bad because I really had hoped that Jeremy Sisto would have a great and successful show! They should have never canceled "Law & Order" with him in it. He was awesome in that. I hope he gets another great show soon as well as all of the other really good actors on this show.

You can still watch the episodes On Demand and on their website. I believe there are at least 3 more episodes that they'll air at some point.

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