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The 100 season 3

"The 100" review by Suzanne 1/9/16
Premieres Thursday, January 21, 9/8c on The CW

Season 3 of "The 100" starts tonight. I watched the first two episodes (I have two more to watch). So far, it's just as enjoyable as the first two seasons. The show starts with John, whom we last saw in the bunker, and has lots of exciting things after a little bit, the show then fast-forwards 3 months. New alliances form, hairstyles change, new people are met.

The episodes are very exciting! Clarke is living a very feral sort of life (no spoilers there - it's all over the internet) as there's a bounty on her head. Her friends and family search for her. John goes through some serious stuff but then finds the Chancellor. All of that stuff is very weird with the "City of Light." Raven is having physical problems again. Monty makes a great discovery in the second episode. Jasper has become very different after his girlfriend was killed off.  Although there's a truce with the tree-dwelling grounders, not so much with other grounders. Oh, and yes, a lesbian sex scene.... fans will be happy about that. There are bounty hunters, and one in particular is very cool and handsome...reminds me a little of Liam Neeson.

You don't want to miss tonight's premiere! If you haven't watched before, I think you can easily catch up by the previews. Enjoy it!

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