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The Outsiders cast

"The Outsider" review by Suzanne 2/1/16
Airs Tuesdays 9/10pm on WGNA

This show seems a bit like a combination of "Sons of Anarchy" and "Justified."  However, it also has a hint of supernatural and fantasy. It's about a group of mountain folk (called Farrells) in Appalachian coal country (similar to "Justified"), but these folks are mostly cut off from the outside world. That's about where the similarities to "Justified" end because that show had poetry and subtlety that this one lacks.

The Farrells have their own language and customs, and laws. They only come down from the mountain occasionally to steal supplies. They apparently don't use guns, for the most part, so everyone leaves them alone. Also, there are rumors about them having supernatural powers. Between that and the weird language, it's almost like a show like "Sword of Shannara." However, they really don't have powers, from what I can tell, so it's all just a bunch of rednecks acting tough.

Their wanna-be leader, played by David Morse, a fabulous actor, is not happy when his mother, Lady Ray (the current leader) decides that one of their other people, Asa, should be the new leader. Asa left their mountain almost a decade ago but returned, begging to be let back in. They don't usually let people back in, so they put him in a metal cage for awhile to punish him.  Aside from the fact that they don't seem to have random sex, or use guns, they seem like a bit of a cult.  Lady Ray hears that some companies want to blow up their mountain to get to the much-needed coal, so she thinks Asa will be a better leader (and it was in their prophecy).  Asa, unlike the rest of them, can read, which is a valuable skill. He's also the most sympathetic character in the show, along with some of the women. He's hiding a big secret, though, about why he had to run back to the mountain.

Kyle Gallner ("Veronica Mars") plays young Hasil, who isn't too satisfied living on the mountain (and wants to meet new young women). He gets himself into big trouble.

It's not clear whether the Farrells are in-bred or not, although one of the people from the coal company does make snide remarks about them sleeping with their sisters. The small town below the mountain is run by a sheriff, but he and the other police generally leave the mountain men alone because they're very violent and willing to defend their homes to the death.

To make more of the SOA connection, Ryan Hurst, who played Opie in that show, also stars in this one. "The Outsiders" seems to be a very good drama, but it is definitely violent and sometimes hard to watch. Like SOA, there are no good guys. Just some innocents who get hurt, killed or corrupted; bad guys; and worst guys.

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