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The Man in the High Castle

"The Man in the High Castle"  review by Suzanne 12/1/15
Airs on Amazon Prime

I expected to love this show. It's based on a book by scifi author Philip K. Dick. He wrote great books, including the story that "Bladerunner" was based on. The TV show is about an alternate reality where the allies lost the war. Hitler and Japan have taken over parts of the U.S. There's a small rebel underground. This sounds just like my kind of TV show.

However, it's not. It's really slow and dull. The writing is predictable and the characters are cardboard. I only watched one episode but couldn't take any more. I've read other reviews where they did like the show but still admitted that it was very slow. I don't mind slow shows (like "The Killing") if the characters are intriguing and the story makes me want to keep watching.  This is not one of those. It was a great disappointment. I've loved all of the other shows I've seen on Amazon Prime. Skip this one unless you're really into Nazis and have a lot of time on your hands.

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