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Mad Dogs on Amazon

"Mad Dogs" review by Suzanne 1/25/16
Airs on Amazon

This is a very good, suspenseful drama with a lot of humor. The basic plot is that four guys in their 40's fly to Belize to see an old friend who's retiring. He's gotten rich and has paid for them to fly there and have a celebration. Things don't turn out as planned, of course!

When I watched the beginning, it really reminded me of something similar that happened to me. A good friend of my husband's started a search in the 90's. In 1999, he was pretty rich and was about to get even more rich. He flew 4 of his friends to Guam, where another of their friends was stationed. (The difference is, they brought their wives and girlfriends, which is why I went)  In the TV show, they were greeted with a big stretch limo (as were we!) and each given a very expensive leather bag (as we were we!) with videocameras in them (we had portable DVD players and a few other things). So that was all very weird to see on TV! I wonder if the people who wrote this knew our friend? LOL!

Anyway, after that, the TV show is very different. Belize is a foreign country, not Guam.  The four friends learn that their host, Milo (played by Billy Zane), is not really in the business that they thought he was in, and some terrible things happen. It's quite shocking. Michael Imperioli, who's always a fabulous actor, plays one of the friends, Lex.

This was already done in the UK with the same title. The title makes a lot more sense because it's from a poem about "Mad Dogs and Englishmen," but never mind that. Ben Chaplin, who plays Joel in this Amazon version, played the host, Alvo, in the UK version. I wonder why they decided to make an American version? I mean, I know they do that a lot, but it seems kind of silly now, since we Americans are much more used to watching the British versions of shows. The American ones are rarely as good.

I saw some online reviews that said that this show was trying to be like "Breaking Bad," but I don't really see the comparison.

Anyway, it's very enjoyable, although at times violent, and it has a lot of sex as well.  I hope you get a chance to watch it because it's definitely worth watching!

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