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The dancers

"Flesh and Bone" review by Suzanne 11/24/15
Airs Sundays at 8 on Starz

This miniseries is a really trashy soap opera about dancers in a New York City ballet company. I don't think it's realistic at all, from what a friend of mine told me (She used to be a dancer).  It's very entertaining and stays with you, though.  Sarah Hay plays Claire, a new dancer. We see most of the show through her eyes.  She's very young and new. She gives off an air of innocence, but we learn in the first episode that she's fleeing a horrible family secret having to do with incest and/or rape.  She's very talented and quickly shoots to stardom.  She's also a bit of a voyeur; she seems to like watching other people have sex, like her room-mate. 

Ben Daniels is fantastic as Paul Grayson, the leader of the company. He's got all sorts of mental and sexual problems, and he likes to mold young dancers. He thinks he can make Claire a big star; he's not very kind to his dancers, though.  This is a very different role from when Daniels was on "Law & Order: UK," that's for sure!

Emily Tyra plays Mia, Claire's roommate. She's very jealous of Claire and enjoys having lots of sex and doesn't eat much.  There are many other dysfunctional characters in the show. It's a fun trashy show; mindless entertainment with lots of drugs and sex. However, it also has many good observations about women and how they're treated in the world of dance. It's written by a woman, Moira Walley-Beckett, who also won an Emmy for "Breaking Bad."  The show has lots of dancing and music as well, and a great cast. I find it very enjoyable and probably will continue watching it.

It's not as good, in my opinion, as "Bunheads," the show about young dancers that aired a few years ago on ABC Family, but that was a very different show. It was more of a teen comedy/drama and not trashy at all.  You can watch the first episode of "Flesh and Bone" for free on the Starz website!

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