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Donny and his guest

"Donny!" review by Suzanne 11/24/15
Airs Tuesdays at 10:30ET/PT on USA Network

This is a really bad sitcom that pretends it's a reality show. Donny Deutsch is the star. He plays himself as a narcisstic, clueless talk show host, along the lines of Maury Povich or Dr. Phil. He pretty much acts like Ted Baxter from the old "Mary Tyler Moore Show," but slightly more subtle than that character.

The show focuse on Donny and how he treats his guests, and his family, and the people who work for him. Pretty much everyone knows how dumb Donny is and how shallow his life is. The show is supposed to examine Hollywood and L.A., but it just rehashes the same cliches we're used to seeing on TV. Worse, it's just not funny at all. Maybe if you think Deutsch is funny, then it works better.

If you want to see a good behind-the-scenes comedy about a reality show, watch "Unreal" on Lifetime instead. That one is funny. Skip this one.

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