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By Suzanne

Interview with Katheryn Winnick of "Bones" on FOX

FBC PUBLICITY: The Bones Conference with Katheryn Winnick
September 29, 2010/1:00 p.m. EDT

Kim Kurland Ė FBC Publicity
Katheryn Winnick Ė ďHannah Burley,Ē Bones


Moderator Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to the Bones Conference with Katheryn Winnick. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. We will conduct a question and answer session. We please ask that you limit all questions to one question, one follow-up. If you have additional questions, you may re-queue at any time.

Your hosting speaker, Kim Kurland.

K. Kurland Hi everybody, I just want to thank you for participating in the call today with Katheryn. Weíre very excited. Her first episode airs this Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time. So, thank you so much. Kevin, we can take our first question.

Moderator Our first question is from the line of Jim Halterman of

J. Halterman Well, Iím very excited about seeing you join the cast for some episodes. I talked to Hart and Emily about this and the fans are already in a little bit of an uproar. Have you gotten a whiff of that?

K. Winnick I heard. I heard that I may be causing a stir. But, Iím excited about it. I think people are going to be excited about my character. I hope that they will welcome me.

J. Halterman Can you talk a little bit about your interaction on this show? I mean, we know how you come into this show, but who have most of your scenes been with at this point?

K. Winnick. I play Hannah Burley, a war correspondent. I met Booth in Afghanistan. I actually move in or come back to Washington to be with him. Most of my scenes have been with Booth. But, a lot of the times, Iím with Brennan as well. I get a chance to get to know her and befriend her. We have a lot in common, so we get a chance to get to know each other on a personal level.

Moderator Our next question is from the line of Matt Mitovich of Fancast.

M. Mitovich I was wondering if you could elaborate on how exactly it is that Hannah and Brennan bond. Like what is it that they have in common? Why is it that they get along so well, and Brennanís not just outright protective of Booth?

K. Winnick Thatís a very good question. I really feel that Hannah and Brennan are similar in a lot of ways, specifically, that theyíre both driven by facts. Theyíre both very motivated, intelligent, adventurous women. I really feel that I respect Brennanís character and hopefully she does the same with me. So, thereís not any major tension right away. But, I think itís this understanding that we both have a similar path and a similar, I guess, motivation to really get what we want out of life. I feel that we have that. That is one of the reasons we really bond together.

M. Mitovich I was wondering if you could tell us about how many episodes ... for, because my concern is that Hannahís going to get tempted by some sexy, overseas assignment and leave our boy high and dry.

K. Winnick You know, as far as I know, Iím in a handful of episodes. Iím super excited to be here. I love the show. I get a chance to get to know the characters on a personal level, which is fun for me.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Marisa Roffman,

M. Roffman How much did Hannah actually know about the Booth-Brennan relationship? Because last season, they kind of did have a little bit of a personal falling out when he tried to go forward with the relationship. Is she aware that he tried to make that move on Brennan?

K. Winnick Yes, thatís a very good question. I asked myself that several times. I know that she definitely knows about Brennan, and they have some kind of history and that they are very tight. I donít know if she knows the details of their relationship and what happened last season. I think it would be more interesting to kind of discover that.

But, I donít feel that sheís threatened by Brennan. I feel like my character, Hannah, is very strong, independent, and motivated in her own personal journey of working for the press corps that I donít feel that sheís threatened with Brennanís relationship with Booth. Thatís what makes her really fun to dive into. In Bones, or the show, really know how to write strong women. That really attracted me to doing these episodes or join this arc.

M. Roffman Were you a fan of the series before you joined?

K. Winnick I got a chance to watch it as I was getting involved in shooting it. So, I got little snippets of it, but Iíve heard a lot about it. I do love the show. I got a chance to watch a few seasons before I jumped on, too.

Moderator Our next question is from the line of David Martindale, Hearst Newspaper.

D. Martindale Is it an easy acting challenge for you to pretend to be in love with David Boreanaz?

K. Winnick What I find really interesting about our dynamic is that our characters have a very easy, comfortable chemistry, that he brings out a fun side of Hannah, which is a fun side of me really. Just when we get a chance to work together, itís very fun and freefalling. He makes me laugh on and off screen. I think that our dynamic is definitely really special in a lot of ways.

So, to answer your question, yes, it is easy. I donít find it challenging at all. I respect him and his acting and his work and have the chance to have fun while Iím shooting.

D. Martindale Have you happened to have hung around on a ďbody day,Ē as Emily calls it? If so, is that hard to take?

K. Winnick I assume a body day is watching when theyíre working with cadavers and dead bodies. Is that what you mean?

D. Martindale Yes.

K. Winnick I have not had that experience yet. So, now Iím curious. Maybe I need to hang out and see what a body day is all about. Iíll get back to you on that.

Moderator Our next question is from Alice Chapman-Nugent of The Times-Courier.

A. Chapman-Nugent Are there any particular personality quirks or traits that you contribute to your character as Hannah?

K. Winnick Yes, I feel, me (Katheryn) I think my character Hannah is Iím very similar to her in a lot of ways. Being work driven, being ambitious, being always wanting more out of life and finding out the facts, and not one to sit around and let things happen to me, but really making things happen. Iíve had that experience in my past of really starting my own martial arts school at the age of 16 and opening up 3 by the time Iím 21. I had a very big career and a passion before I got involved in acting.

So, when I look at my character, when I was doing my research on Hannah and who she is and why I like her, I really feel that sheís someone that I respect and Iím wanting a lot out of life. So, I do feel that we are similar in a lot of ways.

A. Chapman-Nugent Is there any particular scene that you think really stands out that shows your character?

K. Winnick I do, actually. Even in the first scene, or the first episode, I feel that thereís a scene that after Iím in bed with BoothóI donít know how to say that in a nice wayóbut after we get a chance to connect and have some fun, one of the first things that I mention is his connection with Brennan. I ask BoothÖÖ..that his relationship with Brennan is really unique and theyíre very close.

So, in other words, I feel that Hannahís character is very intuitive. She reads people very well. She reads Brennan and tries to get to know who she is outside of just seeing what she sees and little does she know ... very intuitive and I feel that thatís a really good example when she just got there and just spent some time and she really kind of understands, or at least wanting to know more about the characters.

Moderator Our next question is from Troy Rogers,

T. Rogers Things sound serious between Hannah and Booth. I just want to know how far do you see this role going. Do you think sheíll become a regular?

K. Winnick Oh, I donít know. For me, Iím just lucky to have a great time on set and have a character that I love working with and really sink my teeth into. For me, itís really Iím just enjoying each episode that Iím in and getting a chance to really find out more about Hannah and what makes her tick. All I know is Iím in a handful of episodes and Iím glad to be here.

T. Rogers Now, you mentioned that Hannah and Brennan are getting along now. If things turn for the worst, could you see Hannah employing your martial arts background to take her out?

K. Winnick We havenít written Hannah this large life, but she did go to Afghanistan, so I would think she had some kind of training. Itís funny; also one of the first questions I asked Emily was if her character does martial arts. She told me that there have been scenes in the past where she has trained in self-defense and her character does know some martial arts.

In our first episode, weíre laughing, all about us sitting at the table at the bar and it would be interesting to have both go intoónot a cat fightóbut go into this, I guess, showdown. But, I feel that my character, yes would love to be able to get a chance to kick some butt on screen. I think it would be fun. Hannah could definitely hold her own and take care of herself. But, I wonder with who?

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Joshua Maloney of Niagara Frontier Publications..

J. Maloney So, Katheryn, in every interview that Iíve seen with your co-stars, theyíve really gone out of their way to tell fans youíre going to like Katheryn, youíre going to like the role that she plays of Hannah. Obviously we know a lot about Hannah on the surface. We know that sheís a reporter and we know that sheís going to be involved with Booth. But, in your own words, why should the audience give Hannah a shot? What do you think they will find appealing about this character?

K. Winnick I hope the audience will give Hannahís character a chance and realize that sheís not there to be part of a love triangle or to create a cat fight or high school drama. Sheís there because she truly does love Booth. Sheís there to explore a different part of her life and start a life with him.

I think that the audience hopefully would respect her and her strong character, her strong will, and her motivation and drive to work and to find out facts in her own job that sheís not there just to be just the cute girlfriend. Sheís there for her own purpose, her own path. I hope that the audience will give Hannahís character a shot and fall in love with her, because Iíve fallen in love with Hannah.

J. Maloney Obviously, the producers are going to keep Booth and Brennan apart for as long as they can. If this proves to be something thatís popular, that resonates with fans, if they come and have the conversation with you, would you be interested in doing this for longer than just what you said was a handful of episodes?

K. Winnick I will be definitely open for that conversation. I love the show. Iím having a blast working with David and Emily, and Michaela as well. I think everybody as actors are fantastic on this show. I respect the writing. Iím having a great time.

Moderator Our next question is from Ian Johnson of Metro Toronto.

I. Johnson Yes, I guess Iíve got to ask the Toronto question. I just wondered if youíve been back here or do you get back here much to work?

K. Winnick Yes. I was actually back last week. A week ago, I was there for a few weddings and the Toronto Film Festival. So, I got a chance to come home and eat pirogues with my family. I got a chance to get together with old Ukrainian friends and stuff like that. So, it was nice to be at home, nice to be in Toronto.

I. Johnson You donít come up here to work much oró?

K. Winnick I would like to. I havenít had the opportunity in a while to work in Toronto. But, for me, Torontoís home. I would like to get a job there so I can spend more time with my family, of course.

Moderator Our next question is from Adrienne McNolton, Premier Guide.

A. McNolton One blogger referred to you as the Bones bombshell. Do you feel that youíre the Bones bombshell?

K. Winnick Wow. I guess I donít see myself that way. Thatís very flattering. Thanks, Iím pleased. But, I feel like my character is strong and driven by work, so thatís kind of how Iím seeing it. Iím flattered with the compliment.

A. McNolton How were you received by the cast?

K. Winnick Iím sorry, itís hard to hear.

K. Kurland I think she was asking how were you received by the cast?

K. Winnick The first day on set, Emily and David were fantastic, so warm and friendly. Itís always tricky going into a TV show, especially if itís been around for so many seasons, and being the new girl. Thatís always a little awkward at the beginning in general, but for me it was such a warm and welcoming experience that I felt very lucky. They welcomed me with big hugs, ďOh, youíre the new girlĒ. We got to know each other and talk about decorating with Emily and got to know each other on a personal levelÖon self-defense, we had many conversations maybe doing something for the Bones cast and kind of giving back and teaching them self-defense. For me, I felt at home from the beginning. I couldnít be more thankful and lucky to have such a warm experience.

A. McNolton Will we see any cat fight or tension between you and Brennan?

K. Winnick I feel like Brennanís character canít help but probably feel a little bit tension of whoís this new girl. I think she said she didnít even know if she is at all jealous, but she may be not even admitting to herself or her character is. It would be interesting to see how the story and the arc plays out, if she discovers something within herself.

I donít know. I feel like thereís definitely with my character, with Hannah, of being the new girl, of being the new girl that moves in with him and knowing that they have a strong bond, work related or not, thereís always a part of me that has one eye open and making sure that that relationship is what it is and nothing more. But, no, I donít think thereís a cat fight. I enjoy them. I enjoy their experience, of getting to know Emily.

Moderator Our next question is from Melissa Laury of

M. Laury Since you havenít seen a body yet, you havenít been there on a body day, does this mean that Hannahís going to be giving us aóis she going to be the method to give us a stronger look at Boothís personal life?

K. Winnick Yes. I really feel that Hannahís character brings a fun side out of Booth that we havenít seen yet - hopefully, his fun loving side, and get to know his character a little more and why Hannah and Booth have this strong bond. I feel that my character also gets a chance to really form outside of work and see him in a different light. Iím excited for the Bones fans to see tható

M. Laury I think thatís something fans have been looking forward to seeing and you know itís nice to finally get a chance to have that. Iím also wondering if weíll be seeing more on how Hannah and Booth met, maybe some flashbacks.

K. Winnick I donít know if weíre going to see some flashbacks. I know in the first episode that I explain how we met. I donít know if itís safe to say that we met in Afghanistan and he actually saved my life. So, I feel that we had a strong bond from the very beginning, which was nice. We had fun under a fig tree, if you can say that. But, I feel that it would be interesting to see if Hart ends up doing some flashbacks. I think it would be very interesting. Iím not sure how it ends up, but weíll see.

Moderator Our final question is from the line of Jim Halterman,

J. Halterman When I talked to Hart recently, he said he thought there were a lot of similarities between Hannah and Brennan. Do you see that?

K. Winnick Oh, very much so. I think Hannahís character is very similar to Brennan in a lot of different ways. Theyíre both strong, independent, strong-willed, driven women, and clear driven. So, they both have this need for finding out the true facts of any story. They both are, I guess, adventurous and just really wanting more out of life than just a good time.

I think thatís whatís really interesting about what more Booth really respects and why he falls in love with Hannah is the fact that he gets, he seeís my character in Brennan, my character in Ö. But, itís a really interesting dynamic. The writers are really smart. I feel grateful for them to write such a strong character.

J. Halterman The show kind of fluctuates between these lighter scenes and maybe the little heavier, dramatic stuff with the crime solving or whatever. What have most of your scenes been? Have they been lighter or they kind of fluctuate in between both sides?

K. Winnick I want to say that they fluctuate between both sides. I think that Booth pulls a certain side out of me and Hannah, which is a fun loving side that for me is interesting to play, how to just let go and improvise a scene and really just be in the moment. I think thatís really special. But, it also has, the last episode that I shot, has some serious moments where under certain circumstances, life kind of kicks in and real life drama kicks in. Finding that balance between both is what makes my character really fun, and really interesting to work with.

Moderator Thank you for the questions. Back to Kim Kurland for any closing remarks.

K. Kurland I donít really have anything else to add, just to thank everybody for taking part. Again, the episode airs on Thursday at 8:00 p.m. on Fox and just to e-mail me if you have any questions after the call. So, thanks a lot.

K. Winnick I want to thank everybody. Thank you so much for this. It was a lot of fun. So, thank you.

Moderator Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. That does conclude your conference.

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