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By Krista

Jesse Larson, Davina Leone, Lilli Passero and Brandon Royal 

Interview with Jesse Larson, Davina Leone, Lilli Passero and Brandon Royal of "The Voice" on NBC 3/29/17

Moderator: Kaitlin Blanco
March 29, 2017 1:00 pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by. Welcome to the NBC Universal The Voice Season 12 Advancing Artist Press and Media conference call. During the presentation all participants will be in a listen-only mode. Afterwards we will conduct a question and answer session. At that time if you have a question please press the one followed by the four on your telephone.

If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator please press Star Zero. As a reminder this conference is being recorded Wednesday March 29, 2017. I would now like to turn the conference over to Kaitlin Blanco with The Voice PR. Please go ahead.

Kaitlin Blanco: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining our call today. If you would like a transcript you can email me at Joining us today from Team Adam we have Jesse Larson and Davina Leone. From Team Alicia we have Lilli Passero and Brandon Royal from Team Gwen should be joining us shortly. Out of respect for all journalists queuing up please ask only one question at a time. You will have the opportunity to follow-up. And if your question is for the larger group please designate one artist to speak first. I will now turn the call over to the question and answer portion. Go ahead.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen if you would like to register a question please press the one followed by the four on your telephone. You will hear a three-toned prompt to acknowledge your request. If your question has been answered and you would like to withdraw your registration please press the one followed by the three.

If you are using a speakerphone please lift your handset before entering your request. One moment please for our first question. And our first question comes from the line of Mark Franklin with Voice Views. Please proceed with your question.

Mark Franklin: Yes my question's for Davina. Davina how are you today?

Davina Leone: I'm great. How are you doing?

Mark Franklin: Pretty good. So hey, so take us back to that moment when the battle's over, you've heard all the feedback and Brandon's been declared the winner. What's running through your mind? Did you think this deal was possible at that point?

Davina Leone: I honestly I knew it was Adam's last deal and I knew there was still maybe like eight pairs of, you know, people battling after me. So I was like, oh there's no way he's going to lose his last steal on me. There's so many people he has to see.

So when I was giving that speech I was pretty much just like okay, I guess this is it. Like I was really happy for Brandon but we were going for the win and the steal so it was kind of like oh. And then when he cut me off while I was talking hit that button I almost fell to the ground. It was like so surreal.

Mark Franklin: And what did you think of the performance overall? Were you pleased with it?

Davina Leone: I was so happy with it. We practiced so much and we really tried to make the chemistry happen and tried to make the sultriness happen. So the fact that the coaches liked it and thought that we nailed that was so gratifying because we practiced a lot.

Mark Franklin: Okay, well thank you very much and congratulations.

Davina Leone: Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to register for a question please press one - four on your telephone keypad. Our next question is a follow-up question from the line of Mark Franklin with Voice Views. Please proceed with your question.

Mark Franklin: Yes this is for Jesse and Lilli. I was hoping each of you could tell me what you think turned the battle in your favor? If we could start off with Jesse please.

Jesse Larson: You know, I'm not sure to be honest with you. I know both Taylor and myself both gave everything we had in the performance. And it's possibly maybe it was just a personal preference thing at that point. You know, maybe Adam just saw something that he particularly liked a little more out of me than Taylor. You know, it's hard for me to say because, you know, I'm my own worst critic so when I watch it and listen to it, you know, I think, you know, I did a pretty good job but, I think Taylor did a great job so and I'm not totally sure.

Mark Franklin: Okay. Now I know you can't talk a whole lot about knockout round but is there anything musically you'd like to showcase next - in the next round?

Jesse Larson: I guess...

Mark Franklin: In terms of…


Jesse Larson: ...that I liked. Yes, yes, yes. I got you. I guess I'd like for to have a song that allows me to sing a little more, sing out a little more. You know, everything I've done is kind of been controlled by the boundaries of the song itself. So, you know, I'd like to get into something that allows me to stretch out just a little bit vocally.

Mark Franklin: Okay. Thank you very much and congratulations.

Jesse Larson: Yes, thank you very much.

Mark Franklin: And then if we could go to Lilli please.

Lilli Passero: Hi.

Mark Franklin: Hi.

Lilli Passero: Yes so you're...

Mark Franklin: Overall how did you feel about the battle and what do you think turned the tide in your favor?

Lilli Passero: Ultimately I felt really good about it. Lauren and I practiced as much as we could without driving ourselves crazy. And I think what turned it in my favor is pretty much exactly what most of the coaches said. The song - the style of the song to the - was exactly kind of the style of music that I feel most comfortable in. It had the vintage vibes that a lot of the coaches commented on during my battle audition, I'm sorry during my blind audition. And it was really easy for me to slide into it, into the groove of it so I think that helped a lot.

And even though Lauren did an amazing, amazing job, you know, the style of the song was just I think perfectly suited to my vibe. And then also it is a song about heartbreak and pain and what we go through. And being a little bit older I think I've just had a little more experience with that than Lauren had and so it came across more clearly. And I think Adam hit the nail on the head in saying that, you know, there was equal ability but it's just down to experience.

Mark Franklin: And the same question I asked Jesse is there anything musically you'd like to showcase in the next round?

Lilli Passero: Well I - so another thing that I think that the coaches noticed in my battle performance was a certain power and confidence that I don't think I was able to convey as much in my blind audition just because it was the first kind of go round on the stage and there were a lot more nerves involved. So I hope that in my knockout performance you see that same power and confidence as I stand along on stage. I hope that that comes across.

Mark Franklin: Okay thank you very much and best of luck.

Lilli Passero: Thank you.

Operator: As a reminder ladies and gentlemen please press one - four to register for a question. Our next question comes from the line of Krista Chain with TV MegaSite. Please proceed with your question.

Krista Chain: Yes my question is for Lilli. How did you feel about your pairing for the battles Lilli?

Lilli Passero: Hi. Lauren and I were both surprised when our battle partner was announced. We both looked at each other like wow, okay. At the end of the day I think we both kind of saw what Alicia saw and how she decided. You know, she had said that we both have our own very unique style. And she wanted to see how that would complement the others being so different but so kind of realized on our own how would we work together and how would we complement each other. So I think that's at the end of the day what we were playing with. And we both have - I think we both have a similar not necessarily a similar tone but yes I don't know exactly what the words are I'm looking for but I think it was just seeing how we would complement each other being different but both very unique.

Krista Chain: Well congratulations.

Lilli Passero: Thank you very much.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen please press one - four to register for a question. And there are no further questions registered at this time Ms. Blanco. And one moment please as Ms. Blanco dials back. And Ms. Blanco you are live.

Kaitlin Blanco: Hi everyone. Then that wraps our call for today. Again if you'd like a transcript you can email me at Thanks everyone. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen...

Woman: Thank you.

Operator: And ladies and gentlemen that does conclude the conference call for today. We thank you for your participation and ask that you please disconnect your line.


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