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By James

Big Bang Theory gang watches TV

Home Pimping - Making a Super TV Lovers’ Cave for 2016

Your living room is supposed to be the TV relaxation spot in the home, but if you're living with family and friends, it's often difficult to get your wish! From playful kids to other people wanting to see something else on TV, the distractions in the living room are often too much for real TV lovers. This is why most TV lovers cherish their TV cave.  This piece takes a look at how to come up with the Ultimate TV cave for you, or for you and your partner.

Choose the right TV Set-Up

The TV is the centerpiece of this cave, so why not? Choosing the right TV comes down to personal preferences because there are many options to choose from these days. 

TV mounting experts JNB Aerials told us:
“We advise going with at least a 55-inch Ultra HD TV. This is a perfect fit for most TV rooms, since these TVs offer wide viewing angles without pixelating (as long as they are mounted at the front center of the room”). It doesn’t matter if you are curled up with your partner, or have the girls or guys over for the weekend, everyone can enjoy a quality viewing experience, regardless of their position in the room with the right TV and the right mounting position.”

Bring in proper seating

It’s impossible to enjoy your TV session if you’re not comfortable, so it’s important to have optimal seating. You might be in front of the TV for hours at a time, so you need a seating arrangement that will allow you to retain a good viewing angle-- whether you’re sitting or lying down. A circular sofa is often the preferred option as it allows anyone in your TV cave to sit or lie down while watching, and it also allows ample room for you to get lovey-dovey with your partner!

Don’t forget to throw in some pillows and blankets.

TV cave example

Bring in the right audio system

TVs these days are fairly loud, but you will not enjoy a truly immersive experience without having a quality audio system in your TV cave. There are many decent options to choose from, so you can always find a setup that is fully within your budget.

Smart lighting

The ultimate TV cave doesn’t have room for natural lighting, so you need to have artificial lighting around the space. Thankfully, there are many floor lamps and LED setups that can be controled with a remote. In some cases, your smartphone is the remote! This ensures that you can easily control lighting without even getting off the sofa.

Install a fridge

The hours pass very quickly when you’re watching your favorite shows on TV, and this means thirst and hunger pangs. Even when you’re not really hungry, nothing beats having some chips and soda to keep the taste buds happy while watching TV. Having a small fridge in the TV cave eliminates the need to go to the kitchen at intervals. Of course, it’s easy to head to the kitchen during ads, but think of the effort if your TV cave is located in the basement, attic or garage!

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Page updated 3/3/16

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