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By Krista

Tate Stevens

Interview with Tate Stevens of "The X-Factor" on FOX 12/21/12

I was on this call, but unfortunately didn't get a chance to ask a question. Sometimes they have too many people on the call, and a limited time. It was very enjoyable to listen to, though.

Final Transcript
December 21, 2012/12:00 p.m. PST

Moderator Welcome to The X Factor Conference call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. Later, we will conduct a question and answer session; instruction will be given to you at that time. As a reminder, todayís conference is being recorded. I would now like to turn the conference over to your first speaker Ms. Hayley Hindinger.

Hayley Hi, everybody. Welcome to The X Factor conference call with Season 2 winner Tate Stevens who took home the $5 million recording contract prize and a Pepsi commercial that will air during the live telecast of the 55th Annual Grammy Awards this year. During last night finale Simon Cowellís group Fifth Harmony was first eliminated from the competition leaving Tate to beat out runner-up Carly Rose Sonenclar with the most votes from America. Joining us now is your new X Factor winner Tate Stevens.

Tate Hello.

Hayley Weíll take our first question.

Moderator Our first question comes from the line of Reg Seaton with

Reg Hey, Tate; congratulations on your win.

Tate Thank you, sir.

Reg Since the show has a lot of younger fans and you went back and forth with Carly Rose in the rankings did you feel you had a legitimate shot at winning?

Tate A couple of weeks ago yeah. I mean I was set number one for a couple of weeks on the top. Then went to two and she was at one, and then when I went back to one thatís really kind of when I thought you know what I have a shot. I have a shot at winning this but yeah up until then really it was anyoneís game.

Reg And when LA Reid said that he didnít want the over 25 group did you feel that you were at a disadvantage from the start? How did you deal with that?

Tate You know what it was a little disheartening at first, but I think he realized that he had a really talented group of older, you know, the overs. And so I donít think I was at a disadvantage.

Moderator The next question comes from Paige Feigenbaum with Entertainment Tonight.

Paige Hi, Tate; congratulations again. It was a pleasure to meet you after the big show last night.

Tate Thanks.

Paige I was wondering you had a wonderful duet performance on the performance show the night before last. How did you choose your duet partner? Was it selected for you or did you request them?

Tate We had a bunch of artists and we chose Little Big Town and obviously they just had a big hit with Pontoon, and we thought it was the right fit. Personally I love the song; I think itís a lot of fun so thatís how it happened.

Paige And on the same note a spinoff of that do you think Carlyís duet with Leann Rimes had any bearing whatsoever on the final outcome or do you think the results still would have been what they are?

Tate You know I donít know. Iíve been asked that question a couple of times. I have no idea what happened with their duet but I believe the fan baseóshe has her fan base and I donít think it would have swayed really any. I just canít see that. If youíre a fan of someone I donít think that youíre going to change because of one thing. I sure would hope not anyway.

Moderator The next question comes from Joanna Ö with Your Daily News.

Joanna Hi, Tate; congratulations.

Tate Thank you.

Joanna I was wondering, what was your favorite performance, and what you thought was your best performance on the show?

Tate My favorite performance honestly was with Little Big Town, that was a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun doing that but I think really my best performance probably was the week before when I did ďFall,Ē the Clay Walker song.

Joanna And on kind of the flip side to that what do you think was your most difficult or scariest performance?

Tate The most difficult one was the Bon Jovi tune, the first song we did, ďWanted Dead or Alive.Ē Itís such a like huge anthem song and everyone knows it, and if you screw something like that up then itís not good. I think that was probably the scariest one just because of the song. Yeah I would have to say that one.

Moderator The next question comes from Ingrid Sheaffer with U.S. Weekly.

Ingrid Hey, Tate; how are you?

Tate Iím fine. How are you?

Ingrid Iím great. Congratulations first of all.

Tate Thank you.

Ingrid What advice would you have for anybody auditioning next season because your audition was so great? What would you tell people?

Tate You know what be yourself; go out and do what you do and be yourself, and just you canít do anything else. Donít try to be anything else because you canít do it well. Just do what you do and be yourself.

Ingrid When you were standing in line for the audition did you ever think that you would be here now?

Tate No not at all. Not at all really. I mean there were thousands of people and just Iím like, ďOh my God. Iím the only guy in a cowboy hat, and this is not probably going to be good for me.Ē But I mean I canít say anything besides Iím blessed and Iím honored that people liked it enough that I get to talk to you guys today.

Moderator The next question comes from Russell Ö with Hollywood Life.

Russell I was hoping to find out now that you have the $5 million contract and this new celebrity, how youíre going to thwart the bad people coming in that are all of a sudden going to start calling you and being like, ďHey, Tate, I need a few bucks.Ē

Tate You know what Ö I donít know. I guess Iíll cross that bridge when I get there but I donít know that will happen honestly. I donít thinkóI donít know. I have no idea.

Russell And you obviously got your name on the water tower and you got some really cool things back in your home town. Is there something that youíd like to see your name on as the future comes like a car or something like that?

Tate You know what I would love to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry. If I can accomplish that, then Iíve done something.

Moderator The next question comes from Christina Ö with Life & Style Weekly.

Christina Hi, Tate; congratulations.

Tate Thank you.

Christina So $5 million is a lot of money to have all of a sudden. Whatís the first thing that youíre going to buy?

Tate I havenít really thought about it much. Iím sure Iíll make some dumb purchase in the near future, but I keep scaring my wife with buying a Harley so weíll see. Weíll see what happens.

Christina And whatís the first thing youíre going to do now that youíre kind of free from taping every week and all that? What do you look forward to?

Tate Iím flying home today, and weíre going to spend the holidays with my family. Iím going to lay in my bed that I havenít been in in a couple months with my wife and my kids and my dogs, and weíre not going anywhere. Weíre just going to chill out and spend the holidays at home with each other, and then I fly to Nashville on the 2nd of January and we start recording my album.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Kathleen Montero Ok Magazine.

Kathleen Hi, Tate; congratulations on the win.

Tate Thank you.

Kathleen So weíre wondering on the show LA wasnít too happy with the over 25 group so how did that make you feel, especially now today as you are the X factor? You have the X factor.

Tate It was like, ďWow!Ē Itís kind of weird that he would respond that way but I think he realized shortly afteróhe realized what he had in his group, the older group. We had a really talented group of people, and so I think he changed his mind pretty quick, and I was happy to get to work with him honestly. Heís a great guy. Heís a great judge of great songs so it worked out well for me.

Kathleen What do you think set you apart from the rest of the competition? What is it that gave you that X factor?

Tate You know Iím amazingly handsome. Nah, Iím just teasing. I donít know. Iím a real person. Iím just a real guy and I donít know. I think honestly I really believe that country music fans showed up in a big way, and I believe that theyíre the reason I get to talk to you guys today.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Beth Ö with Reality TV World.

Beth Hi, Tate; congratulations, again.

Tate Thank you.

Beth So right after the top 16 were revealed Simon had said that LA Reid and his over 25 category had ďNo chance to win whatsoever.Ē Did you hear about that comment when Simon made it and what were your thoughts at the time, and I guess if this is the first time youíre hearing about it whatís your reaction?

Tate I didnít hear that comment, and so yeah this is the first time to hear it, but you know what I think in the beginning they didnít know. As the competition worn on I think people started seeing that our olders group had a lot of talent in it.

Beth Great. And it was made very clear that LA kind of knew nothing about your country music genre and people have been saying his mentoring therefore couldnít have played that much of a role in your winning. Do you think maybe the importance of mentoring on The X Factor has been exaggerated? Like that maybe some contestants just donít need the extra help or what are your thoughts on that?

Tate I donít think thatís true at all. I think L.A. hadnít had a lot of knowledge in the country world, but he did have a number one hit in the country world with Who Says You Canít Go Home with John Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. A lot of people donít know that, but yeah that was his. L.A. and I really kind of came to the understanding that we listen to each other, picked the best songs, and tried to figure it out from that perspective. He really let me have a lot of creative control as far as the song, and then he would pick. You know weíd come in, heíd have a group of songs, Iíd have a group of songs, and weíd get the best one, and weíd work up the best one. Yeah I donít think that the mentoring thing is not a big deal. I think itís a very big deal.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Michelle Ö with Hollywood Reporter.

Michelle Tate, congratulations.

Tate Thank you.

Michelle Congratulations. All the best to you and your beautiful family; you are like the worldís greatest family guy. Yeah it was very, very sweet ever week. It was nice to watch. I have a question for you; when you do get to Nashville do you have a wish list of writers that you would like to work with? There are a whole lot of great guys in Nashville like Zac Maloy of the Nixons and like all these guys. Do you have a wish list of people you want to work with?

Tate Well, I donít know if itís a wish list. I know there are some guys that I want to get in a room with and see if we canít pin some big hits. You know the Luke Ö and the Kim Ö and those kind of guys. The list is huge. There are some many great writers in Nashville, and I think when I get there weíll see what happens. Weíll see where things go and kind of who fits and things like that, but yeah there are definitely some guys Iíve got to get in a room with and write.

Michelle Do you have any originals of your own?

Tate Yeah I sure do. Yep I sure do, and hopefully a lot of them will make the record. At least Iíd like to write half the record. At least to write half the record, you know, on my first album anyway because I think itís better but weíll see. Weíll see what happens with the label thing and how things play out.

Moderator Our next question comes from Kathleen Montero Ok Magazine.

Kathleen Hello, again. I just had a quick question; youíve been talking about how you and L.A. got along so well as your mentor. Did you wish that you could have worked with Britney or Demi or Simon at all? Do you think it would have changed the game for you in the season?

Tate I donít know. Thatís hard to say honestly. I really donít know. Yeah I have no idea.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Todd Betzold with

Todd Hi, Tate; congratulations.

Tate Thank you.

Todd I was just wondering speaking of your album is there anyone that you would like to sing with on that album?

Tate I donít know maybe not on my first one. You know itíll take a long time to get out and show myself, and then later on yeah start collaborating, and thereís a huge list of people that Iíd love to collaborate with.

Todd All right. Then you were in the older category but was there anything that you did learn about yourself over the season?

Tate Yeah definitely. There are a lot of things I learned about myself. From the beginning I justóI love performing. I love everything. I didnít know how much I loved doing it on a big scale like this show is, and I realized that thatís what I want to do. I mean I knew all along but it really came clear during this competition. It was really like yeah this is definitely what I need to do. This is definitely who I am and what I want to do, and there are a lot of other ways Iíve kind of growing as a person too.

Moderator The next question comes from Brian Cantor with Headline Planet.

Brian Howís it going, Tate?

Tate Good. How are you, sir?

Brian Doing well. Obviously you won the contract. You won the show. Those are great things youíre going to be enjoying for a little while, but youíve got to look towards the future and some of the challenges there. One of which I think obviously right now youíre the brand ambassador for The X Factor and your success or failure is going to really reflect on the show to some extent. Do you feel any pressure to really perform as a recording artist in order to sort of maybe give back or help build the brand that really put you on the map for so many people?

Tate Definitely, man and Iím glad to carry it. Theyíve honestlyóI mean theyíve changed my life. They changed my familyís life, and this is a huge opportunity, and I want to do well anyway. Who wants to go out and not do anything thatís just not why you do this, but yeah, man I would love to carry the torch and take that X Factor brand and do well with it. Thatís my goal.

Brian And then also a lot of the pageantry and a lot of the group song selections thatís not always necessarily country performersí wheelhouse. Was there any sense of discomfort or maybe awkwardness kind of adapting to sort of a pop mainstream show while still trying to be yourself through those performances?

Tate Yeah definitely you know because X Factor honestly it wasnít geared towards country at all. It is a very pop and urban show so yeah there were some times that I was like, ďOh this is definitelyóĒ I think SimonóI did a Bon Jovi song and he said itís kind of like taking a gold fish for a walk you just canít do it, and so there were a lot of times I thought that here I am taking a gold fish for a walk but it all came down to the end and so it was worth it.

Moderator Our next question comes from Deanna Decosta with Twist Magazine.

Deanna Hi, Tate. Twist Magazine is a younger reader Ö 14 year olds and one of the frequent questions we get is how do you get the confidence even if you like singing to get up on stage and perform in front of a whole bunch of people? Do you have an advice for them?

Tate Yeah definitely. There are a whole lot of tricks that you can do but you just act likeóa lot of people say theyíre not there. I donít do that. I think you feed off the energy of the people that are watching that youíre performing for so I donít know. Just get out and do it. If thatís what you love to do and thatís what you want to do youíve got to try it. You might fail a few times. Iíve sure failed my share, but youíve got to get out and do it.

Deanna Thatís great advice, thank you. Did you get a chance to meet One Direction while they were there?

Tate Yeah I sure did. Theyíre great guys and, in fact, my daughter is a huge Harry fan. I have an 11 year old daughter and she got to meet him and get her picture taken with him and stuff and yeah she was so excited.

Deanna Thatís great. Thank you.

Tate Yeah. Thanks.

Moderator Our next question comes from Joanna Ö with New York Daily News.

Joanna Hello again. My question is what would you say is the most valuable lesson you learned from LA Reid on the show?

Tate He told me ólike the first week or two of the show he said, ďStars donít have confidence issuesĒ and he said, ďYou need to get rid of all the confidence issues that you have. Be very confident in who you are and what you do and people will see that and it will shine.Ē And so I tried to do that and Iím still trying. Iím still worrying but I think Iíve gotten a lot better.

Joanna And is there a song that you didnít get to perform on the show that you wish you had or that you had wanted to perform?

Tate I donít think so. I mean there were a couple songs that I kind of wanted to see if they would work but yeah I donít know. I think everything played out kind of great at the end.

Moderator Our next question comes from Michelle Ö with Hollywood Reporter.

Michelle Hello again, Tate. I talked to a few contestants and the running theme was that you were the Ö. CeCe said that. How did you bond with all the other contestants backstage in the competition setting?

Tate We all got along. They were all great people. I mean I really believe that everyone wasówe all got along. Everybody was cool and the younger ones they wouldóI donít know I guess talk to them like I talk to my kids sometimes and gave them a little advice if they were down or whatever. I mean I donít know nothing that I wouldnít normally do any other time, but like I said we all got along great and we had a lot of fun, and I like cooking so I cooked for everybody a lot.

Michelle You cook; what do you cook?

Tate Anything. I donít know if you noticed I kind of like to eat.

Moderator Our last question comes from the line of Christina Ö with Life and Style Weekly.

Christina Hi, Tate. I was just wondering was there ever a point during the season where you really missed your family and it was kind of hard to stick it out. Did you feel that at all?

Tate Oh definitely. Definitely. We had been here like three weeks and I was like I donít think this isóI donít know if I can do this, and my wife she talked to me, and sheís like this is an opportunity that will never come again. You can do this just stick with it and weíll get through it. Itís not like itís going to be forever so just hand on and keep doing great and youíll be fine.

Christina Thank you.

Tate Thank you.

Hayley Thanks, everybody. That concludes our conference call with Tate Stevens. Have a great day.

Moderator Ladies and gentlemen, that does conclude your conference for today. Thank you very much for your participation and for using AT&T Executive Teleconference. You may now disconnect.

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