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By Suzanne

Costa Ronin

Interview with Costa Ronin of "The Americans" on FX 4/10/14

This is a great drama, and Costa is wonderful in this role as the Russian spy. I hope you enjoy the interview! He was very kind and helpful.

Here is the our interview. I hope you enjoy it!

If the audio is not streaming well, please right-click on this link and save it to your computer. It should work better that way!

Audio Part 1 Part 2

We hope to have the transcription soon!

Here are the questions I asked:

1. How did the job come about for you? What was the interview process like?

2. Had you watched the show before you interviewed for the job?

3. Are you allowed to say whether you'll be in season 3 or not?

4. When you first started playing Oleg, did they give you any kind of information about his background or what made him the person he is in the show? If not, dod you make up your own?

5. So if you had to choose one word to describe Oleg, what would it be?

6. Was it difficult at all, coming in to a show where most of the cast already knew each other?

7. Since you're from Russia and playing a Russian, is there any time where you ask to change something in the show or the dialogue because you feel that it's not accurate?

8. Oleg seems to love American culture. Do you think he'll want to defect at some point?

9. What do you think Oleg's ultimate goal is if he has one?

10. How do you think Oleg feels about Nina?

11. There's very little about your personal life on the internet. Is that intentional?

12. You moved to New Zealand when you were just about an adult. Was it difficult?

13. Was your English already good by then or did you have to learn it?

14. What TV shows do you watch?

15. Are you married, or do you have a significant other?

16. Do you live in the US now?

17. Is your family here, too?

18. Are you in LA?

19. Do you have any pets?

20. Favorite charity or cause?

21. What would you like to tell your fans?

More Information:


Fresh faced, theater professional Costa Ronin joins the ranks of FX's enticing drama series THE AMERICANS now airing its second season Wednesdays at 10p/9c. Ronin stars as a sly young KGB officer, "Oleg Burov", with a talent for technology and an obsession with American Culture alongside Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys as Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings.




Costa was born and grew up on the West Coast of Russia where he discovered his passion for sailing at the young age of five taught by his father and grandfather. His tenacity showed no bounds when at the age of fifteen he began working at a radio station teaching English through music and learning American Culture through the radio waves. After moving to New Zealand with his mother, he studied international relations and political science at his University before relocating to Western Australia. He immersed himself in training in the performing arts which landed him a starring role on the Australian Film Institute Award winning TV series THE CIRCUIT. He continued to expand his theatrical resume with a one-man show entitled THE WALL, and starring roles in TRAITORS, THE VISIT and NOIR. His silver screen debut landed him next to Josh Lucas as "Dzambaski" in Australia's highest grossing film 'RED DOG'.


In his free time, the Los Angeles resident rides his motorcycle on the city streets, practices cross fit and hikes the local trails.

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Page updated 4/29/14

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