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By Krista

Meaghan Rath

Interview with Meaghan Rath of "Being Human" on SYFY 1/8/13

Moderator: Stephen Cox
January 18, 2013
12:52 pm CT

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to the Being Human conference call.

Thank you for joining us today. Weíve very excited to have the lovely Meaghan Rath on the phone to answer your questions about the third season of Being Human. Before we get over to your questions, just a quick reminder that Being Human airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. for Syfyís Powerful Mondays only on Syfy. So, without further ado, weíll head over to your questions.

Our first question comes from the line of Pattye Grippo with Pazsaz Entertainment Network. Please go ahead.

Pattye Grippo: So let me ask you, can you talk about whatís been most challenging for you to continue filming this series?

Meaghan Rath: Really whatís been the most challenging for me is taking these fantastical situations and making them personal for me. You know, itís always a challenge to relate to what these characters are going through to our real lives.

You know, for example, last season, itís like, how do I justify murdering 20 people and still remain likeable in some way? So thatís always been a challenge for me. This season was super difficult as well because, itís like, okay, well now Iím a reanimated corpse so not only do I have to deal with the fact that Iím dead but now Iím brought back from the dead and what does that mean to me? And itís all very complicated.

Pattye Grippo: I can imagine. Well, and let me ask you, going along the same lines, has it been difficult for you to bring your character not only to life, but to, you know, on screen?

Meaghan Rath: Sorry, whatís been difficult about it?

Pattye Grippo: Has it - in general, has it been difficult for you?

Meaghan Rath: I donít think so because the essence of who this person is her character and about her personality as well as her circumstances. I mean, thatís a big part of it. But really what our showís about is looking at who these people are and sort of playing against the type and the supernatural element of the whole thing. So no, I mean, I really just see her as a person so I wouldnít say itís been super difficult. Sheís very similar to myself, so itís been kind of fun.

Pattye Grippo: And let me end with this - whatís been your most memorable moment or scene from the series so far?

Meaghan Rath: Memorable moment or scene - you know, there was a lot of great stuff that happened this season and I have some pretty great scenes with Aidan where a scene ended up being really, really funny when we didnít expect that it would be and I think thatís something that weíll remember for a long time without ruining anything.

Coordinator: And our next question is from the line of Jamie Ruby with Please go ahead.

Jamie Ruby: So you were talking about scenes with Sam and all that. It seems like thereís, maybe, more chemistry in this season. Can you talk any about how thatís going to develop?

Meaghan Rath: Yes, I mean, one of - for our writers one of their goals was to have the three of us together a lot more this season because I feel like we lost that a lot in season two just because of all the stuff we were going through separately, so thereíre definitely more scenes with the three of us.

I think that our relationships have developed quite a bit and yes, the chemistry is still there, if not more than before. And itís almost changed in some ways as weíve grown up a bit.

Jamie Ruby: Great. And now that your characterís changed and, you know, I want to say youíre alive or, you know, undead, whatever, is there anything that you noticed particularly different that you have to do now and is there anything that maybe you like better or maybe you miss as a ghost? Because I know obviously youíd be filming some of it different I would assume.

Meaghan Rath: There is nothing that I miss about being a ghost. Itís so funny, like, I just want to say to everybody, Iím so happy that we can finally talk now because I feel like I was silenced for the last, you know, year. Everybody got to talk about what was happening with their character and I wasnít allowed to talk about anything. So, hi. Now I can speak. Iím really excited.

But yes, there was nothing that I missed about being a ghost. It was, like, you know, I was as happy as Sally was to be alive and interacting with people physically and, you know, I was really missing out on a lot of things that everyone else got to do, so it was really - it really helped me to get back into her because I was feeling just as excited as she was.

Jamie Ruby: You can start wearing your clothes now too.

Meaghan Rath: Yes, that is a huge bonus.

Coordinator: And our next question comes from the line of Tony Tellado with Sci-Fi Talk. Please go ahead.

Tony Tellado: I want to ask you, Iíve been watching it now for the two years, it just seems like so many of the key scenes involve the three of you in the kitchen. And even the way the season started too. Whatís that like for all of you? I mean, is there - do you get any kind of rehearsal or, I guess, by now you kind of know each otherís styles and can kind of just go into it. But is there any kind of planning because they just seem to be so effortless?

Meaghan Rath: Yes, you know, for the most part when you asked about rehearsals, no, we donít rehearse beforehand. We rehearse scene by scene as we get to it. And, itís funny because scenes that are with the three of us, or even now with Kristen, itís a relief and a pleasure to shoot those scenes because I never have to worry about them.

And just because we all trust each other so much and we know each other so well that we can just trust that our chemistry will be there and that weíll find a way to make the scene work. You know, especially if itís a difficult scene or a more complex scene.

Itís just a fun time to go in there and sort of put your face in somebody else and feel confident that theyíre going to guide you in a way that is going to work in the end.

Tony Tellado: I have to say the scene with the three of you in Aidanís mind in the, like I guess, the SUV was - with Bishop there as well, was fantastic. Thatís a great example of the chemistry that all of you have and itís really fun to watch that scene.

Meaghan Rath: Well, thank you. That was actually the first day of shooting and that was the first scene that the three of us had together for this season.

Coordinator: And our next question comes from the line of Marx Pyle with Scifi Pulse. Please go ahead.

Marx Pyle: So I was also going to ask a little bit about how it changes your approach with Sally this season now that you can actually physically interact and you can change clothes and such. I thought it would probably be a nice - exciting for you as an actor. Can you explain how maybe that changes some dynamic in some way, maybe with one of the other characters now that you can actually interact?

Meaghan Rath: Yes. I think that throughout the season youíll start seeing some things with Aidan and Sally where the writers are so smart the way that they did it. Itís like, thereís a girl living in a house with two guys and it was never an option for a romantic chemistry. You know, I know a bunch of you are going to ask is there anything thatís going on with Sally and Aidan. I just know it. I just know you guys are going to ask it.

And Iíll answer it right now. What they did is so smart because itís, like, we never had that option before because Sally was non-corporeal and it just wasnít going to happen and they looked at her like a little sister. And all the sudden, here she is human, or as close to human as itís going to get. And all of the sudden itís sort of an option.

Itís like oh, we can do this and it sort of reflects a situation in life. Itís, like, you have a roommate thatís guy and youíre best friends and it never occurred to you before but all of the sudden itís, like, youíre both single and itís, like, huh, should we do this? I guess we could do this.

And, you know, maybe you drank a bit too much that night and all the sudden thereís this weird moment between roommates and I think youíre going to see a couple moments like that with Sally and Aidan this season.

Marx Pyle: Oh, okay. And Iíve got to ask seriously, because Iím sure everybody - it comes up, will your character crave brains?

Meaghan Rath: Unfortunately I cannot reveal that at this time but it does get really, really interesting. Yes.

Marx Pyle: Okay, well, I look forward to seeing the rest of season three. Thank you.

Coordinator: Our next question comes from the line of Lisa Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine. Please go ahead.

Lisa Steinberg: We really love Being Human and I know you talked about the chemistry with the cast. How does that translate on screen? How have you turned the camaraderie that you guys have off screen with we getting to see you at Comicon and through all the tweets, how do you help that translate to the screen?

Meaghan Rath: I think itís sort of effortless. Itís not anything that we ever have to think about. And I feel very lucky for that fact because itís like, you know, you never have to think about, all right, how do I pretend that I like this person in this scene? Weíre not really getting along because I hate him in life.

We never had to do that and so itís like as our friendship develops and grows in life, it does with the characters as well and itís like, you know, we sort of grow on screen together as well as off. And, itís really nice. Theyíre really my best friends.

Lisa Steinberg: And I know that you and the guys will live tweet during the episodes. Why is it important for you to do that by providing, you know, humorous anecdotes about the episodes or filming and, of course, interacting with fans that way as well?

Meaghan Rath: Yes, I mean, weíve never really done that before and I think itís just really an amazing thing. I really experienced it for the first time last season when we live tweeted throughout the episode and it was, like, I really - it makes me feel close to the fans and itís like weíre all sort of having, like, a slumber party watching this episode together and Iím sharing funny things that happened and theyíre telling me what they think and theyíre making their own jokes.

I actually really like it. My only concern is, like, why arenít you watching? And youíre tweeting but you should be watching. Like, why donít you tweet at commercials? But I get it, you know, these people can multitask clearly.

Lisa Steinberg: Well, thatís the beauty of Being Human is that you can live tweet or tweet during the episodes and then enjoy it that way but if you miss something, the best part is to come back and watch it again and again.

Meaghan Rath: Yes, yes. I mean, thatís a great idea. I really enjoyed it. Iím going to be live tweeting again on Monday for episode two. And Iím sure the guys will be as well. But Iím taking over the Being Human Syfy Twitter handle (@BeingHumanSyfy) to do so, so Iím running the show.

Coordinator: And our next question comes from the line of Ernie Estrella with Buzz Focus. Please go ahead.

Ernie Estrella: Hi Meaghan. Thanks for speaking with us.

Meaghan Rath: Hi.

Ernie Estrella: My question is, you enter this world of ghosts where she was understanding this slowly what her new world was going to become and now that she is a reanimated corpse, I mean, thereíre probably not going to be a lot like her walking around aside from Stevie and Nick. So is there going to be somebody that she can, I guess, try to work out what sheís become? Is there not necessarily a support group but, like, try to understand what her world is now?

Meaghan Rath: Yes. Well, youíre absolutely right. There arenít many reanimated corpses walking around Boston for Sally to seek them out and find advice on what she is, but yes, I think Sally definitely does start to understand what exactly the deal is that Josh and Nora have made with the witch.

And I think it really becomes about trial and error for her as she pushes her limits to what she can do as a reanimated corpse, she sort of pieces together what she really is and what that deal entails.

Ernie Estrella: Does her support group, I guess, grow outside of Stevie and Nick this season?

Meaghan Rath: It doesnít. I think that, you know, Stevie and Nick, youíll see what happens with them. A lot of people thought that - it sounds like a lot of people are thinking that Stevie and Nick wake up in Sallyís body with her. They donít. They wake up in their coffins. And so theyíre their own separate people. And that will be explained next episode, but just to clear that up for everybody.

Ernie Estrella: And then one last question - is the threat of limbo still out there? Because, I mean, we were teased that it was such a dangerous place but I mean, what we got to see in the premiere, it was just kind of a little taste of what, you know, ghosts in limbo experience. But do we get to either see a flashback of what limbo was or because you can potentially die again, is there something - does limbo become a threat again?

Meaghan Rath: Yes, it definitely comes up again. We do discuss a little bit what happens in limbo. And I think whatís interesting about the way that our writers have written limbo is that itís very personal and itís different for everybody. So, like you know, weíve all each figured out what our limbo is. What youíve seen for Nick and Stevie is Nickís limbo is heís drowning, staring at Zoe the entire time over and over.

Stevieís hanging from a tree staring at his parents. It doesnít quite make sense because thatís not the way Stevie dies. Stevie dies by taking pills. So limbo is sort of, you know, vaguely your worst nightmare. Sallyís limbo is running through it trying to find the people that sheís wronged, trying to fix the mistakes that sheís made so thatís what her limbo is, thatís what her cycle is on repeat. So itís really different for everybody and yes, the threat of limbo is still out there.

Coordinator: And our next question is from Monique Jackson with Pop Please go ahead.

Monique Jackson: Okay, well I have two quick questions. Will you be getting - since your character is now back - well, a reanimated corpse, will you be getting into any more trouble as you did last season when you jumped in a personís body and you would get, you know, your sexual appetite back now that youíre...

Meaghan Rath: Well, for - yes, if youíre talking about my sexual appetite. Yes, for those of you whoíve seen episode two, thatís how it all starts, you know, without ruining anything for the people that havenít seen it, itís you know, pretty much Sally gets her body back and the first thing she wants to do is just have sex with somebody.

So, you know, and thereíre definitely consequences to that as well, as we see in episode two. .Sally isnít a ghost anymore. But there is definitely some -definitely a sexy season for Sally.

Monique Jackson: Okay. And my other quick question was, are you happy to be back in - as opposed to being a ghost, are you happier being a reanimated corpse or are you - youíd rather be a ghost? Like, which easier - challenging for you to do?

Meaghan Rath: No, I definitely love being a reanimated corpse. I canít believe I just said that. Yes, I think that I was just, in general, a happier person on set. Like, I was smiling a lot more than I usually do just because I was so excited to be just like a real girl, like wearing nice clothes and kissing boys and just running around with my top off. No, that didnít happen. But no, I was just - I was much happier this way. I just felt so much more free than - and ironically alive than I have been on this show before.

Monique Jackson: Thatís great. So youíll have a new wardrobe now so you get to...

Meaghan Rath: Absolutely. Yes. Yes, whatís great about the wardrobe is they really involved me in the process of choosing what that would be. Before we started the season, I had a bunch of meetings with our costume designer, Danny Campbell, where we both, together, decided what Sallyís look would be and what kind of stuff she would wear.

It was really important for them to involve me in what that was because, you know, I know Sally the best out of anyone. And so I felt really, really lucky and I really appreciated being brought in on those conversations. And together we decided her outfits and theyíre pretty great.

Coordinator: Our next question comes from the line of Sam Maggs with The Televixen. Please go ahead.

Sam Maggs: My question for you is now that Sally is back from the dead, she is unable to connect with anyone from her past. So what about this role do you think is the most difficult for Sally?

Meaghan Rath: Well, I think all the sudden sheís brought back into this world where she is real and visible. And the first thing that she would want to do is, you know, get her life back and piece together or bridge together, rather, you know, the place between when she was alive and now that sheís reanimated.

But because thereís thatís little task and sheís not really sure what the consequences are, she stays away but sort of doesnít understand really how deep it goes until we start getting into the consequences. But I think, yes, I think itís hard to start fresh.

I mean, sheís almost like a fugitive. Sheís living in the same city that she was living in when she was alive. And she canít see anybody so she almost has to disguise herself and find a new identity so sheís really, like you know, sort of becomes this outcast and, you know, it sort of as the season - as the episodes go on - like, early on you start to see that thereís a lot of anxiety that comes with that and itís almost, like, does she need to be a shut-in again?

Sam Maggs: So how difficult is it for Sally to go out there and try and, like, forge new connections with people given that she has been a ghost and is a corpse? Like, that makes it weird, right?

Meaghan Rath: I think so. I think maybe she just doesnít mention that aspect to people. I think that would be the safer way to go just, you know, to spare their reactions and emotions a little bit. But, yes, I think thatís all part of her starting fresh, and you know, starting this new life and finding sort of a niche where she can hide out a little bit and not be recognized. It becomes - it definitely becomes complicated very early on.

Sam Maggs: Cool. Thanks so much.

Meaghan Rath: Thank you.

Coordinator: Our next question comes from the line of Krista Chain with TV Megasite. Please go ahead.

Krista Chain: Hi Meaghan.

Meaghan Rath: Hi.

Krista Chain: Nice to talk to you. My question was you had talked about your chemistry with the other characters and stuff. What kind of things do you all like to do? Do you all ever get to hang out, like, off set and what kind of things do you like to do?

Meaghan Rath: You know, we hang out all the time off set. We always hang out all weekend. You know, we usually just have dinner together, we go out to restaurants or we go to one of our places and someone will cook dinner and we just watch movies. Usually itís usually something really low key. I donít think - none of us are really the going out partying types, so I think we - the three of - I donít think weíve ever been to a club together. Well, maybe in Vegas we did.

But yes, itís - we pretty much take it low key. Weíve been on vacations together. Yes, we just like hanging out and talking and eating and drinking wine.

Krista Chain: Okay. And my other question, if you could pick someone to guest star on your show, is there someone you would like to see guest star?

Meaghan Rath: Iíve always said Iíd love Sigourney Weaver to guest star. I think that would be pretty awesome.

Coordinator: And our next question comes from the line of Renee Martin with Fangs for the Fantasy. Please go ahead.

Renee Martin: Hi Meaghan. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today.

Meaghan Rath: Hi. No problem.

Renee Martin: Now that Sally is a reanimated corpse, Iím wondering, to what degree is she going to start acting - interacting with the outside world? Are we going to see her spending more time with humans and sort of trying to rebuild a semblance of a life though she can no longer be with her family?

Meaghan Rath: Yes, absolutely. We start seeing that right away. We see that in episode two. Thatís the first thing she wants to do is go out and party and have a good time. So yes, I think Sally really is excited to throw herself into this world of the living and to sort of take advantage of all the things that sheís been missing out on for the last couple of years.

Renee Martin: During season one, it was very close to Being Human (UK), the script, and in season two, you sort of did your own thing and now youíre moving off in your own direction. Does it feel like youíve just gone totally independent and that just taking the series in a new way that you can guide it yourself now?

Meaghan Rath: Oh yes, 100%. I think after season one was very similar, we paid our dues to the British show but went off in our direction in season two. Season two was really, really different than the UK shows. And season three, I think, solidifies that and sort of really speaks to the fact that we have done our own thing entirely.

There are a couple elements that end up overlapping just because, you know, we are sort of dealing with the same subject matter as the UK show. We deal with it in such a different way with completely different outcomes because these people are different people and make different choices. So I think itís safe to say that itís entirely its own thing at this point.

Coordinator: And our next question comes from the line of Tina Charles with TV Goodness. Please go ahead.

Tina Charles: What will Sallyís personality be like this season? I mean, does it change from the last two seasons? Does it get a little darker?

Meaghan Rath: Yes, itís a big change. And I would say that it gets a little lighter. You know, itís funny because I read some comments online and everyone was saying after the premiere, ďOh my god; that was so dark.Ē And yes, you know what? The first episode, there were some dark moments, but this season as a whole is so funny. Itís one of the funniest seasons that weíve had for sure.

It definitely finds the balance between season one and season two. Itís our favorite season by far just because of the stuff that weíre doing and just the situations that weíre in this season just feels right and, you know, right for us and right for the characters as well. I think everyone has to go through that deep, dark time in season two to get to the place that they are now.

But that being said, Sallyís personality is different this season because sheís happier and sheís in a great place as far as we see her at the beginning. Sheís really happy about what her situation is and sheís taking advantage of it. Sheís really living it to the fullest. So sheís a happy person. And so I think everyoneís going to be happy and relieved to see Sally doing okay.

Tina Charles: Great. And also, now that Kristenís on as a series regular, will Sally and Nora get to do some bonding?

Meaghan Rath: Yes, they definitely do. And I think itís something that the show was missing a little bit because, you know, I was around guys so much and we really missed out on having the girl-on-girl bonding moments and we do get to see a couple of those this season as well.

Coordinator: We do have a follow up question from the line of Jamie Ruby with Please go ahead.

Jamie Ruby: Hello again. So this question is kind of silly but Iím curious of your answer. You talk about how Sally now goes and goes and does what she wants and she wants to have sex and everything. But aside from sex, do you think if there were no consequences, what do you think Sally would just want to go do if she could after she had sex?

Meaghan Rath: Well, I think that she would want to sort of go and see her family or the family that was left. I think that she would want to reconnect with her friends from her past and sort of almost see, almost check in and see how - what her life wouldíve been had she not died.

And obviously, she learns that she canít do that. She learns very early on that she canít do that. But I think those are the main things that she would want to do. Otherwise, I think sheís honestly doing it. Sheís doing everything that she would want to if she was alive and sheís not - you know, sheís doing it unapologetically.

And what I like about her this year is that sheís different than she has been in the past two seasons. I was reading it and I feel like Iím reading a different character which I really, really appreciated because itís so nice that the writers have let her grow in a way and sort of mature and become more of a woman than she has been in the past. And I think itís really nice to see.

Jamie Ruby: Now you said earlier that itís somewhat easier to do Sally because sheís a lot like you. How are you like Sally and how are you different?

Meaghan Rath: I think weíre similar energy-wise. I feel like sometimes Iím a little more grown up than her. But I am - I guess Iím older than her at this point. She sort of was stagnant for a while. But yes, I feel like Iíve grown up a bit more than she has but, after being in limbo and going and rescuing the people that sheís wronged, there has been a lot of maturing that has happened in that time and I think itís really something thatís obvious when you see her this season.

But yes, weíre similar in our sense of humor and our energy. Whatís great is because, you know, the writers get to know us so well after working together for three years that they start sort of writing for you and writing for the things that, you know, your sense of humor and things that they know that you can deliver really well or things that theyíve heard you say before. Itís really nice to see that.

Jamie Ruby: Okay. And one last thing - Iím not sure exactly what happens because I havenít seen past the second episode, but it looks like from some of the previews, there are going to be some different makeup effects and stuff. And obviously there were some when they wrapped you up but I know a lot of that was probably a dummy and not you. But can you talk about any of that, any of the different things youíre going to be going through that way?

Meaghan Rath: I canít really talk about that yet.

Jamie Ruby: How about the experience? I know you canít tell me what it was, but like, the experience of, you know, putting...

Meaghan Rath: Yes, the experience was really interesting because it was the first - I have to be very careful about what I say now, but I never worked with props and makeup to this extent before and so it was really, really exciting and annoying because itís very, very time consuming. But I really have an incredible respect for our special effects makeup team, Edwin Vita and Arie Gosling, who are extremely, extremely talented and Iíve just been so inspired by them. So it was really - Iíve become very close with them, so it was a great experience.

Coordinator: Our next question comes from the line of Diane Morasco with Morasco Media. Please go ahead. Your line is open. Please proceed with your question. You might be muted.

Diane Morasco: Iím good. Well, first of all, I want to say when you first took on the role Iím sure you had a conception of how you wanted to evolve. Is that still the same today for season three or are your thoughts the same as when you took on Sally or do you see that it went in a very different direction and threw you on your ass?

Meaghan Rath: It went in the direction that I always - that I, in my wildest fantasies, I hoped that it would go. But I never believed that we could actually do that. And so all my expectations have been completely blown out of the water because Iím so excited about what theyíve done with my character.

I know that, you know, before we started - long before we started shooting the third season, I had a conversation with Anna Fricke, our show runner, where she told me my characterís arc of the season and I was, like, screaming. I was just screaming outside because I was so excited about what was happening and I just didnít think that we would ever do it. And so Iím really, really happy.

Diane Morasco: Okay, now since you said that youíre a lot like Sally, were there any fears that you encountered or overcome during the beginning of filming season three?

Meaghan Rath: I mean, not fears that I overcame but itís just sort of forced me to really think about my life. I feel, personally with every role that I do, I learn so much from it because itís sort of - it makes you question your views on different topics and really forces you to put yourself in a situation like her. Well, like, how would I feel if this happened to me and what does that mean to me and how do I put this into my own terms?

So you sort of - thatís why you become so attached to a character because it really - thereís no character that isnít a part of you. Do you know what I mean? Itís all very personal. So I feel, like you know, itís as close to reality that was can get it to be.

Diane Morasco: Okay and my last question is, what do you want to accomplish personally this season and professionally?

Meaghan Rath: Well, season three- when it comes to the show, I want people to watch it because itís a great season and weíre so proud of it and weíve just poured our hearts into it. And so, I mean, everyone I think agrees how great the premiere was and itís only - it only gets better from there.

So Iím really excited for people to see that. In my own life, what do I want to do? Iím getting a puppy. Iíve never had a pet before. And so I just want to - I want to learn how to, you know, be one with my dog and be a good mommy for him which I think will be a huge challenge because I donít know what Iím doing.

Coordinator: And our last question comes from the line of Ernie Estrella with Buzz Focus. Please go ahead.

Ernie Estrella: I want to ask, how has the ability to touch your co-stars this season changed? I mean, you learn how to act probably with method as well as, you know, that - being able to interact with somebody on multiple levels and taking away the sense of touch for the first two seasons - well, more first season and a half, and then reintroducing that. How has that changed, maybe you know, the experience of working on this show?

Meaghan Rath: Itís changed in a huge way. Itís crazy, like, how much you know, as characters you appreciate it. And as an actress I really appreciated being able to have that physical contact just because of who these characters are. Itís funny because when I work on something else, of course, you can touch people. Thatís just how it is.

And I appreciate that sort of as an actress. But when Iím on Being Human, I appreciate it really for the characters because I know that, you know, theyíve been friends for so long and she hasnít been able to ever touch them or, you know, feel what they feel like or even know how cold or hot they are physically. So I really - it sort of brings it to a new level for the characters I think.

Ernie Estrella: Okay, and then it seems - of the three characters, at least you know, it has at the start of the season, we feel that I think Sally could separate herself from here supernatural world the most whereas, you know, Josh is always tied because of Nora and Aidan is forever tortured as this vampire.

Will she always be fearing, I guess, coming back to that supernatural world? As part of Being Human, does she get to, I guess, you know, try to be human-like? Does she try to find a job? Does she look forward as opposed to always looking backwards?

Meaghan Rath: She definitely looks forward - definitely, definitely looks forward. I think she sees this as, for what it is. Itís completely impossible and she never, ever in a million years thought that she would have this opportunity so sheís going to take advantage of it and sheís going to go forward and not look back. But as things start to complicate themselves, that threat of going back to the supernatural world is a possibility.

Ernie Estrella: Okay. And then one last one - what did you think about when they created your corpse that they got to dig back up? Did you get to look at that thing as - have any input on how it looked?

Meaghan Rath: No, you know, I forget whose corpse- that wasnít a replica of my body. That was a corpse that they had around the special effects department because it didnít need to look like me because it was completely decomposed. You know, it didnít even look like me.

I did get to see it before. The most disgusting part of that I think were my, like, hip bones and my legs. They were just disgusting. But itís so funny because when they - that scene where Josh and Nora are digging Sally up in the coffin and they open up the coffin and it reveals my dead body for the first time, that was my birthday and Sammy, every time he was opening the coffin would sing, ďHappy birthday to you.Ē It was just all kind of - all different levels of disturbing. So thatís a good memory that I have.

Ernie Estrella: Did you get to choose the dress for your burial?

Meaghan Rath: No I didnít. It was a strange dress. But they purposely put me in something purple in homage to episode ten of season two.

Stephen Cox: Being Human airs Mondays at 9:00 pm only on Syfy. Have a great weekend everyone.

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