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By Krista

Troy Ramey 

Interview with Troy Ramey of "The Voice" on NBC 4/26/17

Moderator: Kaitlin Blanco
April 26, 2017 1:00pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to The Voice Elimination Press and Media Call.

During the presentation, all participants will be in listen-only mode. Afterwards, we will conduct a question and answer session. At that time if you have a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. If at any time you need to reach an Operator, please press star 0.

As a reminder, the conference is being recorded today Wednesday April 26, 2017. Iíd now like to turn the conference over to Kaitlin Blanco. Please go ahead.

Kaitlin Blanco: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining our call today. If you would like a transcript, you can email me at

Joining us today from Team Gwen we have Troy Ramey. Out of respect for all journalists queueing up, please ask only one question at a time. You will have the opportunity to follow up.

I will now turn the call over to the question and answer portion. Go ahead.

Operator: Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, if youíd like to register a question once again please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone keypad.

And our first question is from Bobby Jones, The New Music Buzz. Please go ahead, sir. I apologize.

Bobby Jones: Hey, Troy. How are you doing?

Troy Ramey: Hi. Good. How are you?

Bobby Jones: Okay. Quick, so do you think that song choice had some type of merit on you getting taken out on this round?

Troy Ramey: Probably. But I think it also comes down to, you know, popularity contest a little bit, which is okay, you know? I knew that going into it. Obviously, the younger kids are a lot more active on Twitter and people that may have loved what I did may not be in that demographic where theyíre quick to get on Twitter and do an instant save. You know, itís just the way it works.

But like song choice - if people want to talk about my song choice, itís still number one on the iTunes rock chart so itís like, you know, maybe it wasnít good enough for the demographic of the show, but like people are buying the song and love what I do and Iím very proud.

Bobby Jones: No, of course, and that was the thing. Itís like, you got to do what you wanted to do and thatís what made it so amazing. And I wish more people wouldíve voted. But, thank you.

Troy Ramey: Yes. Thank you very much.

Bobby Jones: Yes.

Operator: And our next question is from MJ Santilli with MJís Big Blog. Please go ahead.

MJ Santilli: Hi, Troy.

Troy Ramey: Hi. How are you?

MJ Santilli: Good. What was your thinking when you chose Drift Away?

Troy Ramey: Well, you know, Iíve always loved that song. And obviously, you know, you got to kind of - you have to pick a song that you donít really have a chance to change at all because itís a last chance song. You donít get an opportunity to really put that much effort into it.

So, I felt like it was a great fit for me to showcase the soulful side of my voice. And, you know, itís kind of hard to pick one song that represents you, but I felt like that was kind of a contrast to the other songs Iíve done on the show. And Iím really proud with how it went and, you know, I donít have any regrets about it at all.

MJ Santilli: Thanks, Troy.

Troy Ramey: Thank you.

Operator: And our next question is from Beth Kwiatkowski, Reality TV World. Please go ahead.

Beth Kwiatkowski: Hi, Troy. Thanks so much for taking the time for this today.

Troy Ramey: Of course. Thank you.

Beth Kwiatkowski: So, Iíd like to know if you were surprised that you landed in the bottom two to begin with. And then, what did you think your chances were, being saved? Were you ultimately surprised to be eliminated?

Troy Ramey: I was a little surprised to land in the bottom two because, you know, I was really happy with the way that Free Falliní went and it was doing so well on the charts. Itís still number one on the rock chart. And I think it peaked in the 50s on the overall chart.

So just, you know, itís one of those things where my goal when I came to the show was to make it into the top 12. And I did that. And I was okay going home either way because I have a career in music that was there before I came to The Voice and it will always be there after this. And so, I never hung my hat on this as like a last chance opportunity. Itís just The Voice for me was a way to get more people to see my music that I wrote about my life. And so, to be in the bottom two or the top two doesnít matter to me.

I did know, you know, when I was standing up there next to Mr. Handsome, Mark Isaiah, I knew I probably had no shot, so I was kind of okay going home at that moment.

Beth Kwiatkowski: Just because of the kids voting on Twitter (unintelligible) earlier?

Troy Ramey: Yes. I knew I had no shot against him because heís so popular. And heís a good friend of mine. And itís actually kind of funny because I became good friends with him. Heís such a young, humble, talented kid that I dedicated like my Instagram stories to being like a fake fanboy of him. Itís kind of like the funniest thing because all day every day I was just like teasing him and then we end up there on stage together and it was kind of a cool moment. Iím happy that heís the one that kicked me out.

Beth Kwiatkowski: Yes. Thatís ironic. Well, thank you Troy.

Troy Ramey: Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, as a reminder for questions please press 1 4. Our next question is from Beth Beacham, Hollywood Junket. Please go ahead.

Beth Beacham: Hi, Troy. Thank you so much for being on the phone call.

Troy Ramey: Of course. Thank you.

Beth Beacham: So, during the knockouts -- going back to the knockout round -- Gwen mentioned that there was more of you that she hadnít seen yet, and then also she mentioned last night about your hilarious side that sheíd like to bring out more. And with such limited time that you guys have on the show, is there a solution to that? Like or were you strategizing to bring out more of yourself to show to America?

Troy Ramey: Yes. I mean, itís impossible really because, you know, first of all Iím not in control of how everything gets edited. So, like there are definitely moments where things shine but for, you know, the story line that the show needs to achieve, may not include the part of me that I want to get out there.

But, itís also a serious thing when, you know, thereís a lot on the line because you want to try to get to the point quickly. And music is very serious. So, I always kind of felt a challenge to try to include humor in serious music. But I do that in my life and my private life and social media. And I try to, you know, I do think if people really saw like the actual side of me, then I wouldíve have a better shot in terms of popularity and voting, stuff like that.

But ultimately, like I know that I was really happy that both Gwen and Blake said that about me on the show last night, because that really meant a lot to me, that they appreciate that side of me. And the feedback Iíve been getting on social media has been absolutely incredible today.

And like I feel like I connected more with people last night and today than I had throughout the course of this whole show because they are opening up to me on social media and seeing the actual me rather than me the Troy thatís on the show. Because it is a television show, you know? And you got to try to do your best and be at attention at all times.

So, you know, when people discover me, the real me, and the natural personality that I have and ultimately discover my music, itís going to be - theyíre really going to understand the whole package.

Beth Beacham: Okay. Thank you. I look forward to more from you in the future.
Troy Ramey: Thank you so much.

Operator: And our next question is from MJ Santilli, MJís Big Blog. Please go ahead.

MJ Santilli:

Troy Ramey:

MJ Santilli: Hi again.

Troy Ramey: Hi.

MJ Santilli: I was wondering what was the experience like of being mentored? I know that youíre an artist with a lot of experience. Did you learn a lot from Gwen and Blake and Shania?

Troy Ramey: I did. You know, I mean itís kind of hard to explain because like there are certain things that - a lot of things come down to taste. And especially like, you know, all the experience that I have and developing myself as an artist and really knowing my voice and knowing my limits, it is hard sometimes to like really allow yourself to have an open mind.

But I went in there with an open mind and I did learn a couple things -- not really about singing, to be honest with you. But about performing. And thereís a difference when youíre performing to a club of people who love you opposed to performing on a television show where youíre trying to win people over. That was, you know, something that I needed to learn how to do because thereís almost kind of a feeling of, not desperation but a longing in your performance because youíre trying so hard to like get people in.

And it almost feels super unnatural because when performing in my shows, like Iím just relaxed. Iím me. Iím messing around with people because I already know that theyíre - I already have them. And itís a much different experience.

So, the one thing that I think I really took away from The Voice is how to adapt to a different scenario, because thatís not real life. Nobodyís spent their entire career on The Voice. You know what I mean? So, you kind of have to play the game a little bit and try to win people over in a way that fits the scenario.

But, you know, I learned a lot about myself in terms of how much I can compromise my own style and still achieve what the show needs or what Gwen needed for the television show in terms of how I would sing a song, because there are certain choices I made melodically on the show that I never would have done in my real life. But just because Gwen is really serious about singing the melody dead on, never changing, it, I had to try to pull myself towards that thinking a little bit -- which was very unnatural for me. But ultimatelyÖ

MJ Santilli: Yes. I was wondering how you felt about that. Because I noticed that sometimes, she would give you that note but you wouldnít do it completely. You took her advice sort of on that, but I could tell it felt like you were maybe going away from that a little bit.

Troy Ramey: Yes. I really respect her opinion on that and I think a lot of people might feel that way. But that is something that I disagree with completely and I always will. I always have. Because some of my favorite artists when they cover a song, sounds nothing like the original song. Thatís the beauty of it. Because they reinterpreted that song and gave it a new life.

Like, you know, Ryan Adams is a great example of that. My favorite song that heís done is Wonderwall. And, you know, an Oasis cover. It sounds nothing like the original but itís absolutely beautiful.

And John Mayer - the reason I picked Free Falliní is because I wanted to do the John Mayer version of that song and when we got into rehearsal Gwen wanted to hear the Tom Petty melody. So, I ended up singing that song in a totally different way than I would have -- which is okay, you know. I have to make compromises because of the situation.

But I totally respect that way of thinking but itís not my way of thinking. And people that love my music and my type of music would never care at all if I changed the melody of the song. They would probably respect it.

MJ Santilli: Well that was I think your strength, was that your ability to kind of rework songs in a different way. It really made you unique.

Troy Ramey: Well, thank you so much. I appreciate that. Because, you know, Iím not the type of singer that can - like I kept telling them on the show, like Iím not Mr. Power Note, you know? Iím not Mr. Big Note, like theatrical singer. This is why I as kind of like happy and surprised that I made it so long in the show. But like thatís what a lot of people think makes a great singer.

And in my opinion, you donít have to be acrobatic with your voice to be a great singer. You just have to be honest and original and true to what you feel. And thatís the most important thing for me in music and Iíll always feel that way.

So, I donít regret changing things up at all because if I didnít, then no one wouldíve cared about me at all. I would never have made it this far. And to be quite honest, Gwen never wouldíve turned around. If I sang Wild World the exact way that Cat Stevens sang Wild World, I guarantee none of those coaches wouldíve turned around. Because it wouldíve sounded awful.

And so, while I 100% respect Gwenís opinion and her guidance, itís not a part of who I am. Itís not the way that I sing.

MJ Santilli: Right. Okay. Thank you.

Troy Ramey: Thank you.

Operator: And our next question is from Bobby Jones, The New Music Buzz. Please go ahead.

Bobby Jones: Hey Troy. So, whatís next for you now? You know, youíre on your way back home. And so, what do you do now?

Troy Ramey: Next, I got a lot of stuff planned. Iím going to be playing a ton of shows. You know, I got a lot of meetings to set up. And things are going to be already are on fire for me.

You know, I came here. I turned down multiple record deals before I came to The Voice. And I really, you know, a record deal doesnít mean success. A record deal, it has to be the right deal, you know? And so fortunately for me, Iíve been able to achieve a pretty good level of success on my own with no money, no budget, no team around me.

Like before I came to The Voice, I already had millions of plays in the last year of my own music on Spotify and thousands of downloads of my original music on iTunes. So Iím just going to continue with what I was doing because it was working. People connect to my songs. And you know, Iím so grateful to The Voice because I was able to reach a huge audience and now I have them in my - I have their attention.

So, Iím going to continue to try to make everybody proud and be me and sing songs that I wrote about my life and songs that I love and put 100% of me into it and just see where it takes me. And I know that itís going to continue to take me from stage to stage.

Bobby Jones: I think (unintelligible) is like a kickstart to that really. And actually, I think mission accomplished.

Troy Ramey: Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, as a reminder for questions please press 1 4. Our next question is from Beth Kwiatkowski, Reality TV World. Please go ahead.

Beth Kwiatkowski: So Troy, Mark and yourself landed in the bottom two last night after your coaches had to save you during the live playoff. So, Iím wondering if you really think thatís a coincidence, considering you were both saved and then ended up in the bottom two.

So, do you think like the saved artists are naturally maybe at a disadvantage now, which would include TSoul and Stephanie because they have to work harder for votes? Or do you think the results were a direct reflection on Monday nightís performances?

Troy Ramey: I donít think it has a direct reflection of performances. I think a lot of it has to do with popularity on social media. And, you know, Mark is pretty popular on social media. But so is TSoul and Stephanie. And I think, you know, I had a really strong performance. Iím not going to compare myself to anybody.

I donít know, you know, itís a kind of - because the voting rules changed so much itís hard to predict whatís going to happen. But like I said before, I know people connected with my performance. Itís still number one on the rock charts and I think itís still in the top 100 on the overall as we speak. And you know, thatís a clear indication that people connected with my performance.

You know, I think that I might - because of the fact that I wasnít able to really let people in on who I am, maybe they didnít connect with my personality on the show because they didnít quite see me for who I am. But, you know, itís all good because it all comes to an end at some point. And Iím happy that I reached my goal getting into the top 12 and letting people hear who I am.

Beth Kwiatkowski: Okay. Iím also wondering what Gwen said to you after you were eliminated and if you got any advice from any of the other coaches?
Troy Ramey: Yes. Gwen, she basically just said she was so happy that I picked her and she couldnít believe that I picked her from the beginning, and that she believes in me and loves my voice and believes in me as an artist and that sheís going to be following my journey.

And, you know, that meant a lot to me because itís just, you know, as much as you know that it all comes to an end -- and Iím not going to lie, itís pretty sad -- it was a pretty sad moment. And I said earlier I feel like I got dumped on prom night. But like if NBC was my date and Gwen was the cool teacher that like pulled me into the teacherís lounge to let me cry secretly.

You know, itís not like I was emotional because itís the biggest stage on planet Earth. And what Gwen said to me, thereís a lot of stuff that Gwen said to me in the blind audition that didnít make the show. And she really fought for me very hard and she said she believed me and her whole career came down to gut feeling. And she had a gut feeling that we were meant to work together. And that really meant a lot to me.

And I believe that thatís true because I donít know how I would have survived on other teams because there is a lot of competition this season. And Gwen believed in me and she gave me the shot to be in the top 12 where there wouldnít have been this spotlight on me right now if I wasnít in the top 12.

Even though Iím going home, Iím feeling so much love from everybody and support. And I went out with a bang, like Iím proud of what I did. Iím really proud of that performance and Iím proud that I picked Gwen. And I really know that I made the right choice.

Beth Kwiatkowski: Thatís great. Thanks, Troy.

Troy Ramey: Thank you.

Operator: And those are all the questions for today. Ms. Blanco, I turn the call back over to you.

Kaitlin Blanco: All right then. That wraps our call for today. Again, if you would like a transcript, you can email me at Thanks, everyone. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Operator: And ladies and gentlemenÖ

Troy Ramey: Thank you.

Operator: Öthat does conclude our press call for today. We thank you for your participation. Everyone have a great rest of the day. You may disconnect your line.


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