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By Suzanne

Stephen Nathan and Emily Deschanel

Interview with Stephen Nathan and Emily Deschanel of "Bones" on FOX 3/16/15

I always love chatting with the people from this show. It's always very fun!

Final Transcript
March 16, 2015/10:30 a.m. PDT

Kim Kurland
Emily Deschanel
Stephen Nathan


Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by and welcome to the Bones conference call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. Later we will conduct a question and answer session. At that time you may ask one question followed by a follow-up and then put yourself back in queue if you have more. (Operator instructions.) As a reminder, this conference is being recorded.

Iíd now like to turn the conference over to our host, Ms. Kim Kurland. Please go ahead.

Kim: Hello, everyone. I just wanted to thank you for taking part in the call today with Emily and Stephen. Weíre all very excited to have Bones back on the air on March 26th. We havenít had an episode on since our 200th episode aired on December 11th, so itís certainly been quite a bit of time since weíve had another episode on.

I think we can get started. As Brad had mentioned, please limit your questions to one question and one follow-up question. If thereís anything after that, just get back into the queue and hopefully weíll be able to get to as many questions as possible. Brad, I think we can start.

Moderator: (Operator instructions.)

Stephen: Iíll ask you a question, Emily.

Emily: What if no one wants to ask any questions?

Stephen: Then weíll just talk.

Emily: Weíll just talk.

Stephen: Weíll just talk, find out how was your weekend?

Emily: Fabulous.

Stephen: Excellent.

Emily: Very fine.

Stephen: [Indiscernible].

Moderator: Our first question comes from Jamie Ruby with

Jamie: Hello, guys, thanks so much for talking to us again.

Stephen: Hello, how are you doing?

Jamie: Good, and I really enjoyed the first three episodes back weíve seen so far. Can you start by talking a bit about how Brennanís pregnancy is going to be handled this season like differently than before?

Stephen: How what, Iím sorry?

Jamie: How Brennanís pregnancy is going to be handled, obviously your real life pregnancy, too, congratulations by the way, but can you talk about how theyíre going to handle that on the show?

Emily: How weíre going to handle the pregnancy on the show?

Jamie: Yes.

Emily: Stephen, do you want to talk about that?

Stephen: Iíll talk briefly and then since youíre really doing all the literally the heavy carrying Iíll pass it back to you. Really the pregnancy is just going to have a little bit more impact on them this season I think because Brennan now realizes what it is to have a child, having the family expand and grow and now she knows the tremendous risk that she and Boothís job have in terms of how it affects their family. So, sheís going to have to deal with that, something that I think she was a bit oblivious to before, because she didnít have the experience, so there are emotional considerations that surprise Brennan and will affect the pregnancy for the rest of the season.

Emily: Yes, youíll see Brennan going through a whole thing. She doesnít really accept her pregnancy for a period of time. I think that having a second pregnancy is different than having a first pregnancy and each one is different. Brennan is experiencing that and like Stephen said she realizes what it means and when youíre working in this kind of world, crime, putting yourself in danger what that is, so sheís out of the field a little bit more this time and youíll see thereís a lot of emotional things that happen for Brennan because of this pregnancy. Itís been different for me, Emily too, the second time around let me tell you, so itís interesting. Probably my naivetť was helpful last time, too, from Emily as well as Brennan.

Stephen: I have three kids, so I know the second one is not double. Itís usually quadruple or ten times the amount of children.

Emily: I thought it was smooth sailing after one. No one told meó

Stephen: But itís smooth sailing when theyíre all out of the house, butó

Emily: Then you got the grandkids in your house.

Stephen: Thatís right. But really Brennanís pregnancy will have a tremendous impact on this series certainly giving us a season finale that is deeply affected by it.

Jamie: And then as a quick follow-up is there like a scene this back half that you can tease about this may be your favorite that hasnít come up so far?

Stephen: A favorite scene?

Jamie: Or part of the show, this back half that hasnít aired yet that you can tease about.

Emily: That would require us remembering what weíve done. Weíve done 11 episodes since that last one aired, so weíve done so many. Weíre even trying to remember what weíve done. Stephen, do you have a favorite?

Stephen: You know itís always hard for me to pick favorites, but I think the storyline that is kind of the most emotionally rich for us is Boothís relapse into gambling and how it affects Brennan, the family and it just has the ripples go out from that and cause a lot of changes not only for Brennan and Booth, but for the other characters as well. But there are so many really, thereís great stuff between Cam and Arastoo, Arastoo going off to Iran and their relationship being in jeopardy and his life being in jeopardy. Itís hard to pick favorites. And, of course, thereís always all of the revolting bodies that delight us.

Moderator: Our next question will come from the Catherine Cabanela of BuddyTV.

Catherine: Hello, there.

Stephen: Hello.

Catherine: Hello, I have to just comment having just done a slide show on the grossest episodes ever, Iíd forgotten how absolutely revolting they were and I think I lost five pounds that month.

Stephen: Thank you so much. I have to give props to the whole staff here that work so hard to revolt America and seems to successfully do it every week.

Emily: Especially the Yagher brothers are pretty amazing in making those disgusting dead bodies that weíve become so accustomed to, they donít disgust me while Iím working, but then if I watch an episode, they are actually horrifying.

Stephen: Every now and then itíll be horrifying to me. Itís very, very rare, but if I watch another show that Iíve had nothing to do with, so I donít know how those things are done, I canít look. I absolutely canít watch.

Catherine: Thatís fantastic. Well, Iíll tell you hands down, hands down, hands down the [indiscernible] fly was the number one worst ever. I remember that you referred to it, Stephen; you referred forward to it in one of our interviews back when.

Stephen: Yes, people didnít quite believe that that could be so horrifying, butó

Emily: Yes, that is disgusting.

Catherine: Itís real. I learned that it was real.

Stephen: Itís totally real, but it was also sweet.

Catherine: It was disgusting.

Emily: I like your spin on it.

Catherine: Okay, so hereís my question just getting a little bit more into the pregnancy this time, thereís been mention that there are going to be some complications and of course my mind goes to physical complications. So, Iím wondering if we can expect some medical complications or bed rest or perhaps a multiple pregnancy, meaning twins, triplets, blah, blah, blah, blah and what kind of things are we going to get to see this time that we didnít last time like how Brennan finds out and Booth finds out or the team finds out and what everyoneís reactions are when that happens?

Emily: Thereís not anything like so big medically thatís a huge problem or something. Itís more the emotional repercussions and the realization of Brennan having another child and then of course coupled with Boothís relapse into gambling that makes things complicated I guess. I guess thatís why weíre using that word. At the same time it seems like Brennan is a little more delicate this pregnancy, but thereís nothing like major like that that sheís on bed rest necessarily or that sheís having many babies that we know of yet. Hey, I havenít read the last episode yet, so.

Stephen: The baby/babies will notópossible babies will not appear this year.

Catherine: Oh.

Stephen: I know everyone kind of expects it, but weíve had a lot of births on the show and we kind of know howó

Emily: I told them Iím not giving birth again.

Stephen: Thatís right. Brennan will be four years pregnant.

Emily: Until we finish the show.

Stephen: Thatís right.

Emily: And the series is done.

Stephen: But weíre just kind of trying to approach the whole thing a bit differently to see the emotional complications rather than the physical complications of this pregnancy. Because as weíve said, this pregnancy is much more fraught emotionally for both of them for many, many reasons. Thereís also the preponderance of cases that have affected their life over the past ten years of working together and how that affects their perception of their situation and their perception of the world and the world they want to bring their new child into and raise their family, so all of this has a tremendous impact on them. Do they want to keep getting shot at? Thatís a real question.

Emily: They had their house blown up last season. Itís big risks in this job. Booth is in prison or jail, itís a really dangerous, risky job to have especially the way they do it, so itís something that theyíre considering heavily.

Stephen: And weíve never even seen them take a break. When they separated before, Booth went to war, so weíre going to be treading some new ground.

Catherine: Thatís what we look forward to from you guys. The follow-up question first of all, which comes first inó

Stephen: A chicken.

Catherine: Yes, right, okay.

Emily: Or the egg?

Catherine: The square chicken, right? Okay, so which comes first, do we find out about a pregnancy first or do we see signs or do we have an admission of or a view of Boothís addiction reemerging; and what is Boothís response to the pregnancy?

Stephen: Well, all of those things I donít want to give away anything, but they all kind of happen around the same time. Thatís why itís so fraught. All of these things theyíre sort of simultaneous events.

Catherine: Okay, now this is just you and me talking, Stephen, just you and me, no one else can hear.

Stephen: Uh ho.

Catherine: Or maybe Emily, can you give us a number of an episode?

Emily: For what?

Stephen: You know what, I would love to be able to, but the episode list that I have in front of me does not haveóoh, I think itís episode 15.

Emily: Where we reveal the pregnancy?

Stephen: Yes. I think itís episodeó

Emily: I think people will be able to see that Iím pregnant before that.

Stephen: Well, I donít know.

Emily: Thatís the beauty of being publicly pregnant beforeó

Stephen: I donít know, you like that vegan carrot cake.

Kim: Brad, I donít mean to interrupt, but we need to really keep this unfortunately to one question only in order to let everyone else get some questions in, I just feel like we just need to keep it to one question.

Moderator: Okay, weíll do that, thank you.

Kim: Thanks.

Moderator: And weíll move on to Sarah Curtis with

Sarah: Hello, thank you both for doing the call.

Stephen: Hello, how are you doing?

Emily: Hello, thank you.

Sarah: Doing pretty good. So the same thing with pregnancies, are we going to see a time jump afterwards then closer to the babyís birth whether thatís next season or any time jumps in the future then for the show?

Stephen: The plan is to see a time jump when we start Season 11.

Sarah: Okay.

Moderator: Our next question will come from Colleen Pinto with Voice of TV. Please go ahead.

Colleen: Hello.

Stephen: Hello, how are you doing?

Emily: Hello.

Colleen: Doing well, how are you guys?

Emily: Good.

Stephen: Good.

Colleen: After ten seasons and ten years, is there anything that the characters hadnít gotten to do that you want them to do?

Stephen: Yes, absolutely, many, many things.

Colleen: For example?

Stephen: I think in the same way that everyoneís life becomes surprising as they move through it and events change, the peopleís reactions to those events evolve, so everything has the potential to always be new and surprising. Donít you think, Emily?

Emily: Yes.

Stephen: I have to say the fact that Emily comes to work everyday and her work is always so incredibly fresh and surprising and new and is a testament to the longevity of the show and it just seems like it could go on forever because of that.

Emily: Thatís very, very kind, Stephen. I would argue that you guys keep it so interesting that itís always, as an actor you can see other shows. Iím not going to name anything, but you could see how people could get bored after several years, but when I think about all the different things that Iíve been able to do on the show, it just keeps it so interesting. And between character dynamics, but also just working with snakes or working in the Everglades with an alligator right there and scuba diving into a tank in an aquarium and being weightless in the vomit comet at one point and tightrope walking and all theó

Stephen: You really have done a lot.

Emily: --the martial arts that Iíve done, Iím sure thereís something thatís going to happen and youíre like thatís awesome I get to do that now in my job. This is so fun.

Stephen: The show is easy for us to write tightrope walking. Emily has to do it.

Emily: I will give credit, I had a double who actually did tightrope walk high up, but I did get to learn how to do it lower to the ground, so that they could film me closer up actually tightrope walking, which was a lot of funóyou go to circus school for an hour or whatever, whatever time was permitted for me to do that and things like that are just a lot of fun. Thatís why the writers are writers and they get to think of these amazing things and we just get to come to work and have so much fun doing them itís reallyó

Stephen: You could bring back Circus of the Stars.

Emily: I donít think I could do it now pregnant. My center of gravity is a little different.

Stephen: Your center of gravity is little off, but it makes it that much more interesting.

Emily: Yes, challenging.

Moderator: Our next question will come from the Ashley Bissette Sumerel with TV Fanatic. Please go ahead.

Stephen: Hello, Ashley.

Ashley: Hello. How are you?

Stephen: Good.

Ashley: Iím curious. I was going to ask a little bit about the pregnancy, but Iíll move us into a different direction. If thereís any new big bad or some sort of a recurring villain that we might be able to look forward to in addition to a lot of the emotional things that are going on for the rest of the season.

Stephen: Yes, weíre going to be dealing with more than one. We have an interesting new serial killer who appears and gets somewhat resolved in the second half of the season and is resolved when someone is on death row about to be executed. But at the very end someone resurfaces from beyond the grave and comes back to alter everybodyís life yet again. And I would imagineó

Emily: A ghost?

Stephen: No ghosts, but I would imagine people who have been committed to the show will know that our favorite serial killer was Pelant and although Pelant is in fact dead, Pelant himself does not resurface. The effects of Pelantís life have not gone away.

Moderator: And our next question will come from Monica Gleberman with TV Addict. Monica Hello, guys, how are you?

Emily: Good, how are you?

Stephen: Good.

Monica: Good. Emily, I wanted to ask you doing this show for so long, itís pretty impressive that youíve been able to play Brennan in such a way that youíve maintained how sheís been in Season 1 with her kind of standoffish and scientific talk and being very specific and yet over the years kind of opened up emotionally. So, I wanted to ask you as an actress how youíve kind of done that, how youíve accomplished that, how you kept her how she should be like yet have opened her up emotionally over the years?

Emily: Right, I think thatís one of the beautiful things about doing a television show for a long period of time, you really get to see people change slowly in a lot of ways. Itís something that even from the beginning Hart, who originally created the show, and I talked about from Season 1 about how the character would be changing and taking down the walls that sheís built up. I always looked at it as people change when somebody comes into their life that is important and meant to be there and a good match for you is that they help you be the best person you can be, not that Brennan wasnít a best person, but sheís opened up emotionally over the period of time. So, I think that Booth has opened her up a lot or sheís opened herself up as a result of being involved with Booth in her life. Itís been a really lovely thing to explore this character in different ways and see how she is still her same self, but she is able to be more vulnerable and open. At the same time, sheíll say some things that are very kind of insensitive to people sometimes still and all of that, which is fun to play.

Stephen: We canít have that go away. But anything we write Emily can do and itís always remarkable to us, but the advantage of having a show go on for so long is that the changes that occur in the characters almost occur in real time as they do in life. Relationships between people in real life evolve slowly and incrementally and you become closer to those people through those changes. You go through it with them almost in real time.

When you go to a movie two hours somebody changes dramatically, youíre a bit outside of that story, but with a series with I think weíre on our episode 799 or something, you have felt the evolution of these characters. It seems natural, hopefully, if we have done our job properly, and the joy to us is seeing, honest to God thereís nothing we canít throw Emily and David that they canít work with and make better than we ever thought possible on the page.

Emily: I donít think thatís true, but thatís very nice.

Stephen: No, no, itís true I got the research back. We did some tests. We did tests. We got it from a medical lab said that you can make anything better than we write.

Moderator: Our next question comes from Jerry Nunn with Windy City Times.

Jerry: Hello, I was just wondering about Cyndi Lauper. How is she to work with and what went into casting her?

Emily: Cyndi, thatís like a dream come trueÖ just growing up Iíve always been a huge fan of Cyndi Lauper, so sheís a dream to work with. Sheís such an interesting, eccentric, lovely, talented person, so much fun and she does a good job as an actress as well. Obviously sheís an amazing singer, so weíre already fans of hers in that way and we loved having her on set. She brings such surprises; sheíll surprise you with choices she makes and just sheís so interesting to work with. Sheís such a unique human being.

Stephen: I second that. Sheís just fabulous to have around. Sheís so much fun and itís just such a wonderful character.

Emily: Very funny, too, sheís just a really funny person. Sheís great. Iíd have her all the time if we could have her.

Stephen: And sheís Cyndi Lauper!

Emily: And sheís Cyndi Lauper for Godís sake.

Stephen: Come on.

Moderator: And our next question will come from Suzanne Lanoue with the TV Mega Site.

Suzanne: Hello, good morning and congratulations, Emily.

Stephen: Hello, how are you doing?

Suzanne: Great, thanks. I was wondering one of the things I love best about Brennan is her skepticism and being an atheist and all that and I havenít yet watched the upcoming episodes. Can you tell me does she still stay skeptical through the psychic episode? I hope.

Emily: Brennan is always skeptical.

Stephen: Yes.

Emily: Sheís not going to start believing in God or things like that.

Stephen: Brennan is always lookingósheís always looking for a rational explanation for the inexplicable and will not be satisfied with the fact that there are things that we canít ever understand. Her example would be they thought that about the eclipse, too, so I think she will be forever skeptical as any good scientist is.

Moderator: And our next question will come from Netta Jeffrey with

Netta: Hello, guys. How is it going?

Stephen: Hello.

Emily: Good, how are you?

Netta: Awesome, thank you. So obviously you guys have had some amazing guest stars and youíve already touched on Cyndi Lauper. I wonder if you could tell us a bit about other guest stars that you feel really excited to have on the show or that have been particularly fun with work with.

Emily: We have Linda Lavin coming up, which was a lot of fun to have on the show. Sheís inóI donít know what number episode or what the name is, but that was really great to have. She emailed me recentlyóshe had a bone issue and she emailed me about it.

Stephen: Thatís hilarious.

Emily: Yes. She sent me x-rays.

Stephen: Did she really?

Emily: Sheís wonderful and Phyllis Logan, who I think has already aired, I canít keep track. I canít remember which one, but Phyllis Logan, Iím a huge Downton Abbey fan, so Mrs. Hughesó

Stephen: Yes, Linda was fun and also Ryan coming back to visit us frequently and Billy Gibbons, weíve been very, very fortunate with guest stars.

Emily: Absolutely.

Moderator: And our next question comes from the Ann Charlotte Bonet with [indiscernible].

Ann: Hello, guys. Nice to talk to you.

Emily: Same to you.

Ann: In France weíve only seen episode 1 and 2 of Season 10, so we just only met Agent Aubrey. What can you tell us about this new character and will he be the new partner for Booth?

Stephen: Well, he is going to be Boothís new partner this year. Aubrey is a junior agent who Booth took under his wing and heís just been a tremendous asset to the show. John Boyd who plays the character is just a fabulous wonderful actor and a terrific guy and heís very different than anyone else weíve had in that position because heís un-intimidated by Booth. Heís respectful, but heís not intimidated and heís odd and heís notó

Emily: He likes to eat a lot.

Stephen: Yes, heís not apologetic about his eccentricities. Yes, and he does like to eat more than his fair share of whatever is in front of him.

Kim: I think we have time for one more question.

Moderator: All right, and thatíll come from Herb [indiscernible].

Herb: Hello, guys, how are you?

Stephen: Hello, how are you?

Herb: Good. Me I am personally Iím amazed because when we meet TV actors after like all these years all the times especially after ten years they would tell you it was great. Maybe itís time to let it go. And when I met you again at the 200th episode when I asked you okay, so you think itís time to let it go, you said of course not. Iím there. I hope itís going to go on and go on. So can you really think about it, where does it come from all this joy and passion for this TV show?

Emily: I have to say with Stephen and all of the writers, they do a really wonderful job of keeping things interesting, changing dynamics of the characters, changing the characters with us and I love working with the actors. I love working with the writers. I love working with our crew. We have an amazing group of people. It feels like a family. Weíve worked together for ten years. Thereís not weirdósometimes there are odd tensions and things like that on different TV shows. We donít have that and David Boreanaz and I have always thought that it was very important to continue working on your acting and putting as much in to everything youíre doing as you can. Can I say that I always put everything I possibly can into things? Some days itís really hard.

Iím not saying Iím so incredible that Iím always doing everything I can, but I think that in putting that investment into the show is important. Like I said they keep it interesting with such interesting plot twists and character developments and changes and different things to try, it really helps. I still love doing the show. Itís a really interesting character I love playing and Iím interested in continuing to see whereóand it doesnít feel like weíre at the end of the story yet. Maybe we will by the end of next season, if hopefully we do do another season, itís not official, but I donít know when that will be, but it doesnít feel like weíve ended.

Kim: I think we can end it there, but Emily and Stephen unless you had anything else you wanted to add before we wrap it up.

Stephen: I just want to say that you will not be disappointed with the second half of this season. Weíre going from death row to miniature golf to Tehran to yoga studios and I would strongly recommend you get a seat on the bus because itís been a terrific year. We left off with the 200th episode. Weíve been gone for a long time, but we have been packing little surprises away in our little sack for you, and weíre really looking forward to the second half of this year and I can promise you wonít be disappointed.

Moderator: That does conclude the conference for today. Thanks for your participation and for using AT&T TeleConference Service. You may now disconnect.

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