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By Suzanne

Tahj Mowry

Interview with Tahj Mowry of "Baby Daddy" on ABC Family 11/24/14

ABC Familyís Q&A with Tahj Mowry
Baby Daddy

Moderator: What can you tell us about Tuckerís role in the Baby Daddy Christmas Special?

Tahj: Tucker has a really cool role in the Christmas special, actually! First of all, itís like an Itís a Wonderful Life theme, and Ben is over Christmas --Danny and Tucker are responsible for getting the tree. Tucker has a very hilarious scene getting the tree that will probably be the next gif online. Itís very funny, and we also get to hear Tucker sing, because thereís sort of a Wheeler family band scene in this episode. Itís just a great episode altogether. I think people will love it!

Moderator: How hard is it to keep a straight face while filming?

Tahj: Itís really hard, especially for Jean-Luc [Bilodeau] and I; itís just really hard for us to not laugh when weíre in a scene together. It doesnít matter what weíre filming ó especially if itís a scene where we have to be serious, because itís just so difficult for some reason. We have a lot of trouble and obviously any scene is up for grabs ó anybody can bust out laughing at any moment because you never know whatís going to happen.

Moderator: Do you have any family traditions for the holiday season?

Tahj: Oh, yes! We watch Christmas movies like nobodyís business all throughout December. The closer we get to Christmas we all go to our momís house, and weíre just sitting in front of the television, and our favorites are Home Alone 1&2, and The Santa Clause, we know all the lines by heart. Weíre not even really watching it; weíre basically performing it in the living room [laughs]. Itís just a great family time for us. We love Christmas.

Moderator: What do you love most about your character Tucker?

Tahj: Heís the sweetest guy at heart. We get to know his family as the show goes on and why he is the way he is -- why he can be so uptight and the things he says. I love playing him because I never know whatís going to happen with him until I read the script, and Iím like, ďOh, what do I get to do this week?Ē

Thereís never a dull moment in his life. He has a cool job. Heís a really fun guy to play, and itís also cool to be the funny guy -- but then heís sort of the one that keeps everybody together. Riley comes to him about her issues even though he doesnít want to hear it, but he will still give his two cents and help. He does care. Itís fun because I get to say the most ridiculous things on camera Ė itís always fun!

Moderator: Do you consider the cast like a second family?

Tahj: Oh yes! I see them more than my real family [laughs]. For example, Melissa [Peterman] and I saw each other recently for almost two weeks straight. We were laughing about it because no matter how much time we spend together, I canít get enough of her. Itís great!

We all hang out on and off the set. We love going to the movies. Jean-Luc and I are like brothers Ė heís like my little brother. And Chelsea [Kane] is like the younger sister I never had. Weíre all family.

Moderator: Do you and Chelsea ever bond over your Disney Channel background?

Tahj: Yes! We have really funny conversations about Disney Channel all the time. Just because we both can relate -- I think thatís why we became so close right off the bat. Sheís a doll, I love her. We reminisce all the time. Itís funny because we werenít on Disney at the same time, but itís still funny because most of our stories still match up. It was such a fun time and we laugh about it all the time.

Moderator: What was it like filming the Christmas episode in the summer?

Tahj: That was actually really interesting because thereís a really funny scene with me getting the Christmas tree. We filmed that scene outside and Iím bundled up in gloves, a scarf and one of those fluffy hats but it was just so hot outside!

I mean we have it easy [laughs]. We work on a sound stage so you know I canít complain too much.

Moderator: Are you on team Danny or team Ben when it comes to Riley?

Tahj: I donít even know anymore! I honestly feel like thereís parts of them both that sheís in love with, and at some point sheís just going to have to compromise. One of them has one thing and then the other one doesnít, and vice versa. Iím team both. I just want Riley happy!

Moderator: Whatís your favorite gift that youíve ever received and given?

Tahj: Honestly, I love every gift I give my family and my friends! I love Christmas shopping for people I love. I love watching people open any gift that I give them -- thereís something satisfying about it!

When I was younger there was this robot toy called the My Pal 2 that I was really stoked about. My dad got it before Christmas and we had this whole plan to act like I hadnít seen it before. So when I opened it, I was like, ďOh my gosh!Ē [laughs]. That was probably my favorite toy that I received.

Moderator: What is your favorite Christmas carol?

Tahj: I love, ďOh, Come, All Ye Faithful,Ē which is the song I sing on Baby Daddy for the Christmas episode. Thatís a beautiful song. And the Wheeler family band, we sort of remix it out and make it our spin. Itís really cool!

Moderator: Who would you say is most excited cast member for the upcoming holiday?

Tahj: Iím going to have to go with me. The guys are coming tomorrow to start working on the lights for the house and Iím so stoked!

Moderator: Whatís it like filming in front of a live studio audience?

Tahj: Itís fun! Itís something Iíve been doing for a really long time and still love. My next project might not be a sitcom, but Iíll always do sitcom just because itís so fun and itís instant satisfaction and gratification. When you say a joke and the audience responds right away. Itís just like, ďOh, wow, this is awesome!Ē Theyíre into it. Theyíre feeding off of us Ė itís kind of like a play. The entire cast and I, weíve been doing it for a while now, this is our fourth season, and itís like clockwork now. We feed off of each other, we can say things that may not be written and still keep going with it. Itís never ending. Itís always fun.

Moderator: Do you have any New Yearís plans or goals for 2015?

Tahj: Iím about to come out with my music in 2015, so thatís probably my biggest excitement. Also, Baby Daddyís Season 4 premieres on January 14 -- so itís going to be a really fun year for me! Iím looking forward to a positive and fruitful year.

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