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By Sundi

Interview with Ken Marino and Casey Wilson of "Marry Me" on NBC 11/3/14

I was on this call, but there were too many people and the call was super-short. I enjoyed listening to them, though. Great show and I just love Casey Wilson!

Moderator: Leslie Schwartz
November 3, 2014 10:00 am CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by. Welcome to the Marry Me Ken Marino and Casey Wilson Press and Media Conference Call. During the presentation, all participants will be in a listen-only mode. Afterwards we will conduct a question and answer session. At that time if you have a question, just press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator, please press star 0.

As a reminder, this conference is being recorded Monday, November 3, 2014. I would now like to turn the conference over to Leslie Schwartz. Please go ahead ma'am.

Leslie Schwartz: Good morning everyone. Thank you. We're so glad you could join us for the interview with Casey and Ken this morning. We are very excited about the episode airing tomorrow night. And I hope you have the opportunity to view it through the link that I sent around on Friday. If anyone else needs to get the link and have not, you know, seen it, please send me an email after the call and I'll send you a copy.

In this episode Annie and Jake are celebrating the anniversary of their first date, which we think may or may not be cursed. We only have about 30 minutes for the call this morning so let's get started and open it up for questions. And I'd like to introduce Casey Wilson and Ken Marino.

Ken Marino: Hello.

Casey Wilson: Hi. Hello. I (meet) you all individually. Ken is in love with you all already. I can feel it.

Ken Marino: No. I'm having a love affair with the whole where we're doing this. This is exciting.

Casey Wilson: Does your wife know?

Ken Marino: She doesn't know. I haven't told her about the affair yet.

Casey Wilson: Oh gosh.

Ken Marino: She's having an affair with the bachelor.

Casey Wilson: A different (conference line). Oh.

Ken Marino: She's been having an affair with the bachelor for some time.

Casey Wilson: Great.

Leslie Schwartz: Okay. I know there's a question coming. People are lined up to ask.

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, if you would like to register for a question, please press the 1-4 on you telephone. You will hear a three- toned prompt to acknowledge your request. If your question has been answered and you would like to withdraw you registration, please press the 1 followed by the 3. If you are using a speakerphone, please life your handset before entering your request.

Our first question comes from the line of Neal Justin with the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Please go ahead with your question.

Neal Justin: Hey you two. Good morning. Yes. In describing this show to people, I've used the word cute. And I wonder what you guys think about that. Is that an appropriate term or does that sound kind of juvenile?

Casey Wilson: I mean I think it is cute. I think it's - I hope - I think it's also kind of subversive and has some heart. But I guess maybe if you combine those, we get cute. I'll take it.

Ken Marino: That's right. If subversive and heart ran into each other, they would make a cute baby.

Neal Justin: I mean is cute something - is cute something you can just if you have the right two people or is it just takes some kind of magic? I mean there's a difference I think between cute and sexy, right?

Casey Wilson: Now you're just hurting our feelings.

Ken Marino: Yes. I just - I assumed our show was sexy.

Casey Wilson: I did too. I thought we were making a very kind of erotic comedy but I guess now we're hearing from America differently. I think - and I think...

Ken Marino: I mean I...

Casey Wilson: know, at the end of the day we're hoping it's funny. But I do think - I think Ken and I and the rest of the cast - I think everyone really does have really great chemistry, which I think is probably why you're feeling that way. So I think it's good, yes. And I think it has to be the right chemistry and I think we did get lucky on the show.

Ken Marino: But the next episode we're all wearing fishnet stockings. So it should be a little bit more sexy for you.

Neal Justin: Thanks.

Ken Marino: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of David Martindale with Hearst Newspapers. My apologies. Please go ahead with you question.

David Martindale: I know that sounds really hard. Hearst Newspapers. Anyway, thanks for doing the call. I saw the anniversary (cursaversary), (dateaversary) episode this morning and enjoyed it. You all are really quite good in it.

Casey, how much of Casey is in Annie and how much of Annie's in Casey? So when you go to work is it like you're slipping into a costume or are you already that character when you go to work?

Casey Wilson: I think Annie is a little more upbeat and probably friendlier than I am. I think - no, I think there are definite similarities and I think I'm pretty emotional and I get big ideas and I want to see things through and kind of - they're often wrong headed ideas.

But I feel as though I'm playing a character but you never know. Maybe I'm not. You'll never know.

David Martindale: Okay. I'll...

Casey Wilson: I think however (they get)...

David Martindale: ...never know even though I asked.

Casey Wilson: Ken, do you want to tell them about your character process?

Ken Marino: Sure. I mean I have a whole process. You know, there's a big difference between me and Jake. I am actually six foot one. I'm 6-1. Jake is six foot. So every day I have to act an inch shorter on set.

Casey Wilson: Right.

Ken Marino: And sometime by...

Casey Wilson: It's very expensive to dig those trenches.

Ken Marino: Yes. Well sometimes if I act too hard, I'm like - I'll - they'll get the (daily's) back and I'll be 5-8. And then we have to do a whole re-shoot where I have to act less.

But, you know, the key to acting is less acting and just reacting. So when I get to the reacting part, I'm usually landing - I'm usually coming in at six foot.

Casey Wilson: And I'll tell you, these are the kind of pearls that I get showed with all day on set. And it's really scintillating as everyone on the line can hear.

David Martindale: Well I am - I'm scintillated. To go backwards an episode when you all were in the Halloween episode, how cool was it to dress up like that? And do you ever do anything like that as extreme as those outfits in your real life?

Casey Wilson: Well (it's always fun) but...

Ken Marino: Are you asking...

Casey Wilson: ...obviously - oh, go ahead Ken.

Ken Marino: Oh no. I was just wondering if you're asking Jake and Annie or if you're asking Casey and Ken.

David Martindale: I'm asking Casey and Ken if they ever - if they dress up like that on Halloween or if that's amateur night.

Casey Wilson: Well, I love to dress up but I don't have - what's fun about the TV show obviously is we have Kathleen Karridene who's a Makeup Artist extraordinaire and, you know, you get the real costumes and the makeup. So whenever I do it myself, it really looks like amateur hour for sure. But it was really fun getting to dress up and was really cool.

Ken Marino: I was - yes. I usually just throw something together last minute. But I was impressed with my son this year. He decided that - my 7-year-old son wanted to be a sign spinner. So he just make a big sign that said $99 trips to Hawaii and then he spun the sign around and put on a moustache. And so that's what I want to be next year so maybe we'll be - we'll both be sign spinners next year.

Casey Wilson: I feel like a $99...

David Martindale: That is very clever. Okay. Thank you so much. Be cool.

Casey Wilson: ...trip to Hawaii or something a scam artist.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of (Gabriel Genovery) with U.S. Weekly. Please go ahead with your question.

Gabriel Genovery: Hey guys. How are you doing?

Casey Wilson: I like hearing it called U.S. Weekly instead of US Weekly.


Casey Wilson: ...more dignity.


Ken Marino: Yes. United States. United States Weekly.

Gabriel Genovery: So - sorry.

Ken Marino: The United States Weekly.

Gabriel Genovery: Yes. I mean I think that's what most people think. It does sound more legit. So for both of you; what stories from your real life relationships are making it on screen or what can we expect to see?

Casey Wilson: Well, I'll tell one on you Ken.

Ken Marino: Go head.

Casey Wilson: Which is that I think it's more of a runner right now but I've heard news that it might turn into more of a full fledged intervention between Annie and Jacob about Jake's karaoke problem. And that is a problem Ken struggles with.

Ken Marino: It's not a problem. I have a...

Casey Wilson: You can see that's the thing. He's in denial right now.

Ken Marino: There's no problem whatsoever. I enjoy karaoke. I can do it when I want. And...

Casey Wilson: Who does it hurt? Who does it hurt?

Ken Marino: doesn't (affect the rest of) my life.

Casey Wilson: That's what he thinks. He thinks it doesn't hurt anyone. But I know a lot of artists who have been hurt be hearing his renditions.

Ken Marino: As a mater of fact I just went last night. I'm a little hoarse.

Casey Wilson: Yeah.

Gabriel Genovery: Are there like DVDs of that that I can get?

Casey Wilson: See he can't get up in the morning. He can barely talk the next day. He can't go to work. It's a problem.

Ken Marino: I'm not - look. I'm not going to deny I don't enjoy a good karaoke like a good four or five hour karaoke session. But who doesn't?

Gabriel Genovery: And what about you Casey?

Casey Wilson: I'm trying to think. Well we did have a - so a few episodes ago where my character or actually Ken's character tried to get me to do this thing called then open eye cuddle, which is an intimacy exercise that I learned in acting school that I tried to get my husband to do where you stare about two inches from each other's face and just stare into each other's eyes. And my husband thought I was insane and refused to do it.

Gabriel Genovery: I was going to say how did that go.

Ken Marino: How...

Casey Wilson: It did not go well.

Ken Marino: ...yes, how long did - how long did that go on before he was like...


Casey Wilson: went on about eight seconds. I don't even think that much. And if anything, we are less close from that experience.

Gabriel Genovery: Oh, I guess on that kind of train of thought, Ken, does your wife kind of - does she feel the need to remind you of things you've done that might work on the show? Good things. Bad things.

Ken Marino: She hasn't yet. I mean, you know, we - she hasn't said anything that we should put on the show. But she's constantly reminding me of all my flaws and things that I need to be better at in the house.

Like putting my socks in the hamper as opposed to just kind of leaving them close to the hamper. She's like, "You'd be right next to it. Just get them in there. Why just put them near it? Just get - just - go the extra distance."

Gabriel Genovery: That's almost more insulting to her.

Ken Marino: Yes. And just like I go close to it and then I drop them there as if like I've done enough. The socks will make it the rest of the way.

Gabriel Genovery: I've done my part.

Ken Marino: I'm trying to get the - in fact, encourage the socks to make it the rest of the way without me. It hasn't helped. It hasn't worked.

Gabriel Genovery: You have to - you have to want it harder.

Ken Marino: That's right. I - that's what I keep yelling at the socks but they don't listen.

Gabriel Genovery: Thanks so much guys.

Casey Wilson: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Rebecca Murray with Showbiz Junkies. Please go ahead with your question.

Rebecca Murray: Good morning.

Casey Wilson: Hi.

Rebecca Murray: I was wondering given that both you guys are writers and both you guys are super funny, how much of this is actually scripted and how much is stuff that you come with?

Ken Marino: Well I mean David and the room full of writers are amazing and they write great scripts. So, you know, we - David will encourage us to improvise off of that a little bit but I mean a lot of it - probably 95% of it is scripted I would say. Right Casey?

Casey Wilson: Yes. Yes. It's definitely, you know, collaborative in a sense of if there's something we want to do; we definitely do it and have fun with it. But the scripts are pretty tight, but we - Ken and I have initiated our own writer's room with just the two of us that...

Ken Marino: We go off...

Casey Wilson: ...I wouldn't say it's gone over well.

Ken Marino: No, no. They're not - they're not a - they're not big fans of it. But we use - mostly use stuff from line Bazooka Joe bubblegum wrappers...

Casey Wilson: Yes.

Ken Marino: ...and just kind of try to reinvent those jokes because those are classics and, you know, I think America wants to kind of enjoy the classics. You can't get enough of it.

Casey Wilson: It's caused I guess a rift is the word but it's okay. We think that the writers (move) our way by the end.

Ken Marino: I mean who wants - who wants to talk to the writers of the show anyway?

Rebecca Murray: Exactly.

Casey Wilson: That's why they're not on this call. They'll never be on this call.

Rebecca Murray: Thanks you guys. The show's hilarious.

Casey Wilson: Thank you so much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of (Allison Kerner) with (Muscle). Please go ahead with your question.

Allison Kerner: Hi guys. Thanks for taking the time this morning.

Ken Marino: Thank you.

Allison Kerner: My question is for Casey. Other female comedians like (Mini Kerring) and Lena Dunham to name a few show that women don't have to be perfect to be considered, you know, funny or sexy or smart. They're breaking down barriers, which I think you are doing as well. So with that said, do you think your character Annie feels the same way and why do you think she's so relatable to women?

Casey Wilson: Well, thank you. I think that - I don't know if Annie feels exactly the same way. I think Annie's a little more high strung and kind of self conscious about how her life should look. But I think that - and it obviously never works out the way she's planned. But, you know, I think the show - I've seen a little bit of criticism about, you know, especially our opening episode because Annie really wants to get married.

But I actually think there's something a little bit more like (unintelligible) about it in the sense that this couple's been together for six years and this woman, you know, for a woman who works and kind of does it all, sometimes getting engaged is the one thing you don't have any control over, which I think can be kind of frustrating.

And I think it is actually relatable that, you know, you kind of - and I know a lot of women like this. You want to be in control of the one thing you kind of can't be in control of in a way. So I don't know if that answers your question but I think Annie is a little bit less so in thinking that she - that everything needs to be perfect. I think she's does think everything needs to be perfect.

Allison Kerner: Right. And my next question is for both of you. You know, I love that Gilda Radner's referenced in this week's episode. She's such a beloved and talented comedian. So are either of you fans of hers? And is there anyone else you guys look up to or find inspiration from?

Casey Wilson: Well a huge fan of hers...

Ken Marino: Yes. I...

Casey Wilson: ...for sure.

Ken Marino: Yes. I'm - we're such huge fans of hers in our house that we named our dog after her. That is true. Our dog's name is Gilda.

Casey Wilson: That's a big fan.

Ken Marino: That's - well it's in memory of Gilda.

Casey Wilson: Yes. I know. It's awesome. I mean I think for me quickly I obviously - I just grew up by loving - there were so many kind of female funny women that I loved. Some of them were more labeled comedians than others. But I loved Lucille Ball. I loved Shirley McLean actually and Debra Winger I thought were really funny growing up and Madeline Kahn and Catherine O'Hara and Molly Shannon.

Allison Kerner: Great. Well thank you guys so much.

Casey Wilson: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Leah Baker with NiceGirlsTV. Please go ahead with your question.

Ken Marino: NiceGirlsTV.

Leah Baker: Yes. You know, we're nice to your face and talk about you behind your back.

Ken Marino: Oh.

Leah Baker: So morning. So...

Ken Marino: Good morning.

Leah Baker: ...will (you both) be having as long of an engagement as you did a courtship? People still stay courtship. Right?

Casey Wilson: Yes.

Ken Marino: I don't know what people are saying anymore. I don't think so. I think the idea is that we're going to - we're going to marry, you know, sooner than later. Right Casey? No?

Casey Wilson: Yes. I think we're probably going to get married at the end of the season because I don't think the show's going to be about, you know, will they, won't they really. That's kind of a spoiler alert. I think we will get married. And the show's more following this couple and their friendships and kind of - I think it's more about what happens when you are committed to someone than when you are on the fence.

Leah Baker: Good. So I'm glad we'll see a wedding. I can't even imagine.

Ken Marino: Yes. But then we'll probably get divorced a number of times and get back together...

Casey Wilson: Yes.

Ken Marino: ...throughout the seasons.

Casey Wilson: It'll be funny though.

Leah Baker: (Unintelligible).

Casey Wilson: Yes. It'll be handled in a really...

Ken Marino: Yes. Very funny.

Casey Wilson: ...loving way.

Ken Marino: Really funny situational comedy way.

Leah Baker: Right. Funny divorce like all comedies.

Ken Marino: Funny. That's right.

Casey Wilson: Yes. Because divorce is very funny.

Leah Baker: Oh yes.

Casey Wilson: No. I'm kidding.

Leah Baker: I also have a question about curses and this week deals with curses, you guys believe in curses? Do you think that some situations are just cursed or do you think that you just after a while things just go wrong because some situations are just like that?

Ken Marino: I personally don't believe in curses.

Casey Wilson: Some people are cursed.

Ken Marino: Yes. I'm going to have to agree with Casey on that. I think some people are really cursed.

Casey Wilson: And a lot of animals are cursed too.

Leah Baker: Okay. Thank you so much. You guys have a great day.

Casey Wilson: You too.

Ken Marino: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Kara Howland with TV Goodness. Please go ahead with your question.

Kara Howland: Hey guys. I'm so excited to talk to you. I'm wondering if there's ever been a time when you've gotten a script and some of the comedy is - I want to say isn't appropriate but maybe something we haven't seen on network TV before and you're like oh, how are we going to get away with this. And if so, can you talk about that?

Ken Marino: I'm sorry. You dropped out for half that question. I'm so sorry.

Kara Howland: Oh that's okay. So I was just wondering if you guys ever get a script and there's some humor in there that I wouldn't say is inappropriate but maybe we haven't seen on network TV before and you think how are we going to get away with this and maybe if you could talk about that.

Ken Marino: You know, I think that it's always nice to read a script and see something that you haven't seen before or something that's pushing the envelope a little bit. And, you know, that's always exciting for me to kind of go in and do that. And then, you know, whether or not it's going to work on TV is kind of out of hands.

I mean I - it's just an exciting thing to, you know, approach and do and then, you know, you hope especially if it's funny, you know, you hope that it gets on the air. And, you know, I think we've been kind of - I don't know if we've been pushing the envelope or anything but, you know, we're doing what we want to do on the show and then, you know, that stuff is getting out there and I think that's what makes the show special.

Casey Wilson: Yes. And I think what's so much - there's obviously so much programming and so many great cable shows that people love and gravitate to, to some degree that I think in some way we're trying to do a show that exists on the line as much as we can just because I think there's a reason, you know, people love something a little bit edgier.

And I think in one episode - Ken, I'm thinking of the fertility episode. There was a scene that came - I think the network had the show was going to air like halfway through the season instead of earlier because it was a little too much. But I think ultimately it's better to try that and see where we land.

Kara Howland: Great. Well, I love the show.

Ken Marino: That episode's about sperm testing. I want to give you...

Casey Wilson: Very edgy.

Kara Howland: I can't wait to see it. I love you guys and I love the show.

Casey Wilson: Thank you so much.

Ken Marino: I love you. Is it too early to say that?

Casey Wilson: It's very weird. Thank God that was...

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Rachel Monaco with Voice of TV. Please go ahead with your question.

Ken Marino: What's up Monaco?

Rachel Monaco: Hi guys. Hi.

Casey Wilson: Hi.

Rachel Monaco: It's actually Monaco like the country.

Ken Marino: Oh, hi Monaco.

Casey Wilson: Oh.

Ken Marino: Oh, hi Monaco, Monaco.

Rachel Monaco: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today.

Casey Wilson: Great.

Rachel Monaco: I have a question for you about the references to the Housewives and Skinny Girls.

Casey Wilson: Yes.

Rachel Monaco: Do you guys watch the Housewives?

Casey Wilson: Ken do you want to take that.

Rachel Monaco: Do you guys watch the Housewives and if so, which one is you favorite? And how do you like Skinny Girl?

Casey Wilson: And - I am an obsessive Housewives watcher and really love the show and was part of like a Housewives spoof show and just really - I'm both ashamed and unashamed of my love for them. And I watch all the franchises. I love - I do love Orange County and (Newark) the best followed by Beverly Hills.

Anyway, I really love...


Casey Wilson: ...and...

Ken Marino: Do you drink Skinny Girl?

Casey Wilson: ...(unintelligible) Dan Bucatinsky - yes I do. Oh yes of course. And Dan Bucatinsky plays my dad also on the Housewives so we did a little improv in a couple episodes ago.

And in terms of Skinny Girl Margarita, we've put it in a couple times because I love it. And I finally did - I've never done this before but I did tweet Bethenny Frankel and say, "Not for nothing. We've mentioned you twice. Can we get some?" We did on Friday we got - it was so good.

Rachel Monaco: Did you really? Oh my...

Casey Wilson: I'm….

Rachel Monaco: ...gosh. That's awesome.

Casey Wilson: I'm horrified that I did that. I don't know what happened to me that day. And we got a huge box...

Rachel Monaco: No, that's awesome.

Casey Wilson: ...we got some for the office. This poor woman. I basically bullied her into like donating her product to us.


Ken Marino: I don't watch the show but I did get very drunk on the Skinny Girl.

Casey Wilson: Exactly. He reaps the benefits of my being so disgusting.

Ken Marino: That's right.

Rachel Monaco: Well now that you've heard so much about the Housewives Ken, will you start watching them?

Ken Marino: Actually the truth is I started watching Housewives and I just - it's just a very hard show. When the fights break out, I get very uncomfortable and I can't - I have to walk away. It's just too much for me.

Casey Wilson: Well see Ken is a Bachelor fan and I can't watch that show because I feel so uncomfortable. But it's funny that we'll both - we'll not watch the other one. But (unintelligible).

Ken Marino: I just - I like the (saccharin) and the gooeyness of Bachelor and how just gross and like falsely romantic it is. Whereas like the Real Housewives is just like raw and like - it's just - it's the fights that get me. It's just I can't - very uncomfortable for me.

Casey Wilson: Whereas yes, I can't watch people like stumble over matters of the heart. I can't watch it.

Rachel Monaco: Oh, the fights are the best thing in the Real Housewives and I can't get enough of those.

Ken Marino: I know. It's like watching a car wreck. I don't want to do it.

Casey Wilson: I know. Ken's a good person.

Rachel Monaco: Well thank you for answering my questions. I appreciate it.

Casey Wilson: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of (Courtney Vaudreuil) with OH SO GRAY. Please go ahead with you question.

Courtney Vaudreuil: Hi. Good morning.

Casey Wilson: Hi.

Ken Marino: Good morning.

Courtney Vaudreuil: So last week there were two cancellations of new comedies. Do you feel like comedies have a harder road to success than dramas? And how have you felt about the reception that Marry Me has gotten so far?

Casey Wilson: I think it's very hard these days to make any television show. And anyone who's trying to do anything should be applauded. It's really hard. And I don't think shows are given enough of a chance. And it's a bummer because whenever I see anything on TV, and not to be too dramatic, but I think those people worked really hard on that show no matter how you feel about it. So I was bummed.

Ken Marino: And I think it's been nice the reception that Marry Me's been getting. I think, you know, I feel like it's - people have been responding mostly positive to it and both critically and they're just, you know, fans and, you know, people I run up to on the street and certainly my mom.

Casey Wilson: Ken's mom loves it.

Ken Marino: (You know), my mom really loves it. And so that's good. You know, so does my dad. And so, you know, you know, it's nice to see that people are enjoying the show as much as, you know, we are enjoying making it, so.

Courtney Vaudreuil: Well I'm enjoying watching it. I'm looking forward to the full season.

Casey Wilson: Thank you.

Courtney Vaudreuil: Thank you.

Ken Marino: From your lips to God's ears.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Lisa Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine. Please go ahead with you questions.

Lisa Steinberg: Hi. It's such a pleasure to get to talk with you guys.

Casey Wilson: Thanks.

Ken Marino: Thanks. Our pleasure.

Lisa Steinberg: I'm enjoying seeing you guys both also on Drunk History.

Casey Wilson: Yes.

Ken Marino: Oh thank you. Yes, that show is ridiculous and so much fun. I'm just glad I didn't have to...

Lisa Steinberg: How many - I'm sorry. Go...

Ken Marino: ...I'm just glad I didn't have to get to the drunk part.

Lisa Steinberg: Yes. And Casey plays the best Dolly Parton I've seen.

Casey Wilson: Thank you.

Ken Marino: Amen.

Lisa Steinberg: You guys have such great comedic timing. Is it something that's always been natural to each of you?

Ken Marino: I don't know. I mean I just - it's always been fun to kind of joke around and I've always enjoyed comedy. So I don't know if it's natural. It just - I've kind of been around - I think we've both been running around in circles, you know, with friends who are comedians and actors who are, you know, comics and it just maybe kind of rubbed off on us. I don't know. Casey.

Casey Wilson: Yes. I agree. I don't know. I think that's a hard question only just because - I don't know. I think it's just - I don't know. Maybe just sort of habit from growing up. I'm not sure.

Ken Marino: I mean I'm like...

Casey Wilson: I appreciate you saying that.

Ken Marino: Yes. I - we're huge fans of comedy and have studied comedy growing up and through our, you know, throughout our lives. And so it's just I think that we try to, you know, we want to - we want to do it because we enjoy it.

Casey Wilson: Yes. I always think like I wish growing up I'd been more into more subtle like actresses. I only watch like the (broadest things) and so my timing is so broad and it's probably just, you know, mimicry.

Lisa Steinberg: Well Casey, what do you think it is about the show that's made it such a quick fan favorite program?

Casey Wilson: Well, I'm happy to hear that. I mean I think - I don't know. I think there is something nice. I like shows about a relationship because right away there's some stakes to that and I think most people are in a relationship of some sort and especially a long-term one.

There's so much that goes on in it that's funny. And I think it's kind of nice to see that. And obviously it's a sitcom and it's a comedy. But I don't know. I think there's something very relatable and kind of it gives you a bit of a warm feeling but also you're getting jokes out of it. So I hope that's why people like it.

Ken Marino: Yes. And I think that people - I know I do like when I watch TV. It's nice to have a couple that you can root for, you know, as opposed to, you know, something where it's like will they, won't they; are they going to get together, are they not going to get together.

I like shows where like there's a team that are, you know, they're against the world. And I feel like, you know, with Jake and Annie are a team that you get to watch every week and enjoy kind of the, you know, the situations that they get into. And that's the exciting thing. What was that? Hello.

Lisa Steinberg: Thank you guys so much for your time.

Leslie Schwartz: Hi everybody. This is Leslie. Unfortunately that's all the time we have today. So thank you very much for joining us. And...

Casey Wilson: Thank you all.

Leslie Schwartz: ...please reach out to me if you need anything and we'll have a transcript tomorrow.

Ken Marino: Thank you.

Casey Wilson: Thanks. Bye bye.

Leslie Schwartz: Bye. Thank you.

Ken Marino: Thanks.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, that does conclude the conference call for today. We thank you for you participation and ask that you please disconnect your line.

“Annicurser Me”
Airs November 4
Here is a Sneak Peek at the episode!
A MASSIVE STORM HITS CHICAGO ON THE EVE OF JAKE AND ANNIE’S ‘FIRST DATE’ ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION AND EVERYONE IS FORCED TO SEEK SHELTER IN THE BASEMENT STORAGE UNIT As the gang gathers to celebrate Annie (Casey Wilson) and Jake’s (Ken Marino) sixth anniversary of their first date, their plans are disrupted by an epic storm and everyone retreats to the basement for shelter. Gil (John Gemberling) wows the group with his take-charge attitude, while Annie, Kay (Tymberlee Hill) and Dennah (Sarah Wright Olsen) become completely obsessed with finding out what Jake appears to be hiding in his desk.
Casey Wilson - Annie, "Marry Me"
Casey Wilson stars as Annie in the upcoming NBC series “Marry Me.”
Previously, Wilson starred in the ABC series “Happy Endings” and was twice nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for her performance on the show. Variety put her on the list of Top 10 Comics to Watch.”
Wilson was a featured player on “Saturday Night Live” for two seasons and has guest-starred on HBO’s “Bored to Death” as well as CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother.”
In addition to “Marry Me,” Wilson stars in the Hulu original series “The Hotwives of Orlando,” about six hot housewives in Central Florida’s sexiest city, which premieres July 15.
Her film credits include Christopher Guest’s “For Your Consideration,” Nora Ephron’s “Julie and Julia” and Kyle Alvarez’s indie feature “C.O.G.,” which is based on a short story by David Sedaris.
She will also appear in the upcoming David Fincher film “Gone Girl.”
Wilson hails from Alexandria, Va., and is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. After graduation she co-wrote and performed (along with best gal pal June Raphael) the two-woman sketch comedy show, “Rode Hard and Put Away Wet” at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York and Los Angeles.
Wilson and Raphael’s comedy partnership also branched out into the film world. The pair co-wrote “Bride Wars,” which starred Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. They played the leads in “Assbackwards,”an indie female road trip comedy that they also wrote together. Most recently, they co-wrote the NBC pilot “The Mason Twins.”
Ken Marino - Jake, "Marry Me"
Ken Marino stars as Jake in the NBC comedy “Marry Me.”
Marino recently starred in the independent features “Bad Milo” for the Duplass brothers and “In a World” for Lake Bell. He also had a recurring role on the final season of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down,” opposite Danny McBride, as well as the comedies “Bad Teacher” and “Trophy Wife.”
He is set to return to Adult Swim’s upcoming sixth season of “Children’s Hospital,” in which he stars opposite Rob Corddry and Rob Huebel.
Marino starred opposite Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott, Martin Starr and Ryan Hansen in the Starz cult favorite “Party Down” and enjoyed recurring roles in the series “In The Motherhood,” as well as “Reaper” and “Veronica Mars.”
His many additional television credits include “Happy Endings,” “The Exes,” “Whitney,” “CSI: Miami,” “Reno 911!,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Monk.”
On the feature side, Marino will star in the upcoming 2015 film “Goosebumps,” opposite Jack Black. He also recently starred in “Wanderlust,” which he wrote and starred opposite Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. Previously, he appeared in “Role Models,” opposite Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott.
“MARRY ME” - 9 p.m. Tuesdays
Six years ago, Annie (Casey Wilson, “Happy Endings”) and Jake (Ken Marino, “Eastbound & Down”) bonded over their mutual love of nachos and they have been inseparable ever since.
Now, after returning from a romantic two-week island vacation, Jake’s all set to pop the question. Before he can ask, though, Annie lets loose on Jake for his inability to commit. She was expecting him to “put a ring on it” in paradise and now Jake’s perfect proposal is ruined. Not wanting to spend the next 60 years talking about that mess of a proposal, Jake and Annie decide to hold off on the engagement until they can do it right. Yet if history tells us anything, it’s when we really want things to go right that they all tend to go wrong.
The only thing we know for sure is these two are destined to be together whether they can get it together or not.

The cast also includes Sarah Wright Olsen (as Dennah), John Gemberling (as Gil), Tymberlee Hill (as Kay) and Tim Meadows (as Kevin 1).

Writer David Caspe (“Happy Endings”) and director Seth Gordon (“The Goldbergs”) serve as executive producer with Jamie Tarses (“Men at Work”). “Marry Me” is a production of Sony Pictures Television and FanFare Productions.

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