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By Suzanne

Killjoys stars 

Interview with Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane of "Killjoys" on Syfy 8/23/16

I love these actors! I've spoken with them before and have watched this series. I was invited to this call and prepared to participate in the conference call interviews... when a friend called with a terrible crisis, needing my advice. I helped my friend, and before I knew it, it was 2 hours later. I was so bummed to realize I'd let time slip away from me.  The good news is that the show was renewed for a third season!!  Yay! The fans are happy about this, and I'm very happy because that means I might get another chance to interview these fine, handsome gentlemen again next year! If you haven't watched the second season yet, I'm sure you can find it on the Syfy website or on DVD. At least Syfy was kind enough to send me this transcript to put up, and it's quite fun to read, especially if you're a fan of the show. Enjoy!

NBC UNIVERSAL August 23, 2016 3:00 p.m. ET

Operator: Good afternoon. Iíll be your conference operator today. At this time, Iíd like to welcome everyone to the Killjoys Conference Call.

All lines have been placed on mute to prevent any background noise. After the speakersí remarks, there will be a question and answer session. If you would like to ask a question during this time, simply press star, then the number one on your telephone keypad. If youíd like to withdraw your question, press the pound key. Thank you.

Syfy Moderator, you may begin your conference.

Moderator: Hi, everyone. Thanks so much for joining us. Today, from the cast of Killjoys, we have Aaron Ashmore who plays Johnny and Luke Macfarlane who plays Díavin. Please note that the ďKilljoysĒ season two finale will air Friday, September 2 at 9/8C on Syfy.

Operator: And your first question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby from SciFiVision. Your line is open.

Jamie Ruby: Hi, guys. Nice to talk with us today.

Aaron Ashmore: Hi, Jamie.

Luke Macfarlane: How are you Ė how are you?

Jamie Ruby: Good. You?

Luke Macfarlane: (Good).

Jamie Ruby: So I just watched Fridayís episode this morning, which was so great. I mean, kind of other than the ending in a way. But, I mean, it was really good. I really enjoyed it.

But what Ė and I know, obviously, thereís only one episode left, so I donít know per se what Ė how much is going to get into this season -- but I was curious, if theyíre going to go into the fact that we really donít know yet why Ė I want to say Luke Ė sorry, Díavin -- is the only one that can control the Green. I mean, Khlyen tried to do it to their father and see what happened.

I assume itís kind of maybe the military thing, but we really donít know why it doesnít work on Johnny in that. Are they going to be exploring that at all or do you Ė is there anything you can say about that?

Luke Macfarlane: We kind of discover as we go along. Of course, the military thing (plays a huge part) in it. We kind of sort of believe that explanation is going to hold for now. But I imagine itís something weíd want to get more into. But itís Ė we also have to (try to kind of wait until we) learn more about the Green.

And I think in the final episodes we learn more about the Green. I think the writers and the creators of the show need to figure out what the Green is more before they really start to figure out why it is Ė or try to answer that question as to why I reject it. So, for the time being, I think we make do with the fact that it was the military.

Jamie Ruby: OK. All right. Thanks, guys.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Robin Burks from Your line is open.

Robin Burks: Hi, guys. Thanks for talking to us today.

Aaron Ashmore: Thank you for calling.

Luke Macfarlane: Pleasure.

Robin Burks: So this season weíve basically seen the Killjoys team kind of torn apart. Youíve got Díavin and Dutch off doing their own thing and Johnny is off doing his thing. My question is if weíre going to see everyone come back together with a common goal -- which Iím assuming, I hope -- and what are those relationships going to be like after all these secrets and lies that they have been telling each other?

Aaron Ashmore: Well, I think that at the heart of the show itís always going to be about this team. I think that that is, in many ways, what the show is really about. So I donít think we have to worry too much about these relationships being completely fractured. But I think it also adds some depth to sort of create some tension and drama between these people because it makes sense, right?

In any sort of family or dynamics, things are not always peachy. People have different ways of looking at things and coming at things from different angles and I think thatís whatís happening here. But I think at the end of the day, we care about each other so much that we will make it work. But it Ė obviously, we also have to deal with the repercussions of all of our actions. And I think that thatís something interesting to see play out.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. Itís something Iíve always (loved the show) -- itís kind of like a family drama actually on some level disguised as a sci-fi show. So we will work it out and make sense of it all, but Ė and then it will actually ultimately make us stronger, I think.

Robin Burks: Great. Thank you.

Aaron Ashmore: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Tony Tellado from Sci-Fi Talk. Your line is open.

Tony Tellado: Gentlemen, great to talk to you. I mean, this is Ė it isnít summer without ďKilljoysĒ. Thatís the way I look at it.

Aaron Ashmore: Thank you.

Tony Tellado: Itís great to see it. Whatís it like for you, gentlemen? I mean, the show when it first started was whatís the next contract and that kind of thing. And now the story is bigger. Thereís a little more drama instead Ė you know, in addition to the action.

So whatís it like for both of you to kind of Ė being part of this journey to where you are right now with Old Town and the Green and all the good stuff?

Luke Macfarlane: Gosh, Aaron, do you want to start this off?

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. Iíve really enjoyed how this show has developed and grown over the past couple of seasons. I think the first season did a really amazing job of setting up this universe and this world and introducing it to us, because itís incredibly complex and the amount of story and detail that they set up in the first season is amazing. And then the second season just sort of builds on that.

You know, we understand the politics. We understand the dynamics of whatís going on. And so, like you said, you can have a little bit more of the drama and you can have a little bit more of an overarching story. And itís been amazing. Itís amazing ride.

I love all of these characters. Watching this second season and seeing how all these dynamics play out and how all of the characters Ė the writers have done such an amazing job of developing all these characters that you like every single one of them, or you hate them. You know what I mean?

They build such strong characters. So Iíve had so much fun watching this whole story develop. And I really do hope that we get to continue to do it because I think that this world is rich and I think thereís a lot more story to tell. So Iíve been very excited about how all of this has played out.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. And Iím right there with you, Aaron.

Tony Tellado: Well, thanks, gentlemen. Yes. I think the story has only scratched the surface. Thereís so much more and thatís the beauty of the show. Itís just more than just a bounty hunter show. Itís a lot more than that.

Aaron Ashmore: Absolutely.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes.

Operator: Again, if you would like to ask a question, press star, then the number one on your telephone keypad. Your next question comes from the line of Natasha Williams from The Nerd Element. Your line is open.

Natasha Williams: Hi, guys.

Aaron Ashmore: Hello.

Luke Macfarlane: Hi.

Natasha Williams: I was wondering; for Pascal and who plays Jelco, I think heís done a really good job playing like a jerk. So how is heÖ

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Natasha Williams: Yes. So how is he on set, like, versus his character? Like, Iím sure itís complete opposite.

Aaron Ashmore: Pascal is nice.

Luke Macfarlane: So nice. He brought you food that he cooked, right, when you had your baby. Isnít that right?

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. Absolutely. Like a week or so after Iíve had my baby, Pascal Ė even when he heard that I was having my baby this summer, my wife and I, he was like, Iíll bring you over some food. And he did. He came over with pasta and, I mean, just very thoughtful, very grounded, very cool guy.

Luke Macfarlane: Exactly.

Aaron Ashmore: So think of that thatís in contrast to what we see in Jelco and his character. Itís like he couldnít be more opposite. And thatís whatís so amazing to watch is that he just plays such a slimy conniving guy but heís actually very sweet.

Luke Macfarlane: And heís so good Ė and heís so game, I think itís always hard to walk into a set and sort of have to take on these roles. And I know we had this day together; it was just the two of us filming and there was this scene where we were supposed to start walking along and Iím supposed to threaten him.

And he goes, what if you kick out my knees and just shove me down to the ground? And I was like, really, are you cool with that? He said, yes, absolutely. Just kick out my knees and shove me to the ground.

So I was like, OK. All right. Sure. If youíre game with that. And heís like, absolutely. I was like, am I hurting him? Afterwards heíd be like, that was wonderful. Thatís perfect. So heís fantastic and so game.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Natasha Williams: Well, thank you, guys.

Aaron Ashmore: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Courtney Vaudreuil from OhSoGray. Your line is open.

Courtney Vaudreuil: Hi. Thanks for talking with us. My question is Ö

Luke Macfarlane: Pleasure.

Courtney Vaudreuil: Öhave you talked with the writers about season three and things that you might want to see happen to your characters, things that maybe didnít work or you thought did work really well in seasons one and two that you would want to continue?

Aaron Ashmore: I donít think that on most shows that the actors get to talk to the writers about what they want to do. I think that would be a disaster. You know, in a lot of occasions -- just very self-serving egocentric actors stuff saying, like, I think I need more. I think you need more. But Ö

Luke Macfarlane: Exactly.

Aaron Ashmore: I think Luke needs a shirt off a few times per episode. I think thatís what Ė you know, in a show where theyíre creating a world and thereís so many complex dynamics, you have to really trust the writers and their ability to create these stories. And I donít know about you, Luke, but I feel quite happy about the journey that Johnís taken and all the things he gets to do. So at this point, Iím very content to let them do their thing and sort of discover it as we go through the season.

Luke Macfarlane: And something Iíve learned in the genre, too, is like I guess I donít know what works all that well. Because sometimes when Iím reading it Iím like, this isnít going to work. But it kind of always does. So I have much more faith in them than I have in other shows that Iíve been part of, I have to be honest with you.

Courtney Vaudreuil: Wonderful. Thank you. I look forward to seeing what happens next season. Fingers crossed.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. Thank you.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. Me too.

Operator: Again, if youíd like to ask a question, press star followed by the number one on your telephone keypad. Your next question comes from the line of Tony Tellado from Sci-Fi Talk. Your line is open.

Tony Tellado: Hello, again, guys. How are you? Great to talk to you again.

Luke Macfarlane: You too.

Tony Tellado: I know with the season finale coming, we canít say too much. But is it safe to say that thereís going to be an impact on John and Díavin in the finale a little bit?

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. Well, I think that, of course there are big things that happen in the season finale as any show. You know, thereís big revelations and thereís new information sort of exposed. And so, definitely; thereís a lot going on.

I can say for John that he is Ė his past is definitely changed by the events that are happening in 209 and 210 in a major, major way; I think in a very unexpected way. I did not see what was coming for John as we started the season. So I think that, for him, yes, heís sort of in a completely different space than where he started.

And Iím very curious to seeĖ if we pick up in season threeÖI canít even imagine what theyíre going to do. So, for me, thatís pretty exciting.

Tony Tellado: I got to say, the thing between John and Dutch in the second to last episode thatís going to be coming up soon, it was a Ė the fans can see some really good acting between the two of you. It was really giving you a different part of their relationship and I really enjoyed watching it.

Aaron Ashmore: Thank you. Yes. Itís Ė we even had a lot of Ė in season one, we had a lot of John and Dutch kind of heart to hearts, but, this year thatís not really sort of been the focus. Thereís definitely been a bit of fraction in their relationship and I think thereís been a lot of more sort of Díav and Dutch sort of heart and hearts and them really supporting each other and being there for each other.

So yes, it is nice for me to have a good one with Dutch because, yes, they sort of Ė obviously, weíre having a difference in this season and thatís nice to see from talking honestly with each other again.

Tony Tellado: Yes. That was great.

Tony Tellado: Thanks so much, guys.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Theresa Lacson from Your line is open.

Theresa Lacson: Hi. I have Ė how are you guys doing today?

Luke Macfarlane: Hi.

Aaron Ashmore: Very good. How are you?

Luke Macfarlane: Good.

Theresa Lacson: Iím doing good. OK. So I have watched 209 last night and I was, like, heartbroken by the ending. Iím not going to spoil too much if anyone here hasnít watched it yet.

But, Aaron, can you tell me your reaction, so when you read it, what happened in the end? And can you kind of tease a little bit about what weíll see in the finale in regards to that, but anything else you can give us?

Aaron Ashmore: Well, I mean, yes, I donít want to say too much about what happens in 209. But I have to say that I didnít see it coming. I canít say too much more in that because I think itís such a specific thing that weíre talking about that itís hard Ė itís really hard to talk about it.

But, yes, when I was reading it, I just didnít see it coming. And it was very shocking and I think that it will be very shocking to our audience too and very impactful to the story, obviously. And, yes, itís shocking. I guess thatís all I can say.

Theresa Lacson: OK.

Aaron Ashmore: Sorry. I know thatís very Ö

Theresa Lacson: No. Itís OK. I got it.

Aaron Ashmore: Önon-committal, but Ė yes.

Theresa Lacson: OK. Thank you.

Aaron Ashmore: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Christina Baker from OMFGTV. Your line is open.

Christina Baker: Hey, guys. Thanks for talking with us today.

Aaron Ashmore: No problem.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes.

Christina Baker: My question for you is, since you guys are playing brothers, have you guys created any funny back stories from your brother Ė like, the childhood of the two brothers?

Aaron Ashmore: I donít think we had a very funny childhood, to be honest with you.

I think we have a traumatic childhood and I think that thatís what sort of shaped these two and also drove a huge wedge in between them, you know. So I think weíre sort of seeing any of the comedy or the humor in these guysí relationship sort of happening now. And I think we do see some of that. Like, I think we do Ė there is a lot of love between them and there is a lot of ribbing and teasing and stuff that that kind of happens. But I think that thatís fairly new to their relationship.

Christina Baker: Got it.

Luke Macfarlane: I love the way the writers drop in little stories from the past occasionally, you know. Theyíre probably fun to read. They do some of the work for us.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Christina Baker: Awesome. Thank you, guys.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Geek Girl Diva from Hit Fix. Your line is open.

Geek Girl Diva: Hello, guys. So my first question Ė well, OK, Iím trying to figure out how to word this basically, but itís kind of for the both of you.

Aaron Ashmore: Itís a two-part question Ė three-part question?

Geek Girl Diva: Yes. It is. Well, itís for both you, so I now have to figure out how to word this. But, basically, we know Díavin has been through a lot, but it feels like heís found his center kind of in the second half of the season. And Johnny, obviously, has had a major thing happen here and he is looking at very possibly now losing Dutch. So Ė and even in the shift with his relationship kind of with Lucy.

So Iím kind of wondering where both of them are actually at, emotionally right now and especially going into kind of the season finale, it feels like John was the one who was always really kind of like even keel and kind of solid and it feels like the dynamic has shifted. So Iím wondering if you can speak to that if that makes sense.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. I mean, I think so much of this show Ė itís reminded us that itís about our relationship to this incredibly intriguing woman. You know, one of my favorite lines in the whole show this season was when Sabine was talking with Dutch and she sort of basically says, you hang around these two guys because they feel so much and youíre afraid you donít feel.

And I donít know if thatís necessarily a true statement. But I certainly know that sheís surrounds herself with these two guys that are able to kind of go through the spectrum and we see Johnny go into this spectrum this season. We see him going from kind of the caretaker to the lover to the sort of reckless abandoned guy that she knew and I think we see Díavin do the opposite thing. So I think there is something about how she needs us to continue to sort of be those sort of polarities in her life. I donít know. Iím rambling here a little bit.

Christina Baker: No. Actually, that makes sense.

Aaron Ashmore: No. Itís good. Yes.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. So I think as much as we have changed, I think itís kind of all sort of how Dutch Ė like necessary for Dutch to sort of navigate the world with these two guys that are sort of changing.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. And I think itís kind of interesting too. Just elaborating on that a little bit, Luke. Itís like Ė you know, obviously most times on TV or in the world or whatever itís like itís the women that are more connected to their emotions or more available to those things and I think itís interesting that they kind of switched that in here too.

Itís like these two men are very in touch with their feelings, especially John. But I think we really see a lot of that in Díavin this year too. And he was such a tough guy and that in the first season and we see him sort of softening and falling into his humor and his softer side with the kids and stuff. So it is sort of really interesting to see that and then Sabine really saying that about Dutch.

And, again, I think, for that stuff itís Ė it was Dutchís worst fear. Sheís literally hearing somebody reflect things back to her that sheís so afraid of. And I donít think sheís not all in touch with her emotions, but sheís afraid of that person that she might be because of what happened to her with Khlyen and all that stuff. And so, yes, thatís very interesting.

I think as far as sort of John, I think he was very even keel in the first season. I think he was the voice of reason. I think, in a lot of ways, he was thinking with his head a lot of the time sort of whereas Dutch and Díavin were a little bit more flying off the handle and reacting to things maybe without thinking about it. And I think that John has sort of switched gears and heís really acting out of his heart and sort of the rationale mind that he uses a lot to figure out situations. Heís sort of thrown that out of the window. I mean, heís falling in love and heís sort of following his heart.

And I donít think that Pawterís made him do anything. Thatís not the case at all. Heís doing things Ė his making decisions for himself, but a big part of that is Pawter and his feelings for her.

But I think that by the end of the season, yes, John is in a Ė he is sort of falling off the deep end, I think, in a lot of ways and probably is where Díavin was last year; completely shaken up, completely off kilter. And I think thatís kind of an interesting sort of Ė yes, weíre switching dynamics for those two characters.

And, hopefully, that will be interesting to see and hopefully people sort of see those connections too because I think that maybe in season three Díav will have to be that really supportive person for John, potentially. So Ė whereas John was trying to be that for Díav in season one. So, yes, weíll see. Weíll see how it all goes.

Christina Baker: I really appreciate the answer. Thanks.

Aaron Ashmore: Thank you.

Operator: Again, if you would like to ask a question, press star, then the number one on your telephone keypad. Your next question comes from the line of Natasha Williams from The Nerd Element. Your line is open.

Natasha Williams: Hi, guys, again.

Aaron Ashmore: Hello.

Luke Macfarlane: Hi.

Natasha Williams: So, for Luke, weíve seen Díavin kind of deal with the green goo. Thereís been these abilities that heís developed and we kind of got something new in episode eight. Like, for the finale, are we going to see even more kind of abilities that Díavin has and being able to control green goo?

Aaron Ashmore: Do you remember the finale, Luke?

Luke Macfarlane: Well, to be completely honest with you Ė no. I donít remember the finale. I have to be perfectly honest, we shot this, what now, five months ago? I had this very specific image and the green goo definitely factors very largely into the finale. But Iím trying to remember if I actually do something magical with it. Oh. Yes, it does.

Natasha Williams: OK.

Luke Macfarlane: (Just came to me).

Natasha Williams: I wanted to remind you for us -- like, in episode eight you pretty much made someoneís eyes explode. So I donít know if Ö

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. No, that wasÖ

Natasha Williams: Öthatís all that you can do that Ö

Luke Macfarlane: Ö that was easy to remember that.

Yes, thereís definitely something with the green goo, I mean, that I manipulate. Iím almost positive, yes. Itís so funny because I remember very clearly Ė the finale episode is fantastic. I remember these set pieces you end up with something really light and I remember in my head and I remember, yes, it was in that location. Yes, and they had that cool thing and Johnny did that cool thing. But I donít make anybodyís eyes explode, that much I know.

Natasha Williams: OK. It reminds me of the movie, ďScannersĒ -- I donít know if youíve ever heard of that movie.

Luke Macfarlane: What movie?

Natasha Williams: ďScannersĒ.

Luke Macfarlane: Of course, yes, totally. It was like ďScannersĒ meets ďTotal RecallĒ.

Natasha Williams: Yes. For sure. I was like, ďScannersĒ when I saw it.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. (Totally). That was quite an ordeal filming that day. They couldnít get the blast right, so the first one was way too much. The second one like looked like a tiny little (spitball), and they just couldnít get it right and they did it so many times and every single time they (reloaded -- it was) green pudding, by the way. It was vanilla-flavored pudding that was dyed green. And every single time the guy would come up and said, Iím sorry. Iím so sorry. Iím so sorry, Luke. Iím so sorry. And I was like, Itís OK. Donít worry about it. But I think Ö

Aaron Ashmore: I love pudding. Thatís fine.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes, vanilla pudding on (my face).

Natasha Williams: Well, at least itís vanilla pudding versus something totally gross, soÖ

Luke Macfarlane: Ground beef.

Natasha Williams: I think ground beef wouldnít go well. Thanks, guys.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. Youíre welcome.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Veronica Scott from USA Today. Your line is open.

Veronica Scott: Thanks. Itís really nice to talk to you, guys. Appreciate you doing this today.

Aaron Ashmore: No problem.

Luke Macfarlane: Thank you. Of course.

Veronica Scott: So we asked our readers if they had any questions and kind of a fun one that came up was if you could change places for 24 hours, which one of the other characters on ďKilljoysĒ Ė which one would you want to play and why?

Luke Macfarlane: Great question.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. This is a great question. Thatís not an easy question to answer. Thereís so many factors that sort of come into play here.

Veronica Scott: Well, you know what they say take your first Ė what appeals to you immediately.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. Totally.

I was going to say Alvis because I really like the Scarback stuff. I think that thatís a really interesting element of this world and we get into it, but I just think that thatís such a cool story line. And plus I loved when we got a chance in the first season to wear the Scarback sort of outfits. You just look so cool in them. So Iíd say Alvis.

Veronica Scott: OK. After all, you have a cape.

Luke Macfarlane: Iím honestly going to say Dutch or Pawter, because I feel like itís really fun and I remember, as an actor, I always have this, moment of jealousy when, you first show up on set and everyoneís got their new outfits on and they havenít seen their episode yet because then everyoneís always like, my God, that jacketís so cool.

(I heard costume fittings are) like these, are two-hour ordeals (where you get to) try on things and (sit still) and Iíd go in there and itís like, yes, well, weíre going to put you in a blue shirt. AndÖ

Veronica Scott: I love that you want to be Dutch or Pawter because youíre jealous of their costumes. I love that. Thatís so good.

Luke Macfarlane: Iíd love to Ė Iíd like to wear some of those Ė I mean, that thing that Pawter wears with the Ö

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. With the sleeve, the like dragon-scale sleeve Ė yes, thatís fantastic.

Veronica Scott: Yes. That thing is amazing.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Luke Macfarlane: Thatís amazing. So, yes, (I get to do the little) Ö

(Multiple Speakers)

Veronica Scott: And you do get to change back after. OK.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes.

Veronica Scott: Thatís great.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Theresa Lacson from Your line is open.

Theresa Lacson: OK, Luke. OK. I have to ask you this question. Can you tease whether or not weíll get any more interaction between Dutch and Díavin romantically in the finale, whether weíll see them reconcile any kind of relationship or have they decided to set aside that in favor of the team?

Luke Macfarlane: Well, I donít think theyíve decided anything. But we certainly donít make out in the last episode if thatís what youíre asking. Should I say that? Am I Ė am I supposed to say that?

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. Thatís OK.

Luke Macfarlane: Thereís still the possibility of it maybe, but we have way bigger fish to fry in the last episode.

Theresa Lacson: OK.

Luke Macfarlane: Iím surprised that anyone even thinks that weíre going to get together again. Weíve been through so much. But I have no idea and I actually have no idea what the plan is for those two characters because they are going to learn how to be friends like Johnny and is that sort of, the deepest level you can be connected with someone as a friend or as a lover? I donít know. Yes. Thatís what I got.

Theresa Lacson: OK.

Operator: Again, if you would like to ask a question, press star, then one on your telephone keypad. Your next question comes from the line of Linda Bullock from Your line is open.

Linda Bullock: Hi, guys. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.

Aaron Ashmore: Hi, Linda.

Linda Bullock: Hi. So, last week we had all these wonderfully-weird moments of exploding eyeballs and the crazy acid trips. And so, it seems to me that every episode has this Ė all these great weird things that they ask you to do. So, of this season, what was the weirdest thing or the coolest thing that you got thatís your favorite?

Luke Macfarlane: Wow.

Aaron Ashmore: For me, the hardest stuff was definitely that and like just the weirdest bizzarest place to go was that kind of that drug high thing because it was Ė and it was very difficult, too, because we were like, so how do Ė how does this wall actually affect us and where does it Ė you know, like, itís sort of a difficult thing for them to explain to us, like, are we drunk or what kind of drug are we on? How able are we to control ourselves and that Ė all that sort of stuff.

So that was really challenging and sort of fun to dive into that. But I also had no idea how that stuff was going to turn out until I saw it. Because we did a bunch of different things more Ė some more drunk, some more out of it; you know, all these different things. But that was probably the weirdest thing.

And at the end of the day both Sarah and I were like, do you feel drunk and high right now? Because I certainly do after acting this way for, like six or seven hours. I was just, I feel so messed up right now. So thatís Ė so that was definitely the weirdest. Yes.

Linda Bullock: Thatís awesome.

Luke Macfarlane: I donít know if weird is the right word, but the sort of most challenging new was pretending to be Khlyen, I think.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Luke Macfarlane: That was just sort of, strange.

Aaron Ashmore: I love doing this. Itís such a good job (at that).

Luke Macfarlane: Thank you. Whatís so great about this show is you have Ė really have no idea what to expect when you read the scripts. Youíre, like, wow, we get to -- how are we going to pull shooting a rocket off or all kinds of things.

Linda Bullock: Well, thank you so much. I appreciate it. And, yes, youíre right. When you switched with Khlyen that was great for both you guys. Itís an adventure, so, thank you for ďKilljoysĒ. Awesome.

Luke Macfarlane: Thank you.

Aaron Ashmore: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby from SciFiVision. Your line is open.

Jamie Ruby: Hi, again. I was just thinking you guys were talking about the two of them fooling around a bit Ė a little bit about. And I was thinking about how many Ė thereís tons and tons of Ė in 209 of funny lines you guys have. But I was just curious, just kind of on the season as a whole, do you to have favorite one-liners that you said?

Aaron Ashmore: Thereís so many. I canít even think of anything off the top of my head. But I know that when I watch them Iím constantly laughing.

I kind of like the drier of them. You know, I feel like Hannah has got a lot of super dry one-liners that are sort of my favorites in all just the way she kind of delivers her sort of stuff. But Iím kind of drawing a blank as to Ö

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. Iíve seen bigger.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. That was a great line, yes. Thatís a nice stick. Iíve seen bigger.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. This is funny. And you know what is funny too? Like, when youíre in the table read, the ones that are really funny in the table read arenít always one that are really funny in the actual final edit.

Aaron Ashmore: Absolutely. Youíre absolutely right. I donít know why that is, actually. But sometimes the stuff you think is going to be hilarious is not Ė are not the ones that sort of stick out. Youíre right.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. Or I got to make this line really funny. And then, you just push so hard and then itís not funny.

Aaron Ashmore: And then, you tank it. Iím tanking that one, Iím trying too hard.

Luke Macfarlane: You blew it.

Jamie Ruby: Well, as sad as a lot of this episode was, there was Ė there was quite a few, especially I think at the computer console, so.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. I was going to Ė there was a good one about Díavinís asshole.

Jamie Ruby: Yes. That was actually the one IÖ

Aaron Ashmore: You remember that one, Luke?

Luke Macfarlane: Yes, of course. That was like Ė I found that line so oddly upsetting and weird, bizarre. Like you didnít really know what it meant but, like, itís was awful image.

Aaron Ashmore: I forgot about that one. Yes. Thatís a good one. Thatís a great one.

Luke Macfarlane: My asshole is bigger than your asshole, yes. Yes.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Luke Macfarlane: Classic.

Jamie Ruby: All right. Well, thanks, guys.

Aaron Ashmore: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Geek Girl Diva from Hit Fix. Your line is open.

Geek Girl Diva: Hello. Iím back.

Aaron Ashmore: Hello, again.

Luke Macfarlane: Hi.

Geek Girl Diva: Hello, again. As far as Ė Luke, you mentioned playing Khlyen and I am just wondering, personally, was that something that one of the other of you was imitating each other on the set or something or did the writers just throw that at you?

Luke Macfarlane: I just have this hilarious image of Rob, letís do some impersonations of each other. I remember when I got the script I was like I felt sorry for Rob because I feel like (a teacher who impersonates Khlyen knows to impersonate me). And then, when he did what he did I was like, holy smokes. He was amazing.

I remember reading the script and being terrified and then, I think he knew it was going to be just joking and silly. But then he was like, no, we have to take this very seriously.

So that was totally out of Adamís head. Yes. Totally out of Adamís head. You know, they were looking for the storyline with the connection everybody meeting their parents and me and Rob donít do impressions of each other on set at all.

Geek Girl Diva: And, sorry, the phone just sort of kind of clicked out. But just based on the changes that you guys have had, where would like to see your characters go in season three? If thereís a season three, which I hope there is.

Luke Macfarlane: Me too.

Aaron Ashmore: I think the one thing that I would just really like to see Ė and I think that they will do this because I think thatís the great thing about the show is that the repercussions of the things that happened in the show, that we continue to play those things. You know, I think that they did a fantastic job in season one of the repercussions of the violence and stuff that happened between Dutch and Dav and playing those things through and then continuing to have to fix those relationships and whatever.

I really hope that they just continue to do that. It just right like that where the things that happened to these characters are not like just pushed under the rug or forgotten about, but they really become part of the story and the dynamics between these characters. Because I think thatís just so fun to play and it makes the characters so complicated and then make people want to watch them as well. So thatís the only thing that I Ė as far as specific storylines or whatever, itís hard to say. But just to really continue the complex stuff they do with the characters.

Geek Girl Diva: I definitely hope you get to do that.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. I would have really liked doing the most Ė I hope we get to do more of is the sort of the operating as a family together that John and Ė I think Ėthe show really is kind of at its best when we are sort of figuring out problems as a team and I hope we get to do more of that.

Geek Girl Diva: Very cool.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of (Vanessa Thrift) from (Enstars). Your line is open.

Vanessa Thrift: Hi. At the end of season one, Johnny showed in an interest in the Scarback religion. Is that something thatís going to come up, particularly in the wake of 209? Or is he just more interested in it for the history now and its relation to the Green?

Aaron Ashmore: I donít know. I donít think so. I mean, I really thought that they were maybe going to take John down that path a little bit. But I think instead of making John sort of the conduit into the Scarbacks and really exploring that, obviously, we had Alvis who was a Scarback and was a very interesting character.

So I think that that is our conduit into the religious side of things, and I think John -- them showing that was just sort of another side of his personality introspective and sort of open to new things and all that kind of stuff. So I would like to go down that path, but I think Alvis is already doing that for us as far as, story goes and character and that. So probably not. But whoís to say? You never know.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes.

Vanessa Thrift: OK. Thank you.

Aaron Ashmore: No problem.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Natasha Williams from The Nerd Element. Your line is open.

Natasha Williams: Hi, again, guys.

Aaron Ashmore: Hello.

Luke Macfarlane: Hi.

Natasha Williams: All right. So Aaron, you worked with Shamier Anderson. You had a great cameo in episode eight.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Natasha Williams: So what was it like working with him and have you actually tried to watch Wynonna Earp since you worked with him or even before that?

Aaron Ashmore: You know what, Iíve seen Ė I saw the first couple of episodes of Wynonna Earp and I really liked it. Funny Ė and Shamier was Ė who I think we are really lucky to get him because heís obviously a very strong actor and it was only one scene. So it was really, really cool that we got him for the show.

But I had actually met Shamier years and years and years ago. I was at a birthday party, went to a laser quest. And him and a buddy of his were there and my brother and I were there and he Ė we were acting. Weíve been doing it for quite a while. I think heís quite a bit younger than (Sean) and I.

And he said, hey, Iím an actor. Iím really trying to do this thing and do you guys have any advice? So we actually talked with him for half an hour; super, super nice guy. And then, lo and behold, down the line, here he is showing up being like, yes, this is what Iím doing now and Iím doing really well.

So it was very, very cool to see him and very cool to see that heís doing so well because he was a nice guy. And, again, we were super lucky to get him because he did a great job in that role.

Natasha Williams: Cool.

Luke Macfarlane: Iím sorry, who is Shamier?

Aaron Ashmore: He played Arune, the guy that got murdered in Ė yes thatís (inaudible). That (Jelco) murdered in Old Town Ė one of the nine families.

Luke Macfarlane: Cool.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Natasha Williams: Yes. I was a little sad about that. He canít make any more cameos.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. But heís busy. Heís got Ė heís got his own show, right. SoÖ

Natasha Williams: He could play cameos during the summer when theyíre off-air.

Aaron Ashmore: Thatís fair enough Ė fair enough.

Natasha Williams: Thanks, guys.

Aaron Ashmore: No problem.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Theresa Lacson from Your line is open

Theresa Lacson: Hey, guys. OK. So you guys have some really great interactions with one another throughout the season like you were talking about. Do you guys do any adlibbing when you have your scenes together? I mean, you guys have, really funny lines. Do you ever have moments when you kind of like adjust a line or things get put in there that werenít in the script?

Aaron Ashmore: Not Ė no, not really. I mean, this show Ė the writing is very specific and is really funny and you donít really need to. And to be honest with you, itís not actually that encouraged either to go off Ė theyíre very, very Ė precious is not the word I would use at all but they spend a lot of time working these things in the writerís room. So theyíve got it honed and itís a very Ė again, itís like a very specific tone and way of speaking and sense of humor. So we just kind of stick to the script and it seems to work pretty well.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. I think the only time that I can really say that I adlib would be, I know sometimes Díavin mimics back the way Johnny said things, like mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Luke Macfarlane: I think I do in 109 when weíre at the computer or something.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Luke Macfarlane: I remember you did something that I kind of went -- I did what you did back, but on my line, so not changing the words just, you knowÖ

Aaron Ashmore: Adding a little.

Luke Macfarlane: Itís never good to Ė itís a slippery slope if we start adding and improvising too much because then the writerÖ

Aaron Ashmore: You got to be really good at it, right, to make it better than whatís written, I think. Luke?

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. Because Iíd got mad at you and punish you and not give you any lines. And they do a very good job.

Aaron Ashmore: And theyíre like, you want to write your own lines? OK. Well, weíll give you none. How do you do with that?

Luke Macfarlane: Weíll give you none. So (inaudible) silence.

Aaron Ashmore: Can you Ė can you adlib your way out of a big old silence? Not so well.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. Exactly. Youíll have a bag on your head.

Theresa Lacson: OK. Thank you.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes.

Operator: For any last questions, please dial star then the number one on your telephone keypad. Your next question comes from the line of Linda Bullock from Your line is open.

Linda Bullock: Hi, guys. Itís Linda again. So I was speaking with Tamsen McDonough and I asked her what would Lucy say about the last Ė what would her advice be for the last two episodes and for the finale. So Iíll of kind of ask you guys the same thing. What would your charactersí advice be for fans Ėto prepare for this Ė the finale Ė the season finale?

Aaron Ashmore: What did Tamsen say?

Linda Bullock: She said Ėbrace for impact and shields up -- or shields up, brace for impact.

Aaron Ashmore: Thatís good Ė that is very good.

Luke Macfarlane: Thatís a very good answer because there is a little bit of a Star Wars kind of thing going on in the final episode with you there, Johnny.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Luke Macfarlane: And Tamsen. Yes, which is pretty cool.

Aaron Ashmore: What advice? I would say ĖTamsen is too clever and she got the ship references, which is Ö

Luke Macfarlane: Yes, totally. Well, Iíll just say itís our biggest episode by far in the filming. I remember it has the biggest set pieces. It has the most kind of exciting actions and the biggest reveal. So, itís our biggest episode, I will say that.

Aaron Ashmore: I think the last two are pretty emotional on a couple of different fronts too. So if youíre an emotional person, Iíd say maybe get your box tissues ready?

Linda Bullock: Oh my.

Aaron Ashmore: And brace for impact.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. That is true. Brace for impact.

Aaron Ashmore: As Tamsen put it.

Linda Bullock: OK. Thank you guys so much. Iím excited to see what happens Ė well, cautiously excited I guess. Iím afraid.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes.

Aaron Ashmore: Donít be afraid. Itís going to happen. Itís just Ė you know, itís OK.

Linda Bullock: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby from SyfyVision. Your line is open.

Jamie Ruby: Hi, again. Iím not sure how to ask this. Itís kind of based on spoilers. But after what happens at the end of 209 ...

Luke Macfarlane: Iím single.

Jamie Ruby: ÖIím just kind of wondering Ė so, now, youíre making me mess up Ė kind of wondering that they Ė after that happened, they kind of donít have somebody in Ė you know, on the inside now, it seems like to help them. I mean, they have Turin but heís kind of really low man. Is there maybe somebody else or Ė thatís going to help them or that we donít know about? I donít know, weird question, but.

Aaron Ashmore: Well I think at the very end of 209, thereís a certain someone on the spaceship who says a certain other someone is going to maybe want to meet with them.

Jamie Ruby: Yes. I hadnít thought of that.

Aaron Ashmore: So I think that that is their inside. I know thatís very brief and broad to anybody who Ö

Jamie Ruby: No. That makes sense. I hadnít thought about it before.

Aaron Ashmore: But that might be the inside Ė the inside scoop there.

Jamie Ruby: OK. All right. Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Veronica Scott from USA Today. Your line is open.

Veronica Scott: Hello, again. So our readers used to laugh even they shipped Johnny and Lucy. They really wanted the two of you guys to get together somehow. How was it in that episode to be acting with Tamsen? Was it fun, was itÖ

Aaron Ashmore: They wanted it and they got it.

Veronica Scott: Yes. They did.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Veronica Scott: And she had fireworks, but you didnít.

Aaron Ashmore: Well, heís in love in Pawter likeÖ

Veronica Scott: I know. Timing.

Aaron Ashmore: Such disappointment. Yes. Everybody really wants that AI-Johnny love thing happening. Yes, it was amazing to work with Tamsen because sheís a huge part of the show. Sheís basically the fourth member of our team. Iíve said that over and over again on interviews and stuff. But we donít really get to interact with her.

Sheís not there on the day to read the lines and stuff, she does such a fantastic job. So to get her to be able to actually come on set and work with her for the week was tons and tons of fun. And that was sort of probably one of the more lighter of the episodes. It was definitely fun sort of retro field thing. So I think it was kind of a fun one for her to jump in and kind of run around and play with us because it was definitely Ė kind of a wild fun episode.

Veronica Scott: OK. Thatís good.

Luke Macfarlane: Whatís so cool about Tamsen too is she is so committed to this show even though sheís not on set with us. She knows to show the world sheís really invested, which is super cool because itís not like when she shows Ė she was genuinely thrilled to walk onto her cockpit, you know Ö

Veronica Scott: I bet.

Aaron Ashmore: She said that all three of us separately weíre like ĖĖ have you been to Lucy yet? All of us were excited for her to get to walk on that set too, right?

Luke Macfarlane: Yes.

Veronica Scott: Thatís neat. Cool. Thank you. OK. Thatís it for that question.

Luke Macfarlane: All right.

Aaron Ashmore: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Geek Girl Diva from Hit Fix. Your line is open.

Geek Girl Diva: I feel like Iím officially monopolizing you. So I guess really what I want to know is whatís your favorite thing about your characters?

Aaron Ashmore: Well, thatís tough. I think one of the most interesting things for me about John is Ė and we donít see it very often but thereís a slight middle edge of unpredictability I feel like Ė because we see him as sort of this very caring, compassionate funny typeĖ you know like he has all those qualities. But one of my favorite moments was in the first season as when you know he basically gets pushed too far and then he ends up murdering three people in cold blood just out of nowhere.

And I sort of feel like thereís a moment in the second season that we havenít really seen thatís very unpredictable too, and I love that thereís just this thing thatís underneath. And itís not something that Iím doing. Itís just sometimes the way that they write the charactersí actions. You think that heís this one person then all of a sudden, he can do this thing thatís sort of almost out of character but itís just there.

And I think that thatís what I like because as soon as I think that I really know this character and that, somewhere in the back of my mind Iím like, he might just do something that I didnít Ė I just canít see coming or donít see coming and thatís sort of very interesting to just have in the back of my mind when Iím playing the character.

Luke Macfarlane: I think the thing that I like the most about Díavin, I like playing most about Díavin is like in the past I havenít played characters that had kind of been sort of these aggressive alpha male types before and I find it brings out a part of me that I kind of Ė I enjoy sort of living.

Iím talking about Iím definitely much more goofy and sort of, I think, lighthearted. But Iíve always been very drawn to these sort of people that are having sort of rigid world views and see the world kind of a little bit more militaristically. So I enjoy living in that and I enjoy that part ĖLuke enjoys sort of exploring that part of himself. Yes.

Aaron Ashmore: Youíre good at it, Luke. Iíd buy you as a tough guy. I do.

Luke Macfarlane: Thank you.

Aaron Ashmore: Even though I know youíre a goofball.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes.

Geek Girl Diva: Awesome. Thanks. I appreciate it.

Operator: And ladies and gentlemen, with that, we have about five minutes left to take a few more questions. Your next question is from the line of Natasha Williams with The Nerd Element. Your line is open.

Natasha Williams: Hello, again.

Aaron Ashmore: Hi.

Luke Macfarlane: Hello.

Natasha Williams: All right. So, throughout the season, thereís been a hint of potential invaders. So are they at least going to be mentioned in the season finale?

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. I mean, I think that weíre setting up for that a little bit. You know, that there is an outside force that is sort of asserting its will on the quad or sort of that type of thing. If you havenít seen the finale or you had all the way through and youíre saying thereís Ė weíre feeling that there may be something.

I donít know if we get into that whole specific storyline but I think that it becomes, even sort of Ė you know, it sort of alludes to that itís painting that picture when Romwell from ďI Love LucyĒ episode is talking about like where the green came from and that his world was sort of invaded and taken over. So, I mean, yes, I donít think we get into exactly what all that stuff is or really get into those storylines but that is sort of where weíre coming from or I think where weíre headed to Ė towards.

Luke Macfarlane: I remember reading the script and being so brilliant. I was like, thatís what season three is what I think going to explore. I mean, I have no idea what theyíre going to do in season three. But this other thingÖ

Aaron Ashmore: Itís sort of setting up for that.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. In a very big way, yes.

Natasha Williams: Yes. Because they kind of hinted at it, too, with what happened with Pawterís parents because she mentioned trying to destroy the planet so they wouldnít inhabit it, so.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes.

Natasha Williams: And justÖ

Aaron Ashmore: Lots of little pieces, lots of little bread crumbs, right? And that sort of lead towards that, for sure.

Natasha Williams: Yes. And just what happened in episode nine, it just seems like thatís Ė the decisions that some people are making are just driving towards protecting the quad but in a really twisted way.

Luke Macfarlane: Totally.

Natasha Williams: So, yes, thanks guys. And it was great talking to you guys and asking questions. So thanks and I love the season, hope for a season three.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. Us too.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. Me too. Yes.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Christina Baker from OMFGTV. Your line is open.

Christina Baker: Hey, guys. Just wondering, what do you think is your characterís greatest strength and greatest weakness?

Luke Macfarlane: My characterís, I think, greatest strength is his loyalty and his greatest weakness is his stubbornness.

Aaron Ashmore: Good one. Yes. I mean, I think as far as strength, I think that Johnís super loyal and committed as well even though I think that heís sort of being Ė sort of torn apart like where does his loyalties really lie this season. But I think at the end of the day, his loyalties are always to the people that he cares about. So I think that when you love Ė so I think that there.

Weakness? I think that thereís a slight level of insecurity to John that I think kind of makes him interesting, but I think also thatís probably his biggest weakness. I think sometimes he acts out of that as well. So, yes, maybe those two things.

Christina Baker: All right. Thank you, guys.

Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby. This is your last question from Syfy Vision. Your line is open.

Luke Macfarlane: Thank you.

Jamie Ruby: Hello, again. Good, first and last. So I donít know whether or not this is coming in the finale, but maybe you have an idea if you think it might be in season three. I was just curious if you thought that maybe we would see Sabine again because it kind of left it open that she didnít know if she killed her for sure. And, I mean, to me it was kind of hinting that she might be back. Do you have any thoughts on that or maybe how youíd like to see it if you donít know anything?

Luke Macfarlane: I think weíd love to have her back. You know, itís one of these complicated things with making TV that you donít really know. Thereís so many factors that come and you canít ask an actor to wait for eight months, you know Ö

Jamie Ruby: Yes.

Luke Macfarlane: Öto see if theyíll ever going to come back. But we, the writers and the producers, the fans I think all of them really, really loved her and we would love to have her back. And they certainly left that open for that possibility, yes.

Aaron Ashmore: But Toriís going to be a big star because sheís got her own TV show now on the PW, so sheís probably going to be busy.

Luke Macfarlane: Well, there is that too, yes.

Aaron Ashmore: I think that she did such a good job, such an interesting character and all the staff with both Ė like Díavin and Sabine was so interesting and sort of moving and then all of Sabineís insight and almost like holding a mirror up to DutchĖthat character and those dynamics are so well done.

And Tori is so good and so now sheís got her own TV show. So sheíll probably be busy but who knows that would be so cool to see her back because it was so Ė itís so open-ended right? Itís so open-ended you see the black root dragging her away, right? So itís like Ė yes, I mean, sheís not Ė sheís not dead probably, but Ė so maybe.

Luke Macfarlane: I think she legitimately had a really good time doing this show too. I think she likes the set, so, I mean, that always makes (inaudible).

Aaron Ashmore: And she fits right in, right? Like she just did fit right in.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes. She really did.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes.

Jamie Ruby: All right. Great. Thanks, guys. Itís great talking to you again. Canít wait to see the finale.

Luke Macfarlane: Thanks. Thank you.

Operator: And it looks like we do have one more question. Itís from the line of Theresa Lacson from Your line is open.

Theresa Lacson: OK. Hi. Iím really glad I got this last question in. So given the kind of tragic turn I feel like this show takes sometimes, what will be your ideal happy ending for your character? You know, just not based off of anything else not like if you donít come in the finale I guess since we donít know what happens. What would be your character happy ending?

Aaron Ashmore: Well, I sort of picture the three of us retiring to some small planet somewhere thatís beautiful and weíre all Ė you know, we all survived our Killjoys days and the quad and the world is a safe place and we all have families and we all have spouses and families and we sort of grow old together. Because all of us had such messed up family lives and all that. And I can just picture them being Ė yes, just being one big family. But we had a long way to go.

Luke Macfarlane: Yes, a long way to go. But, yes, remaking families Ė the idea of family. Yes. Thereíd be, four houses on it where we all live nearby with each other.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. A beautiful lake and we live off the land, and, you know I mean? Itís amazing. It turns into a hippy commune and itís Ö

Luke Macfarlane: Yes, wait a second. Iím talking about what I want for my life.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes.

Theresa Lacson: All right. Thatís awesome.

Aaron Ashmore: Yes. Thank you. We live in a national park.

Luke Macfarlane: All right. (Inaudible). Thank you.

Operator: Thank you, everyone.


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