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By Suzanne

Kelly Travis

Interview with Kelly Travis of "The Bachelor" on ABC 1/21/14

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"The Bachelor" airs MONDAYS (8:00 p.m. - 10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Operator: Welcome to ABC's "The Bachelor" call with Mitch Messinger as the leader. This call is being recorded. By staying on this call you are confirming that you consent to this recording. If you do not wish to be recorded, please disconnect from the call at this time. Thank you.

Mr. Messinger, you may begin your call.

Mitch Messinger: Thank you very much. Good morning and good afternoon, depending on what coast you guys are on. This is our second call of the Juan Pablo season of "The Bachelor" and we are very happy to have Kelly, one of the girls who is still in the running for Juan Pablo's heart, on the line. She's calling from - or calling in from Atlanta, GA.

Before I completely forget, remember that we have - in addition to, obviously, next Monday's great episode, our third episode of the season, we also have our Sunday night special "The Bachelor Love Stories" where we'll see follow-up to a lot of our successful couples of the franchise, including Trista and Ryan, who will be renewing their vows.

So without further ado, I will - we'll start the call. And remember, on call - I'm sorry, one question and with a follow-up and let everyone have a chance. And then if there is still time to allow for further questions, please ask them then. Thank you.

Operator: And ladies and gentlemen, if you would like to ask a question, please press star then the number one on your telephone keypad.

Your first question comes from Amy Harrington from "Pulp Culture Fashionistas."

Amy Harrington: Hi, thanks so much for your time this morning.

Kelly Travis: Hi, Amy.

Amy Harrington: So tell me, what did you think when you were given the dog costume? The costume at the dog photo shoot.

Kelly Travis: Oh, the dog costume. At first I was shocked just because I didn't know how they were going to get all of my hair in the bald cap. However, I was totally OK with it just because I'm very easygoing. So, you know, it was fun and not a big issue at all. There were definitely worse costumes I would rather be painted than nude, so.

Amy Harrington: Good, good attitude. And were you afraid at all that Juan Pablo wouldn't see you as sexy after you had to be dressed like that?

Kelly Travis: You know what? He had shared a story that he had been put in a bald cap as well. So he made it more comfortable and I think that he obviously knew I wasn't going to be sexy in that. (And so that's) how I was going to come across either way. It wasn't - I think it showed my fun side.

Amy Harrington: Definitely. Well, thanks for your time today.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from Gina Scarpa from

Gina Scarpa: Hey, Kelly.

Kelly Travis: Hi, how are you?

Gina Scarpa: I'm good thanks. So, you know obviously the pressure of trying to get Juan Pablo's attention can get to a lot of women and I was wondering how you dealt with the stress of that and competing with the other women.

Kelly Travis: The stress of competing with other women for his attention. You know, my group of girls was pretty good in getting everyone a little bit of (time). And, you know, up to this point we all are in the same boat and now one really had a leg up on anyone else. So I'm a pretty competitive person but in that situation it wasn't - there was not much competition.

I mean, he is - he'll be the first to tell everyone he's very fair. And so he tried to make sure he spent time with everyone. And he's really good about that.

Gina Scarpa: And then also I was wondering, you know, it might be hard to establish such a personal connection early on so what was your immediate attraction to Juan Pablo or what were your initial feelings for him?

Kelly Travis: My initial feeling's that he's very laid back and funny and I, you know, use my humor for everything. Like that's a huge part of my personality, so. I went in, like, being friendly with him and trying to create a friendship first because I think that for me relationships start with friendship and humor and laughing and so that's what I went in doing.

Gina Scarpa: Great. Thank you so much.

Kelly Travis: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from Beth Kwiatkowski from "Reality TV World."

Beth Kwiatkowski: Hi, Kelly. How are you doing?

Kelly Travis: Hi, Beth.

Beth Kwiatkowski: So the show billed you as the dog lover and, while it's cute, it seems like some viewers are having a hard time taking you seriously as a contestant because of that. Similar to how Lucy was dubbed the free spirit. So what's your actual current job and did it bother you that producers chose to call you dog lover instead of anything else or was that at your request?

Kelly Travis: My current job I do business development for a construction company so I actually have a job. I honestly didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal. I didn't think the viewers would automatically assume I'm unemployed and I think it was supposed to be funny. I mean, again, I view myself as funny so I think it was taken a little out of context.

And now reading, you know, comments like - my friends tell me, "Oh, Kelly. People think you don't have a job." And it doesn't bother me because I know I truly have a great job that I am great at. However, I am passionate about animal rescue and I am a dog lover, obviously. So I think it was just supposed to be funny and everyone took it out of context.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. Got you. So did you want to bring your dog Molly with you on the show and therefore ask the producers permission? Or was it the type of situation where the producers actually suggested you bring her along with you and did you ever worry Juan Pablo might react negatively to the fact you always had a dog with you?

Kelly Travis: Well, she wasn't always with me. She lives in the house, first and foremost. You know, it came up in casting. One of the producers asked what I was hesitant on. And, truly, to be gone for potentially nine weeks I didn't want to put my dog in boarding that long. And it would be hard for me to find someone to watch her that long.

So I jokingly said, "Well, can I bring my dog," and they were like, "Sure." And then that's how it happened. It was as casual as that. There wasn't a big conversation on it. She's a great dog and did great in the house and the girls loved her. So it just was a very casual conversation. It was not a big deal.

It's funny. I didn't realize that no one had ever brought a dog on the show. I mean, I didn't realize it was going to be such a big deal.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK, awesome. Thanks, Kelly.

Kelly Travis: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from Jennifer Peros from "Us Weekly Magazine."

Jennifer Peros: Hi, Kelly. Thanks so much for joining us.

Kelly Travis: Hi, Jennifer.

Jennifer Peros: So wanted to see - what were some of the other girls' reactions to Molly being in the house? Did everyone lover here? Were there some girls that weren't so crazy about it?

Kelly Travis: Oh, there were some girls in the beginning that were jealous. One of the girls, Chelsie, she loves her dog, throws it birthday parties. I mean, she'd told me several times, she was like, "I wish I had my dog there." So I think at first there was a little bit of jealousy for some girls.

There are two girls that aren't dog people and I totally get that. And so they didn't understand it. But probably after night two of living in the house, everyone adored her. Because she really is very relaxed and she makes it feel like a home. And I think, after everyone being away from home and being used to having their dog around, to have a dog around truly did make it a home. So in the end, everyone loved her.

Jennifer Peros: Good. And then just a second question. I mean, tell us a little bit about, like, what Juan Pablo is really like. Maybe some things that we haven't seen on camera. Like, what did you learn about him, I guess?

Kelly Travis: You know, I thought he would be more serious than he actually is. I know in (Des's season) he didn't get much air time but he's very, like, playful and relaxed and funny. And, you know, he's definitely this outgoing personality that we didn't see on (Des's season) and I don't know that we've seen much of it yet.

You know, the first night we had a photo booth and a dance party and, I mean, it's truly part of who he is. He's just kind of relaxed and easy going and stays out of all the drama. Just very relaxed.

Jennifer Peros: Great. Thank you so much.

Kelly Travis: thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from Valerie Nome from "OK! Magazine."

Valerie Nome: Hi, Kelly.

Kelly Travis: Hi, Valerie.

Valerie Nome: I wanted to find out did Juan Pablo seem sincere about finding love and why or why not?

Kelly Travis: He did seem sincere about it. I mean, he's a very genuine person and you can tell that in talking to him about anything. You know, he has a lot of passion for everything he does and I think he made that very clear in the house - that he was there, you know, to find a wife and a step mother for his daughter.

And there was nothing that made us think otherwise. I mean, he was very genuine the entire time. So I think, yes, he is there to find love.

Valerie Nome: And do you think he's a good dad and why or why not?

Kelly Travis: I do. I think that he's a great dad. He's, you know, made it a point that it's - Camilla is the biggest part of his life and she always will be his princess. And, you know, he's definitely a playful dad and uses the role as dad to, you know, play with his child and I think her mother's probably more, you know, the one that puts her foot down. He doesn't seem like he does that

But he does seem like a good dad. You know, we didn't get to see him up to this point with his daughter so it's - we just go off of how he talks about her. And every time he talks about her his face lights up, so.

Valerie Nome: OK, great. Thank you.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from Amanda Hamilton Sy from

Amanda Hamilton Sy: Hi, Kelly. Thanks for taking the call today.

Kelly Travis: Hi, Amanda.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: Is there a bachelorette or maybe more than one bachelorette in the house that you're worried is not in the house for the right reasons?

Kelly Travis: You know, it's hard to take Lucy seriously just because she made a comment that, you know, she doesn't know how she would be a mother when she acts like a child herself. So it's kind of hard to take her seriously. And even watching her, I'm sure, the audience doesn't take her seriously. But she's the only one that you really get the sense of, like, "Hmm. Why are you here, Lucy?"

Amanda Hamilton Sy: And who do you feel like is your biggest competition in the house for Juan Pablo's attention?

Kelly Travis: Right now my biggest competition is probably Clare just because she got the first one-on-one date. So there's definitely some initial attraction there.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: Great. Thank you.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from Evan Real from "In Touch."

Evan Real: Hey, Kelly.

Kelly Travis: Hi, Evan. How are you?

Evan Real: I'm doing well. So for the girls who Juan Pablo is finding connections with including yourself do you feel like, you know, they're mom material or not since that is so important to Juan Pablo?

Kelly Travis: You know, the only one that I truly question being mom material would be Lucy. And the other girls - I mean there are some young girls but they - you know, Cassandra's the youngest and she's already a mother. And she's the - the other girls are very mature for their age. There's - with the exception of maybe one.

Evan Real: Yes.

Kelly Travis: But whenever I talk to them they seem like that's what they want. And you can only, you know, we only know so much about each other. So I can only go off what they say. But they're all great girls. I mean, he has a great group. I don't think that anyone, with the exception of Lucy, would be, you know, not a good mother at this point.

Evan Real: Right. And then also for those girls who are finding connections with Juan Pablo - do you think that the ones who may not be there for the right reasons could break Juan Pablo's heart? Because it seems like he sincerely wants to find love and a good, you know, a mother figure for Camilla at the end of this.

Kelly Travis: Right. It does seem like he does want to find love. So I think that if he ended up choosing someone, you know, that doesn't seem like she's there for the right reason it would probably break his heart. Because, you know, he's putting himself out there and putting his daughter out there and it's a big step for him.

So to end up with someone that was just there for a joy ride or whatever it may be ...

Evan Real: Right.

Kelly Travis: I think he would definitely get his heart broken.

Evan Real: Right. Great. Thank you so much.

Kelly Travis: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from comes from Lynda Hirsch from "Creators Syndicate".

Lynda Hirsch: Hi, Kelly. Thanks for talking to us today.

Kelly Travis: Hi, Lynda.

Lynda Hirsch: You know, the show obviously is edited. It has to be. When you watched Monday's show - air show - did you go, "Well, what happened to this? And why did they put this in there?" What was your feeling about watching an episode?

Kelly Travis: You know, Monday's show was pretty accurate in terms of the Victoria blow up then, you know, walking it back. That's exactly how I remember it happening. You know, it was like, mm, well, you can't really edit anything because that's really what happened.

I didn't watch it and think, "Oh, why didn't they show this?," and, "Why didn't they show that?" I thought that the very end of, like, my interview after getting a rose was short because we - but Victoria took up most of that time. So I understand it. But truly Monday's episode was exactly how it happened. I mean, there was no changing that.

Lynda Hirsch: Thank you very much, Kelly.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from Sammi Torino from "TV Grapevine."

Sammi Torino: Hi, Kelly. How are you?

Kelly Travis: Hi, good. How are you?

Sammi Torino: Very good, thank you. And I want to say I'm a fellow dog lover too so I'm so happy you're on the show (with actually) your baby.

Kelly Travis: Oh, good. Good.

Sammi Torino: My question for you is on the first rose ceremony, he also included - Juan Pablo also included your dog in the rose ceremony. How did that make you feel?

Kelly Travis: I know. I, you know, it's funny. Whenever he said, "Kelly and Molly," all the girls were like, "Aww." And in my head I'm like, "Of course he should say both of us because we kind of are a package deal." Like, you know, everyone else is like, "Aww, that's so cute." I'm like, "No, of course."

So I thought it was cute but at the same point we are a package deal. And, you know, you can't just say me without her so.

Sammi Torino: And my other question too is how does Juan Pablo react to Molly? Does he play with her while he's in the house with you? Or ...

Kelly Travis: Yes. You know, it's cute. Every time he comes into the house she goes up and greets him and, like, jumps on his little leg and wags her tail. And he always says hello to her. And, I mean, he's definitely a dog person. He's had dogs before. He just travels too much for them now.

And it's cute. I think Mo - I think dogs are good judges of character and she likes him so that's good.

Sammi Torino: Glad to hear it. Thank you so much and say hi to Molly for me.

Kelly Travis: I will. Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from Lori Peters from "New York Splash."

Lori Peters: Hi, Kelly. How are you?

Kelly Travis: Good. How are you?

Lori Peters: Great. So I read that when Juan Pablo surprised you with coming into the Venezuela breakfast that you weren't wearing any makeup and also you had to wear the bald cap. So are you concerned about how he sees you?

Kelly Travis: You know, it's funny. I wake up earlier than everyone to let Molly out. So I get up before the girls. And I had actually had an eye injury, like, two days prior to that so I couldn't wear contacts and I had on glasses and I'm just not comfortable in glasses. It's just one of those things that I don't like myself in glasses.

So I go downstairs and he's in the kitchen making breakfast. And it's such a sweet gesture and I feel like such a jerk because he was like, "Good morning," and I'm like, "Oh. Hi." And, like, running outside. I'm like how am I going to sneak upstairs to put on makeup?

Because, you know, typically if I'm dating in the real world, I wouldn't let a guy see me that early without getting ready. And eventually the person you're dating does see you that way but you're still trying to impress. And he's there trying to impress us, cooking breakfast. And here I am in like a nighty and knee-high socks with glasses on.

So it was not my comfort zone for sure. But it wasn't a huge deal. It's one of those things like, "OK, well, I guess I have to get over it." Not ideal for sure. And the bald cap was not ideal for sure. But if he can get past those two things then we have something we're working with.

Lori Peters: And so it seemed like in the beginning, on the first episode, Molly really didn't like Juan Pablo. Did Molly get to play with Camilla?

Kelly Travis: No, Molly didn't get to play with Camilla. And (at) the first episode, (you got to think) - Molly is in a new place and she's getting out of a car that she's never been. And there's cameras and she's just like, "Oh, OK. I don't really know you. I'm going to go explore elsewhere."

You know, she likes him now. They have a great relationship now. But in the beginning, I'm sure, it was a little awkward for her.

Lori Peters: Thank you.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question comes from Carrie Bell from "People Magazine."

Carrie Bell: Hi. Good morning.

Kelly Travis: Good morning.

Carrie Bell: I was wondering - the Victoria thing was fantastic television to watch. I can't imagine really what it was like experiencing it in person. Can you kind of talk about - did you expect that sort of, kind of, explosion from her? Or was it totally out of the blue, out of context, like, just did it, kind of, take you guys completely by surprise?

Kelly Travis: Oh, you know, it's funny. I think Victoria had been drinking all day. So I was in the van with her on the way over to get ready for the night part of the date. And she was very loud and, I mean, I'm sure you guys saw that she made a comment that I said I wanted to put a bark collar on her. Because she was being so loud and it just kept - I mean she just kept drinking.

And ultimately, like, in my head I envisioned that happening. But I didn't think it would happen to that extent. And it truly was like a light switch. Like, one minute she was just being loud and the drunk girl to the next minute she was throwing our stuff everywhere.

And I even think that it, you know, watching it, it didn't look as bad as it actually was. I mean, it was probably the worst drunk mess I've ever seen. I mean she was a complete disaster. And I doubt she re - I don't know how she didn't wake up the next day with the worst hangover. Because she was a disaster.

But it was just like a light switch. We didn't see - I mean we saw her getting drunk, obviously, and kind of slurring. But we didn't see it going to, like, a full out explosion.

Carrie Bell: OK. And then my other question is when you - you know, obviously you know some stuff about Juan Pablo as you go in because you've seen him on the other season. And, you know, I'm sure they tell you some things and you have a couple of, you know, moments when you first meet him. But, you know, at this point, you know - well, obviously it's a backup because, you know, now it's further along but - at this point in the process, you know, were you thinking, like, he could be the one? Or, I mean, were you still like, "Yes. OK. I'm still in this. He could be the - he could really potentially be a husband to me?"

Kelly Travis: I mean, I move slower than, you know, say a Clare. You know, Clare is very quick when it comes to guys and I think that you can see in episode. She is the emotional girl. And I think that after their first date she thought, "Oh, I can see myself with Juan Pablo for the rest of my life."

But for me I need more than just, you know, a few one-on-one times to say this is husband material. So I saw, you know, a great guy up to this point. And obviously I want to end up with a great guy. But it wasn't one of those things where I was like, "Yes. Like, this is someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Because that's just not how I'm wired. And some of the other girls are. It's just not me at all. So I'm definitely, like, at a point where it's like, "Oh, he's fun," and I want a deeper connection. But up to this point I'm not head over heels and thinking he's my husband.

Carrie Bell: I think that sounds sensible. Thank you.

Kelly Travis: Thanks. Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from Valerie Nome from "OK! Magazine."

Valerie Nome: Hi. What was Juan Pablo best quality and what did you think his least appealing quality was and why?

Kelly Travis: His best quality during this was probably the fact that he's extremely fair. And he made all of us feel like we were definitely going to get time with him and to share part of ourselves. Because I think that, you know, in past seasons some girls have felt like they didn't get enough time.

And then, you know, he has said, like, "I will be completely fair throughout this whole season." I think that he made sure that he was.

His worst quality? I mean, it's - I won't even say that it's like a bad quality but there is a little bit of a language barrier. And for me I joke all the time and so I would have to explain some of my jokes. And so it was not working in my favor at all. Like, I'm like, "Oh, no. He's not even going to get it." I'm like, "You know, like giddy." He's like, "No." I'm like, "OK."

So that's probably the one hindrance on the whole thing.

Valerie Nome: And do you think he's still hung up on his ex, Carla, and why or why not?

Kelly Travis: I wouldn't say that he's still hung up on her. I think that they have a very close relationship and he makes sure that we all know that. And, you know, she is one of his best friends. And I feel like that's how it should be. Whenever you have a daughter with someone, in order to maintain a great relationship with your daughter, which is what he wants, I think it's great that they're close friends. But I don't think he's necessarily hung up on her.

Valerie Nome: Thank you.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question is a follow-up from Beth Kwiatkowski from "Reality TV World."

Beth Kwiatkowski: Hi, Kelly.

Kelly Travis: Hi, Beth.

Beth Kwiatkowski: So you talked a little bit earlier about when Juan Pablo saw you without makeup and you were in your glasses and such. I guess, did you already have a little bit of an insecurity about people seeing you without makeup before going on the show or did Juan Pablo actually react in some way that gave you an insecurity about how you looked that morning? Like, maybe he did something to spark a little emotional reaction in you or something?

Kelly Travis: No. I think our - it's not that I have an insecurity about it. My grandmother is very old fashioned. I mean, I'm from a small town in Georgia and we're just very southern. And she alw+ays said, "Never let a man see you without your face on." And I guess I've always, you know, especially in the beginning, I've always gotten ready and put myself together. Because I feel like if they're taking the time to take me on a date and that sort of thing then I should take the time to get ready.

So it wasn't necessarily that he sparked this insecurity or that this insecurity was there before. I think it's just been ingrained in me, you know, growing up in a southern family that you don't let a man see you without your face on. And I don't wear much makeup. It's not like I look like a totally different person without makeup. It's just one of those things that I've always been told when I was little. And after going on one date with him, I wouldn't typically let someone see me without my makeup on.

So it threw me for a loop. But it wasn't a huge insecurity.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. And did you kind of get the vibe during the show that looks were very important to Juan Pablo? Or did you believe he was truly looking for his match in every other way?

Kelly Travis: Well, I think every girl's beautiful and I think men are visual creatures so it definitely plays a part in it for sure. But I don't think he, I mean, I didn't get a vibe that he was just into looks or anything of that sort. Because he did try to get to know us better and on a deeper level. And some gorgeous girls went home night one.

So it's not like he went around and said, "Oh, she's the prettiest. I'm going to keep her." Because there were definitely some very, very pretty girls that went home night one.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. Sure and do you see any frontrunners emerging this early on in the season. Like, did any bachelorette stand out to you because they seemed to have a great connection with Juan Pablo or maybe he seemed very interested in them?

Kelly Travis: Right no Sharleen. You know, there's definitely some chemistry between them. And she got the first impression rose. And I think that he definitely is intrigued by her, which we all are intrigued by her as well. I mean, she's very - she's a classy girl. And she's the epitome of a woman. And I think that that's definitely our biggest competition. I mean, she's a very intriguing girl.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. Thank you, Kelly.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question is a follow-up from Amanda Sy from

Amanda Hamilton Sy: Hi, again.

Kelly Travis: Hi.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: You mentioned that you move slower but do you believe in love at first sight?

Kelly Travis: I believe in lust at first sight. I don't believe in love at first sight. I think that love requires, you know, being able to overcome so much of life's, kind of, whatever life throws at you. And I don't think that you can figure that out in the very beginning of meeting someone.

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe it exists but I personally haven't experienced it and I think that you have to build a friendship with someone in order to get through, like, life's obstacles. I don't think you can really tell that from first impressions. So I personally don't believe love at first sight.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: What's the best love advice you've ever received?

Kelly Travis: The best love advice I've ever received is probably do what makes your heart beat the fastest. And truly that's what I've tried to follow. You know, I think that if you follow your heart and you're doing something that you're passionate about and you're in love with someone that every day you want to wake up and do things to make them happy, then you can't go wrong.

And to this day, I mean, that's the best advice I've received.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: And then, we've seen this in past seasons obviously. It's not only one dramatic breakdown that we're going to see. I'm sure that there'll be more to come this season. Did you have any worries or fears going into the house having seen some of the past dramas in past seasons?

Kelly Travis: I was definitely a little apprehensive going into the house. I have never had female roommates. So going into a house and living with, you know, 20 other girls, you know, you're - I was truly worried that they were going to be completely nuts. And luckily we've got great girls in our house. And it wasn't, you know, major chaos all the time.

But going into it I was definitely apprehensive about the girls. You know, I've just always lived alone. And I like it that way. So to have to share things with all these females and have to deal with their emotions it was like, "Oh, no. How am I going to get through this." But it was better than expected for sure.

Amanda Hamilton Sy: Great. Thank you.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question is a follow-up from Valerie Nome from "OK! Magazine."

Valerie Nome: Hi. Which women were you closest to in the show and have you remained friends and why or why not?

Kelly Travis: I am closest with Sharleen and Christy and I intend to remain friends with them for life. You know, they're just great, great women and I will learn from them so much. And, you know, I truly believe that we should surround ourselves with women that empower us to be better. And smart, intelligent, funny, like, gorgeous women. And that's what I try to do in daily life.

And those two girls, I mean, they're just great. Like, Sharleen is my heart and I will be friends with her forever. She's great.

Valerie Nome: Yes. And do you think that Juan Pablo enjoys the fame and attention "The Bachelor" has brought him and why or why not?

Kelly Travis: Do I think he enjoys the fame that it has gotten him? I really don't think that was what he was in it for. I think that he, you know, he's very genuine and he tells us that he was doing it for find love. So I believe him whenever he says that.

Do I think he, I mean, likes the fact that people know him now? Of course, like, what guy doesn't? (He has) an ego. But I don't think that that's why he did it.

Valerie Nome: Thank you.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: Your next question is a follow-up from Lori Peters from "New York Splash."

Lori Peters: Hi, Kelly.

Kelly Travis: Hi, Lori.

Lori Peters: So how do you feel about, like, extreme sports like bungee jumping, or? I mean I know there was a soccer game but - Does any of that concern you?

Kelly Travis: I love that kind of stuff. Like, I love bungee jumping. I've never been sky diving; I've always wanted to do it. So that part of it didn't scare me at all. And luckily it's not "Bachelor Pad" so I wasn't afraid that we were going to have to eat gross things and, you know, because I'm not really good at that.

But I wasn't really scared that - you know, they give you this quiz and they tell you, like, "What's your biggest fear?" And I was like, "OK. I'm not actually going to put my biggest fear on here because I'm sure that they're going to put me on a date with it if I had put that down." So I tried to steer away from answering those honestly, just in case. But the bungee jumping and extreme sports, that stuff doesn't scare me.

Lori Peters: Oh. OK. And, like, you said on the show that when Victoria was going to be gone that it was less competition so you were glad about that. Do you feel that, like, Lucy isn't competition and who else didn't you feel you had to compete with?

Kelly Travis: I didn't think that Lucy was competition at all. I didn't think that Lauren S. was competition just because she was so quiet and kind of awkward (around him) and she admits that she's out of her comfort zone. So I didn't view that as competition.

Those were the major ones. I didn't really view Elise as competition.

Lori Peters: Yes.

Kelly Travis: I just didn't see a connection between them. So, probably those four girls.

Lori Peters: Thank you.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: Your final question is a follow-up from Beth Kwiatkowski from "Reality TV World."

Beth Kwiatkowski: Hi, Kelly. Why did you originally apply for "The Bachelor?" Was it really to find love - more specifically find love with Juan? Or were you just thinking it might be a great experience?

Kelly Travis: I didn't know it was going to be him. A girlfriend of mine signed me up. I got out of a four and a half year relationship, like, six months prior to her, you know, signing me up. And it was one of the things where crazier things have happened and if I can put myself out there. And I do think that it works. I think that the show can bring people together that may not have found each other otherwise.

So it - I went on there for potentially finding a connection with him. And I was told that he was fun, he had a great sense of humor and that's what I want in someone. So I definitely went on there to find love. You know, do think crazier things have happened, so.

And it was a great experience, I mean.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. And you were talking just now about Lucy a little bit and how you didn't really see her as competition. But obviously she's a very different type of girl. You know, she loves walking around naked and such. What do you think about Juan Pablo's decision to keep her around at this point in the season? And did that ever make you worry about what that might say about who Juan Pablo is as a man or what he's looking for in a girl?

Kelly Travis: I never questioned him keeping her around because he didn't see how she was in the house, so. In front of him, she was clothed and she is very interesting. I mean, she's intelligent. You talk to her and she has life experiences that are interesting and I can see someone being intrigued by that.

And I did think that eventually their connection wouldn't be strong enough for her to stay around. Just because she is younger and she's, like, the last unicorn. I mean, (you can) keep her around because you're like, "What's going to happen next?" But once you get down to where, "OK. I've got to actually have a connection with someone," you're probably not going to keep her around.

You know, several times I joked because Lucy and Juan Pablo'd be having one-on-one time and everyone's like, "Oh, where's Lucy?" And I'm like, "She's probably found Narnia and has taken him there." I mean, she's just a very different character and I think he was probably intrigued by it at first.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. And what exactly are you looking for in a guy in general and which of those qualities did you see in Juan Pablo that made you feel he'd be a good match for you?

Kelly Travis: For me, I need a guy with passion and he's definitely passionate. You know, he's passionate about music and life and that's truly important to me. And I need a guy that has a sense of humor because life gets hard and if you can't laugh through it then how are we ever going to make it? You know?

And he is funny and he's relaxed and that's important. And I need someone that's intelligent and I want to constantly learn. I have to be learning in a relationship or I get bored quickly. So I want someone that's intelligent and challenges me. And, you know, he definitely had a lot of those qualities that I'm looking for overall.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. And so far this season the girls seem to be getting along really well with one another to the point where they're even truly supporting each other. My guess is that might change once girls develop more feelings for Juan. So could you talk about that a little bit? Like, did tension start settling in at a certain point and therefore do you believe a lot of the friendships formed in the beginning may be weren't genuine?

Kelly Travis: I think in the beginning everyone was on their best behavior. And I think that it's that way every season, I'm assuming. Because you go into a house and you don't want to overstep boundaries and you don't want to rub a person the wrong way. And I know that in the beginning, I rubbed people the wrong way because I went in completely who I am and sometimes I can offend people even when I don't mean to. And I make snarky comments.

And so I think in the beginning everyone was on their best behavior. And then as you start developing feelings for someone you're not going to pretend to like someone when you don't. And you're not going to pretend to be OK with fact that, you know, your girlfriend kissed him and is talking to you about it.

So I'm sure that happens every season but I definitely think friendships will change as it goes on. And I'm sure you'll be able to see that when the show goes on.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK. And just a last quick question, Kelly - has Juan Pablo eliminated any of the girls that really shocked you? Someone maybe you thought was going to get a rose or should have gotten one that got sent home?

Kelly Travis: Up to this point, no, I wasn't really shocked by any of the eliminations. You know, night one there was one girl - and honestly I don't remember her name and that's terrible - but she was a pretty girl and she spoke Spanish and think they just didn't have time to talk. And so that kind of surprised me. But it didn't surprise me when I realized that they didn't have one-on-one time.

Beth Kwiatkowski: OK, perfect. Thanks Kelly.

Kelly Travis: Thanks.

Operator: And there're no further questions at this time.

Mitch, do you have any closing remarks?

Mitch Messinger: No. Just thanking everybody for their time this morning/this afternoon, depending on where you are. And, obviously, if you have any questions about the interviews today or anything else with the show please contact me.

We will talk again, hopefully next week. And thank you again.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, this does conclude today's conference. Thank you for participating. You may now disconnect.

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