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By Suzanne

Chelsea Kane

Interview with Chelsea Kane of "Drop Dead Diva" on Lifetime 9/5/12

Moderator: Devon Sanceda
September 5, 2012
11:00 am CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by. Welcome to the Drop Dead Diva conference call with guest star, Chelsea Kane.

During the presentation, all participants will be in a listen only mode. Afterwards, we will conduct a question and answer session. At that time, if you have a question, please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator, please press star followed by the 0.

As a reminder, this conference is being recorded Wednesday, September 5, 2012. I would now like to turn the conference over to Ms. Devon Sanceda. Please go ahead.

Devon Sanceda: Hi everyone, thanks again for joining. This is our - the final Drop Dead Diva conference call of Season 4. Our finale airs this Sunday, September 9 at 9:00 pm on Lifetime. And our guest star of this episode is Chelsea Kane who plays Paige McBride, a pop singer who is charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend. In the trial, she is - sheís accused of killing him the way she described she would always want to kill him in a song she wrote. We have Chelsea on the line and weíre going to go ahead and open it up to questions.

Just so you know, I will be sending a transcript of this call to everyone tomorrow afternoon. Thanks so much. (Sylvana), itís all yours.

Operator: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, if youíd like to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. You will hear a three tone prompt to acknowledge your request. If your question has been answered and you would like to withdraw your registration, please press the 1 followed by the 3. If you are using a speakerphone, please lift your handset before entering your request.

One moment please for the first question.

And our first question comes from the line of Raeanne Rubenstein with Dish Magazine. Please proceed.

Raeanne Rubenstein: Hey, Chelsea.

Chelsea Kane: Hi, good morning.

Raeanne Rubenstein: How are you today?

Chelsea Kane: Iím doing fine, thanks. How are you?

Raeanne Rubenstein: Good, well thank you for doing this conference for us.

Chelsea Kane: Oh, absolutely. Iím more than happy to.

Raeanne Rubenstein: Oh, I live in Nashville, Chelsea, and so Iím inundated with country music every day. So...

Chelsea Kane: All right.

Raeanne Rubenstein: ...can you tell me a little bit about your career. Iíd love to know where youíre at and what your ambitions are.

Chelsea Kane: Well, I mean, this was so much fun to play a little country singer. I grew up singing and doing theatre and, of course, Iím a huge fan of the Taylor Swifts and Carrie Underwoods of the world and of course I donít consider myself a singer, so to kind of get thrown into this pop star character was a lot of fun.

And I had a great time shooting this because I had just finished shooting the first season of show on ABC Family, which is called Baby Daddy, which is live audience sitcom. So, to suddenly go back in to single camera, a little more dramatic role, it was nice to kind of dip back into something like that.

Raeanne Rubenstein: Were you charmed by the story that you were playing? I mean, this idea that a fan could, you know, murder your husband because of a song lyric. Do you think thereís any truth in that kind of idea? Some fans are very...

Chelsea Kane: Well...

Raeanne Rubenstein: ...fanatic.

Chelsea Kane: Yes, well kind of growing up in the business when - in this kind of pop craze, working with the Jonas Brothers at the very beginning of my carrier was fascinating because they were surrounded by fanatics. And I think there were even some cases where there were songs written about them and they would write songs about their love life. So it was really interesting to kind of watch the yearbook of our friends and, you know, who we ran around with, writing all these pop songs about each other and kind of decoding which one was about who.

And I think it was just really fun that Drop Dead Diva kind of touched on that. That, you know, hereís this young pop star, Paige McBride, and itís actually her boyfriend. Sheís been dating this hot little club promoter who she discovers has been cheating on her and writes a song about, you know, wanting to slash his tires with a kitchen knife.

And so, the minute that happens, itís just really funny but the who done it, whether it was a fanatic or Paige herself. And I just - I think itís really interesting how fanatics can, you know, become such a part of these pop starsí lives and feel like they know them. And I just - I loved getting to kind of poke fun at the people that I - that surrounded me when I was...

Raeanne Rubenstein: Yes.

Chelsea Kane: ...when I was working on Disney.

Raeanne Rubenstein: Awesome. Thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, as a reminder, to register for a question, it is the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone.

And our next question comes from the line of Michael Gallagher with Please proceed.

Michael Gallagher: Hey, howís it going?

Chelsea Kane: Hi, good morning.

Michael Gallagher: So your first scene starts off with you being complimented on your hairstyle. So, I went online to see if anybody had ever asked you any questions about that and I was kind of surprises by how popular the topic was (unintelligible), you know, and, you know, all kinds of stuff. So whatís the story behind why you chose to go with that look and are you surprised by the popularity of it?

Chelsea Kane: Yes, I was really surprised by the great comments and questions and copies that my haircut received. I cut it a few years back. Mainly out of being hot, tired of long hair and I definitely fallen victim to the LA loo, you know, long beach blonde hair, lots of extensions.

And to be honest with you, I just got really tired of it and really tired of the hours put in getting ready for work in the morning. Iíd have to spend an extra - about an extra hour in the makeup chair. So, I decided to just cut it all off and I love it.

I donít know if I could ever go back to long hair again and Iím so flattered that, you know, that the girls like it and the guys like it too, which I feel like hair is always such a, you know, such a big deal. Long hair is always such a big deal for boys.

But, no itís been great and itís been so fun. Iím very active on Twitter. Itís been so fun to see the different kids that send pictures of their haircut and, you know, I - itís just extremely flattering all the way around. And Iím happy that - Iím happy people like it.

Michael Gallagher: Now, why did you decide to take on this role and what do you like best about the show?

Chelsea Kane: I just - when I first heard the character, I just thought it was so - it - how much fun did that sound, you know, to play to first of all play a country star and Iím sure my dad, whoís a big country fanatic will love it. And you know, I like the show. I, you know, heard of the show. My friends watch it and it just sounded fun (unintelligible) and do something totally different and I had never played a character like that. And also, I loved that she was kind of a nice pop start. You know, here she is getting caught up in this mess when sheís already heartbroken and I just thought that was a fun way to take it.

Most of the, I feel like ďpop star, movie starĒ roles out there for young blond girls are usually pretty mean and conniving, so I like that this girl has a heart and she just kind of got caught up in a bad situation. So, thatís what really drew me to the project.

Plus, you know, to be shooting in Atlanta and there were some other guest stars on the show that I was excited. Kelly Osbourne plays my biggest fan, which is hysterical to me because Iím such a fan of her. So, that was a very surreal moment. And (unintelligible) was also on the episode, even though we didnít have any scenes together. I grew up watching all of his movies and, you know, it was fun to see him in the hotel restaurant at the end of the night. So, it was all the way around just a great experience for me.

Michael Gallagher: All right. Thank you.

Chelsea Kane: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of (Robin James), Freelance Journalist. Please proceed.

Robin James: Hello, good morning.

Chelsea Kane: Good morning.

Robin James: So you mentioned Kelly Osbourne and I know that she plays kind of a fanatic, crazy fan on the show. So I was just wondering - I actually have two parts - if you could tell us a little bit about working with Kelly. You said you were a big fan of her. And then also, if youíve ever had any kind of crazy, fanatic fans and what kind of fun stories can you share with us about that?

Chelsea Kane: Working with Kelly was amazing. I just think sheís so cool. You know, I just love her. I grew up watching, you know, her show on MTV and got to meet her for the first time after my experience on Dancing with the Stars. She was very, you know, active in that and I got to guest star on her show, The Fashion Police.

But, it was such a pleasant surprise. I had already taken the role and done a couple days of shooting when they cast Kelly as the biggest fan and it was so exciting to see her and talking about, you know, well we were just on the subject of cool hair. If I could pull of lavender, I definitely would. And yes, itís just - itís - sheís such a cool girl and such a nice girl and it was great to be able to work with her in a non-reality department. She did a really good job.

And then, from there - as far as fanatic experiences go, Iíve never really had a crazy, scary situation myself. I love my fans and we have a great, you know, relationship online and whenever there is - whenever there are events. But, like I was saying earlier, it was really, really interesting to be working with the Jonas Brothers right as that craze hit and just the extremes that not only the fans would go to, but the mom would go to was crazy.

You know, watching moms drop their kids off with bikes in front of the Jonas Brothersí house so that they could ride bikes around with us or, you know, we had padlocks or almost like key codes. It was like getting into the White House to get onto our set. The key codes changed weekly because we had so much problem with girls sneaking into our sets and hiding in the dressing room and hiding in the showers. Finding their way...

Robin James: Oh my goodness.

Chelsea Kane: Finding their way into, you know, to get close to the boys. So, you know, it was a fun experience because the girls were innocent and I got to watch it from afar. Iím sure I would be feeling very differently if I opened my shower and a fan was standing in there. So Iíve never had a crazy experience.

Robin James: Absolutely. Well, thank you.

Chelsea Kane: Absolutely. Thank you.

Operator: And re there presently no further questions at this time. Iíll turn the call back to you for your closing remarks.

Chelsea Kane: Back to me...

Devon Sanceda: Ah, thank...

Chelsea Kane: talk?

Devon Sanceda: No...

Chelsea Kane: Oh.

Devon Sanceda: ...for me. Thank you everyone for calling in. Chelsea, is there anything else youíd like to add before we conclude?

Chelsea Kane: No, this is great. Thank you guys so much. Iím really flattered to have been included in the press for this episode.

Devon Sanceda: Thank you so much (Sylvana), your - thereís no additional questions, correct?

Operator: Actually, there is a follow up question. And thatís from...

Devon Sanceda: Do you mind answering that Chelsea?

Chelsea Kane: Yes, absolutely.

Devon Sanceda: Oh, great.

Operator: Okay. And thatís a follow up question from the line of (Robin James) with Freelance Journalist. Please go ahead.

Robin James: Hi again, sorry, I didnít want you to go...

Chelsea Kane: Hi.

Robin James: I had one more question. A lot of stuff that I work for is international as well and I know that international fans, theyíre always interested in seeing people who started in acting really young and have had such a diverse career. So I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about your career in theatre and television and the different types of shows. And, you know, if you have any advice for people who are young and want to get into acting.

Chelsea Kane: Absolutely. I got into theatre at a very - at 6 years old in Scottsdale, Arizona. And I mainly did it as an after school hobby. You know, my mom wanted me to (unintelligible) out of the house and entertaining myself. I was an only child, so it was nice to go be with other kids, it was youth theatre.

And I just totally got the bug and from there I got my first paying gig when I was, like 10 years old, the national Broadway tour of Showboat came through town and they were looking for kids and I heard that they were having auditions on the radio station. So I asked if I could go audition and I got it, and thatís when I put the pieces together that people could make money doing this and, you know, make money as an actor and where are these adults traveling the world doing shows every night and I just thought that was the coolest thing ever.

And my dad was actually in the business; he was a director out here in, like, the 80s directing commercials and didnít want me to get into it. Didnít think it was glamorous and didnít want me to do it at all, which of course, the minute a parent tells you you canít do something.

It was all I wanted at that point, so thatís really where I became obsessed about sixth grade. I just couldnít get enough of it and kept doing a lot of shows and theatre and independent films, whatever I could really get my hands on back in Arizona.

And then from there, once I hit high school, I was able to convince my parents to let me come out for a week of auditions in LA. And I ended up meeting an agent and booking a show and I was very just extremely, extremely lucky. I think ignorance is bliss. I went in and had my first audition for a show on Fox, it was called Cracking Up, it was cancelled after a couple episodes. But, it was enough to get me in the door and then I feel like I did pay my dues for the next couple years with, you know, playing small roles or whatever I could get my hands on. And then I got very lucky falling into the Disney Channel and, you know, Iíve kind of been in the mouse house ever since going from Disney to Dancing with the Stars on ABC and now Baby Daddy on ABC Family.

And I think my only advice would be you just have to - you just canít give up. As clichť as it sounds, you just never give up and, you know, the more you can get your hands on the better.

I know a lot of kids want to come straight to LA with their moms and start auditioning for the big stuff and I think the reason I was able to, you know, even get my foot in the door a little bit was from the experience I had back home. So I always say any high school play or local theatre company can - you can be a part of is the best practice in the world.

Robin James: Perfect. Thank you again.

Chelsea Kane: Awesome. Thank you.

Operator: And there are no further questions at this time.

Devon Sanceda: All righty. We are all set. Chelsea, thank you again. Have a great day.

Chelsea Kane: Thank you. Thanks guys. Have a good one. Appreciate it.

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