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By Suzanne

Transcript of Interview with Bachelors Kasey Kahl and Jonathan Novack of "The Bachelorette" on ABC 6/25/10

"The Bachelorette" airs this MONDAY, JUNE 28th (8:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Operator: Welcome to Disney's The Bachelorette call with Cathy Rehl as the leader. This call is being recorded. By staying on this call, you are confirming that you consent to this recording. If you do not wish to be recorded, please disconnect from the call at this time, thank you.

Ms. Rehl, you may begin your call.

Cathy Rehl: Good morning, or good afternoon, everybody depending on where you are. Today we have sort of a double treat, were going to be talking to Kasey Kahl, last name spelled K-A-H-L, first name spelled K A S E Y, and then we'll have Jonathan Novack a little later on.

Kasey, as You know, is from Clovis and I think everybody knows about his famous tattoo, and he'll tell you all about that.

I want to make one housekeeping thing if people had not heard about this, this does not have to do with Ali in particular, but it does have to do with The Bachelorette. We will be having our first exclusive interview with Jake and Vienna together on their break-up on our July 5th show. So stay tuned for that.

And now I think I'm going to open it up for questions. Sylvia?

Operator: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. If you would like to ask a question, please press star then the number one on your telephone keypads. Again, to ask a question please press star one on your telephone keypads.

Your first question comes from Robyn Ross from TV

Robyn Ross: Hi, Kasey. Thanks so much for doing the call.

Kasey Kahl: Hi, Robyn. Thank you.

Robyn Ross: Yes, so now that you've had time to process everything and watch the show, do you have any regrets about the tattoo?

Kasey Kahl: No, not at all. I mean the tattoo is awesome. I mean, it's definitely an amazing thing that I got for myself and, you know, the whole process through it all it was just, it was great, I love it. It's a great thing.

Robyn Ross: And you're saying, you know, that you wanted to guard and protect her heart. Is that something that you always said, or is that something of a slogan, I guess, now that you just said on the show or has that always been your own motto?

Kasey Kahl: You know, like I told Ali when we were sitting down, the first time that I got to have a one-on-one conversation with her, You know, I've always had that belief because of the things I've saw happen to my mother. And so, I decided that's always what I want to do, I always want to guard and protect the heart. I mean, obviously I've never said it just like just like that. I mean, I've already, that's how I've always felt, so that's always who I am, and that's just how it came out. It was a natural thing that came out, and it became a motto of the show because that's who I am.

Robyn Ross: Great. Thank you so much.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from Paulette Cohn from ET Online.

Paulette Cohn: Thanks. Kasey, when you look back because hindsight is 20/20, and you watch the show and you see that Ali sort of asked you to take a step back and be a little bit more real, do you have any second thoughts about that? How do you feel about that?

Kasey Kahl: You know, I mean she told me to kind of take a step back, and I came on the show to open up. I mean, I've had some bad relationships past that kind of took a toll on me and I have not been able to open up, and haven't been able to be open and be vulnerable. And I came on the show as you know like, you know what? I can do this. I can become open, I can become vulnerable. And so that's why I kind of - that's what I did. And so, when she told me to take a step back, you know, it's like yes I can take a step back but I also want to find love and so that's just the way I, that's the way I approach things.

Paulette Cohn: OK and how do you feel the other guys in the house treated you? When you watch it back and you see that some of them said crazy and stuff like that? Are you friends with any of these guys?

Kasey Kahl: I love every single, every single guy on the show; I mean I got along with everybody. There was no - I mean, yes, there was tension obviously between certain people in the house, but I think I built this great strong foundation of relationships with a bunch of the guys, like were, You know, I feel like we're going to be friends for life, and I mean I would love to hang out and see all the guys You know, eventually sometime down the road.

Paulette Cohn: Terrific, thank you so much.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question comes from Al Mellis from TV Grapevine.

Al Mellis: Hi, Kasey. How you doing?

Kasey Kahl: Good. How are you?

Al Mellis: Pretty good. Got - I got a question to ask you. What do you think the fan perception is of you?

Kasey Kahl: You know, I try to stay away from that. I try to stay away from the online stuff and the blogs and the media, I just try to You know, just live my day, and I mean from when I get to meet people, they come up and recognize me, they're like, it's very friendly and very cordial and everyone's very nice. I mean obviously people are going to care about what they see or what they feel they see on TV. They can have their own opinion, they can make their own judgments, but I think at the end of the day it's I am who I am and if people have something to say, they're going to say it regardless. So I'm just enjoying every piece of attention that I can actually get. It's OK. It's like if they're going to give me negative attention or positive attention it's all the same to me, it's OK.

Al Mellis: Do you feel that you were fairly edited, Kasey?

Kasey Kahl: Obviously, you'll see things on the show and obviously, you won't see things on the show. I mean, the cameras are running 24/7 and, you know, you've got to understand that the producers are there and they have, they're there to do a show, and I'm there to find love and so you don't necessarily get to see everything.

There's certain points and certain times on the show where I am me and I'm just goofing around, you don't get to see the whole scene. And that's OK. So I mean I feel that, yes I'm happy with the way things turned out, I m happy with the way things were, we worked hard and I got to see a piece of me that I was open and honest and vulnerable where I'm usually typically not.

Al Mellis: OK, I'll come back later and ask you a follow-up question. But I got to let somebody else ask you some questions too.

Kasey Kahl: For sure.

Operator: Your next question comes from Chris Rocchio Reality TV World.

Chris Rocchio: Hey Kasey, so you got eliminated in kind of one of the most dramatic ways you can, You know, on a two on one date, so, I guess, what was going through your head as you were standing on that glacier with Ali and Justin, did you think she was going to eliminate Justin instead? And then, I guess, what was your thinking after it was you that she left on the glacier?

Kasey Kahl: You know, it was a tough, it was a tough kind of emotional experience to take and you're standing there and you're watching a girl that you're going after, that you cared about and she chose someone else over you. Definitely not fun, absolutely not fun, you see a guy who you think is definitely there for the wrong reasons, You know, is there for the wrong reasons in your heart, and she chooses him over you. It definitely wasn't fun, but I mean I think at the end of the day, like I said, she did it for her and she did it for me to choose him. And, you know, for in the long run, that's the best decision she made because she stopped the emotions, she stopped the feelings and it was not meant to be.

Chris Rocchio: OK, and just a follow-up there, I read an interview yesterday that you did where you said the tattoo wasn't for Ali. I was wondering if you could just talk about that a little bit. Maybe just elaborate on that comment.

Kasey Kahl: Of course --the tattoo. I got it to show that I was genuine and sincere because that's who I am. And, you know, it doesn't necessarily mean that was for Ali, I absolutely cared for Ali and I wanted to show her I was here for her and here for the right reasons. But I mean in the long run, I mean it is for me. It is for who I am and to show that no matter what I always want to guard and protect the heart of my future wife or girlfriend or whoever.

But in return I want the same thing. I want a woman to do the same thing for me. I got that just to show who I am and that I don't have to be afraid to be who I am and that I don't have to change for anybody.

Chris Rocchio: All right, thanks.

Kasey Kahl: For sure. Thank you.

Operator: The next question is from Amanda Hamilton with

Amanda Hamilton: Hi Kasey. Thank you so much for taking this call.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you.

Amanda Hamilton: I was just wondering, you know, it was heartbreaking to watch you be left on the glacier, are you back in the dating world or are you still recovering?

Kasey Kahl: You know, it is what it is and life goes on and it wasn't heartbreaking at all. I mean, I liked Ali, but in the same facet she didn't have a connection with me, I didn't have a connection with her, that's what I was there for and so it's like I thought she was beautiful and amazing but like if she's not feeling a connection, you kind of can reciprocate that and you kind of feel like You know, what maybe there is no chemistry there. I'm definitely still sitting back, I just got off the show so You know, I would love to get back in the dating world, there's a good friend I have just she's really cool but like I'm just taking things slow and we'll see where things go. I'm just enjoying being single and being able to have the ability to open up again.

You know, the show was such an amazing experience and it gave me so much, I can't even think of the word, just really built so much confidence in who I am and that I don't have to change for anybody and that I will find the right one out there someday.

Amanda Hamilton: Is there a particular person in the house that you think is really right for Ali?

Kasey Kahl: You know, I got to say there's a lot of really great guys. I built some really strong friendships with a lot of the guys, in my personal opinion I mean, I think Frank would be great for Ali, I think he's just, he's everything that she wanted, I think Frank is a great guy and I think Frank is definitely what she was looking for.

Amanda Hamilton: Well, thank you so much and good luck with your female friend.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you very much.

Operator: Your next question is from Greg David from TV Guide Canada.

Greg David: Hi Kasey thanks for doing the call today.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you Greg, thank you for your time.

Greg David: It's just been officially announced that in next weeks' episode we find out that Justin in fact did have a girlfriend back in Toronto during the taping. So what's your reaction to that especially in light of you being eliminated the way that you were in favor of him?

Kasey Kahl: I didn't even know that, I haven't even checked into, that's pretty intense. Wow. The fact that a guy, I knew I mean I knew he wasn't there for the right reasons and that just kind of states, I think I actually even said it on the show probably one time or two or, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a girlfriend back home and sure enough, you know, he's got a girlfriend. I mean, wow, I think essentially Ali obviously knows she made the right, wrong choice. I mean with a guy like that I mean, I even told her, I told her several times I don't think he was there for that reason and she made the choice and that kind of sucks, just like I feel like I didn't get enough of a chance with Ali to show her who I really was. But wow, that's pretty, that's pretty intense.

Greg David: And then just a quick follow-up, I know that the producers that did the show a certain way, but how long were you actually standing on the glacier before somebody came and, before you were picked up and brought back?

Kasey Kahl: Let me tell you it was cold out there. It was real cold out there. It was, I was out there for probably, I don't even know, I can't even tell you the time. It was real quick, they came and, they came and got me and picked me up and then took me off the glacier and away I went on a freezing cold, looked like a snow truck or something like that, so we went back off the whole glacier.

It was pretty cool because I got to see the whole entire glacier like from the actual floor, on the ground.

Greg David: Right on, thanks.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is from Lara Martin from Digital Spy.

Lara Martin: Hi. It's great to talk to you.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you very much; it's nice to talk to you too.

Lara Martin: So, you said earlier on that you didn't have a connection with Ali and she didn't feel a connection to you. So, do you know what was missing? Just why there wasn't that connection?

Kasey Kahl: You know, I can honestly say I just don't think that I was what she was looking for. I think she was looking for something different. I wanted it to be there, I wanted her to feel the connection for me. I really did. Because I did develop some feelings for her, but I think essentially I just wasn't what she was looking for.

And she was honest with me and she is an awesome, awesome, amazing woman and the fact that she let me go when she did was very, very, very noble and sweet and kind, and I definitely thank her for letting me go when she did.

Lara Martin: And just a follow-up then on the tattoo. Whenever you initially got it and you came back to the house and you told the other guys that you had been burned, why was it that you didn't want to share it with them at that stage or were you planning on showing them at all?

Kasey Kahl: Well, I mean, to be completely honest when I got the tattoo, I wasn't sure if I wanted to show it to Ali yet or not. I was still debating. It was like, should I show her or should I wait? Should I show her or should I wait. So, I didn't want the guys to go tell her because I wanted to be the guy to tell her. I didn't want anyone else to tell her, "well, Kasey got a tattoo," and have her not be able to experience the emotions that I felt while I was getting it for the reasons I got behind it. So, I didn't want anyone else to spoil the idea or spoil the correlation that we could have and the moment we could experience together.

Lara Martin: All right, thank you.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is from Carrie Bell from People Magazine.

Carrie Bell: Hey Kasey, how are you?

Kasey Kahl: I'm very well, how are you?

Carrie Bell: I'm good. I'm actually from Fresno so I am intimately aware of Clovis. The ...

Kasey Kahl: That's awesome.

Carrie Bell: It's nice to see the San Martin Valley represented on national TV.

Kasey Kahl: For sure.

Carrie Bell: I'm wondering, so I had heard a rumor from someone in Clovis, actually, that you had altered the tattoo, but it sounds like that's not true.

Kasey Kahl: That I had altered the tattoo?

Carrie Bell: Yes that it was, you had gotten something added to it or changed it in some way.

Kasey Kahl: No, the tattoo, I would never change the tattoo. I def, I love the tattoo. It resembles so much of who I am and it's -- I got it to show who I am, no matter what, no matter where I am at, no matter who I'm with, it's going to stick with, I wouldn't want to change that just like I don't want to change who I am.

Carrie Bell: OK. And my other question was, if you felt like, towards the end of the episode, I believe it was Craig I think, who like drew on a tattoo and made a joke out of it, almost seems like it actually saved his ass to make the joke ...

Kasey Kahl: I think you're right.

Carrie Bell: How did you feel? I mean as you see it, because everyone was kind of to your face I thought they were very like "oh cool dude, you know, great ..."

Kasey Kahl: Yes.

Carrie Bell: And then ...

Kasey Kahl: You know, and then I saw, I noticed that, I know, so everyone in actuality when I showed all the guys the tattoo they loved it and then, they just loved the idea of me being who I am and doing something for myself, it's just an awesome thing, and then I think a couple of the guys might have been a little sketchy about it and just wouldn't say it to my face, and that's OK.

I was really close with all the guys and I'm sure everything and those things are going to be said regardless of what they, how they really feel about, you know, when I do it, I just laughed. I mean I love Craig; Craig is going to be one of my best friends for life. Craig is an awesome guy and he's got a great sense of humor and you know, the fact that he was able to do it at my expense, I can laugh with him too. More power to him.

Carrie Bell: Right. And the singing, any regrets for busting out a tone?

Kasey Kahl: The singing, I, I'm obvious, I'm not a singer. I don't sing. You obviously don't get to see everything that happens and the cameras don't show everything, or the whole scene. And when we were sitting in the park, we were sitting there playing a little rhyming game back and forth, she would do a line, I would do a line, and then she was like, "oh, you should just make up a song" and so, I just kind of went with it and had fun.

And I tell you, good or bad, everyone loves karaoke, right, and we were just having a good time.

Carrie Bell: OK. Great thank you.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you so much.

Operator: Your next question is from Debra Yeo from the Toronto Star.

Debra Yeo: Hi Kasey, nice to talk to you today.

Kasey Kahl: Nice to talk to you too, thank you.

Debra Yeo: I want to ask you, how nervous were you before you went out on that two-on-one date because there was the one, the one scene where I think it was Frank who came in to talk to you in the room and you just looked like you were, you were really going through something right then.

Kasey Kahl: You know, I got to tell you the whole experience it was just, it was amazing, but it definitely it's kind of like a emotional roller coaster because you're there to find love, you're there to fall in love with someone and they, that's the reason behind the show.

So, when, you know, it's kind of going up and down I went from, I think the very first night I went from the last rose, then I got the first rose, then I got the last rose again and I didn't get a rose on the one-on-one date but I got the last rose again, so just, it kind of takes you down an emotional roller coaster. Because you don't know what to expect, you don't know what's next. And I knew what was coming when I found out the rest of the guys were going on a group date and it was just like, OK here we go, I got to deal with another emotional experience.

It was just, it was just so intense, I was definitely excited for it, and I didn't know what to expect but I think all was said and done I mean we as humans we can all handle anything and I did what I knew how to do best and just sucked it up and went for it and was myself.

Debra Yeo: OK thanks. My other question was how much did you know about Ali before you went on the show. I mean had you seen her on the previous season of The Bachelor?

Kasey Kahl: You know, I watched a little bit of and it was I didn't really get to divulge too much into did I get to watch it and watch who she is and the things that she stood for, and then when I found out it was her, I was very excited because she is definitely a great catch, she's a great woman, she's ambitious, she's driven, she knows what she wants and I know there's are some characteristics that I admire. So going into it I was like hey I want to be as open as I possibly can and give it a chance to actually take effect.

Debra Yeo: OK, thanks very much.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is from Ingrid Sheaffer from Us Weekly.

Ingrid Sheaffer: Hi Kasey, how are you?

Kasey Kahl: I'm doing very well Ingrid, how are you?

Ingrid Sheaffer: Great, I just want to know how, how has life been since the show? Do people recognize you and come up to you and stuff and ask you about being on The Bachelorette?

Kasey Kahl: Yes, everyone always wants to see the tattoo. And you know, what it's awesome because I get to show a piece of me, who I am to everyone, and everyone always wants to see it. So I mean it's been fun, it's been a great experience, I've enjoyed it. Obviously there's always the good and the negative and the positive. But I'm taking it all in a positive light. And just being like you know, what, it is what it is. So it's kind of fun.

Ingrid Sheaffer: That's awesome. Well, and also I wanted to ask you about Ali. Do you, a lot of people don't think she picked anybody at the end. Do you think she's engaged right now? And do you think that, who do you think that she picked?

Kasey Kahl: I think, in my personal opinion that Ali knows exactly what she wants. There's some great guys on the show and if she felt the connection with one of them, she's definitely going to choose one of them. I know for a fact that if she felt strongly about one person she's going to feel that strongly one person, because she is a very smart woman. She knows what she wants and she will get it. And if that's exactly what she wants and she found it with one of the guys, then she's definitely engaged. If not then she wouldn't be.

Ingrid Sheaffer: When ...

Kasey Kahl: She's not, she's not going to, and she's not going to front anything. She's going to tell how it is and she's going to be who she is. And that's one thing I respect about her more than anything.

Ingrid Sheaffer: Well, that's awesome, well thank you so much. Have a great day.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you very much.

Operator: Your next questions from Danae Young from Realty Wanted.

Danae Young: Hey Kasey, how are you?

Kasey Kahl: I'm doing very well, how are you?

Danae Young: Good thanks. OK so going back to the double date that you had with Justin. Seeing as how he's got his competitive nature being a wrestler and all that did you think you had a shot at getting the rose?

Kasey Kahl: Well, yes, I mean he might be competitive, but I mean Ali's smart. I know that she chose him, but I look back on it now and I think she just wanted to give him a second chance to try to show her that he's not just competitive and he actually wants to be sincere. I mean she let me go, like she said, because she knew that I was wanting to find love and she wasn't having that strong a connection. I mean Ali, I mean, I can see Ali and myself being great friends. I mean she's just that cool of a chick.

But she let me go because she didn't want to lead me on any more which is, which I really respect of her. But Justin on the other hand he, obviously he's very competitive and he wanted to, it seemed like he wanted to beat me out more than he wanted to go after Ali's heart. And I guess sure enough, it turns out that's exactly what he was after.

Danae Young: Yes, do you wish that maybe she would have found out ahead of time, about the girlfriend thing and then you would have maybe stayed longer and possibly had the chance to get a stronger connection with her?

Kasey Kahl: No, not at all because I think she's, if she wasn't feeling that connection she wouldn't have felt that connection later anyways. I think thing are meant to happen for a reason and the other guy that she wanted to be with was someone else on the show. I mean that's, that's just, that was her decision and I think that she made the right one.

Danae Young: OK, awesome, thanks Kasey.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is from Rick Bentley from the Fresno Bee

Rick Bentley: Hey Kasey, thanks for the time.

Kasey Kahl: Hi there Rick.

Rick Bentley: Hey listen, when you sit and watch the show now, you talked about the singing which really got, which really got a lot of reaction from people, overall do you think the show completely fairly showed you or do you think it was sort of 80 percent of who you are or 50 percent or do you think it was just completely fair?

Kasey Kahl: I mean I can't really put a number on it. I think like I said, people can't they don't get to see everything; they don't get to see behind the scenes, they don't get to see the full camera shot, they don't get to see everything. There's always stuff that I feel like I wish they would have showed. There's things I wish they wouldn't have showed. But I mean essentially all and all, it is what it is. I mean they can't, I did those things. I said those things. I acted in no certain way, and that's just that's what was shown. I mean I have to, I'm happy with it. Like it is, I'm glad, I'm glad to see myself in the different way that I got to show myself.

Rick Bentley: Right and how much of what you did from the singing to the tattoo, all that sort of stuff, was that all 100 percent your decision or do the producers kind of say well You know, that's a good idea you ought to go, they kind of egg you on in a direction?

Kasey Kahl: Here's the whole entire thing. Here's everything on that show. The show itself is such an overall emotional, intense, amazing, experience that of course it's going to break you outside your reality realm. I mean you're going to do thing that you might not do in regular nature because you're doing these amazing incredible things trying to find love.

So you catch yourself doing things that you normally wouldn't do. I mean I don't go around getting tattoos, I've never had a tattoo before in my life, but I executively made that decision.

Rick Bentley: OK.

Kasey Kahl: I made those decisions to sing or to have fun, I mean it was all a great experience so I mean absolutely you see yourself doing things that you normally wouldn't do because of the overall aura and feeling that you're getting while you're on the show and the emotions that you're experiencing. But I think yes, I mean yes I made all the decision to make the decisions on what I did and what I did not do.

Rick Bentley: Great. Thanks a lot.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you Rick.

Operator: Your next question comes from Kristian Benson from Hollywood Life.

Kristian Benson: Hey Kasey, how's it going?

Kasey Kahl: It's going very well thank you.

Kristian Benson: Good, you said that you think Frank would be the perfect guy for Ali out of all the guys you were really pulling for Frank. What is it about him that and her, I guess, that makes them good for each other?

Kasey Kahl: You know, I just think that Ali is driven, she's ambitious, she's strong, and Frank kind of has that, just that goofy, I think there's a kind of like where opposites attract. Like he's just this goofy awesome guy who's so loving, he's so genuine and it shines through and then I think Ali is, she's the kind to reciprocate, she'll reciprocate that to Frank, and I think that she's exactly what she wanted and I think that they would work out together if things were to go that route.

Kristian Benson: Great and then also can you talk a little bit about the, you said that Ali would never just do it, never just become engaged to become engaged, it seems like that happens a lot because the success rate of people staying together on The Bachelorette hasn't been super high. Do you really think that she won't pick someone just for a little while, try him out, or do you think that she would put her foot down and say absolutely not?

Kasey Kahl: Listen, I'll tell you this much, if she has a strong connection with someone, and she chooses that person, they will work out. I, there's no doubt in my mind because she will dedicate herself to that guy and she'll dedicate herself to making things work because that's the kind of woman that she is. If she doesn't feel that strong of a connection with someone, then she's not going to let that person stick around like she did with me. She's just that, she's just that good of a girl. She's not going to do that to anyone, or hurt anyone, or drag anyone along which I think is a very admirable characteristic of Ali.

Kristian Benson: Great thank you.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is from Monica Garsky from Flash News.

Monica Garsky: Hi, Kasey, thanks for doing this.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you very much.

Monica Garsky: And so I'm kind of wondering have you always been, you know, like a hopeless romantic? Like what's the most romantic think you've ever done for a girl, other than Ali of course?

Kasey Kahl: You know, I always said I'm definitely a hopeless romantic, I definitely like to open up my horizons and open up my feelings and be completely open to anything and just have an open mind. But I think the most romantic thing that I've ever done, when I think romantic I try to picture something that's going to make someone feel special, feel loved and feel cared about. So I'll do something that's kind of along the lines of making them feel good.

Like I had a girlfriend that hadn't seen her family, or hadn't seen her brother in a long time because she was at school, he was at school and both their parents had passed away and so obviously things were tough and very difficult so I basically, to make a long story, I set up a like a roof top day out in Orange County on this really nice roof where the stars were out and I sent her up and I few him out to come see her as a surprise, and when she saw him, we all got to have dinner and I got to meet him for the first time and she was just over whelmed to tears and I think that's just to show something that like if you really care about somebody you're going to go the extra mile to make them feel happy and cared about.

Monica Garsky: Yes, definitely. And I think most girls like the smooth talking and things like that but Ali didn't seem to reciprocate that too much. Are you usually pretty smooth with the ladies?

Kasey Kahl: I'm, I'm not. I'm actually a big dork. I didn't, sometimes I just, it was just like I said, the overall experience was just, just sometimes I get so nervous You know, I didn't really know what to expect or what to say so sometimes I would just say anything and it just like You know, I was trying to put my feelings out there and sometimes you don't come up with the right words necessarily.

Monica Garsky: Yes definitely. Well, thanks Kasey good luck with everything.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

Operator: You have a follow-up question from Robyn Ross from TV

Robyn Ross: Hi Kasey. I was just wondering if you can pin it down, what your favorite moment of the show, of your time on the show would be.

Kasey Kahl: Wow, that's a tough one. My favorite moment of the show. You know, what I have to say that, the great, one of my favorite moments was the very first moment that I saw Ali and I got in my car and it was like You know, what, just go Kasey, just go with it, just do it, open your heart up, become vulnerable, be who you are, enjoy it and go after this amazing beautiful girl. Just do your thing.

Robyn Ross: Yes.

Kasey Kahl: It was an experience, you know, it was like, it was like the beginning of an intervention and regardless of how everything worked out I was just going to be myself and I was going to enjoy every second of it. It was like, it's kind of those things where you're anticipating something so much and she was like the start of it, like here we go.

Robyn Ross: Great, well good luck to you.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you very much.

Operator: You have a follow-up from Paulette Cohn for ET Online.

Paulette Cohn: OK Kasey, two things, the first question is have you heard that Frank is one of the guys who allegedly had a girlfriend back home, I mean you keep saying how you think he's perfect for her?

Kasey Kahl: I have no idea, I, like I said I try to stay out of all the blogs and the tabloids and try to just kind of watch the show and sit back and enjoy it. If, I don't know about Frank having a girlfriend, but I know that Frank is a genuinely really good guy and I don't see him having a girlfriend back home at all. I mean if, yes, there's no way. I don't see Frank having a girlfriend like Justin, at all. I think it's, I wouldn't see that.

Paulette Cohn: OK and are you dating yet and what are you looking for in a woman?

Kasey Kahl: You know, I would love to get back into the dating realm. I'm looking for a woman that like is said, likes the tattoo, I want a woman who's going to guard and shield my heart, eventually in the long run. I want a girl that's fun, that's funky, that's driven, that's ambitious, that knows what she wants in life, that knows how to reciprocate feelings and a woman that's just strong, independent and You know, wholesome.

Paulette Cohn: OK, great. Thank you.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you.

Operator: You have a follow-up from Chris Rocchio Reality from TV World.

Kasey Kahl: OK.

Chris Rocchio: So Kasey the big story this week is obviously been Jake and Vienna splitting up, I know somebody early on the call mentioned the poor history of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the way the relationships go. Do you think it's possible to find a lasting relationship on the show? Just generally speaking?

Kasey Kahl: You know, I do. I absolutely do believe in that. I think that things happen for a reason and unfortunately it hurts my heart to see anyone break up, You know, it's definitely not fun, especially people that you watch and you grow fond of, but I think when it's all said and done, I think the show absolutely can bring love. I absolutely believe that this show can bring two people into a happy place. I think the toughest part just from seeing the way things happen is just You know, the media and you have to have the strength to be strong together. You really have to make that executive, like you know, we're going to do this or not just say OK we're going to try to do this. You just have to set your mind set. Because that's how marriage is right? And your, if you really love someone, if you really care about someone, no matter what kind of trials or tribulations you go through, you stick with it because you love that person ultimately.

So in this case they just got to stick with it and be strong with each other. And any person, any couple from the show.

Chris Rocchio: All right thanks.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you.

Cathy Rehl: Well, we'll take one more question for Kasey and then we need to move on to Jonathan please.

Operator: Your final question is a follow-up from Al Mellis from TV Grapevine.

Al Mellis: OK, the big ending question Kasey. What have you learned from all of this?

Kasey Kahl: What have I learned?

Al Mellis: Yes, if you learned one lesson about your own self, what have you learned besides just be yourself?

Kasey Kahl: You know, I've definitely learned that no matter what happens in life, no matter what people say, no matter what people think, I think in the long run, it's, I've learned just from the show itself like I said, it's been, it's been an amazing strange, but I think essentially, you know, what I'm just going to live life. I'm going to, I'm going to let it live me. And enjoy every second that I can because, you know what? Someone is out there and I think that some things will, absolutely, happen for a reason. And that's why it didn't work out for Ali and I but now I think that everything that has happened, you know, now I've just got to find the right person for myself.

Al Mellis: Well, good luck to you Kasey and thank you for the entertainment.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you very much. You're very welcome.

Cathy Rehl: Kasey thank you so much for spending some time with us today to talk. And I think now I, we unfortunately we have to say good bye to you and then they will bring Jonathan on the line in a minute.

Kasey Kahl: Thank you everybody, thank you for your time and your questions and thank you Cathy and I will look forward to seeing you all out there pretty soon. Bye, bye.

Operator: And you are live with Jonathan.

Cathy Rehl: Jonathan?

Jonathan Novack: Hello.

Cathy Rehl: Hi. Jonathan you're on the line with a whole bunch of reporters who want to talk to you. This is Jonathan Novack ...

Jonathan Novack: Hello whole bunch of reporters, how you doing?

Cathy Rehl: NOVA, I'm sorry, N O V A C K and I think we'll get right into the questions and answers with Jonathan.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen if you would like to ask your question please press star then the number 1.

Your first question is from Amanda Hamilton with

Jonathan Novack: Hey.

Amanda Hamilton: Hi, Jonathan how are you today?

Jonathan Novack: Great, how you doing?

Amanda Hamilton: Good thank you. From your point of view what do you think went wrong between you and Ali?

Jonathan Novack: I guess it would be one of two things maybe. There was just not a chemistry there. Whether or not that was a result of not spending enough time with her, I'm not sure if there would have been chemistry even if we had had more time. But maybe there would have been. So I would say in the end really it was just the spark wasn't there unfortunately.

Amanda Hamilton: And just a follow-up, how do you feel about your spot on Bachelor Pad and about going into another house with (inaudible).

Cathy Rehl: I should tell you that Jonathan cannot talk, I'm sorry I should have said this up front, he may not talk at all about anything to do with Bachelor Pad at this point, OK. Sorry about that.

Amanda Hamilton: That's OK.

Cathy Rehl: We'll have another, he'll have another opportunity to do that but just, he won't be able to talk about it today.

Amanda Hamilton: OK, how about then how did you feel about being in the house with Craig? I mean we kind of heard Craig's side of the story now let's hear yours.

Jonathan Novack: I, you know, there's a couple of things I guess I could say because you don't, there's just, it's a two-hour show, so you don't get to see all that happens but it wasn't just me that he was starting with and so if it had been, it wouldn't have been a big deal. But it was Jesse, it was Justin, it was Jesse be it with Justin, it was other guys, too, and so I just felt like it was a problem just for the house and it was somebody, You know, if it was your daughter, that wouldn't be a guy that you would want her to see or date.

And you don't see all the times that like I defended myself pretty well and I think any guy in house will agree that I'd come back with great comebacks and I'd knock him back down, everybody would laugh and everything but when he started, almost started a fist fight with Jesse which you see a little bit of that, that's where I thought it was starting to get out of hand. And somebody needed to say something.

Amanda Hamilton: Great thank you for your time today.

Jonathan Novack: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is from Paulette Cohn for ET Online.

Paulette Cohn: OK, sticking with the Craig subject, it kind of made you be portrayed as this tattle tale. Did you feel that you were portrayed correctly? And was that part of the experience for you?

Jonathan Novack: Well, I think it depends on who you ask. Some people may see it that way, some people may not. I mean again you don't see a lot that happens. Craig wasn't the only guy I didn't like in the house, but I didn't say anything about these other guys because I'm a person who speaks his mind and I don't talk trash about people but I legitimately thought there was a problem there with Craig being in this house and especially when the Jesse thing happened and that went on all night. I mean you can only see so much in a two-hour episode. But that went on all night.

Producers had to keep pulling Craig away because he kept trying to get Jesse to basically punch him. And someone like that, that's why I used the word dangerous because someone who's trying to get into physical fights with other guys in the house, I mean what's he going to do in a relationship with Ali.

So that's, I wasn't trying to be a tattle tale obviously it wasn't a strategic thing because he obviously wasn't going to be sticking around very long, he wasn't there for her, so in the end you can only conclude that my intentions were sincere.

Paulette Cohn: So, you're a public figure anyway, you're a weatherman, what has the reaction been like when you went back home.

Jonathan Novack: It's really funny, I've been doing the weather here in Houston for three years and I don't really get recognized very much. I'm on like one episode of The Bachelorette and now everybody is coming up to me after one episode, and I thought it was hilarious, I'm like don't you people watch the news? I guess not.

So that's been kind of interesting. I think overall it's been pretty positive. People have been saying, "oh we were rooting for you, we were pulling for you," and I just finished up in my station here at the NBC affiliate so my contract ran down so I'm not there anymore and people saying that they miss me doing the weather and come back to channel 2, come back to NBC and all this stuff, but in general it's all been positive. No milkshakes thrown at me like in the movie the weather man so that's good.

Paulette Cohn: Great, thank you.

Operator: Your next question is from Chris Rocchio from Reality TV World.

Chris Rocchio: Hey Jonathan.

Jonathan Novack: Hey what's going on?

Chris Rocchio: Not much, so you came across I guess as for lack of a better work, nervous a lot of times when you were with Ali alone, could you comment on that a little bit. Did you feel nervous? Was that just the way it came across?

Jonathan Novack: I'm sorry what was the, I was, what was the second part of the question?

Chris Rocchio: We're you really that nervous or was it just ...

Jonathan Novack: I'll tell you, there were times I was nervous, but most of the time I was just having fun getting to go out on these dates with Ali. Most of the time, I was having a really good experience getting to know some of these guys who I became friends with. The most nerve-wracking parts were the rose ceremonies if anything. I mean those are, those were stressful for everybody. I just tend to wear my heart on my sleeve so you probably saw it a little bit more than most people.

But I think, I'd say about three quarters of the time I was just having a great time and then when it came down to decision time, that's where my nerves really sort of bubbled up.

Chris Rocchio: OK and just a follow-up on the Craig M. point ...

Jonathan Novack: Sure

Chris Rocchio: Do you think you talking to Ali about Craig M. do you think that played any role in her decision to let you go when she did?

Jonathan Novack: Actually if you remember the first episode she want, she brought out that box and she wanted guys to tell her who they thought was not there for the right reasons ...

Chris Rocchio: Yes.

Jonathan Novack: And so going into that conversation where I talked to her about Craig M. I double- checked and I made sure it was something she wanted to know, but she made it clear she wanted to know these types of things because of her past experience on The Bachelor where she knew there were things going on behind the scenes that Jake didn't see. And so I was trying to respect that and inform her of these things that she just wasn't getting the real inside scoop on.

For instance you've seen up till now the guys really don't like Justin and she even said in the last episode, "hey I don't see it." But she does, she wants to know these things. And so that's what I was trying to do, just give her the inside scoop on something she wanted to know about, and respect that.

Chris Rocchio: OK, all right, thanks.

Jonathan Novack: You're welcome.

Operator: Your next question comes from Robyn Ross from

Jonathan Novack: Hello.

Robyn Ross: Hi, Jonathan. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about the group date where you had to do the calendar to photo shoot and what was that was like.

Jonathan Novack: Well, what would you like to talk about that I wonder?

Robyn Ross: Well, did you feel like you got your outfit was unfairly chosen for you or?

Jonathan Novack: Well, I couldn't say it was unfair because other guys wore Speedos too, in fact I think Craig R's Speedo was a little bit worse. I look better in black than red but I was surprised. I thought I actually ended up looking pretty good in the Speedo. I was actually pleasantly surprised.

It's just let me ask any guy, "hey you want to wear a Speedo?" they're not going to be like, "yes, let's go for it." They're going to be a little bit hesitant. And what really was, what really came across wasn't as much the Speedo but I had asked for like a wardrobe change and you could see me kind of waiting then the girl says, "hey I'll check on that," and I kept like asking and it was hard to find out who I should be speaking to about it and it just kind of went, it got dragged out and I'm like, that's where I started kind of getting a little annoyed about it.

But in and of itself the Speedo, You know, it's like whatever. I actually ended up thought I looked pretty good in it.

Robyn Ross: Yes, I thought you took it well too.

Jonathan Novack: Hey, thank you very much, appreciate that.

Robyn Ross: And then also a quick question, Kasey just got off the phone and said how he was best friends with all the guys in the house, best friends for life basically, how come you don't feel the same?

Jonathan Novack: Well, I definitely do. I definitely do just not everybody, but I love Kasey I think he's a good guy, I like Tyler V. He's a hilarious guy. Hunter great guy, Jesse great guy, I mean all these guys are just fantastic. And yes I hope to be friends with them for life as well.

There are a few people I'm obviously not fond of like Craig M, some people I didn't get to know that well like obviously the first night guys and a couple of the guys that got sent home the second night, I didn't really get to know them at all, but from that point on from like the top, was it the top 14 ? I think it was, we all became really good friends. Especially the top 11 is where we all started bonding. So everybody pretty much in that group I expect to really will stay in touch with and will be friends with for a long time.

Robyn Ross: Great well good luck to you.

Jonathan Novack: Thank you very much.

Operator: Your next question is from Ingrid Sheaffer from Us Weekly.

Ingrid Sheaffer: Hi there Jonathan how are you today?

Jonathan Novack: Great how you doing?

Ingrid Sheaffer: I'm doing great. I just wanted to ask you do you think that Ali found love at the end of the show and who do you think she found it with?

Jonathan Novack: Good question. Did she find love?

Ingrid Sheaffer: Do you think she ended up with somebody, because some of the guys think she didn't.

Jonathan Novack: You know, it's interesting because I was surprised at the conversation she had with Chris at the last episode where she said she was a little scared to maybe open up and fall in love, I'm not sure of the exact words.

Ingrid Sheaffer: Right.

Jonathan Novack: And so I don't know, that kind of, that kind of was interesting. I don't know what will happen. If out of all the guys that I think she might be able to fall in love with, or fall in love with, I would think Roberto would be up there and maybe Kirk.

Of all the guys in the house I thought Roberto was the most standup, straight up like great guy, he was a very solid dude and I think she seems to see that in him. So I almost wonder if that's going to be her pick.

Ingrid Sheaffer: OK, that's a good ...

Jonathan Novack: But we shall see.

Ingrid Sheaffer: Good choice. I also wanted to ask you, you just said your contract was us at your station, are you going to keep being a weather man at another station?

Jonathan Novack: Well, I've don't weather and I've also done entertainment though my last three stations, all kinds of franchise segments and entertainment reporting, right now I'm off contract, I just finished up last month and so I'm auditioning for both weather jobs and entertainment jobs, and I'm probably going to head out to LA here in the next couple of months and get back into standup comedy as well. Which is ...

Ingrid Sheaffer: Oh, wow ...

Jonathan Novack: Yes I used to do that a long time ago too so I've definitely just started this week I headed out to a bar here in Houston, so I'm getting back into standup on top of it all.

Ingrid Sheaffer: Well, great well if you come to LA ,I will definitely come see your show.

Jonathan Novack: Very cool, what's your name again, I'm sorry.

Ingrid Sheaffer: My names Ingrid.

Jonathan Novack: Ingrid, nice to meet you, I'll talk to you later.

Ingrid Sheaffer: OK, definitely. Thanks.

Jonathan Novack: Bye, bye.

Operator: Your next question is from Al Mellis from TV Grapevine.

Jonathan Novack: Hello.

Al Mellis: Hey, Jonathan. How's it hanging?

Jonathan Novack: Good. I don't know. I'll wear my Speedo and I'll let you know. How you doing?

Al Mellis: Anyway Jonathan, what was all that fuss about kissing her in the music video in there?

Jonathan Novack: It was part, it was the scene. It was acting. You don't get to see everything that happens, of course, I mean it's a two-hour show and they shoot days, weeks of footage, but it was acting. If you look at the beginning of that whole thing you see how I'm kind of pensive and contemplative and what not, the beginning of that whole part of that episode. I was actually trying to get into the character which I was told needed to be emotional, I kiss her, she gets upset, turns around, runs away. I'm supposed to be emotional.

And that's what that was. And the guys were actually impressed, and that's what you guys have been talking about, that I could actually bring up some tears on queue. So it took a little while, it took about three or four takes but eventually once they played back the music for the song, and we finally did the kiss they came up and I made it happen I thought.

So that's really what you're seeing.

Al Mellis: Wasn't it a little embarrassing when she had to grab you by the neck and pull you in?

Jonathan Novack: You know, what, I, that is not, OK in my opinion I went in for the kiss, she avoided it. You remember when at the beginning I said, "hey, look, if you don't want to do this just let me know," she never told me what she wanted to do. So the first take I kind of went in for a kiss, she turns her head. And I said OK I guess that means she doesn't want to do the kiss, so then the next few takes went on and then the music came on, they finally did the playback and so it started kind of getting a little bit more emotional, she saw that, and she finally went in for the kiss. And then you saw what happened with the tears and everything so.

Al Mellis: And someone, this was asked of Kasey, but nobody's asked it yet but I'll go for it, Justin.

Jonathan Novack: Yes.

Al Mellis: The word is out through the show itself that Justin is going to get caught up in having to deny that he has a girlfriend back home or admit it, what are your thoughts? Does he or doesn't he?

Jonathan Novack: You know, I tried, I gave Justin the benefit of the doubt for a while, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's that big of a jerk. I mean, I could see it happening for sure. It's, I guess we'll find out. But I did, I tried to have his back but in the end he was his own worst enemy I think.

Al Mellis: Ok well thank you for your answers and good luck to you too.

Jonathan Novack: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is from David Barron from Houston Chronicle.

Jonathan Novack: All right, David. How's it going?

David Barron: Fine thanks, there aren't of network affiliate jobs in the top ten markets and you were able to work your way to one and then you gave it up. How do you feel about your decision to leave the KPRC, would you want to return to television news and do you believe that that career path might have been impacted by your decision to reality shows?

Jonathan Novack: No, I don't think the show had anything to do; it didn't have anything to do with my contract. That was honestly my plan whether or not I made it on the show, I was looking to move on and up. So I mean I don't regret that, I that's just how I've always kind of been. My first station I left after 3 years, Miami I left after my first contract was up, and I mean weekend weather is great, but I want to do more than that.

So, I know if I stay here, while I love Houston, it may not be the best decision professionally for me. So I know they're few and far between for the jobs and so I'm hoping if I, hopefully I'll find something and if not then I don't. I mean there's, I'm the kind of guy it's like let's go with it and see what happens, and my decisions that I make at the time are what I think are the best decisions, and I can just only hope that something good will come of it.

David Barron: And my dog says help, too, I apologize.

Jonathan Novack: I can see that I wasn't sure if you were just getting excited or something.

David Barron: I can't do dog impersonations.

Jonathan Novack: Oh you can't all right; I was going to say that was pretty good.

David Barron: So, you said you're doing nights in town before you leave here or what ...

Jonathan Novack: Yes I was just, there's a little thing over at Davenport on Tuesday night. There's one at Monday night, I forget where it is but my friend who is a comic around town, he invited me to, and so it might be the last, I don't know if it's the Last Stop or not, but there's a few places in town I'm going to start hitting up here in the next couple of months, getting back into it.

Jonathan Novack: All right thanks.

Jonathan Novack: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is from Debra Yeo from the Toronto Star.

Jonathan Novack: Hey.

Debra Yeo: Hi Jonathan.

Jonathan Novack: Toronto must be exciting right now.

Debra Yeo: Yes well, you know, we're all waiting for the Monday and to see what's going on with Justin. Actually, I wanted to follow-up a little bit on what you said about Justin, about how you sort of gave him the benefit of the doubt. Was he sort of hated in the house, as it came off on TV? Because I actually ran into him at a party a couple of weeks ago and he was telling me that, "oh, you know, Craig R was sort of picking on him when the cameras were on but they were actually friends when the cameras were off and all this sort of thing," so what's your take on it?

Jonathan Novack: My take is that the guys didn't like him. I didn't understand why they didn't like him. I didn't think it was a big deal that he showed a T-shirt the first night. I don't see how that was really a big deal. I'm a weather guy and no one ever gave me any crap. So, I didn't understand why they didn't like him. He wasn't treating anyone in the house badly, like say Craig M, for instance, so in my opinion when I'm judging people if they're not treating you badly or anybody badly, they're just kind of doing their thing, then I don't know why you give them hell.

So that confused me for a while but after I heard that he may or may not have done what he may or may not do on Monday regarding a girlfriend that pretty much destroyed any virtuous character traits that he has. I think that the guys generally did not like him. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt for a while but in the end I think they might have been right.

Debra Yeo: OK and when ...

Jonathan Novack: Sorry I know my responses tend to be very long winded people, I'm sorry.

Debra Yeo: No that's OK when did you first hear about all this girlfriend controversy?

Jonathan Novack: I kind of heard it through the rumor mill and then I saw this article in, I forget which magazine it was, it was InTouch or InStyle or Life & Style, I don't know, it's like I have 8 million magazines on my table right now, but and I heard rumors and then I saw what's coming up next week maybe and it doesn't surprise me necessarily and when that many do have a take on somebody, that many guys have that kind of a take on him, maybe they're right.

Debra Yeo: Yes, OK thanks a lot.

Jonathan Novack: You're welcome.

Operator: Your next question is from Danae Young from RealityWanted.

Jonathan Novack: Hello.

Danae Young: Hi, Jonathan. Hello. Yes if you're, talking about LA if you do your comedy thing I'm in LA, so that would be really cool to come see you.

Jonathan Novack: Awesome.

Danae Young: OK, so what were your feelings for Ali? Do you wish that you had more time with her?

Jonathan Novack: I absolutely wish I had more time with her. I, I thought she was the kind of girl that I could really maybe fall for. I thought she was the kind of girl I could fall for. I mean she was brilliant girl, beautiful, great sense of humor, seemed to love life, ambitious, considerate, reasonable, I mean those are all traits that I look for, it's just you can make a spark happen on group dates. It's very tough. So I never had a one-on-one.

Yes I wish I had. So that's one thing I wish had been different.

Danae Young: Right and does it kind of, I don't know, suck a little bit knowing that what might happen with Justin this next episode and how that came out with the girlfriend and all that kind of stuff. Seeing these guys last longer than you?

Jonathan Novack: Yes. Yes, it's this is the way I see it. This is what I'll say about that. I think if Kasey had shown her the tattoo the night that I got sent home, I would of still been there. I think Chris N who didn't really say anything; I don't understand why he was around longer than I was. Maybe because Ali felt like he hadn't opened up and she gave him a chance. And she felt like I had opened up and it just wasn't there. I couldn't figure that one out.

And as far as Justin goes, yes obviously, if that had come out sooner I would have been in his spot to, so there's definitely some variables that could have played out differently, so yes, I kind of wish it had. But hopefully she's happy and everything has worked out.

Danae Young: All right, well OK thanks.

Jonathan Novack: Who are you with again, I'm sorry.

Danae Young: Oh I'm with RealityWanted.

Jonathan Novack: OK, well I'll let You know, when I'm out in LA.

Danae Young: Awesome, cool.

Jonathan Novack: What's your name again, I'm sorry.

Cathy Rehl: We'll get you that information. OK we need to move next question ...

Jonathan Novack: Sorry, no networking during the press conference, are you sure? OK.

Operator: Your next question is from Lara Martin from Digital Spy.

Jonathan Novack: How you doing?

Lara Martin: I'm good thank you, how are you?

Jonathan Novack: Great.

Lara Martin: Well, most of my questions have been asked already but you just touched on Kasey and the tattoo. And I wanted to know what were your thoughts on it?

Jonathan Novack: I tried to be diplomatic about it. I mean, in the end, it's a tattoo. You know, after like a few weeks, so it's a little over the top but his intentions I think were good, I don't think he's crazy. I just think he's a very passionate sensitive guy. And his explanation of the tattoo to us was it wasn't necessarily for Ali, part of it was attached to Ali but a lot of it was the experience, a lot of it was bonding with the guys in the house. And so it wasn't like he went out and got a tattoo for Ali, it was he got this tattoo to represent everything the show meant to him.

Lara Martin: OK. And just finally, you obviously were called on most of this stuff already so what would be your best part of the entire experience -- that you liked more than anything else?

Jonathan Novack: Damn, that's tough. How about, I mean I got a great tan. I would say meet, I would say the best part was seeing that there are still great girls, let me rephrase that. I think the best part was seeing that there are great girls out there and kind of giving me or keeping that hope that I can find somebody.

Lara Martin: OK. Well, thank you I'm looking forward to the new show.

Jonathan Novack: Oh, thank you, yes.

Operator: Your next question is from Monica Garske from Flash News.

Monica Garsky: Hey Jonathan, thanks for doing this.

Jonathan Novack: Yes, thank you.

Monica Garsky: So, I'm kind of wondering in your experience in front of the camera and everything like that being a weather man and reporting and stuff, how much do you think that that helped you being on The Bachelorette?

Jonathan Novack: People have asked me that, I'm not sure if it helped me that much only because the context is so drastically different having cameras around you 24/7 pretty much and the competition factor of it and the dates and the drama and you don't even realize the cameras are there. It's just, it's different. I'm not performing, I'm just being myself. So I never heard from the other guys. If the other guys have been saying, "hey this is weird, this is weird with the cameras," but I think everybody gets pretty comfortable in front of the cameras pretty quickly.

So I think that part of the playing field evens out very quickly.

Monica Garsky: OK, and you seem like you had a pretty good relationship with the guys, always joking around and stuff, were they constantly asking you, like, oh what's the weather going to be like today or anything like that give us your meteorology skills or anything?

Jonathan Novack: Yes I was the house meteorologist, I was the house weather anchor, so anytime anybody needed a forecast, even though I had no access to internet I would put my thumb up in the air, take a look at the eastern skies and see what was happening.

Most of the time in Southern California You know, it's going to be some clouds in the morning, clearing out by 11 am and sunny skies ...

Monica Garsky: So you had it made, you were good.

Jonathan Novack: I was, yes it was easy-- they were like, wow, he's really good and I'm just thinking it's Southern California little do they know that I know exactly what's going to happen every day of the week.

So yes, basically I should be getting, I should have gotten paid for my meteorological skills there but ...

Monica Garsky: Got to look into that.

Jonathan Novack: Yes I know.

Monica Garsky: Awesome, thanks Jonathan.

Jonathan Novack: Thank you.

Operator: Your next question is from Kristian Benson from Hollywood Life.

Jonathan Novack: Hey Kristen.

Kristian Benson: Hi, how are you?

Jonathan Novack: Good, how you doing?

Kristian Benson: Good, I completely agree with you that Roberto is the best guy left standing. But we just heard from Kasey that he thinks Franks the best guy standing. Can you kind of compare the two guys and explain you're rational?

Jonathan Novack: I think Frank is a great guy, I think that - do you remember the first date with Ali that Frank had?

Kristian Benson: Yes.

Jonathan Novack: I mean, I'm a straight up guy so I'm just going to - I mean, I'll just tell you what I think here. I think that he was very, he was attached a little too quickly thinking she's his girlfriend and what not, which is fine, it's just I don't think that's a trait that she would really be looking for someone who kind of gets attached that quickly. I think Roberto is a little bit more grounded and I think he, I think Roberto is just probably a little bit more right for her. But I do think Frank is a really nice guy, funny, I just don't think that he's necessarily in line with what - maybe what she was looking for in the end.

Kristian Benson: OK, thank you.

Jonathan Novack: You're welcome.

Cathy Rehl: I think we have time for one more question, please?

Operator: Your final question will come from Carrie Bell from People Magazine.

Jonathan Novack: Hey.

Carrie Bell: Hey. How are you doing?

Jonathan Novack: Great. How you doing?

Carrie Bell: I'm doing well. I enjoyed your wit on the show. I was kind of sad to see you go just because I thought your comments about people were awesome.

Jonathan Novack: Thank you very much.

Carrie Bell: I have to ask you kind of a difficult question.

Jonathan Novack: Go for it.

Carrie Bell: I have heard a lot of people claim, think, assume that there was a little bit of gayness, for lack of a better term, and I'm wondering if this is something that you're aware of?

Jonathan Novack: I haven't heard anything about that. I mean, they can think what they want, it's not true so. That's really funny.

Carrie Bell: OK, so definitely not true, you're into the ladies?

Jonathan Novack: Very much so. That would be funny, like if you ask any of my friends they'd be laughing their asses off right now.

Carrie Bell: OK.

Jonathan Novack: Because they know me better than anybody.

Carrie Bell: All right. Well, I just wanted to set the record straight.

Jonathan Novack: I haven't heard that. Who's saying that one?

Carrie Bell: Lots of people actually.

Jonathan Novack: Really?

Carrie Bell: I think this may be the metro-sexual jacket wearing.

Jonathan Novack: Oh, I hate that white jacket.

Carrie Bell: The white jacket.

Jonathan Novack: I'll never wear it again. Well, for the record, Craig M. also wore that jacket, technically. So, they can start spreading those rumors about him if they want.

Carrie Bell: All right. Well, thank you very much.

Jonathan Novack: Yes, you're welcome, thank you.

Cathy Rehl: And I think that ends our ...

Jonathan Novack: Great question to end on.

Cathy Rehl: ... our call for today.

Jonathan Novack: OK.

Cathy Rehl: Thank you, everybody. We appreciate all your time today.

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