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2005 - Showtime and the commitment factor, by Jamie

What is it with Showtime? They can’t seem to commit. Sounds a lot like me if you listen to some of my ex girlfriends, but that is besides the point! I am referring to Kirstie Alley’s show, “Fat Actress”. Is it coming back or not? Earlier this summer according to every source I could track down on the net the show was all but officially dead. Then today I was searching the IMDB website and reading one of the forums about this show and apparently the show is not dead. According to Showtime’s website the head of the network and Kirstie have met and they are trying to figure out what kind of direction to take the show in if there is another season. This at least gives me hope, being a huge Kirstie Alley fan. I mean come on this woman is an icon of the sitcom. I seriously think that the show has an audience out there, the show just needs to find it. The guest stars were great last season. Who else could drag in Kid Rock, John Travolta and Blossom all in one season? Okay, okay I’ll refer to Blossom by her real name from now on. Mayim Bialick. I guess only time will tell as to the future of this show.

I also read in an article posted on another tv website stating that NBC was still seeking sitcoms for mid-season. I’ll be honest with NBC and its whole comedy drought factor. The network brought it on itself. Let’s recall the countless sitcoms the network has either axed prematurely or sent out in its last season in disgrace. “Just Shoot Me” comes to mind first for me. First the show was yanked from the air in January only to return for 3 episodes in April before it was yanked indefinitely from the schedule. The show returned for a summer run with absolutely no publicity. The network even left two episodes unaired. Was that anyway to treat a long reigning sitcom that at one time anchored the Tuesday night line-up? Veronica’s Closet and Suddenly Susan also come to mind when I am thinking on this topic. At the up fronts of the year when these shows were cancelled the networks west coast president actually mocked these shows and heralded their cancellations. Was that anyway to treat two mega stars such as Brooke Shields or Kirstie Alley? This showed much arrogance on the networks part in my opinion. My how the mighty have fallen. Oh well. Hopefully the new season will get started here in a few weeks so I will stop whining about past events in this article so much.

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Page updated 1/16/13

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