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By Krista and Suzanne

Ricky Jaime and Caitlynn Lawson

Interview with Ricky Jaime and Caitlynn Lawson of "So You Think you Can Dance" on FOX 8/5/11.

Our interviewer Krista asks questions every week on this conference call with the dancers of SYTYCD. She always enjoys talking to these talented young folk!

FBC PUBLICITY: So You Think You Can Dance August 5, 2011/10:00 a.m. PDT

Kalyn Seymour
Ricky Jaime
Caitlynn Lawson


Moderator Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by and welcome to the So You Think You Can Dance Conference call. At this time all participants are in a listen-only mode. Later we will conduct a question and answer session with instructions being given at that time. I would now like to turn the conference over to Kalyn Seymour, please go ahead.

K. Seymour Hi everyone. Welcome to the So You Think You Can Dance conference call. On todayís call we have Caitlynn Lawson, 18 years old, contemporary dancer from Moses Lake, Washington. Also Rick Jaime, 18 years old, contemporary dancer from Tampa, Florida. We ask that you keep your questions limited to one question and one follow up. Take it away.

Moderator Okay, are we ready for questions right now?

K. Seymour We are.

Moderator Okay. And to the line of Mike Hughes with TV America, please go ahead.

M. Hughes Hey Ricky, I wanted to ask you; in a Ö you took some time off of dancing for about three years and then you got back to dancing and you kind of became a friend of Jeanine who was a winner in So You Think You Can Dance?

R. Jaime Yes.

M. Hughes Was that part of it? Where did you start to meet her and was there something about her success that got you really excited about doing the show?

R. Jaime Yes, definitely. She actually introduced me to Focal Point Dance Studios in Miami, Florida when they first opened, and thatís when I just started dancing at that studio with her. And as the studio grew I would just looked up to her, and just see how amazing of a dance she is. And so after I took off a couple of years I was just like, well Jeanine did it and she was an amazing person and an amazing dancer, so Iím going to try and do it, and hopefully I can live up to that expectation, and I think I did. I had an amazing time and I hope Iíve been inspiring others.

M. Hughes Yes, you were a spectacular dancer and then all of a sudden, when you had to do Waacking, I looked and I thought, that could really be the death of you. And Sasha survived, but you didnít. What did you think of that Waacking? How hard was it to do and were you a little worried that that might not draw votes from the viewers?

R. Jaime Well I was more excited about the fact that Waacking was being introduced to the world and it was a new style. It was like Season 4 when Bollywood was introduced to everyone. It was just like awesome and so uplifting and Iím so excited for Waacking to just be a part of the So You Think You Can Dance family now. And I wasnít really scared about, like, oh, I might go home because of this. With this show you canít expect anything and you just have to be open and just dance openly and just live your life.

M. Hughes Okay. So thanks a lot.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Lindsay Dreyer with Wet Paint, please go ahead.

L. Dreyer Hi, my first question is for Caitlynn. And the judges said that you had standout moments this season in Many More, Still Love You More and your Sonya Tayeh piece with Marko from this past week, and those are definitely standouts for us as viewers. How did it feel performing these pieces, and were they most memorable for you?

C. Lawson Yes, they were definitely the most memorable. I mean any opportunity to be on the stage at all is an amazing moment for me, but itís definitely extra amazing me you get a good response from the judges and from the audience. And both of those pieces are really touChain pieces to me and it was really fun to get into and theyíre actually in my style. And I had a lot of things that were out of my style, so whenever you get something thatís actually what youíre used to, itís a lot easier to just totally go all out in it. So those are the two most amazing moments. That and then the tango with Pasha was probably my three favorite moments of the show.

L. Dreyer And in those two pieces, the judges said you really kind of came of age. So how do you feel like youíve grown throughout the process of the competition?

C. Lawson The whole reason I wanted to audition for the show is just to finally get an opportunity to be around so many amazing people and amazing dancers and just learn as much as I possibly could. And so when the judges told me that they thought that I had really grown and came of age, it meant a lot to me because that was really my whole goal with this show, was just to learn and get better. And so hearing that from them I couldnít feel any more accomplished and any more happy that I had reached a goal that Iíd set out to accomplish.

L. Dreyer Okay, well thank you so much, you were wonderful.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Deborah Searle with Dance Informa. Please go ahead.

D. Searle Hi guys. This question is for both of you. You were both amazing on the show; well done. I just wanted to know what your plans are for the future now that the showís over. Youíve obviously got the tour to go on, but what other plans do you have after the tour is over?

R. Jaime After the tour is over, I am planning on moving out here, hopefully with Clarice. So Iím up for anything, Iím really excited to just to come out here, hopefully get into the acting business and start dancing even more and harder, and dance with anyone; maybe Sonya Tayeh, it doesnít matter, Iím just really, really excited for the future and to work with anyone.

D. Searle Cool. And Caitlynn?

C. Lawson After the tour I actually already have an apartment set up down here and everything so Iím planning on moving down here. And Iíve always done like singing, and acting, and dancing, and modeling, and I just want to basically go to any audition I can. And I just want to try to do as much as possible. And Iím so excited to be down here and just to try to see how many jobs I can get and just keep learning and growing like I have been on the show and hopefully get to stay in contact with the show and maybe come back as an all-star or something, that would great after effect. But yes, so just keep on doing what Iím doing.

D. Searle Sounds good Ö, but I know youíll both be very successful. And I have question. On this season, Iíve seen a really interesting panel of judges. Thereís been comedians, and actresses, and Lady Gaga. Why do you think Nigel has invited these interesting judges to the panel, and whatís it been like to dance for them?

C. Lawson I personally think that he wanted to invite them just because theyíre all a type of performer and so much about the show is about acting and telling a story, and just all the different aspects of performing are really involved. Itís not just about your dancing ability; itís about your performance. And so I think itís nice to hear corrections from someone whoís a different kind of performer and itís not just about your dance technique or about the moves; itís about the emotion behind it. So I thought that was really nice and it was really cool because weíd see all those people on TV and theyíre all such icons, so it was a really great experience getting to hear from all them.

D. Searle Yes. And Ricky?

R. Jaime I feel the same exact way; especially when Lady Gaga was on the panel. It was just amazing to hear what she has to say because sheís such a performer and sheís such an artist and the appreciation that she has for dance and all the arts is amazing. And with everyone else it was really great to hear from them because they see what America sees, but even in a better light, I feel like. And they know what to say, they know what to tell us to keep us going in the competition. And there hasnít been one judge that I was like, youíre crazy, I donít even know what youíre talking about. Iím just really grateful that we got all these amazing opportunities to meet these people and be judged by them. Hopefully they remember us.

D. Searle Well, well done guys and congratulations on doing so well.

Moderator And our next question comes from the line of Jennifer Still with Digital Spy. Please go ahead.

J. Still Hi guys, how are you? So my first question obviously is for both of you. You guys got so much sort of feedback from the judging panel over the weeks, but is there one thing that particularly for each of you that maybe stood out that you feel that youíve learned the most from and will take forward with you?

R. Jaime I may have to say again, Lady Gaga just saying she has a sweet spot for me because I really love her, and just like hearing everything from everyone was just amazing, and itís stuff that you can take with you even if it wasnít directed to me. If it was directed to Caitlynn or anyone else, I just took it all in and I could put it in my pocket and walk away with it because thatís the best thing about being judged. You can always take it with you no matter who itís for and make yourself a better person and a better dancer.

C. Lawson I have to say, because I really just wanted, out of this whole experience, I just wanted to get better and I wanted to have the opportunity to grow and to learn as much as I possibly could and just to grow as a dancer and as a person. And so anytime the judges told me, like after my tango, and after the performance Wednesday night when Nigel told me that I came of age, or that I grew, and that Iíve gotten better, it meant the world to me because thatís really all I wanted out of the show was just to become a better dancer myself. And I feel like, from taking all of the their critiques throughout the season and just from being around all these amazing people, Iíve learned so much and Iíve totally accomplished the goal that I set out for myself. So itís been an amazing run.

J. Still Totally. And my second question is also for both of you. And thatís that you know weíve heard over the weeks from various dancers as theyíve left about what a strong bond you guys formed as contestants and how close you all became. Can you speak a little bit about what it was like to be with so many peers who were on your level and shared your interests so closely for so many weeks?

C. Lawson Yes. Oh my gosh, we all get so close and we spend every day together and weíre all going through the most amazing and the hardest thing of our lives all at the same time, and so it just automatically brings you close. And everyone is just such amazing people and such amazing dancers and Iím so inspired by all of them. Weíve all just become like best friends. Weíre all just inseparable now and weíre all sad about the ten days that weíre going to be away from each other before tour. But Iím just so grateful that I am in this group of people because theyíre all honestly so amazing and Iíve just had the most wonderful time getting to know all of them.

R. Jaime Definitely. Iím really, really happy that I was able to spend Season 8 with all these amazing dancers on. Whenever Iíd just stop dancing I would always watch YouTube videos of all these amazing dancers and theyíre all in the same room as me. So that was really just like amazing just to be inspired. Itís just like a different energy and itís like a really good energy that I really needed and I really wanted.

And like Caitlynn said, weíre all inseparable and itís great. Itís the best thing ever, and itís not even a friendship, itís a family, and weíre all just going to stick together. And there havenít been any sneaky people saying, ďOh I donít like this person and this person;Ē itís really a family and Iím just so happy to be a part of it. And Iím moving in with Clarice and sheís like my best friend now and hopefully weíll be moving into LA together in a nice apartment.

J. Still Okay. Well thank you so much guys and best of luck in the future.

Moderator And our next question comes from the line of Walt Seltzer with Tampa Tribune. Please go ahead.

W. Seltzer Okay. I guess my question is for Ricky. You got a lot of fans in Tampa to dance to. And I just wondered if thereís anything youíd like to say to your former students and fans here in Tampa?

R. Jaime Yes, definitely. I love Tampa. I just really want to just spread the word and just say never to quit; never, ever, ever, ever quit, because before I even got back into dancing I would keep telling myself, I really want this. Iím already on a good path with like my cheerleading career, like I was going to go to school to cheer, and I just got back into dance; I loved it, that was my true passion.

And every time I would watch people on YouTube and just watch how amazing they were; and I felt like I wasnít that great because I was held back from not growing as a dancer, I just kept telling myself, hey Ricky, you have to just push yourself and you canít quit on yourself. Now look how far Iíve made it on this amazing show and itís just going to get even better from now on and Iím just really, really happy that I got the chance to do this, because itís shown me a lot and Iíve just grown a lot, as well.

W. Seltzer Well, I guess my next question is, are you going to continue to teach as you go along in your career, along the way, and is ballet still a go? I thought you wanted to be a part of a ballet company some day.

R. Jaime Yes, definitely. Itís actually funny. Iíve been searChain to see if I can find like a really amazing ballet contemporary, you know all these like mixed genre type of company around here in LA because I do want to move our to LA. But teaChain, yes; Iím really excited. I canít wait to go back and show all my girls and everyone hopefully that will come to my class just what Iíve learned here and like the quality of movement that Iíve learned. And itís just like itís a whole style from when the last class that I taught back before I came out here, itís going to be so much different whenever I go back. Iím really excited just to show them like how others grow. But yes, a ballet company, I definitely want to, and I really hope itís in my future. So Iím just taking it day by day.

W. Seltzer Okay, well good luck to both of you.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Beth Kwiatkowski with Reality TV World. Please go ahead.

B. Kwiatkowski Hi guys. Congratulations on making it this far. My question is for both of you. Were you surprised to be eliminated, and do you think it was more disappointing to be eliminated right before the finale? Or do you kind of see a silver lining in the situation in that maybe you feel the pressureís off, or maybe that it would have been even worse to be eliminated during the finale after getting all the way to the end?

C. Lawson I definitely see a silver lining in it. Itís sad to get cut obviously, just because you want to go as far as you can. But I really just, out of the six years I just wanted to learn and I wanted to grow and I just wanted the opportunity to get better. And I feel like I really got that and I feel like every day I was here I learned more and more. So Iím just really happy with my whole experience here. Getting cut right before finale is sad just because you really want to be competing for that last show.

But the good thing about it is that we never even have to go home. I mean weíre in rehearsal right now, and we still get to be a part of the show tomorrow, weíre just not competing in it. So I think if thereís a time to get cut, this is definitely the best time. But yes, Iím just really happy with my whole experience with it. Itís bittersweet, but Iím mostly just happy to have gotten the opportunity to have gone this far. I was worried about making top 20, let alone top 6.

B. Kwiatkowski Absolutely. And how about you Ricky?

R. Jaime Same. I think getting cut at this point of the competition is great, just because itís shown me how far I can become, or how like amazing the friendship and everything. I just didnít want to leave anyone, so Iím really glad I wasnít sent home home, in a plane back home. And I donít know, like top six, I donít know, like top three boys, top three girls; thatís crazy and it just like gives me goose bumps to even thing about that.

Iím really, really, really, really happy and grateful that I was able to get on the show this season because I really felt coming into the top 20 or the top 30 and finding out if weíre in the top 20. I felt they were going to tell me that I was too young and I have time to grow as a dancer, and then come back. So Iím just happy I got the chance to do it with these amazing people.

Iím not even upset that itís right before the finale. I mean Iíve pulled through every show, and itís great and Iím still here. Iím rehearsing, just like Caitlynn said, rehearsing with them, and havenít gone home yet. But Iím excited to go home and see everyone and say thank you to everyone that supported me.

B. Kwiatkowski Sure. And my next question is also for both of you. Do you think if the So You Think You Can Dance judges were able to decide who could advance to the finale instead of the home viewers, that things might have turned out a little differently for you guys? Because for instance Caitlynn, Nigel had just told you a couple of times during the season that you were actually his favorite.

C. Lawson Yes, that was great. I mean itís always fantastic to hear good things from the judges. But the thing that we all always say is that you canít expect anything out of the show and even out of the judges. Everyone here is so, so amazing, and itís such a privilege to even be here, that I donít know if it would have been different or not. But it doesnít matter. Iím so happy for how far Iíve come and making it this far. And Iím so so excited for the four that are in it, and theyíre all part of my personal family and I canít wait watch them do amazing next week.

B. Kwiatkowski Great, and Ricky, any thoughts?

R. Jaime Same thing as Caitlynn. We have the same answer, thatís not good. No, the same thing; Iím really excited for the top four. I mean Tadd is the most unique and amazing dancer Iíve ever met and heís such an entertainer that; I donít know, itís just he deserves to be where heís at right now and Marko is just of course an amazing dancer. So I mean if the judges had to choose I have no idea what would have gone down.

Iím just really happy I was able to do my solo and show America why I was there and the judges hopefully realize it as well. Like hey, heís here and heís grown. It was just an awesome experience and Iím so happy I remembered my choreography because I was really nervous I was going to forget. But I walked off stage really happy and just proud and gave Cat a really big smile and Iím done.

B. Kwiatkowski Awesome, thanks so much guys.

Moderator And our next question comes from the line of Sheri Block with Please go ahead.

S. Block Hey guys, how are you doing? Caitlynn, I wanted to ask you. We saw your parents last night getting very emotional when they were talking about how proud they were of you. What was it like to have them in the audience and what has their support meant to you over the years?

C. Lawson Oh my gosh. My parents mean everything to me. I mean I wouldnít be here and have the confidence to even audition for the show without them. My mom, especially, has always really told me that I can do whatever I want. She said it in my package, but I watched the show and I was like, I want to be on there, and sheís like okay, you can do it. Work hard and you can do it. I mean sheís just been the most amazing support system, and my dad as well.

It just meant so much for me to have them there, and I really wanted to make it to this point because my dadís been out of the country, and so he had just gotten and so he got to see me live. They honestly are just the most amazing supportive parents. I canít even describe how happy it made me to have them sitting there and be so proud of me and see how far that Iíve come and that I accomplished all the goals that I set out to do.

S. Block Yes. And was it easier or harder to have them though when you got eliminated?

C. Lawson I think itís definitely easier. That way as Iím packing my stuff up my mom was there to help me, give me a hug and be like, ďItís okay.Ē

R. Jaime All her stuff. She had like 27 bags.

C. Lawson Well, I have a lot of stuff. Itís always great to have your support system there and be with you. And like I said, they are just honestly are the most amazing parents. Theyíve taught me so much, and I really would not be here without all of their love and support.

S. Block Ricky, do you feel the same way about your family supporting you over the years?

R. Jaime Yes, definitely. My momís a really big, like she just always like you should go to school, you should get a degree and just go on with your life and thatís how you build a career. But I think Iíve shown her that dancing can be a career and itís my passion. I can take that to the next level. This show sheís just seen me so happy, and itís awesome to see my mom smile and sheís just like, wow, youíre smiling because you love dancing and the fact that youíre dancing on stage right now is the best feeling for me.

And just seeing her; I mean I couldnít even look at her whenever they call my name to tell me that I was eliminated, because I know how proud of a mom she was. And every time someone comes up to her and theyíre just like ďYour son is great, Iím so happy he had the chance to get on the show and show America his talents,Ē or whatever, I can just see her choking up. And it means the world to me to make my mom proud, because what weíve been through has just been a lot, and she just fought her way to the top and now Iím just doing to the same for her.

S. Block Thatís so great. Thanks guys and best of luck to you both.

Moderator Our next question comes from Steven Bryan with Yahoo! Contributor. Please go ahead.

S. Bryan Good morning Caitlynn and good morning Ricky. Itís good to talk both of you. After the madness of the tour which is coming up soon, is there a dream movie or TV role that youíve always thought about doing, or a Broadway role that youíd like to tackle?

C. Lawson Well letís see. Iíve always, and Iíve done a lot of acting and singing and whatever throughout my life growing up, and thatís really a big goal for me is just to make it on TV in any way possible. I honestly, just the opportunity to be on a movie at all, I donít think I care which one it is. That would be amazing. But I donít know if I have a specific one. Ricky, do you have a specific one?

R. Jaime Well, I just started thinking about it right now. But Iím obsessed with Disney. And like just a Ö so anything on the Disney channel, like Suite Life of Zack and Cody or like Suite Life on Deck, that would be great, I would love it. Or Wizards of Waverly Place. I actually just thought about the whole acting gig recently, and I really hope I can find an acting coach here in LA and pursue that now.

C. Lawson Yes, gosh, Disney Channel, good one.

S. Bryan One follow up would be; after the weekly pressure of doing the show; coming back week after week, if somebody approached either one of you and said, Iíve got a TV pilot Iíd like to pitch to you, and then possibility of a long term series, could you commit to something like that again?

C. Lawson Oh my gosh, yes. In a second.

R. Jaime Oh, yes, yes. The same thing. Yes, this is what we love doing, we love performing and I mean itís any opportunity. Absolutely, any opportunity I would take, and because you never know how much you can grow in the smallestómaybe the show wonít air, but you never know how much you can grow in that just experience.

C. Lawson Yes, I feel exactly the same. And itís like probably the biggest dream of mine for someone to walk up to me and have a TV pilot for me. But, yes, that would be absolutely amazing.

S. Bryan Well thatís great. Thank you for your answers, and itís been a joy watChain both of you every week and I hope to see you on the tour.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Henry Hinks with Please go ahead.

H. Hinks Hey guys, great talking with you today. So I was wondering for each of you, was there a particular routine that you felt like you really worked the hardest on and you were most proud of how it turned out?

C. Lawson For me, this past week, having the two routines and the samba and Sonya Tayeh piece, I thought that I really wanted to do my very, very best this week, and I feel like I really reached my goal for both of them. The samba was really fast and really, really difficult, and I thought I got a good response from the judges on it and from the audience and everyone else. And definitely on the Sonya Tayeh piece, it was really hard, like emotion wise, just because she really wanted us to dive into the character and I really had to just be this overwhelmed, like frightened person. It was a lot of acting in that, so I felt like I really wanted to nail that. Then to see the judges stand up and were so excited for us, and really thought that they understood the story and character. That was really an amazing moment for me just because weíd really worked so hard on getting that character down and then having them appreciate it so much.

R. Jaime Mine would be any ballroom that I did; I had the cha-cha and the jive. And they were extremely, extremely difficult. My cha-cha with Ryan, I really, really love that dance and it was really fast. And during rehearsals it was just not great and we were trying so hard, but it was so fast and they didnít want to slow down the music for so we could at least get the steps. Itís like they kept pushing us and kept pushing us.

And honestly, whenever we did it on the show it was the first time we ever did it full out, just the way it was suppose to look, and I was really happy with the result of it all. And with my jive with Sonya it was super-fast, super, super fun, like I was having a blast on stage and just moving my feet really quick, of course. So those few dances, I mean I really; after the show I really want to like dive into the whole ballroom world because I absolutely love everything about it. I loved performing it and it was a lot of fun, so weíll see how that goes.

H. Hinks And I asked you the million dollar question. I know Ricky said he really liked Tadd a lot as a dancer. Do you guys haveóand I know youíre all good friends, but do you guys have a favorite going in to win the whole thing?

C. Lawson No, you canít have a favorite. Itís like trying to pick your favorite sibling. You just canít do that. Weíre just all so so close and such a family, I just want them all to just do their best and itís really just up to America. You never know whatís going to happen with the show and I just want them all to just go kill it and do amazing and I canít wait to watch them just do an amazing job this next week.

Moderator And our next question comes from the line of Krista Chain with The TV MegaSite. Please go ahead.

K. Chain Hi guys. My questionís for both of you. I just wanted to know if your could talk a little bit about how you got involved in dance and what made you interested in dancing?

C. Lawson I started dancing when I was three, but I think just when youíre little you dance just because your mom put you in class, but I really just have such a passion for dancing as Iíve gotten older. Itís just such an amazing art form, and a way to just express yourself and to grow. And itís one of the things that, itís like you can never be perfect at it, and you can never stop growing. And thatís my favorite thing about it; is just that Iím the type of person who just always wants to be better at whatever Iím doing and to always want to improve.

I love to learn and I love to just keep getting better and better, and dance is something that itís always evolving and you always have to keep pushing yourself. And Iíve watched this show since Season 1, and I learned so much from it because Iím from such a small town and I never really had exposure to the outside dance world. And so just being on here Iíve just learned so much, and itís made me love and appreciate dance even more.

R. Jaime And I started when I was around the age of like ten maybe. Well everyone would always like just watch me dance whenever I would watch like Jennifer Lopez or like the Backstreet Boys on MTV and stuff, and I would mimic all their dances, and I just loved it so much. But my mom never really like noticed, and she would say, ďOh yes, you just like to fool around, youíre just really hyper Ricky.Ē And she would put me in soccer, basketball, all these different sports and I was like ďMom, Iím a dancer, Iím dancing on the field like itís not going to work, Iím not going to kick the ball around.Ē

I surprised my mom at her wedding and I came up with like this dance choreography thing. I donít even know what it was because I watched the video recently and it was a hot mess. And I asked her that, it was just like everyone was like, hey, he really needs to get into dance, like he needs to go to a dance studio and just try it; just let him be. And thatís when my mom noticed that, and since then itís gone up. I did stop dancing when I was 15 but that was just because I moved up to Tampa from Miami, and when I got back into it I just kept pushing myself. And now Iím here and itís just the best experience of my life and Iím so happy I got back into dancing because I was not going to, and I got the opportunity to do this.

K. Chain Okay, and also who are some of the dancers that you aspire to be like, or that inspire you?

C. Lawson Pretty much everyone whoís been on the show. I really used this show as an outlet just because I really didnít have anywhere to turn to to like find new things about dance. And so I would just watch a show so intently and I would just want to be like all of them and Iíd try to figure out what the moves they were doing in their solo were to try to learn from it. And so itís been a real amazing experience for me being able to work with some of the people that Iíve idolized for so long. But yes, I mean all the all-stars this year and just everyone whoís gone through this experience Iíve looked up to so much and learned so much from. Theyíre probably in my top picks.

R. Jaime Same here. Iíve been watChain the show a lot, as well, and itís just like awesome to dance with the all-stars that you were watChain whenever they are on the show and youíre in the seventh grade. So I mean I donít really have a specific favorite dancer at all, just because everyone is so different, they bring such a different taste to their talent. Iím just really happy with the inspiration that this show gives and gives us.

K. Chain Well great. I wish you both good luck.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Mike Hughes with TV America. Please go ahead.

M. Hughes Ricky, if you could follow up on that just a little bit. You were talking about when you moved and quit dancing briefly in Tampa. First of all, how old were you when you met Jeanine and when she introduced you to that studio that you like so much?

R. Jaime I want to say I was about 12.

M. Hughes Okay, cool. And you mentioned Clarice a couple of times. I just wanted to make sure I was clear on that. Are you like the romantic couple, or?

R. Jaime You know what, I would love to be because sheís so beautiful andówell, I donít want Caitlynn to get jealous, you know. So, I love Clarice so much. I really feel like sheís a boy version of me, and we just click so well. I mean I donít want to single anyone else out, but we just click so well.

And itís like the funniest thing because you would think that sheís like super quiet and super just like down to earth, like itís just nothing. But she is the funniest person ever, and she talks so much and the things that she says, itís so funny. So having her around is just the best thing ever. But no, itís not a romantic thing. I mean I really wish. She has a boyfriend, but gosh sheís beautiful.

M. Hughes Okay, cool. And the other thing I wanted to follow up on was that you, Caitlynn, you had mentioned your dad was out of the country? Where was he, and for how long?

C. Lawson He works for ExxonMobil so heís gone a month and home a month. Heís been doing that my whole life, but this last time he was in Turkey. But yes, so he was gone for a month of the show. So he got to come to like one of the first ones, and then he was gone the whole time. And he told me, ďYouíve got to make it to top 6. I want to see you dance live one more time, youíve got to make it.Ē And I just laughed at him, like okay. Because that was like week two, itís was like, ďOh, I will try for you, but I donít know what Iím going to be able to do.Ē But I made it and that was just the most amazing thing and it was really funny just because I thought that that sounded so out of reach and to actually be here and to have actually done what he told me to do; it was really amazing.

M. Hughes Okay thatís great, thanks.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Erin Seigel with Ö. Please go ahead.

E. Seigel Hi guys. I was just wondering, I know like I have some of my favorite choreographers on the show, but who are some of your favorites that you got to work with or you wanted to work with?

C. Lawson All the choreographers are amazing, obviously, and itís such a privilege to work with any of them, but I would say that one of my favorites that Iíve learned so, so much from is Sonya. I had her in the very beginning when I had Robert, and then I had her this last time. And so itís kind of funny because I began and ended my journey with her, and sheís just a really amazing person and really pushes you and makes you just really dive into whatever she says. And like Sonya tells you to put your leg up and do a back flip youíll do it. So she just really pushes you to a whole new level and sheís such a privilege to work with her and I hope I get the opportunity to work with her again some day.

R. Jaime Same here. Sonja was amazing to work with, and like Caitlynn said, we got pushed so much on this show and Sonya just pushes you even more. Like once we were like, oh, weíre so tired, our neck hurts. She was like nope, donít care, keep going. She has so much care for you and so much love for you, but at the same time, sheís like I donít care because youíre going to give me full out right now. Sheís amazing. She was such an amazing person to work with.

I really, really, really wanted to work with Travis Vaughn, and I never got the chance to. I think his work is just incredible, anything he does is amazing and I really wanted to work with him. But itís okay, hopefully in the future Iíll be able to work with him here in LA, or in Miami, New York, wherever life takes me right now.

E. Seigel Alright, very cool. Well those are two of my favorites, too. But the other thing was, since you guys are starting rehearsal for the finale now, and then tour, is there a specific routine that you want to see come back on tour or next week in the finale?

C. Lawson Like one that weíve done that I hope thatís in the tour. I hope that I get to do myówell, I donít know if Pasha will be on tour, but Iíd love to be able to my Argentine tango again, and Iíd absolutely love to do the Sonya Tayeh piece that Marko and I did on Wednesday night. Those are probably two of my favorites throughout the whole season.

R. Jaime And for me I would want to do my contemporary with Ryan with the fabric that Sonya did. It meant a lot, and that dance just meant a lot to me. I really enjoyed it too. I would also like to do our cha-cha or my jive with Anya, just because I love being a ballroom dancer on that floor.

E. Seigel Alright, well thank you guys and good luck.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Steven Wyble with the Columbia Basin Herald. Please go ahead.

S. Wyble Hi, my question is for Caitlynn, although I just want to add briefly, itís been a pleasure watChain both of you dance, but Caitlynn, itís been amazing to drive through Moses Lake and see all the support you have. There are signs and people wearing tee-shirts and stuff. How much were you aware of the support you were receiving back home and how did that affect you on the stage and what does that mean to you?

C. Lawson Well the support that Iíve gotten from back home has just been absolutely amazing, and has really just meant so much to me and I just did not expect just so, so much. I just never expected that people could be that supportive. And people would message me or Facebook me pictures of around town with Taco Time having my name on there, of whatever it was, and I was just in awe.

It was so inspiring to know that I had so many people behind me, and you know itís my hometown and I miss it and I love everyone there. And Iím just so happy that they were all so supportive and so happy for me and being on that stage knowing that I have my whole town behind me and thatís my roots. And the people who made me are there supporting me, and itís just an amazing feeling to know that you have so many people behind you. I canít be more thankful for the response from the whole town.

S. Wyble Cool, well then my other question was, you had mentioned that growing up watChain the show kind of gave you a glimpse of this small town girl into this wider world of dance. Now that youíve actually experienced that firsthand, how is that compared to your expectations when you were young watChain the show?

C. Lawson Oh my gosh. I mean I always wanted to be on the show, just because it looks so amazing and because I learned from it just watChain it, let alone being on it. But itís just so much more than I even expected that it would be. Iíve just learned so so much. Every single day, every minute that Iíve been here Iíve learned something new, and Iíve become a better dancer and a better person.

Itís just been the most amazing roller coaster that I could have ever asked for getting to be inspired every day and doing what I love to do, I really couldnít ask for anything better. Itís always been a dream of mine and it was a dream come true when I made the show, but itís just more, more than I could have ever expected. Iím so, so grateful that I got to have this opportunity, and that I get to continue and go on tour, and then possibly move down and just keep going on this amazing, amazing journey.

S. Wyble Thanks a lot and good luck to both of you.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Belinda Thomas with The Examiner. Please go ahead.

B. Thomas Alright. First of all, congratulations Rick and Caitlynn for making it this far, that you both were great on the show. And I wanted to find out was there any style of dance that you would like to learn more of now that you got to perform it on the show?

R. Jaime Yes, I want to be a cha-cha dancer so bad. And I know for a fact that after the show and after the tour and after I get settled down in LA Iím just going to go straight into the ballroom world hopefully, and I really want to take it under my belt because I enjoy it so much. I love moving my head just as fast as I can and I think it looks so amazing on people, and itís awesome. Itís a different dynamic than contemporary and any other technical dance that Iím trained in. So it would be great to be able to do that contemporary dancer, and hopefully a good cha-cha dancer.

C. Lawson For me I feel the same. Ballroom has definitely been something that I always loved watChain and I was always so interested in, but I never had the opportunity to take classes or anything like that. And so getting to do it on the show and getting to experience that, I absolutely love it; itís so, so much fun so I hope to continue on that. And then also, hip hop; I have had some experience in that, but I definitely want to continue with that and get better and better because I really enjoy that, as well. But definitely ballroom; ballroomís amazing.

R. Jaime Yes, thatís my favorite, and you look amazing Caitlynn.

B. Thomas And lastly, is there any advice you would give to any dancers that are looking to try out for the show in the future?

C. Lawson My advice would be just be to have faith in yourself and confidence and just leave your heart on the floor every time you go out and donít be afraid to push yourself. The great thing about the show, and whatís so inspiring is that their not expecting you to be a perfect dancer. Theyíre expecting you to give your 100%, and they want to see you grow, and they want to see you get better. And so itís really just having the confidence in yourself to know that if you do your best and if you just work your butt off then youíre going to have good results out of the show.

R. Jaime Definitely, and I would also say never to give up because once you set you mind up telling yourself, oh Iím done and I canít dance anymore, Iím not as good as this person. I mean your mind is just so overbearing, and itís so difficult to get your mind off of it. Get your mind off of your mind; oh, thatís great. Like your mind is so powerful, and if you just tell yourself not to quit, itís going to get to take you so far in life, and thatís one thing I have learned this season. Iím just really happy that I have a chance to grow, and at such a young age, as well, because I could have easily just come back next season or the season after that. They could have just cut me, but I have the chance to do this now and at a young age I really feel like itís the best for me because itís the start of my career.

B. Thomas Thank you and good luck guys.

Moderator Our next question comes from Beth Kwiatkowski with Reality TV World. Please go ahead.

B. Kwiatkowski Hi guys. Just a couple of follow-ups. Caitlynn, just before Cat announced your elimination, Nigel said you dance with your head and you might sometimes over-think things a little bit; while he said that Sasha danced from her soul and Melanie danced with her heart. You looked a little shocked when he said that. Was that actually the case, and did you find it maybe a little inaccurate or even a little offensive, since youíve been talking about how passionate you are about dance and Iím sure you want to be known for dancing from your heart.

C. Lawson Yes, I wouldnít say I was shocked or offended. Thatís not exactly what you want to hear, of course, but I feel like I try to leave my heart on the stage every time I dance. I think that in my solos I would be more thinking in my head just because of the pressure of it, and so I would understand that. But I think that in my duets and the actual competition numbers in the piece, that I always got good responses from him and the other judges by saying that you know I really showed the emotion of it and everything and that is dancing from your heart. So I hope that I will keep working on that and keep working on my solos and being able to be as confident in those as in my duets, but you know Iíve gotten plenty of good comments from Nigel. One bad one wonít kill me.

B. Kwiatkowski And Ricky, you had been in the bottom a few times this season, yet you always manage to survive. Would you probably consider yourself the underdog of the competition, and why do you think the judges were so intent on keeping you around? And did those circumstances maybe make it a little more difficult or easier for you to be eliminated since you kind of fought so hard to stay?

R. Jaime Yes, Iím not sure. Every week it was just hard, like hearing that I was in the bottom. I kept asking myself, hey what am I doing wrong, I want to connect with them, I want to show them my talent, I want to be able to experience this whole experience with them. But Iím really grateful that the judges kept seeing that I do have something and thereís something in me that just wanted it really bad and just wanted to grow as a dancer here on the show. But I feel like just being in the bottom really helped me, as well, and just helped show America why Iím here and why Iím just so driven sometimes. I donít think it was anything bad, I really took it as a good thing, so thatís that on that.

B. Kwiatkowski Great. And my last question is for you Caitlynn, and itís going back to last week. When Jordan was eliminated, Nigel told her he was a little disappointed with both you and her Dance for Your Life solos. What was your reaction when you heard that, and why do you think he felt that way, because it sounds like to me you always leave your heart on the dance floor when you go out there?

C. Lawson The Dance of Your Life solo is just, I think for both of us, and for everyone who has to dance for their life; you want it so bad and you really want to impress the judges. And you want to stay so bad, and it means so much to you that I do think that sometimes the pressure gets to all of us and we end up messing up or not doing exactly what we planned during our solo. And so sometimes it turns out well and sometimes it doesnít turn out as well. So itís just that Dancing for Your Life you just want to stay so bad. And so yes, I donít know, that he was disappointed is just that both of us just kind of let the pressure get to us that week a little bit during our solos. But Iím glad that it was enough to keep me through.

B. Kwiatkowski Absolutely. Well thanks guys and good luck with everything.

Moderator And we have a follow up from Mr. Henry Hinks with Please go ahead sir.

H. Hinks Hi Ricky, I wanted to know, you were in the bottom a few times and the judges, they were able to keep you on. What did you feel, you know the judges giving out my support, especially in the first part of the season?

R. Jaime Iím sorry, can you repeat the last part?

H. Hinks Yes, you did you feel about the judges that were really behind you all the way in the first part of the season when you werenít getting the votes?

R. Jaime It really made me really happy just because after maybe like the third time or second time that they saved me, I was just really happy that they did see something in me and they saw that I was working hard and pushing myself. Iím really happy that they kept me because if not then I wouldnít be here right now. I donít know. Like being the bottom was definitely a good thing in my eye, although it might seem like a bad thing, I thought it was a good thing.

H. Hinks So Caitlynn, you talked about being able to make it up to the top six. When you first auditioned, was that ever anything in your mind that youíd be able to go so far?

C. Lawson I just wanted to go and try my best and see what happened, but I didnít expect to make it this far. I was, for a green mile trying to make the top 20, I was extremely unsure of how that was going to go, and every week since then I just tried to push myself and do the very best I can and hope that itís enough to get me through. And Iíve gotten so much further and not just in the competition, but as a dancer than I ever thought that I would. Iím just really proud of how far Iíve came and how much Iíve learned and just the whole experience has just been the most amazing thing of my life.

H. Hinks Excellent. Thanks again guys.

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