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Article by Jenny

After watching the "American Idol" season finale, I've decided that less is more. What could have been a terrific one-hour special was stretched into a two-hour bore. This show basically drowned in unnecessary filler.

I realize they need filler since it only takes about ten seconds to announce the winner. That's fine. Some of the acts were very entertaining - Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Gwen Stefani. I would have gladly listened to those kinds of performances for two hours. But who in their right mind wants to listen to Sanjaya sing a solo?

Of the top twelve contestants this year, Sanjaya was the only one besides the top three finalists to get a solo. Say what? The worst singer in the top twelve gets a solo? That time slot could have gone to any of the other finalists who can actually sing. Why anyone at Fox would decide to let Sanjaya attempt to sing for three minutes is beyond me.

To make matters worse, they let Clive Davis ramble pointlessly for what seemed like an hour. I think it's great that he congratulated Carrie Underwood on her success. And I understand the necessity of simultaneously pimping every other Idol contestant who ever had any kind of success. But he could have done so much, MUCH more succinctly. Has this guy ever taken a speech class? He could use one, because the first thing they teach you is to get to your point quickly. Davis rambled on and on about pretty much everyone who had ever been on the show and I honestly had no idea where he was going with his aimless speech. Plus, he was completely boring. By the time he introduced Carrie Underwood I was wondering if he would EVER stop talking.

Speaking of appearances that went on too long, Tony Bennett sang what seemed like the world's longest song. First of all, this is not the type of music that appeals to the majority of the "Idol" demographic. They should have kept it short and sweet. Instead, they let Bennett sing a song that never seemed to end. I would much rather hear Kelly Clarkson sing "Never Again" twice than hear Tony Bennett sing once.

They also had a number of long musical montages with the top twelve finalists. These would have been all right if they'd picked more modern music. Again, these montages should have been a LOT shorter since they weren't all that interesting.

There were several parts of the show that I thoroughly enjoyed. The "Golden Idol Awards" were hilarious. Now there's a segment that should have been LONGER, since it was actually entertaining. The tributes to the "worst-of" contestants were hysterically funny. They even showed some of the best "Simon and Seacrest sniping at each other" moments. I could have watched the "Golden Idol" spoofs for two hours and not been bored.

I also enjoyed Kelly Clarkson singing her new single "Never Again" and Gwen Stefani's performance. Carrie Underwood's performance of "I'll Stand by You" was wonderful. And Chris Daughtry once again proved that some of the best Idol contestants aren't the winners. He's another performer who should have gotten more time on the show.

I'm glad that Jordin Sparks was the winner, since she can outsing Blake any day. I'm still chuckling about Simon saying she wiped the floor with Blake on Tuesday night. Besides, you have to admire anyone who can sing that well while crying.

Suspiciously absent was the announcement of what margin Jordin won by. In years past, Seacrest usually told the audience what a tiny margin it was, only so many hundred votes, etc. This year there was no mention of it. I can only assume that Jordin won by a landslide and the producers didn't want to embarrass Blake.

I have two suggestions for next season. They can leave out the boring filler that no one wants to see and cut the show to one hour. OR they can leave out the boring filler that no one wants to see and replace it with something entertaining and keep the two-hour show. Let's face it, the majority of the target Idol audience neither knows nor cares who Tony Bennett is. And no one wants to hear Clive Davis ramble aimlessly for twenty minutes.

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Page updated 9/5/12

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