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By Suzanne

Aldis Hodge of "Leverage"

Interview with Aldis Hodge of "Leverage" on TNT 1/10/09

Today I was fortunate to interview Aldis Hodge, who plays Hardison on TNT's great show "Leverage". It was early morning, and I think we were both a little drowsy!

When asked about this season's episodes of "Leverage", he said that he was really excited about the seventh episode, which is their summer season finale (like many cable shows, they show half their season in the summer and half in the winter). He said that they're "back to being in trouble". We chatted quite a bit about the characters on the show. He said they have formed a sort of "strange bond". "The first season was all about not wanting the relationships, but the second season is about hanging onto the relationships," he mused. They have been thrown a lot of curveballs, but they rise to meet the challenge.

Specifically, we discussed his character's relationship with Parker. They seem to be heading down a romantic path. He enjoys that chemistry between them and hopes to see more of it. He said "They have a little somethin' somethin' going on".

I marveled to him about how great the characters were, and how distinct they are in their little ensemble, and he agreed. We talked about how the show is a drama but also very light-hearted. He thinks that it's good to have that balance, to keep things "fun" so that people can forget about their problems and enjoy the show.

Being a big scifi fan (okay, nerd), I asked him if he had gotten a lot of good responses from scifi fans, since he plays a computer geek and makes lots of scifi references, and he admitted that he has. He also admitted that he is a big geek himself. We talked about how Star Trek and other scifi has always had a big influence on the show. Former "Star Trek: Voyager" star Jeri Ryan is joining the show later in the season. Jonathan Frakes (Riker from "Star Trek: The Next Generation") has directed some of the show's episodes. Brent Spiner (Data) and Wil Wheaton (Wesley) have been guest-stars. There are many scifi references in the show's dialogue.

I made sure to tell him that the show has many scifi fans, and I asked him to pass it on to the other cast members as well. I have to admit that I did gush quite a lot about how much I love "Leverage", and he said that it really made his morning. He seems like a very nice, humble guy.

Since we were talking about scifi fandom, I asked if he had gone to Comic-Con last month. He said he had wanted to, but they were filming. They film up in Portland. Last year they filmed in L.A., but this season they moved to Portland. He says the city is great about letting them shoot there and helping them out. He commented that the people who run the city are "gracious and very helpful".

I asked Aldis what his favorite thing was about playing the character of Hardison on the show. He said that Hardison has "all this crazy knowledge and loves doing what he does. He's so intelligent and very comfortable doing it." Hardison knows who he is and is very enthusiastic. I noted that he is the only one of the gang that is not crazy or has issues, and he laughed. I guessed that it must be fun as an actor to do this show because every week he not only gets to play Hardison, but Hardison pretends to be all sorts of different people. He heartily agreed with that notion.

I also asked Aldis about what it was like being on the show, since he has done a lot of acting, but never on a successful show before. He talked about some of the experiences he'd had with being on shows that get canceled a lot. He is just very glad to have any job, but he says that "coming in this show, not knowing anyone", but getting to be a part of it all, has been "very exciting and refreshing".

When asked about what he hopes for Hardison in the future, Aldis replied that he hopes he "stays on a steady path and grows a little". We all hope for the same thing!

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