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Article by Jenny

Every week, I ask myself the same question: Why do I love "Grey's Anatomy" so much? It's not a well-written show, at least not in terms of plot. It's one of the most predictably written shows on the air.

Take, for example, last season's so-called "shocker" - the death of Denny Duquette. Seriously, did anyone NOT see that coming a mile away? Or how about this season, when Izzy and George hit the sheets - predictable with a capital P.

And yet, I look forward to seeing this show every week. Maybe it's because of the clever dialogue. The show may be poorly written in terms of plot, but the writers do well with witty dialogue and interesting characters.

Or maybe I just like that I always know what's going to happen next week without wasting a lot of time searching for spoilers on the internet.

Regardless of the transparent writing, "Grey's Anatomy" has never failed to keep me entertained - until this week. In its most recent episode (May 3), "Grey's Anatomy" was apparently hijacked by a duller-than-dirt show called "Middle-Aged and Lonely".

In this two hour special, which was supposed to promote the probable Addison spinoff, Addison goes to visit some old college friends in L.A. It turns out that her best friend Naomi is also divorced and feeling sorry for herself. She works at a wellness clinic with her ex-husband Sam, a minor celebrity who wrote one of those think-your-way-to-success-and-happiness books.

Addison tells Naomi (a fertility specialist) that she wants to have a baby. After running some tests, Naomi tells Addison that she's infertile. This seems a little far-fetched to me. Less than a year ago, Addison got pregnant, and now she's supposed to be completely infertile?

Meanwhile, back at Seattle Grace, Christina prepares for her wedding to Burke. Both their mothers show up to meddle. Christina finds out that they are expecting about two hundred wedding guests and asks Burke what happened to their small wedding. He stupidly tells her he didn't think she was serious.

Izzy tells George not to transfer to another hospital because she'll miss him. The train wreck that is his marriage continues to limp along but the writing is on the wall.

McDreamy performs brain surgery on Ava. He says it could give her back her memory but there's no guarantee. During the surgery she speaks about four different languages, so they know one more thing about her. But afterward, she says she doesn't remember anything else.

Of course my first thought was that she was lying. From the beginning of this storyline, I've suspected that Ava was running from some sort of shady past - either as a criminal or a government spy or something. This seems to support my theory.

Meredith's stepmother shows up at the clinic with acid reflux disease, then jumps into getting an elective procedure done (yeah, the writing's on the wall for this one, too). The next thing you know, she's dead and Thatcher's blaming Meredith. He slaps her and yells that he trusted her. What a jerk. As if her horrible mother wasn't bad enough. McDreamy tries to comfort Meredith but she pushes him away and runs off. I still can't figure out why Meredith was working on a family member anyway, but I guess the writers had to have a reason for Thatcher to smack her.

I found myself wishing for more Seattle Grace, less "Lonely In L.A". I thought the spinoff was a good idea, but after seeing this episode I'm not so convinced. Somehow Addison and her unhappy, rich friends in L.A. just aren't as interesting as the characters of Seattle Grace.

There were some things I liked about Addison's L.A. story. Taye Diggs is great eye candy, and the bathing-suit-clad-surfer-dude-receptionist isn't half bad, either. Addison's love interest is an alternative medicine specialist who tries acupuncture needles on her. She ends up crying. Unfortunately, the two have no chemistry and there isn't even any punchy dialogue to keep the sinking storyline afloat.

I'm not saying a story about lonely, middle-aged people can't be entertaining. Chief Webber at Seattle Grace was hilarious recently, when he tried to rejoin the dating world. I cracked up when Mark offered to be his "wingman" and help him attract women. This was a storyline about a lonely, middle-aged person looking for love that was ENTERTAINING. Unfortunately, the writers weren't able to recreate that for Addison and her L.A. friends.

Bottom line: I don't see the Addison spinoff being a huge success, unless the writing gets a whole lot better. I'm looking forward to getting my "Grey's Anatomy" back next week - all Seattle Grace, all the time.

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Page updated 1/15/13

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