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By Krista

Max Greenfield

Interview with Max Greenfield of "New Girl" on FOX 1/4/13

I really liked listening to Max answer all the questions, although I was disappointed I didn't get to ask him my questions. I had planned to ask him about his differences/similarities to his character of Schmidt on the show.. He was very funny and just a really nice guy.

Final Transcript
FBC PUBLICITY: The New Girl Conference Call
January 4, 2013/11:00 a.m. PST
Max Greenfield Ė New Girl
Todd Adair Ė FBC Publicity

Moderator Welcome to the New Girl Conference Call with Max Greenfield. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode. Later, we will conduct a question and answer session. As a reminder, this conference is being recorded. I would now like to turn the conference over to our host, Mr. Todd Adair; please go ahead.

T. Adair Thank you for joining us today, and Happy New Year. New Girl returns with new episodes for 2013 on Tuesday, January 8th at 9:00 Eastern/Pacific. Joining us today is Max Greenfield, who was also recently nominated for his first Golden Globe award for supporting actor in a series, with the ceremony being held next Sunday the 13th. Weíll now begin questions for Max; thanks for joining us.

M. Greenfield Thank you for such a lovely introduction, Mr. Todd.

T. Adair I spent all holiday doing that.

M. Greenfield Well, you couldnít have done any better.

T. Adair Thanks. Weíll start our first question.

Moderator Our first question comes from the line of Reg Seeton with The

R. Seeton Let me ask you this. What were you doing when you heard the Golden Globe nomination, and how does it feel to be recognized?

M. Greenfield Well, it feels wonderful especially in such a kind of odd category, where they have people from movies and miniseries and dramas. And all of a sudden theyíre like well, the nominees are Ed Harris and Schmidt from New Girl. So, to hear that was kind ofó I donít know, it felt really nice.

It always feels nice to be recognized for the work that you do, and especially in such a kind of cool and big awards show like the Golden Globes, itís going to be a lot of fun just to participate in an event like that.

As far as where I was, it was five in the morning and I was very much asleep.

R. Seeton Let me follow up with this. In the upcoming episode, can you talk about the white guilt that Schmidt is feeling and what Winston does to help him out with it?

M. Greenfield Sure. I think he sees Winston out and heís hanging out with a bunch of other African-American guys and I think Schmidt kind ofóin his own naÔve sort of way, somehow assumes that heís being held back in the loft and is not feeling comfortable around white people, such as Schmidt and Nick and Jess, and doesnít feel like he can fully be himself. So he tries to, in his most idiotic of ways, tries to give Winston an opportunity to really spread his wings within the loft and Winston quickly realizes what heís doing and how stupid he is, and kind of plays along with him and gets Schmidt really riled up and it turns into quite a wild adventure.

Moderator Our next question will come from the line of Alexandra Hurtado with Us Weekly.

A. Hurtado I have three questions for you. First, in the last episode Schmidt and Cece seemed to have smoothed over any hostility. So I wanted to know, is there any chance of them to get back together? And do you want to see them together?

M. Greenfield I think thereís always a chance. And personally, yes, Iíd like to see them back together. You try to play the character and make it as personal as possible and at this point, Schmidt is working so hard to get back with her that I think I personally kind of want to just win already.

A. Hurtado And you also performed a sexy lap dance for Nick last episode. Where did you learn those moves?

M. Greenfield I was actuallyóI donít want to say a stripper because thatís not the right word, but an exotic dancer for quite some time. Thatís not only Channing Tatumís story, but itís mine as well. Itís a shame that he was so much more famous than I was at the time the story came out. And now itís like, I donít want to feel like Iím copying him soóyouíre the first to hear that so if you want to break that story, thatís on you.

A. Hurtado Oh, awesome. Itís an exclusive.

M. Greenfield Yes, itís totally exclusive. I feel like it might be weird though.

A. Hurtado Awesome. Thank you so much. And then last but not least, you seem to play Schmidt a little too Ö. Have you ever done anything to warrant putting a dollar in the douche bag jar?

M. Greenfield Oh, sure. Plenty of times.

A. Hurtado Any examples?

M. Greenfield Itís usually just dumb things that my wife will just be like, ďWhatís wrong with you?Ē

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Breanna Hare with

B. Hare So, I wanted to ask you a few questions today. First of all, speaking of the douche bag jar, I wanted to know what your definition of douche-baggery was. Or what makes a douche bag?

M. Greenfield Oh, geez. I donít know that it can quite be defined. I think itís anytime you see someone out in life who is just trying just a bit too hard. I saw a guy yesterday driving around LAóand I donít know if youíre out in LA or not, but itís on the cooler side out here. I mean, we donít live in Minnesota but itís not exactly 90 degrees out here. And I saw some guy driving around his Porsche and he had the top down and his Marlboro was like billowing out of his car and I was like, just Ö. Anytime you can look at somebody and go, ďWe get itĒ Ė thatís, I think, the definition of a douche.

B. Hare What made you decide to take the role of Schmidt? Did you know when you first read for it that this was a role that was going to be a breakout part, or what kind ofó

M. Greenfield Oh, I was just happy that I got to audition for the show, let alone get the role. Itís so funny when people ask me about likeóthat I had some sort of like choice or hope toóoh, I read the material and really responded. I was so excited to get the audition and just hoping to give a good read for people like Liz Meriwether and Jake Kasdan. And then to get the job, I was like, ďYouíve got to be kidding me.Ē And then it certainly worked out wonderfully.

B. Hare Then my last question for you is how much do you improv as Schmidt, if at all?

M. Greenfield We definitely improv a little bit, but itís the type of thing where you come into a scene, you do it as scripted, and then certainly if itís working you want to then open it up a bit andóI donít know. Itís never like, oh, let me come in and have an improvisational workshop on set. So many of our writers are always on setóand producers, and itís sort of like a collaborative improvisation sometimes where people are throwing things in and sometimes other actors are throwing things in. When itís working correctly, itís just unbelievable.

Moderator Our next question will come from the line of Leah Baker with NiceGirlsTV.Com.

L. Baker I have a question regarding Schmidt and Cece. I know it looks like theyíve kind of found a comfortable place at the end of the Christmas episode, but I assume that does not mean that Schmidt is going to let this wholeóher being set up go off without a hitch.

M. Greenfield Heís not. I think itís every time they kind of make up, they get back to likeóit seems as though heíll go after her, heíll totally screw it up, and then theyíll find a place in friendship, and once they get settled into like a normal friend/relationship, he feels the need to then go after her again.

L. Baker So we can definitely expect more hijinks.

M. Greenfield Oh, yes.

L. Baker Oh, good. And this has been a year of incredible guest stars. You guys had Olivia Munn, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rob Riggle. Is there anybody you would like to see guest star on New Girl?

M. Greenfield We get asked this all the time and all of a sudden Iíll see something on TV and Iíll be like, ďOh my God. I want him to be on the show.Ē So many people.

L. Baker How about anybody whoís going to be a guest star thatís coming up that youíre really excited to work with?

M. Greenfield Whoís coming back. Nelson Franklin comes back and heís always a joy. Dennis Farina came on to play Nickís dad.

L. Baker Heís awesome.

M. Greenfield Heís wonderful. Weíve been really lucky. The people who do our casting, Anya Colloff, is great. We end up getting some really good people.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Kirsten Coachman with Blogcritics Magazine.

K. Coachman Youíve had some really pretty hilarious moments on the show. Is there a certain scene or a line that stands out to you as a favorite?

M. Greenfield I guess I quite enjoyed the flashback scene this year, how Nick and Schmidt met in college, where he just showed up in his dorm room, and Schmidt was eating Ramen.

K. Coachman Brooklyn Deckerís going to be coming up as another guest star that you guys are competing for. Is she just there for the one episode, or is that something that your character and her are going to continue for a little bit?

M. Greenfield As far as I know, sheís there for the one episode. She was fantastic. She was so good. She was with us all week, and she was justóshe was really, really, really funny and sweet and just so much fun to have on the show.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Emily Gagne with TV Guide Canada.

E. Gagne I wanted you to take me through the process of getting ready to be fat Schmidt. How much time do you have to spend getting ready to put on that lovely fat suit that you have to wear?

M. Greenfield Itís about two hours in total. But the makeup artists that do itóthis guy, Matthew Mungle, and then sometimes Clinton, his partner, theyíre just the best. And itís kind of nice. I just enjoy kind of hanging out with them. Itís like going to dinner or having coffee with a friend every couple weeks. Like, Mungle Ö up, and Iíll be like, ďHey, Matthew. Howíve you been, man?Ē And theyíre always working on some cool movie. Like they just did this Lee Daniels movieóI think in Atlanta. Iím always, ďSo tell me about it. Howís Forrest Whitaker?Ē Itís just fun.

E. Gagne Is there going to be a lot more of fat Schmidt coming up in more flashbacks to Schmidt in the next couple episodes?

M. Greenfield Not that I remember. No.

E. Gagne Okay. Cool.

M. Greenfield But I mean, there might be some coming up. I just donít know about it.

Moderator Our next question will come from the line of Colleen Pinto with the Voice of

C. Pinto Do you have any plans for the Golden Globes, or are they just sort of by the seat ofó?

M. Greenfield Well, I like to dress up. I like to put on a spiffy outfit. So that Iím excited about. Iím excited about when the show starts to end, and you can kind of loosen up your bowtie and unbutton like the first two, and let the bowtie hang loose. Thatís always a cool look. Like youíre on the cover of the mover Diner. Thatís exciting.

Itís going to be a great night. You get to celebrate the fact that you have a job and that youíre working; that itís going well and that people are responding to you. I plan on dancing quite a bit.

C. Pinto Awesome. You have serious moves?

M. Greenfield I just have some party moves. Just straight up party moves.

C. Pinto Nice. Well, everyone in the cast really has a lot of chemistry. Is there anyone that you click with more, or that you enjoy doing scenes with more than anyone else?

M. Greenfield I certainly enjoy all the stuff I do with Hannah. We have a really good time together. And Jake Thompson and I are always really happy to be together, just Ďcauseófor whatever reason, weíre not together a lot on the show. We donít have a lot of storylines where itís just me and him. We usually do likeómaybe two or three a season. So, when we get the opportunity to kind of just have a one-on-one scene itís a lot of fun.

C. Pinto Nick and Schmidt are my husbandís two favorite characters; he pretty much only watches for you two. Like literally, heíll be like sitting there in like a catatonic state and all of a sudden you guys will be on, and heíll be likeóon the floor, crying laughing. I think there should be more Schmidt and Nick.

M. Greenfield Iím with you.

C. Pinto Itís a bromance made in heaven, really.

M. Greenfield Iím with you. Itís the Odd Couple.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Monique Jackson with

M. Jackson I have two quick questions. Your character, Schmidt, can you relate to him in any way?

M. Greenfield Of course. I think I definitely can. I think there are and there have been many moments in my life where Iíve tried just a bit too hard, and I think Schmidt is kind of settling into himself. And I think anybody can kind of relate to that. And heís having difficulty kind of being comfortable in his own skin and as a result, puts a little too much effort into everything.

M. Jackson And another quick question isódoes comedy, being so funny on the show, does it come easy to you? Or is more difficult to be funny?

M. Greenfield I think the writing is so good that itís not terribly difficult. I approach every scene just as an actor, and luckily they write really funny scenes so I just kind of go in and play the scene and then we Ö a comedy which is not very difficult with these people.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Dani Lyman with

D. Lyman Well, I have just a couple questions for you. The first one Ė Valentineís Day is right around the corner, so what kind of dating or love advice do you think Schmidt would give to people who are single on the holiday?

M. Greenfield Listen, no moreówait, what would Schmidt do? What would Schmidt say?

D. Lyman Yes, what would Schmidt say? Yes.

M. Greenfield Oh, gosh. Well, I thinkówe did an episode last year about Valentineís Day where it was like, he thinks itís for the amateurs. Itís amateur day. He doesnít even go out on Valentineís Day. But I suppose if he were going out, I would say Ė today is the day for ultimate honesty.

D. Lyman Thatís what he would tell people who are single? Looking for a date?

M. Greenfield Yes.

D. Lyman Ultimate honesty. Okay.

M. Greenfield Ultimate honesty. I think thatís a good move. You go out, you goólisten, I canít believe Iím out on Valentineís Day and Iím single. Iím out because I want to meet somebody and I feel like thereís probably other people who are out who want to meet people, too. And thatís why weíre both out together, and maybe we can go out again later this week and we could maybe have a date.

D. Lyman Thatís good advice.

M. Greenfield And then that date turns to another date, and then all of a sudden youíre engaged and then youíre having babies and then youíre married, like me.

D. Lyman Speaking of which, what does a typical date night for you and your wife look like?

M. Greenfield Well, lately itís beenóif weíre lucky we get the baby down at about 8:30-8:45 and then we get into the Screeners, into the Academy Screeners, and we watch all the movies. And thatís heaven. Especially if youíve got a good movie. Man.

D. Lyman And youíre such a charmer on the show, does that translate usuallyólike does that translate from your real life? Are you that way naturally, or do you need a little help with the ladies?

M. Greenfield Charming?

D. Lyman Yes. Obviously, right now youíre charming. Growing up, were you the same?

M. Greenfield I donít know. Youíd have to ask somebody else.

Moderator Our next question comes from the line of Kristen Maldonado with Fanhattan.

K. Maldonado My first question is, I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your new film, They Came Together, that you filmed this past summer?

M. Greenfield Oh my God. Iím very excited about this. David Wain and Michael Showalter wrote it. David directed it. It stars Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd who were about the biggest dream I could ever ask for to go work with. I would find myself in scenes with them and I would be like, just watching. I realizedóI was like, you probably should pay attention to where youíre supposed to be in the scene and not just be going, ďHow are they doing this?Ē They just were two of the funniest people Iíve ever worked with. I played Paulís brother, and itís just one of the funniest movies. I had such a good time on it. It was a real blast.

K. Maldonado Do you know when itís coming out?

M. Greenfield I donít know. But Iím really excited about it. I hope soon.

K. Maldonado So, working on this film and, of course you work on New Girl, so what would you sayóI donít know if you would have a preference. Do you like working on TV shows better or working on film better?

M. Greenfield I donít know. A lot of itís all the same. I think the best days are the days where everything is clicking and itís working and youíre having fun and youíre with the people that you really enjoy working with, and those daysówhether itís on a film or TV, are just heaven.

K. Maldonado Now, what do you watch on TV?

M. Greenfield What do I watch on TV? Well, we finished Homeland. And now, Iíve been trying to catch up on all the movies right now.

K. Maldonado What movies are you trying to catch up on?

M. Greenfield All the Academy movies. Iíve got to be knowledgeable about the awards, with award season. I canít go into award season not knowing what these films are.

K. Maldonado Is there any one that youíre particularly likeóI need to watch this! I need to watch this right now!

M. Greenfield Right nowóI mean, weíve watched a lot of them. So weíre deep in. I want to watch Rust and Bone. I have to watch Lincoln. I have not seen Lincoln yet. Thatís about it. I want to watch Amour. I know itís going to be devastating, but Iíve got to get in there.

K. Maldonado What about when you were younger? Did you have any favorite TV shows that you just always watched?

M. Greenfield Sure. Seinfeld. Friends. Seinfeld. I loved Cheers when I was younger. Still love it. Frazier. Frazier is a great show. Everybody Loves Raymond. Everybody Loves Raymondónow that I have a wife and a child, that showís on a whole other level of genius.

K. Maldonado Yes, that showís really awesome. In fact, the guy who created that actually went to my college, so he has all these references to my college throughout the show.

M. Greenfield Phil Rosenthal?

K. Maldonado Yes.

M. Greenfield Yes, heís kind of a genius.

T. Adair That concludes our conference call with Max. Max, thanks for taking the time to do this this morning, and best of luck next weekend at the awardsó

M. Greenfield Thank you.

T. Adair As a reminder, New Girl returns with new episodes Tuesday, January 8th at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. Thank you and have a great weekend.

Moderator That does conclude our conference for today. Thank you for your participation and for using AT&T Executive Teleconference Service. You may now disconnect.

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