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By Suzanne

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer

Interview with Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer of "Franklin & Bash" on TNT 6/5/13

Moderator: Kristina Stafford
June 5, 2013
2:00 pm CT

Operator: Good day everyone and welcome to the Turner Entertainment Hosted Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer Franklin and Bash conference call. Todayís conference is being recorded.

At this time Iíd like to turn the call over to Kristina Stafford. Please go ahead.

Kristina Stafford: Thank for joining the Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer conference call. Season three of Franklin and Bash premiers with back-to-back episodes on Wednesday, June 19, at 9:00 pm on TNT. The conference call is now open for questions. Please press star, 1 to ask a question. Thank you.

Operator: And again that is star, 1 to signal for a question. If you are on a speakerphone please make sure your mute function is turned off to allow your signal to reach our equipment. We do ask at this time that you limit yourself to one question and re-queue for follow-up. Again thatís star, 1 for a question.

And weíll go first to Jamie Ruby with

Jamie Ruby: Guys thanks so much for doing the call today. Itís great to talk to you.

Breckin Meyer: Hi.

Jamie Ruby: So can you talk, sorry, so can you talk a bit about how Stantonís changes and also the addition of Rachel to the firm, can you kind of talk about how thatís going to change and affect their process at the firm?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Breckin, why donít you take the first question?

Breckin Meyer: All right. Thanks Mark-Paul. I will do just that. I think with the addition of Rachel it is basically, you know, Stanton always had this kind of blind threat to us, which was about the New York office, and I think by bringing Rachel in he really has - I mean heís gotten a little close to us and he - it doesnít hurt to have somebody behind him, or next to him, who really doesnít like us.

And I truthfully think Rachel genuinely - she knows weíre good at our jobs, but I donít think she likes us very much, as opposed to Malcolm who really does. And Stanton really does enjoy Jared and Peter. It reminds him of himself.

And Rachel is much more of a corporate shill where she does not like them, doesnít like the way they do business, and they if they can bring in good clients sheíll tolerate them. But I think it actually helps Malcolmís character keep a tighter leash on us by having Rachel around and by having Rachel in his hip pocket, so to speak.

I also just bored myself to death answering that question because the question was good it was my answer I think is the problem.

Jamie Ruby: No, no it was good.

Operator: And weíll take our next question from Danielle Turchiano with L.A. Examiner.

Danielle Turchiano: Hey guys thanks for doing the call. So in addition to adding Rachel, obviously the big change this season seems to be that you guys are moving out of the house and moving to the beach house. How does that open up the world, if at all, and what kind of crazy adventures can we expect from these guys on the sands of Malibu?

Breckin Meyer: Iím going to give this over to Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: All right Iíll try not to bore everyone with my answer like you did with yours. Well can we talk about the circumstances of why weíre living in Malibu Breckin? Is that a big secret or is that something that we can talk about?

Breckin Meyer: No you can totally talk about it, but Iíve got to tell you youíre off to a shit start of not boring them.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: I agree with that, totally agree. We are - we need to move somewhere else. We end up moving into Stantonís old beach house. And I guess what that does for the show is it just gives it a different light where, you know, we were in Silver Lake and now weíre in Malibu, so of course weíre going to have different characters coming in.

And one of the characters that actually comes in towards the end of the season is Rob Lowe. Heís our neighbor and thereís a little storyline with him thatís sort of a runner that starts in the middle of the season and then ends at the finale.

But yes the boys are on the beach and, you know, we - itís just a different atmosphere. We get to - I mean Breckin gets to take off his shirt, which is going to bring in huge ratings and...

Breckin Meyer: Anybody want to see a skinny white guy?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Who doesnít? That actually is a new show on TNT, Skinny White Guy.

Danielle Turchiano: Yes.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: But no it gives us a breath of a different air, yes.

Breckin Meyer: We - I personally like the Silver Lake feel. There was something sort of dark about it, but it might have been a little too dark and this kind of lightens it up and, you know, the guys get to go surfing, and the beautiful people, and itís Malibu, who doesnít love Malibu?

Operator: And weíll take our next question from Curt Wagner with RedEye.

Curt Wagner: Hey guys Iím kind of sad you arenít coming to Chicago this summer.

Breckin Meyer: Weíre sad as well that weíre not coming to Chicago. How are you doing?

Curt Wagner: Everybodyís asking me about it. Iím doing all right. So I wanted to find out was it nerve-racking or fun to strip in front of Heather Locklear?

Breckin Meyer: You know, weíve both been (stripping) off camera for so long with Heather that I think it was really comfortable because weíve been, no, I think I will say, you know, we did the first - the season premier with Piers Morgan where weíre naked and I was the one who drew the small straw, so to speak.

I was sitting next to Heather with my little naked cover and pack over me and I realized while Iím sitting there that this womanís been married to Tommy Lee, whoís not less endowed than me, but it was a little nerve-racking.

And I think in general when you have to be like naked on screen or shirtless and stuff itís not the most comfortable experience and being next to Heather who has been around larger men ((inaudible)).

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Well Piers Morgan he was a good sport as well and having to do that - having to - we had to actually physically stand up in front Piers pretty much naked and he was a good sport about it.

Curt Wagner: Well Heather, on our call earlier today, said you guys had nice butts, so.

Breckin Meyer: Well sheís not wrong.

Curt Wagner: So there you go. Tell me about having Heather on. Has it been a lot of fun with her and did she come in and was it just kind of clicking right away and everything?

Breckin Meyer: Yes. Mark-Paul do you want to do this?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Yes sheís a sweetheart. I mean she came onset, sheís always prepared, and she fit right in with the family, and has a great sense of humor and doesnít take herself too seriously. She was a perfect fit for all of us on the set and the characters. And yes I think she had a good time. We had a good time with her. Sheís - yes she fit right in.

Operator: And weíll take our next question from Suzanne Lanoue with The TV MegaSite.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi guys how are you doing?

Breckin Meyer: Good. How are you?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Hi.

Suzanne Lanoue: Iím good. I love the show and especially the cast is great. Are there any - you have a new cast member, the blonde girl thatís moving in next door. Can you tell us more about her?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: The blonde, oh the doctor...

Suzanne Lanoue: The Australian.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Yes Nicky, played by Nicky Whelan. She and I have sort of a romantic little thing going on that sort of - I guess it travels throughout the whole arch of the show this season. But yes sheís a single mother, sheís a kinesiologist, sheís blonde, sheís probably a perfect woman for Bash.

And yes they try to make things work throughout the whole season. So itís just a - itís a fun little, you know, little relationship color that we throw in this season. And then Breckin actually has...

Suzanne Lanoue: Well I was just going to - go ahead.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: What was that?

Suzanne Lanoue: I was going to ask that.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Yes Breckin talk about your relationship Breckin.

Breckin Meyer: My relationship, we bring back, which was - we had a guest on the first season, Rhea Seehorn, who plays D.A. Swatello, who her big quote that I loved from the first season was she wanted to stab herself in the eye with my tiny little body because she just hated Jared and hated Peter and we always beat her in court.

And this, you know, Rheaís on - Rhea was on Whitney for the last two seasons, I guess, so we couldnít get her that often. And now we were lucky enough to work it out that she could come and do a couple of episodes. And I think I speak for Mark-Paul and I both, she is one of our favorite guest stars weíve had on the show. Sheís just so game and so much fun and sheís such a fun adversary for Jared and Peter.

And this season sheís back and Jared and her go toe-to-toe and end up, even more so, end up - it gets a little heated in the argument department and then it gets a little heated in the bedroom, which is nice and fun. And so Jared has some angry sex this season, which is also another show coming to TNT called Angry Sex.

Operator: And weíll take our next question from Dan Pedersen with We Heart TV.

Dan Pedersen: Hey guys how are you doing?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Hi Dan.

Breckin Meyer: Hi, whatís going on?

Dan Pedersen: Not a lot. Yes I had a question about working with Malcolm McDowell. I think most of us know him from his role in A Clockwork Orange and he seems like a pretty intimidating guy, but whatís he like to work with?

Breckin Meyer: Well heís great. Mark-Paul - I mean really this show lives or dies with Malcolm, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Iís relationship. And ever since the beginning Malcolmís just so game. Heís been doing this so long heís kind of been through all of the bullshit and heís seen prima donnas and whatnot and he just loves working and he loves having a good time and he really enjoys the character and we just, I think, Mark-Paul and I both just adore him.

You know, we went up to Ohio to go golfing with him and we were just kind of giddy that we get to, you know, I love that I can call Malcolm McDowell my buddy, you know, heís so great. And he sets a really great tone on the set, which is know your stuff and we can have fun, but know your stuff. And yes heís just fantastic. Mark-Paul do you want to add anything to that?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: No I mean everyone always asks, ďIs he as terrifying in person as he is on the screen?Ē And I mean he can be, I guess, but you just realize what a terrific actor he is and just a terrific person in general. Family man, you know, with his three little boys and his wife and theyíre just - theyíre all lovely. I mean you canít say a bad thing about Malcolm.

Operator: And weíll take a follow-up from Jamie Ruby with

Jamie Ruby: Hi again. So do you think this season because of Rachel that the two of them are going to have to grow up a little bit maybe?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Yes I mean I donít think they necessarily grow up. They just - thereís just now someone thatís pushing back. I think what we - what happened in the last season is that there were no boundaries for the guys. They kind of ran amuck, especially being equity partners with the firm, but there needed to be someone above them.

And I think the show is its best when Franklin and Bash are up against some form of authority, someone above them. And whether they get that from a judge or whether they get that from, now, Rachel I think it strengthens our show.

So I donít necessarily think they grow up. They kind of discuss the fact that they - are they going to continue this lifestyle forever. They are in talks of, you know, when we move is this - do we move separately or are we going to live together? But growing up - I think they are pretty grown up. They just have a different approach to things.

Operator: And weíll take another question from Danielle Turchiano with L.A. Examiner.

Danielle Turchiano: Hey again. I was actually hoping you guys could talk about translating your relationship and your working, well working relationship, from Franklin and Bash to Men at Work. And Mark-Paul if you could talk a little bit about your guest appearance on that show and Breckin, you know, was it just literally saying to him, ďHey come be on my show?Ē

Breckin Meyer: Yes, Iím sorry, what was the first part of the question about our working relationship?

Danielle Turchiano: Yes translating your working relationship from one show to the other.

Breckin Meyer: Oh I think - I mean Mark-Paul and I, and itís rare, but we have such a good working relationship and a personal relationship that it makes going to work just fun. I mean we have such a short hand with each other and we definitely know each other well enough to know when to leave the other one alone, or to bug the other one or not and we have just a great time.

And the second we started Men at Work it was just a matter of - it wasnít a matter of if, it was just a matter of when can I have Mark-Paul on the show and when can I have - what would be the right role. And there were a couple of times and finally schedules lined up for the season finale when Mark-Paul was available.

And it was great because itís a fun episode with a ton of people. I mean thereís J.K. Simmons, and Kevin Corrigan, and Amy, Iím sorry, not Amy Smart, Meredith Hagner is in there, itís a big wedding thing and Mark-Paul is there and it was kind of like our big fun Love Boat premier. So I was glad to be able to bring him.

And as far as our working relationship honestly, Mark-Paul can tell you if itís different, but I - itís really similar to how we work on Franklin and Bash. We just we both kind of just collaborate all of the time.

Operator: And as a reminder if you would like to signal for a question please press star, 1. Weíll go next to Suzanne Lanoue with The TV MegaSite.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi again. You were saying before about...

Breckin Meyer: I didnít let Mark-Paul say anything on that, Iím sorry, I didnít let Mark-Paul answer that question and I should let him speak.

Suzanne Lanoue: Oh sorry. Go ahead if you want.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: No, no, no thatís okay. I put it on mute every time you speak, so I didnít really know whether or not you finished.

Suzanne Lanoue: You were saying before that Jared gets a girlfriend and has some sex. Does it - so that means we get to see you with your shirt off again?

Breckin Meyer: My shirtís definitely - well now, you know, once they moved us to the beach that was kind of...

Suzanne Lanoue: A given?

Breckin Meyer: Once they said we were going to the beach we both went to the gym.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Speak for yourself buddy.

Suzanne Lanoue: So and then my other question would be are we going to get to see, Iím blanking on her name now, Claire Coffee again?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: She did not make an appearance this last season. Sheís kind of busy.

Suzanne Lanoue: Yes still on Grimm. All right thanks a lot you guys.

Operator: And weíll go next to Craig Byrne with (

Craig Byrne: Hi, thanks for speaking with us. At how long in the, sorry about that, how long in the season are the guys going to stand for having their office split up?

Breckin Meyer: Not long.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Yes that goes on for quite a bit. I donít know, depending on how we air the shows, how long that wall stays up, but it stays up for at least three episodes or so. Yes a little longer than the boys would have liked, but itís definitely a tactic used by Rachel to try to split them up and really just to show that she has the power to do it more than anything else. Breckin?

Breckin Meyer: Yes I believe what you just said. I think we - the guys donít like the wall as much as Mark-Paul and I didnít like having the wall there. So we definitely tried to get it down as quick as possible.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Thatís true.

Operator: Weíll go to Dan Pedersen We Heart TV.

Dan Pedersen: Hey again. You guys have a lot of pretty cool guest stars on this season and I was wondering if there was anybody who were just dying to have on the show for next season?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Oh for next season.

Dan Pedersen: Or this season if theyíre still shooting, you know.

Breckin Meyer: Yes. I donít know we always talk about - I mean, you know, we have our dream cast. I know we always wish that we could get Jeff Bridges to come on as, you know, Peterís dad or something fun like that.

Dan Pedersen: Yes.

Breckin Meyer: I think honestly weíve been really lucky with the cast we get and occasionally we get to even, you know, make suggestions and bring people on. But I think thereís just so many. I mean I think Mark-Paulís mentioned Jeff Bridges. Iíve mentioned Iíve been dying to have Michael Keaton come on, just people, you know, if you have a show youíre hoping that like you can go down your wish list and be like, ďWell Iíve always wanted to work with this person, so I wonder if we could get them?Ē

Operator: Weíll go next to Jamie Ruby with

Jamie Ruby: Hi again. So what continues to challenge you the most?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Working with Breckin. Thatís pretty challenging. Itís been three years now. He hasnít really changed. I thought that from when we filmed the pilot that he would change. You know, we dated then and then, you know, we had the marriage and in the marriage he just never changed. So thatís been pretty challenging. What about you sweetheart?

Breckin Meyer: What has been the challenges of - is that the question?

Jamie Ruby: Yes.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: The most challenging.

Breckin Meyer: What are the most challenging? Honestly I think I mean itís the first time Iíve ever done a show. Iíve never done an hour long drama and never done something thatís gone past, you know, season one, I think, or season two really.

But I think keeping it fresh and interesting for, not just the audience, but also for the actors, so you want to keep adding things and you want to keep the show going. You want it to be true to what it was, at the same time finding ways to make it new and exciting and interesting. And I think thatís always a challenge with shows that go on and knock on wood we get to keep doing it and hopefully keep evolving the characters.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: I mean all kidding aside though, for us showing up to work is not a problem. You know, we absolutely love the people that we work with, we like playing these characters, we - I mean every day we come to work prepared and ready to work.

And thatís - itís a shame that we only get to do ten because we always say ten goes by very quickly for us. And we would love to do more because we have such a great time on the set, and we have a great time with each other, and with the writers, and the producers, and the cast and the crew. I mean we just have a great environment to work in. So thereís not much of a challenge for us to work on this show.

Operator: And weíll go next to Dan Pedersen, We Heart TV.

Dan Pedersen: Hey guys again. You guys have a really good onscreen rapport and youíre really funny together. Is all of that scripted or do you do any improv or anything like that?

Breckin Meyer: You know, thereís a lot of...

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: No we do improv quite a bit. I mean Breckin is, obviously heís talented in writing, so he sort of can write. I mean I think you kind of - you do that right? I donít really know what your process is, but I think you do write a little bit at night, like alternates and stuff like that and I kind of riff off of your alternate. But and we...

Breckin Meyer: Yes, yes and I think we, you know, knock on wood, weíve been - weíve - the creators of the show, the exec producers, know now. We kind of have all banded together. We know weíre all very comfortable with who these characters are and itís now gotten to a point where weíre, you know, we stray a bit for just the fun kind of ins and outs of scenes we riff a lot. The night before Iíll go over something and come up with an idea of maybe just an alternate reference or something, if itís a pop culture thing or whatever.

But we always clear it with the producers and say, ďHey what do you think of this?Ē And itís such a collaborative environment down there that we just start riffing and to me thatís some of where, even if itís just for us to keep it exciting and interesting, thatís something where the best stuff on the show, in my opinion comes from is just the relationship between Jared and Peter, the little riffing they do; the capping on your friend; the goofing off.

And a lot of that comes on the day with Mark-Paul and I just kind of giving the scene a couple of, you know, once you do the scene a couple of times you find something new, you find something fresh and it works. So we...

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: And we do that pretty...

Breckin Meyer: ...weíve been given a lot of leash to - weíve been given a lot of leeway to be able to riff a bit.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: And the producers and writers know that we do it pretty selflessly and weíre - a lot of the times if thereís a note from you and I to each other itís for the other person. Like if thereís an alternate we sometimes hand over that alternate to the other character saying, ďThis would be funny if you did this.Ē So they know that weíre doing it for the betterment of the show and weíre not doing it in a way to be selfish and bring the spotlight onto one character or the other.

Operator: And Miss Stafford we have no further questions in the queue at this time.

Kristina Stafford: Thank you so much for joining todayís call. As a reminder season three of Franklin and Bash premiers with back-to-back episodes on Wednesday, June 19, at 9:00 pm on TNT. A transcript of this call will be available within 24 hours. Thank you Mark-Paul and Breckin and thank you all for participating.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Thank you.

Breckin Meyer: Thank you.

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