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By Suzanne

Summer Glau on "Alphas"

Interview with Bruce Miller and Summer Glau of "Alphas" on Syfy 10/17/12

It was really great to speak with these two. I wasn't sure if I would like "Alphas" or not at first, but it has really been a wonderful scifi show, and so it was so nice to be able to convey that to Miller. Summer Glau is one of my favorite actresses, and she has been on so many of my favorite shows, so it was also fabulous to speak with her. They were both very kind and modest.

Moderator: Stephen Cox
October 17, 2012
1:00 pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to the Syfy Alphas conference call. During the presentation all participants will remain in a listen only mode. Afterwards, we will conduct a question and answer session.

At that time if you have a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephones. If at any time you need to reach an operator please press the star followed by the 0. As a reminder, todayís call is being recorded, Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

I would now like to turn the call over to Mr. Stephen Cox. Please go ahead sir.

Stephen Cox: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining us today. Weíre very, very excited to have Summer Glau and Bruce Miller on the phone to take your questions regarding next Mondayís season finale of Alphas. Alphas airs at 8:00 on Syfy. Make sure to tune in. And weíre really excited to get to your questions.

Thanks for joining us Bruce and Summer.

Summer Glau: Thank you.

Bruce Miller: Thanks for having us here.

Stephen Cox: We can take the first question.

Operator: Perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, once again as a reminder, to register a question please press the star or the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. our first question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby. Please proceed with your question.

Jamie Ruby: Hi guys. Thanks so much for doing the call.

Bruce Miller: Oh, youíre welcome.

Jamie Ruby: So I have a question for each of you. Iíll ask Summer first. Youíve played so many great characters on so many great series, a lot of them my favorites. What was it specifically though about Skylar that was so fascinating and that attracted to you to the role?

Summer Glau: Thereís - the first thing that attracted me about Skylar was the fact that she was a mother. Iíve talked to Bruce about this before too. It was really exciting for me. I hadnít - I had not played a mother before.

And one of the most challenging things about Skylar is that she is a mother but it doesnít come naturally to her. She - in my mind, in the back story that Iíve created, sheís been on her own for a long time. And sheís used to just fending for herself.

And then when it comes to her child sheís very conflicted because she has all of these new feelings that sheís probably never experienced before about loving something so much more than she loves herself. And caring for something and protecting someone else and making unselfish decisions.

And for me as an actor it just was a very, very fertile story line for me creatively.

Jamie Ruby: Okay, thanks. And Bruce, can you talk a second kind of about whatís the - what happened with Rosen last week? Heís gone - has he gone too far? I mean can he come back from what heís done?

Bruce Miller: Sure. Before I move onto that I just wanted to, you know, kind of comment on what you asked Summer.

I think the character - because I inherited the character from last year and the reason we wanted so much to bring her back was just because thereís that conflict between someone whoís very self sufficient but not selfish and has to kind of, you know, battle those two parts of her personality in being a mother is really, really interesting.

I mean especially in terms of all of this where parents you really have to - itís so hard to be a parent and be a kind of a - be a person in the world who can take care of themselves but also have to take care of somebody else.

In terms of what Rosen did last week, well I donít know, can we ever come back from the bad things that we do? I always think that we can. I mean most of the time you meet people on television and the terrible things that theyíve done are all in the past.

And we meet them when theyíre kind of on the other side. I thought it would be very interesting to see them - to see someone whoís going through the darkest part of their life probably up until now and see how they actually go through it and see how they come out the other side.

And we certainly have you, you know, you sound like a fan of sci-fi. You can probably list 300 characters who have done darker things than what Rosenís been going through but they all happened before the story starts. Weíre just actually getting to see it...

Jamie Ruby: Right.

Bruce Miller: ...happen. So can he come back? Absolutely. And to see someone like David...

Jamie Ruby: Well thatís good to hear.

Bruce Miller: To see someone like David go through it is really whatís interesting. We just wanted to kind of play it real. I mean hereís a guy who finally made a connection with his daughter and then lost her again and how shattering that would be.

I guess my parenthood is showing. Everything is about mothers and children this week.

Jamie Ruby: All right. Thanks so much both of you.

Summer Glau: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of (Tim Holkland) of TVOvermind. Please proceed with your question.

Tim Holkland: Hi. Itís very nice to speak with you today.

Bruce Miller: Thank you.

Summer Glau: Thank you.

Tim Holkland: I have a question for both of you. First for Bruce, assuming Summer would be rolling I would love it if she could become a full fledged regular cast member net season. Is there any chance of that happening?

And shy of that would you ever consider perhaps making her and Zoe the focus of an Alphas based Web series?

Bruce Miller: Yes, yes and yes. I mean as much as - I mean, you know, Summer was - I mean that speaking from...

Summer Glau: Excellent question (Tim).

Bruce Miller: ...our point of view, Summer was an absolute pleasure to have on the show as...

Summer Glau: Thank you.

Bruce Miller: know, she already knows that I love working with her. But as a character seeing that character on TV was so fantastic. And also getting to see a, you know, someone who has played many tough characters, to get to see a different side of that actress was great.

But I agree. I think she was spectacular and I would love to have her as - on the show as much as we could possibly have. And as far as a Web series goes itís not really my department to make those decisions but I would certainly love that.

Iíd love the act - the very young, the very talented actor who plays Skylarís daughter Zoe who strangely is named Skyler in real life, is just wonderful and the two of them together were terrific.

And we - one of the toughest jobs we had in the editing room was deciding which moments to cut from that because they were so terrific together the whole time. So it would be nice to have someplace to do longer stories about the two of them.

I mean I think it was really one of the coolest relationships in the whole series was the idea of someone like Skylar trying to raise a child that dynamic and youíre right, you could build a whole show around it. So absolutely yes, yes, yes.

Tim Holkland: Thatís good news. And for some...

Bruce Miller: Summer now youíre saying no?

Summer Glau: What did you say?

Bruce Miller: Now you say no.

Summer Glau: Iím hired? No. Hey (Tim), are you still there?

Tim Holkland: Yeah. Okay, so a question for you. I did get to meet you one time in an autograph signing line. And when Erin Way did one of these conference calls I mentioned it and what a positive experience, a pleasant experience it was and asked her if she had gotten to work with you.

And she had remarkably kind and complimentary things to say about you. So I was just wondering if you could share a little bit about your experience working with her and also working with young Skyler Wexler, what thatís been like.

Summer Glau: Well Iíll start with Erin who has been such a - sheís been such a blessing for me.

You know, I love working with girls and finding friendships through work because, you know, weíre all on set for quite a while every day and it makes the experience so much more than just work when you really get to make friends.

And actually Iím going to yoga with Azita after this and Iím seeing Erin this weekend. So obviously I love them quite a bit.

And Erin one night while we were sitting and we were working overnight, we were sitting in an elevator talking and we realized that we had had very similar upbringings so we just o- we kept swapping stories about our childhoods and realized, you know, how much we had in common.

So I respect her immensely as a person and I think sheís a phenomenal actress. And working with all of the girls on the show I think has made me better and itís just been a wonderful experience. And then as far as my little Skyler, sheís my pen pal.

We email every week back and forth and she sends me things online. Weíre very close. I remember, just as an example, you know, I - when I first started on the show I was working with Sky. And then when I came back this season I was mostly working with Sky.

And then there was a period of time where she wasnít there and I was shooting without her. And I had fun with everybody else and it was great but I remember the day she came back. I just felt - I felt so happy. And being onset with her was just - it was a really special experience for me.

Itís the first time that Iíve really bonded with a young, young actor like that before. And I just - I remember how nice it was reuniting with her and how much it meant to me. And I hope to do it again. I adore her.

Tim Holkland: It sounds like youíve grown very close with her.

Summer Glau: I am.

Tim Holkland: Thank you.

Summer Glau: Sheís beautiful.

Tim Holkland: Thank you so much.

Summer Glau: Thanks (Tim).

Bruce Miller: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Mike Gencarelli of Please proceed with your question.

Mike Gencarelli: Hey guys. Thanks so much for the time.

Summer Glau: Hey Mike.

Bruce Miller: Thank you Mike.

Mike Gencarelli: Hey. Summer, Iíve got a quick question. You know, when originally you were a guest star on Alphas last season I mean did you ever think that it was ever going to be on this scale that itís kind of developed now through this season?

Summer Glau: I was hopefully. I always - I just try to - I tried to...

Mike Gencarelli: Did we lose you?

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen please standby. We will continue in just a moment. Pardon me for the interruption Mr. Cox. Pardon me Mr. Cox. Are you on the line? Pardon me ladies and gentlemen, we can now resume the call. Mr. Gencarelli could you please re-pose your question?

Mike Gencarelli: Of course. Absolutely.

Summer Glau: Iím so sorry everyone.

Mike Gencarelli: Thank you so much.

Summer Glau: Iím sorry Mike.

Mike Gencarelli: No worries. S Itís cool. So Iíll just say the question again. So when you originally were, you know, a guest star in Alphas last season did you ever think that it was going to be on this scale now through this season?

Summer Glau: Well I was hopeful. I donít know when I - my last job but I love doing TV and I really like sticking with a character and getting to watch them evolve and contribute to a story line that continues week after week. So I was hopeful.

And this season Iíve been so blessed to come back as much as I have. And I have love when Skylerís gone and I would be very excited to come back again next season.

Mike Gencarelli: Now and a quick follow up. You know, after working on series like Firefly and Terminator and, you know, and Alphas I guess, what really draws you back to, you know, the sci-fi genre?

Summer Glau: Iíve always found in sci-fi that the roles for women are really exciting and dynamic and outside the box. And, you know, in the finale of Alphas is a perfect example. I remember in - Bruce was there too. We were sitting and discussing a scene that involved every - all the girls.

And I was sitting there looking at the girls and it was so cool to get to do a scene that involved all of us. And I was looking at the girls and we were all four different and our characters are I feel complicated and fleshed out and dynamic and just it made me realize, you know, Iím really happy to be here.

Iím really happy to be in a story that creates this opportunity for all four of us actresses.

Mike Gencarelli: Thatís really awesome.

Summer Glau: Thatís why I keep...

Mike Gencarelli: Thatís great.

Summer Glau: ...coming back to it. You know, I just - I go for the character that I like.

Mike Gencarelli: Sure. You know, and I really like how Zoe on the show asked you if you were a Terminator last week - in this weekís episode. I thought that was pretty funny.

Summer Glau: I know. I looked at her and Iím like she doesnít even know what sheís asking.

Mike Gencarelli: All right, well thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Summer Glau: Thanks Mike.

Mike Gencarelli: Take care.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Suzanne Lanoue of the TV MegaSite. Please proceed with your question.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hi guys. Thanks for taking our questions today.

Summer Glau: Hi.

Bruce Miller: Thank you.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hey. Bruce, I just wanted to ask you, the show - Iíve always watched the show but it seems better now, not that it was never good, but there is more action and there is just sort of crystallized almost if you will. Was there a conscious decision to sort of improve the who in the last season?

Bruce Miller: Well I think youíre always trying to improve, you know everything that you work on.

Suzanne Lanoue: Right.

Bruce Miller: But, you know, the first season of shows it was really difficult. The show was finding its legs and finding what works and what doesnít work. And on any show, especially a show that only gets 13 episodes kind of in the first year, it takes a while for a show to grow into itself.

And I think this year we just got - they had such - they had o- they put such great story lines in place last year that we were really the benefit of that this year, moving ahead that they had done a lot of the hard, heavy lifting of setting up the world and setting up, you know, characters like Summer and like, you know, all of the people who existed on our team that we were able to bear the, you know, we were able to move forward with those characters and move them in really interesting places because they had already set them up.

So Iím glad you - Iím glad itís getting better. We try. You know everybody tries from the cast up and down through the crew and through everybody on the creative side to make it absolutely, you know, fantastic every week.

And so I think that - weíre just hoping to keep it moving forward and getting more interesting and having the characters kind of lead us to interesting places.

Suzanne Lanoue: Thank you. And Summer, youíve been in so many great science fiction shows and you said that you really find the characters great. Do you like enjoy the action that your characters get to do?

Summer Glau: Absolutely. Coming from being a dancer it was a great way for me to transition into being an actress was - to rules where I got to really be expressive through my physical self. And it was just a comfortable way for me to start experimenting with how to get my character across.

So, you know, when I started in Firefly first and actually the character that we had a very hard time communicating with the rest of the cast and so I found it really interesting playing with her physicality. And then, you know over the years I have been fortunate to get to play a lot of really kick ass girls.

And what I like about Skylar is itís something that Iíve talked to the writers about is that, you know Iím trying to find new ways as making Skylar part of the team and an effective part of the team without being the physical character.

Suzanne Lanoue: Right.

Summer Glau: Itís hard for me. I do get jealous sometimes when I donít get to throw any punches but itís been a good practice for me because Skylarís a badass in a different way. So I enjoy it and itís good for me and, you know, who knows, maybe next season she can throw down a little bit.

But she always has a good spot on the team because she can build stuff.

Suzanne Lanoue: Yeah.

Summer Glau: Yeah, so...

Suzanne Lanoue: So is there anything you can tell us without giving too much away about how Skylar helps the team thwart the bad guysí plans or tries to?

Summer Glau: Well she definitely integrates into the team more than she has in the past. I think itís, you know, where Skylar left off in this last episode I think it was a humbling and scary experience for her to realize that sheís not always in control and she was taken advantage of and she needed help.

And that she got that help from the other Alphas is a vulnerable position for her. But I think itís a transition because now she sees that she does need help and that it can be beneficial to her to be a part of a team.

And I really, really enjoy - in the finale youíre going to get to see her very awkwardly at times, become part of a team which is something that Iíve been wanting her to do for a while.

Suzanne Lanoue: Great. Well I look forward to seeing it. Thank you both.

Summer Glau: Thank you.

Bruce Miller: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Tony Terlato of SciFi talk. Please proceed with your question.

Tony Terlato: Hi both of you. Itís a pleasure to talk to you. I just wanted to ask as far as the finale, I kind of talked about the role that John Pyper-Fergusonís character plays in the finale and even the series. And also what heís like as an actor.

Bruce Miller: Well I guess Summer Iíll start with this. John is a wonderful actor. Heís terrific, generous and just, you know, optimistic and sunny personality, terrific. He makes everything we do turn out better and more interesting.

And he really makes the best kind of adversary because heís the adversary - or at least I feel like he often seems to be on the right side of the argument which is really the more interesting adversary. I always like Alan Rickman in Die Hard better than the other people. But heís been terrific.

And I thin that when you have someone like David Strathairn and the rest of the team, if youíre going to have a foil on someone who theyíre opposing you canít just have a cardboard cutout. You have to someone with the acting ability and the depth that John Pyper-Ferguson brings to it.

And also the - honestly the sympathy that he can engender in the audience, heís got to bring something to the table. If he just wants to destroy the world thatís, you know, who wakes up in the morning and wants to destroy the world? I mean that doesnít really seem very logical.

So - and also to play that kind of character, his character, you know, has lived a very long time and I think that he brings a grace and a wisdom to that - to everything about that role. Everything from the way he dresses to the way he reads the newspaper, to the way he sits.

Thereís kind of a nostalgia in the whole way he plays the character that is just lovely. I donít - Summer, I donít even know if you got a chance to work directly with John.

Summer Glau: I had one scene with him and it was...

Bruce Miller: Oh yeah. And that was a great scene. Yeah.

Summer Glau: I enjoyed it. Heís...

Bruce Miller: Yeah.

Summer Glau: charismatic and I mean I find his character so fascinating. And what you were saying about the fact that heís, you know, heís hundreds of years old, he has a way of conveying it with a grace and a charisma that Iím really fascinated by.

And I didnít have very many lines with him but he definitely - I cannot picture anyone else in the role because he does it so beautifully. Heís very powerful. He has a, you know, this quiet intensity. And the way that he plays the character itís so compelling because yeah, itís not black and white.

So you can almost understand his side of the story, you can almost see why he does the things that he does. And heís just very - heís a very, very dynamic actor. I hope to get to watch him more and be around him more because heís really, really fun.

Tony Terlato: All right. Thank you. Both of you.

Summer Glau: Thanks.

Bruce Miller: Thank you Tony.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of (Jane Jaquil) of San Antonio Express News. Please proceed with your question.

Summer Glau: Hey (Jane).

Jane Jaquil: Whenever I just even mention your name online here in San Antonio I get huge hits - thousands and thousands. You really have a huge fan base in your hometown. But I was just wondering if you could get us all caught up.

It sounds like you might be returning to Alphas. But are there any other projects that you have coming up?

Summer Glau: Well I just finished a Christmas movie. Thatís the only other thing that I have that is about to come out. And also Knights of Badassdom. So I have Knights of Badassdom and Help for the Holidays which is going to be on the Hallmark Channel during the 12 Days of Christmas.

So that was really, really fun. Yeah. I definitely (enjoyed) that one.

Jane Jaquil: And do you enjoy doing something like that? Thatís a little different from sci-fi.

Summer Glau: It was very different for me. It was really - it was fun. Iíve always wanted to do one and when it came - I actually was sent the script when I was shooting the last episode of Alphas up in Toronto and I read it and I thought, you know, itís Christmas in August and we shot it in Simi Valley and it was 110 degrees.

Jane Jaquil: Oh my gosh.

Summer Glau: So I got to...

Bruce Miller: And you played an elf if Iím not giving anything away. Is that...

Summer Glau: I did. I did. Actually I play an elf. It was really fun. It was good for me.

Jane Jaquil: Okay. And do you still come home to San Antonio? Do you still have your house in (Bernie)?

Summer Glau: Absolutely. Iím planning on coming home hopefully next month. My parents are going to come out here for Thanksgiving but Iím hoping to come home before then. Itís been too long. Howís the weather?

Jane Jaquil: And one more...

Summer Glau: Is it super hot?

Jane Jaquil: Well - excuse me?

Summer Glau: Is it super hot right now?

Jane Jaquil: Itís like 80ish. Itís still hot as for in, you know, for me. I prefer it to be a little more fall like. But hopefully - when are you coming back? Are you coming back in November or...

Summer Glau: Probably the beginning of November.

Jane Jaquil: Itís usually pretty good. Itís usually pretty good. Itís usually about 75 or something like that so it might be perfect weather for you. And I also just wanted to ask, you know, it sounds like the invitation is open to come back to Alphas. Is that something youíre happy about?

Summer Glau: Definitely. I just - I know that the show is going to keep going and itís going to be something I really, really want to come back and continue working on. Itís a fantastic storyline and I love working with the cast.

Jane Jaquil: Well cool. Thank you so much Summer. Itís great to catch up with you.

Summer Glau: You too (Jane).

Operator: Thank you. Our next question is a follow up question from the line of Jamie ruby of Please proceed with your question

Jamie Ruby: Hi again. So Summer if you were to do another Syfy show besides Alphas what one would you want to be on for the Syfy channel I mean?

Summer Glau: I would be on Skylar and Zoeís Net Series. Iím not going to pick another Syfy show. I just hope Alphas brings me back.

Jamie Ruby: I hope so too. All right. And Bruce, is there anything - in writing the finale, obviously when you write a season finale kind of thereís more to it because youíre, you know, getting up the story line. Was there anything you found particularly difficult with working on that episode?

Bruce Miller: Absolutely. I mean writing a finale is difficult because you feel like youíre writing the last act to 12 other episodes. Youíre not really writing an episode. Itís hard to find something that holds it together.

And having, you know, the characters that we have you really want those character stories to be completed or at least, you know, put away for a few months until we get to come back to them in a satisfying way.

But being able to bring Skylar back and being able to have the scene that sheís talking about where the women are talking and kind of bringing the human element into what could have just been a bit action fest, made it a lot more interesting and also a lot more fun to write just because itís more fun to write those things.

But really, you know, we have a very, very talented writing staff. And even though my name is on the last episode thatís not how things work in television it was certainly - itís like every other episode was a group effort by the entire writing staff putting the story together and writing it.

And also just I mean every day on the set things change. You move things around. You know the actors are creating the roles and bringing them to life and bringing the moments to life as they happen.

So thatís the best thing about television. And I think it kind of gets misunderstood when thereís one credit that says written by because itís certainly not the way it happens in real life.

I think that Summer and I sat at the table in the break room of the set with all of the other women and rewrote the scene that they were doing, from beginning to end. So that was as much, you know, a community effort as anything else.

Jamie Ruby: Awesome. I think that usually makes it a good show when everybody does that. So thanks a lot.

Summer Glau: Thank you.

Bruce Miller: Thank you.

Operator: Our next question is another follow up question from the line of (Tim Holkland) of TVOvermind. Please proceed with your question.

Tim Holkland: Hi. I have a couple of questions for Summer but first for you Bruce, Iím one of the Warehouse 13 fans that thought that the show really hit or really blossomed when Allison Scagliotti joined the cast. And similarly, I think that the show has really bloomed in a new way with Erin Way.

And I was wondering if you could talk about her addition and did you have specifically anything to do with her joining the cast? And just what itís been like with her now in the mix.

Bruce Miller: Well I agree on both points. I think Allison - I canít pronounce her last year - Scags is what everybody calls her. Allison Scagliotti was a terrific addition to Warehouse, a great energy.

But when we were looking for someone - yes, and I definitely - we came into this season looking to add another puzzle piece just to have someone new come in who was interesting and had an interesting ability.

But more than an interesting ability we wanted someone who had an interesting downside and that their ability made them live a certain way which was something we learned from the guest stars that had worked well before, Skylar, being a great example of someone who was great with machines and not so great with people.

It makes for a very interesting, you know, I think our show is much more about how people with super powers live their lives rather than how - than about their powers. Itís, you know, what is it like for Batman to make dinner? But Erin was just we auditioned a lot of people.

There were a lot of people in the mix and Erin just bloomed from the very beginning. She was, you know, she sparkles in real life as much as she sparkles on screen. And I - personally I donít tend to go into casting sessions.

I try not to have a preconceived notion in my head because it just reduces my options or ability to find someone cool. But she just was terrific. And from the first time I saw her read I felt like she brought that character to life.

And then the other thing that - and Iím sure Summer can speak to this about working in television. The great thing is that you have - she, you know, Erin does the character, reads the scripts and then you get - I get to see the footage and then you get to write the next episode.

And itís influenced by the way she plays the character so the character grows and changes and their arc is kind of decided as a combination of what we think would be cool and what Erin actually brings to the character.

So youíre not just writing in a vacuum, writing, you know, a feature and then handing it over to someone else and theyíre shooting it. Youíre writing and then getting feedback from the actor and hearing their voice and how they play things.

And so certainly Erinís sense of humor and her particular sense of humor, her particular rhythm brings a lot to it. But I donít think we intended to kind of - I think the show had plenty of spirit and humor and energy and we were just trying to find someone cool to add into that mix.

Itís just the way you think about, you know, if I had a group of people and I could throw someone in there who would mix things up in the most interesting way and Erin just seemed like a - that character seemed terrific with her specific memory problem and her specific living in the moment philosophy.

Tim Holkland: Right. Well the fans have seemed taken to her overwhelmingly. Also, speaking of ingredients in the mix, I thought Lauren Holly has added a lot. Assuming she survives, is there a chance her character will become a recurring character in future seasons as well?

Bruce Miller: Well she was a pleasure to work with. And having kind of a scary senator was really I think an interesting...

Tim Holkland: Yeah.

Bruce Miller: ...character, interesting kind of power structure. I donít know. I mean we love the character. It was really interesting. Iím not sure whether weíve played the string out or not but I know that we had a terrific time with Lauren and she had a terrific time with us.

So if, you know, it all goes back to the characters and the story. If the characters lead us to a story where weíd like to bring that bitch back that would be great.

Tim Holkland: All right, thanks. And for Summer, my questions are all off topic but like firstly, you mentioned Knights of Badassdom. And I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about the process of learning the live action role playing and how does that differ from what actors already do?

Summer Glau: Well we all went to LARPing school when we first got to - when we first got to Spokane. All together we learned the rules of the game and we would practice together. And I had ideas about how I thought it was going to be based on the martial arts that I had learned before for other jobs.

But it was really different because it is a live action and itís created in the moment. So I kept wanting to make choreography and we did create certain choreography just so that no one got hurt.

Ryan and I would go over specific moves and memorize them so that we would know, you know, when the sword was going to be flying at our head instead of just a free-for-all. But it was really, really exciting and interesting to see who was the best at it and it was not me.

I was not the best at LARPing.

Tim Holkland: I read Peter Dinklage got that distinction.

Summer Glau: Oh, heís amazing. Heís a wild man. Youíve just got to - you have got to be fearless when youíre LARPing and very creative and be able to think on your feet. So...

Tim Holkland: And now having - Iím sorry, go ahead.

Summer Glau: Heís amazing. Youíll see in the film that he has prowess.

Tim Holkland: Having worked with Peter and also Lena Headey before that do you have any interest in possibly doing a guest role on their show Game of Thrones?

Summer Glau: Oh, Iíd love to. Iím a huge Game of Thrones fan. And theyíre both phenomenal on the show. At Comic Con I actually - I did have quite a fan moment when I saw the cast walk by.

I got giggly and hyper and ran up to them and they looked at me compassionately but wary because I got a little bit overexcited. I love the show.

Tim Holkland: Well then speaking of Comic Con Nathan was probably I donít know, joking maybe but Nathan, Sean and Jewel were at New York Comic Con this past weekend and he mentioned, Nathan did, a possible animated revival of Firefly as a TV series.

And that the cast would, you know, no power on Earth could keep you all from re-voicing those characters. Is that something that you would really want to do?

Summer Glau: Absolutely. I would take any opportunity to get back together with my whole fam and keep telling the story. I think weíd all love that. So who was there? It was Nathan and Sean and Jewel?

Tim Holkland: Yeah. Reportedly...

Summer Glau: Oh.

Tim Holkland: ...thatís the only three but yeah, they made it.

Summer Glau: Fun. Thatís great. Yeah, Iíd love to. Absolutely.

Tim Holkland: Okay. And just before I let you go, one more quick one. Syfy does their original creature feature movies. Have you been approached to do one of those at all? And would you?

Summer Glau: No, not yet. I - what is this?

Tim Holkland: Well, you know, the Syfy Original Movies that they do for Saturdays - I thought perhaps that they would do one starring you.

Summer Glau: Oh. I think thatís a great idea. No. I havenít been approached yet.

Tim Holkland: Well I look forward to them doing that. And hopefully you would be able to accept. Thanks so much for talking with us.

Summer Glau: Thank you.

Operator: We have a follow up question coming from the line of Tony Terlato of Scifi Talk. Please proceed with your question.

Tony Terlato: Hi guys. I have a question for each of you. Bruce, you came over from a great show, Eureka. Have you had a chance to reflect on some of the great TV and being part of that team as you literally had to step into Alphas and get to work?

Bruce Miller: Yeah. Eureka was a spectacular experience and luckily I, you know, was able to bring over some of the people from that show so some of that family came along with me here. You know, itís - I just reflect back on it with great, you know, Iím very thankful.

Most shows when they end - just end, you know, you find out some time in between seasons that itís not coming back and you donít get a chance to end it the way we were lucky enough to get to end the story of Eureka.

And Jaime Paglia and I, Jaime was the original creator, and we co-show ran it for a number of years. But he was able to tie up those story lines that he had been working on for so long.

So mostly I look back on it with great, you know, real affection and Iím really grateful that it was able to move along the way it did. And the - it was a real - it was a blessing. And Syfy did such a terrific job with the show in letting it be its odd, quirky self.

And, you know, the only shattering regret I had is that we never had Summer on.

Tony Terlato: And speaking of Summer, I have to really commend you on your voicing Supergirl in Superman:Apocalypse. What was that like for you to take on the Girl of Steel and did you have any preconceptions of how to play her?

Summer Glau: I did. But it was - well I had an idea of what it was going to be like, the experience in general. Voiceover is really, really different than filming and I was nervous about it. I didnít know what it was going to be like to be in the room by myself.

But I had the most amazing coaches and it was a very addicting experience to strip away everything but my voice and paint the pictures that way. It was a really, really good exercise for me as an actress and I - they pushed me quite a bit.

And I didnít - I did things that I didnít know that I could do. I did things that I didnít feel comfortable doing. And I think thatís always very exciting for artists in general. So I thought oh, I want to keep doing this because Iím really learning and challenging what Iím comfortable with.

You know, being in a room and just, you know, Iím going crazy and really getting to scream at the top of your lungs and then, you know, she has to be able to convey all of these different emotions just through her voice.

And so I - when I saw the final product I - sometimes - there were times when I didnít even recognize my voice. It was really, really cool.

Tony Terlato: Well it was great and it was great that you did the Origins story. And I really have to commend both of you for the work youíre doing on Alphas. The show is lucky to have both of you and to bring your talents to it.

Summer Glau: Oh, thank you.

Bruce Miller: Thank you so much.

Stephen Cox: This is going to be our last question for the afternoon.

Operator: Okay, then. Ladies and gentlemen there will be no further questions for today.

Stephen Cox: No. We can take one more.

Operator: Oh, you can take one more?

Stephen Cox: Yeah.

Operator: Okay. Our final question - sorry for the confusion. Our final question comes from the line of (Mark Spile) of SciFi Pulse. Please proceed with your question.

Mark Spile: Hi guys. Thanks for taking my call. Iím lucky I squeaked in there. I missed a little bit of the interview so I apologize if this has been asked. First off, Bruce, when you introduced Kat to the cast what was the thinking process of introducing a new character, especially with those abilities?

I thought almost for a moment that you might replace Nina with her but that didnít happen. So I was just kind of wondering what, you know, why you went into that season thinking letís add another cast member.

Bruce Miller: Well, you know, we went over a little of this before but the idea that, you know, there are Alphas out there in the world made us feel like you really wanted to get to know them more deeply and not just as an adversary every week.

So bringing someone new in, there was never any intention to replace anybody. And Laura Mennell who plays Nina, you know, has done such spectacular work this year, just astonishing and very difficult work. Her character was stretched and bent and still had to be sympathetic.

And she did a spectacular job. But I think that when we brought in Erin, you know, we were just looking to put something into the dynamic of the team that would change, energize, bring out different new things in both Rosen and in the rest of the team.

And also I found that having someone who really, really, really wanted to be there just was - because just from a personal point of view I had been such a fan of the show. And when the second season came around and I was lucky enough to get the phone call to join the team over here thatís the way I felt.

And so you kind of wanted someone to represent that point of view of someone being incredibly excited to join up with this group of people. So I guess there was a little bit of, you know, Erin representing a very small version of me. Sheís a very small version of everyone.

Summer Glau: Sheís really tiny.

Bruce Miller: She is. Sheís wee. But it was - it - I think the point of view for me was always you want to throw someone in whoís real, genuine and interesting and have everybody react the way their characters would react.

And have it be, you know, once we made the decision about what she was like and once we kind of got the idea that it was going to be interesting, you know, certainly I donít try to think much past that. You donít want to plan how the characterís going to play out with the other people.

You want to see who they have chemistry with, who they seem to, you know, rub the wrong way. And her relationship with Malik Yoba who plays Bill Harken, just was from the very beginning so warm and, you know father/daughter that that, you know, came to the forefront from the beginning.

And although Ryan who plays Gary, they get along splendidly in real life, the character - she just - something about her just rubbed the character the wrong way and it was terrific from the very beginning. He looked a scathe at her so we just played with that as well.

But it does - it comes from the cast, it comes from the actors, it comes from how they read their characters and we just kind of go with that. They bring so much to the table. We write our little 7th grade Christmas pageant dialog and they just bring it to life.

Mark Spile: Well great. Sheís been a great addition. And for Summer, with your character being able to build all sorts of things do you get the impression like the things they have you build they could really work or is it just a bunch of random stuff?

Summer Glau: What do you mean maybe they could work? Of course they work.

Mark Spile: Well...

Summer Glau: I put them together myself.

Mark Spile: Well I mean like - oh, you know, like MacGyver they were always - MacGyver used to do all of these crazy things and at least they could play it off, you know, maybe it could work.

But - and also I noticed like with your character it seems like she can - they play with like her being able to visually see it, you know, the blueprint and everything of it too. Are you - I guess are you at all gadgety at all or is this like a completely different type of character youíve ever played before?

Summer Glau: Well I think Iím a pretty good actor because I really can barely - I can barely program my garage remote. Iím very gadget challenged. So itís really fun for me when I put on my Skylar clothes and I go on set, I really pretend like Iím, you know, in control and like I know what Iím talking about.

And I definitely work - itís funny, our - the man who puts together most of my props is named (Skylar) too. And I spend a lot of time under his supervision and guidance so that he can help me get really comfortable with my inventions so that I can really feel like I have a relationship with them.

Because theyíre always amazing but I donít - it doesnít always come naturally to me. Iím always amazed. Like Iím on set and they hand it to me and say so this is what you built. And then I always take it apart so I know how to put it together and then weíre practicing that over and over again.

Mark Spile: Yeah. Yeah, I bet that would be tough.

Bruce Miller: I think it ties back really interestingly in what Summer was saying about her dance background. I think she brings the same physicality to that part of her character which is really interesting.

Because, you know, even though I was on set and I know - I remember her saying, you know, asking me what voltage meant for some like - some lighting dialog which was really great. But then when I see the scene I really buy that she understands it.

So asking the questions she really - she gets the answer, absorbs it and really puts it into the character. But sheís right. Sheís a, you know, a great actress but I think in being not gadgety helps her bring, you know, she asks the questions so she really does understand.

I think kind of being gadgety would take that away from her. I think that Summerís natural curiosity allows her to be a better Skylar. And if she kind of felt like there was nothing there, that was interesting, or nothing there to explain to the audience it wouldnít be as interesting.

But if you watch the way she does things physically thatís one of her strengths as the character, is just the way she kind of looks at the world in a physical way. And I think that probably comes from her dance background to a certain extent.

Mark Spile: Great.

Summer Glau: Thanks Bruce.

Mark Spile: Well I look forward to seeing it. I donít know from the beginning did you guys tease anything about what the finaleís going to be about? Did you say anything or can you say anything?

Summer Glau: What do you think Bruce?

Bruce Miller: Itís going to be great. But really to tease it up, everything that you think we never actually go there, we go there. So all...

Mark Spile: Okay.

Bruce Miller: ...the stuff you think oh, they donít really do that on television, weíre actually going to do. So I think itís - it comes - itís incredibly surprising and unpredictable.

And the fact that it really kind of takes everything that we set up from the year and actually, you know, takes it on and pulls it ahead and sets up an amazing, you know, season finale and an amazing season 3.

Mark Spile: Well great. Well I look forward to watching it and I thank you guys for speaking with me.

Summer Glau: Thanks.

Bruce Miller: Thank you.

Stephen Cox: That concludes our call for today. Thank you all very much for joining us. A special thank you to Summer and Bruce. Make sure you tune in next Monday, October 22nd at 8:00 pm for the season finale of Alphas.

And also, there should be screeners hitting all of your desks before the end of the week for a special preview of the episode. Thank you all very much again for coming and we hope you enjoyed it.

Summer Glau: Thanks everyone.

Bruce Miller: Thank you everyone.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen that does conclude the call. We thank you for your participation and ask that you please disconnect your lines.


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