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5 Best Season Finales: Shock, Suspense and Cliffhangers

By Patri and Ona

Season finales - the only thing to get your heart racing more than an actual marathon. Today, we’re looking at some of the most fist-biting season finales you could possibly imagine. From marriages to deaths and back again, here are 5 season finales that will make your heart race - and even stop.

Sherlock, Season 2

After his ongoing rivalry with evil force, Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes makes a gut-wrenching decision. In a meandering and mind-bending episode, Sherlock and his trusted companion, John Watson, work unravel a plot of malice and terror, ending in a scene that will blur your surroundings, as you hone in on nothing but the television screen, and wonder if what you’re seeing is really happening.

Prison Break, Season 1

The convicts are out. Escaping the confines of prison, Scofield, Burrows, Sucre, Abruzzi, Bagwell, Franklin, Apolskis and Patoshik are on the run. But not everyone who escapes from prison is as wholehearted as our main character. Scofield might have honest intentions for breaking out, but some of the other convicts have far darker pasts. In this suspense fuelled episode, the convicts may not be out as long as they’d hoped…

Friends, Season 10

The Ross and Rachel love story is wild ride. Whether or not they were ‘on a break’, they’ve definitely had enough spats and reunions to rival the most volatile of relationships. In this emotional season finale, we can finally draw a line under the arguments and the fall outs and find out what’s next for them. Co-parents and friends, or something more? It all depends on whether Rachel decides to get off the plane...

The Office, Season 2

‘Casino Night’ has a firm place in The Office history. What begins as a normal, funny, episode, quickly begins to pull us closer to the edge of our seat. By the end, they reel us in for an emotional and unexpected end to the season. If you’ve always been a fan of Jim and Pam, this one is not to be missed.

Homeland, Season 1

A perfect mix of instinct and logic, Homeland will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about every character’s motives. In this season finale, it all gets very real. Terrorism in the abstract is a worrying concept. Terror in action is terrifying. Watch as a terror plot comes together and hold your breath to see if the terrorists execute the plan to the very end.

A Finale for Everyone

We hope you enjoy these gripping season finales! Whether you’re a sitcom fan or a drama lover, hopefully you’ve found a breathtaking season finale to indulge in.


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Page updated 4/14/17

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