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By Krista

Mary CarilloJohn O’Hurley and David Frei 

Interview with John O’Hurley, David Frei and Mary Carillo from the "National Dog Show" on NBC 11/14/18

It's always a pleasure to speak with John, David, and Mary. They are so friendly and knowledgeable... especially about dog breeds. I was excited to talk to them and find out which new breeds were added to the show this year. I look forward to watching this year's edition of the show.

N B C UNIVERSAL Moderator: Erika Lewis
November 14, 2018 1:00 pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by. Welcome to the National Dog Show presented by Purina Press and Media.

During the presentation all participants will be in a listen-only mode. Afterwards we will conduct a question and answer session. At that time if you have a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. If at any time during the conference you need to reach an operator please press Star 0.

As a reminder this conference is being recorded Wednesday, November 14th, 2018. I would now like to turn the conference over to Erika Lewis with NBC. Please go ahead, Ma’am.

Erika Lewis: Hi. Happy Thanksgiving everybody and thank you for joining us all today to talk about the 17th annual national dog show presented by Purina. We are very happy to have John O’Hurley, David Frei and Mary Carillo with us today to discuss this year’s broadcast and we welcome your questions.

Like Denise said you can register for the queue by pressing 1 followed by the 4. Denise, we’re all set.

Operator: Perfect. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4 on your telephone. You will hear a three tone prompt to acknowledge a request. If your question has been answered and you would like to withdraw your registration please press the 1 followed by the 3.

If you are using a speaker phone please lift your handset before entering your request. Once more to register for a question press the 1 followed by the 4.

Our first question comes from the line of Kelly Kearney with Starry Constellation Magazine. Please proceed.

Kelly Kearney: Yes. Hello. Thank you so much for talking to me today.

You know, every year the ratings climb for the national dog show. What is it that makes the show so popular with dog lovers?

John O'Hurley: I’ll be the first one to answer. Sure. I think there’s something in it for everybody here. And there isn’t much programming anymore that really hits all of - it hits all of our mass audience from 4 to 94.

This is something that everybody can watch. It’s a friend to everybody. It’s wonderful family entertainment on the best family day of the year.

Kelly Kearney: I agree. And anything about this year’s favorite breed to win this year? I know last year Brussels Griffon won. What’s the favorite this year to win?

David Frei: Well it’s hard to say. We need to say - see who shows up, you know, for one thing. A lot of times dogs can enter and then they may enter several shows on the same day and decide to go different places.

But I think this year we’re going to see the two top Terriers in the country. I know I’m told this is their coming. So that’s always a great battle, because the Terriers are such great little show dogs and these are two dogs that have been very successful and they’re both in the top 10 on the all breeds. So Terriers are always dogs to watch.

But -- you know what -- it’s a dog show and you got to show and we’ll see who is going to have their day and their moment of inspiration when the judge is looking at them.

Kelly Kearney: And, Mary, one more question. Which breed of dog do you look forward to seeing each year?

Mary Carillo: Oh I’m a sucker for Terriers. I’m a - I love the whole Terrier group and as David said it looks like we’re going to have King, the guy - the dog who won best in show at the Beverly Hills Dog show. Gabriel Rangel is a tremendous trainer. And it sounds like King is going to try to win another big title this year.

So I…

Kelly Kearney: Two majors in one year, right?

John O'Hurley: That’s it. I mean he’s trying to become the first dog to win national - nationally televised dog shows back to back.

Mary Carillo: Is that right? All right. So (unintelligible)…

John O'Hurley: Yes.

Mary Carillo: …yes, I love Terriers. And they’re all gorgeous dogs, but I’m a sucker for the Terriers.

John O'Hurley: And as you may remember we televise the kennel club of Beverly Hills back on Easter Sunday for the second year, so that’s why it’s exciting to us.

Kelly Kearney: Well I look forward to watching it as well as the rest of America. I know the ratings keep climbing every year. And my personal favorite is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I love the Corgis, but I look forward to the new breeds this year.

Mary Carillo: I think one of the reasons the ratings continue to climb is that so many dogs now know how to operate their remotes and I’ll tell you what, for animals that lack an opposable thumb they really - they’ve really helped our ratings.

John O'Hurley: They’ve jumped.

Kelly Kearney: Yes. Thank you. Thank you.

John O'Hurley: You know, I will say -- as a side note to that -- one of the things that we enjoy the most about the show is when people send us videos of their dogs watching the show on television. It is remarkably funny to watch them go up and actually assault or try to sniff the screen.

We had one video of one dog walking around to the back of the screen looking for the dogs that are there.

Kelly Kearney: (unintelligible) funniest moment you’ve seen in the past shows you guys hosted? Anyone, John, Mary, David.

David Frei: Well they do funny things all the time. They want to interact with their people. And I always say if dogs could talk they would say, “Me too. Me too.” So they’re always looking for something to do that may not be right in front of them and they may not care who’s holding the other end of the leash. They’re kind of seeing what’s going on with the dogs - with the other dogs in the ring and the people outside the ring too. So it’s always kind of…

Mary Carillo: But, David, we lost Uno the Beagle this year. And remember when he won the Westminster and there were - his reaction made the whole of Madison Square Garden collapse in laughter in applause.

Kelly Kearney: Well thank you so much the three of you. I’m sure there’s other reporters waiting to ask their questions.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Krista Chain with TV Megasite’s. Please proceed.

Krista Chain: Hi. How are you today?

John O'Hurley: We’re great. Thank you.

David Frei: Good.

Krista Chain: My question is are there any new breeds for us to see this year?

John O'Hurley: We have two new breeds this year. And every year they - we introduce new breeds. And the reason they put new breeds in is to just have me mess up the pronunciation of them.

I have been working for tirelessly for the last year on the name of the two new breeds. And so I’m going to take the first crack at it.

We have the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje. The Nederlandse Kooikerhondje. It’s a breed - it’s a - kind of a medium size Dutch hunting dog.

And then we have the Grand Besset Griffon Vendeen. That is a herding dog. That’s - it is the larger version of the petite version of that.

What do you think of me, David?

David Frei: That’s pretty good. You’re threatening my job security though. You’re too good of pronouncing these names. Yes. You’re right on it.

And I have to tell you that one year at (unintelligible) I talked - I said, “This is the PBGV, better known or known formally as the petite Basset Griffon Vendeen. And (Mary), my partner, said, “My God, you’re French is impeccable.” And I said, “You know, it’s amazing, but my high school French teacher would be very proud of me.” And that was like post high school 35 or 40 years.

And the next day on Facebook I get a message from Mrs. (Box) saying, “Comment allez-vous?” So it was - it’s great fun.

Krista Chain: Okay. Great. I’ll look forward to seeing the new breeds this year.

David Frei: And I’m just - I want to say one thing about new breeds too just to make it official. We call them new breeds, but some of these breeds have been around for years. Just that they’ve never had the following in this country. They’ve never had enough of them. And when the AKC finally recognizes them and makes them eligible for competition, they’re new to the competition, but they’re not really new breeds per say. They didn’t just show up out of nowhere.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Chloe Melas with CNN. Please proceed.

Chloe Melas : Hi. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

You know, your show brings so much joy to so many people especially during a time where the country is so divided. Do you - what - why do you think that so many people love watching the show and do you think that this is the show that people need now more than ever given the current political climate?

John O'Hurley: Well politics aside I think it’s a - the dogs do - dogs do something for us that nothing else can do, is that they round off the sharp edges of the human experience.

Any time you’re with a dog you’re the better version of yourself. So that when we are doing this show and we have 2000 of the best dogs in the country, we have 30,000 people perhaps at one point at any time in the arena. Everybody is just being a better version of themselves and you can feel the joy and the likeness of being throughout the entire arena.

And of course having Mary Carillo back there helps as well.

Mary Carillo: I have to tell you, I understand the question. Whether it’s about politics or religion of the country, but I read somewhere -- it stuck with me forever -- I read somewhere that when you die and you get to heaven every dog you’ve ever had runs to greet you. And that -- I don’t know -- for some reason that’s always made me smile and I happen to believe that.

Chloe Melas : Oh I love that.

John O'Hurley: That’s a wonderful thought.

David Frei: Dogs do have souls and they’re all going to be waiting for us. Yes. That’s nice, Mary.

Mary Carillo: It’s pretty to think so isn’t it?

Chloe Melas : Yes.

John O'Hurley: Absolutely.

Chloe Melas : That’s wonderful. Thank you so much.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Carol Bryant with Fidose of Reality. Please proceed.

Carol Bryant: Hi, John, David and Mary. Thanks for taking my…

David Frei: Hi. Thank you.

Carol Bryant: Hi. And it is so good to hear your voice. I’ve met you all in person. I adore you all.

And I’ll tell you what, my readers would not be happy if I didn’t find out, A, what’s on (unintelligible) your lives and which breed or group are each of you most like?

Mary Carillo: I’m answering quickly. I’m the owner of two Terriers. And they - well I think our personalities (unintelligible) very, very well.

Carol Bryant: Okay.

Mary Carillo: Yes. We’re busy. We’re busy and animated, you know, pretty happy to be on the planet. So that’s what I’ve got going right now.

Carol Bryant: Awesome. Okay.

David Frei: I have a Cavalier, the first little dog I’ve ever had, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from the toy group. And I have a Brittany, following the Brittany’s of (Epson)’s past, but of course they’re sporting dogs. A bird dog that (Grace) grew up in a high rise in Manhattan, so her idea of a sporting - of a game bird is a pigeon.

But they’re a great part of my life. I had (Appian) hounds when I started. I loved the athletic dogs, the hounds, the sporting dogs and all dogs to a certain extent, but especially them. And I think, you know, I always say that my - I always thought if I was getting involved in dogs and growing up and going through school that my career path was aligned with astro turf and that I was going to be a football coach or something. But since I got involved with dogs I’ve find that my career path is aligned with wee-wee pads and my dogs have made my life something special.

Carol Bryant: Nice. Nice.

John O'Hurley: Well I have three at home actually. And the first is the cousin of the Cavalier King Charles that David has. We came from the same breeder. It’s a beautiful little dog named Sadie May. And then we have a - I have a Havanese, which is a breed that we liked very much. And -- again -- it was through David’s influence that we found to have a Havanese and it’s a wonderful family dog. I love them the breed, especially for that reason.

And then on top of that I did have an opportunity to open the humane society structure out in the - the state of the art one they have in St. Louis and I -- low and behold -- came home with a rescue from there

And it was quite a nice story. The dog burrowed itself into my jacket as I was making my remarks to the press and by the end I just lifted my lapel and said, “Would anybody like to go to Beverly Hills?” And so she followed me home.

Woman: Oh wow.

John O'Hurley: And she’s changed the energy in our home ever since. Her name is Charlotte and she’s - she is a mixed breed and then I don’t mean just a mixed breed, I mean a really mixed breed. We had the DNA done for her and I got to tell you I think somebody swam out to meet this - somebody swam out to meet the navy ship, because I have never seen more cross breeds in one dogs.

Mary Carillo: Oh my goodness.

Carol Bryant: Nice. Nice. Well I’ll tell you I think, especially my fans, they tune in for the dogs that they say for the three of you you’re personalities. So thanks for answering my questions.

Operator: And ladies and gentlemen as a reminder to register for a question please press the 1 followed by the 4.

Our next question comes from the line of Marty van Duyne with (Nez) (Sic) - News Net News. Please proceed.

Marty van Duyne: Hi there. That was really, really close for a Dutch pronunciation of that and, David, I’d like to (unintelligible) just being of Dutch heritage myself and my Dutch really is not very good. My French is much better actually. But you did a very good job on pronouncing the name of that new Dutch dog that we’ve got here.

David Frei: Thank you. Thank you.

Marty van Duyne: So a pat on the back for that one, David.

David Frei: Thank you.

Marty van Duyne: I have a question for all three of you. I’m going to go back to Mary first. Number one, Mary thank you for sharing that story, that - about the dog. It sets the story of rainbow bridge that was passed down by an old shaman many years ago. And so when I - any time our dogs pass they go up to the meadow on the other side of rainbow bridge where they are complete and whole and running around like puppies and having a grand ole time just waiting for us to get there. So that is a beautiful story.

Mary Carillo: Yes.

Marty van Duyne: And while we’re talking about beautiful stories with dogs I know that you are one of the latest members of the Hall of Fame and just out of curiosity -- little (unintelligible) on my eye here -- I mean I know your work with tennis and the Olympics and everything else. Everyone knows you for that. But lots of people around the world also know you were being on this dog show. So you think that has something, a little bit of extra help to get into that Hall of Fame honor?

Mary Carillo: I -- again -- I think dogs are allowed to vote now or something. I think my fan base has expanded over the years.

I will tell you a story and I know I’ve told it to David. I was at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and I was running late to get to a studio and a producer friend of mine said, “Hey, you have any interest in doing the Westminster Dog Show?” I stopped and I went and I said, “If you are serious absolutly - I would love it.”

And I got to - the first time I ever did a dog show I was lucky enough to do it with David Frei. And the whole NBC crew who has done it for a long while and they’re - were very, very devoted to the shows we’ve put on.

And I have absolutely - I - I’m astounded now. I worked for a bunch of different networks and I -- as to your point -- I covered an awful lot of sports. I’ve done - Tokyo 2020 Games will be my 15th Olympics, but I can’t tell you how often somebody stops and tells me how much they love the dog shows.

And nothing makes me smile more. I’ve just had a great, great experience every time I’ve gotten to do one. And so -- yes -- I’m really - I’m very, very proud of that work.

Marty van Duyne: Well thank you for answering my question on that. We’re all enthusiastic to see you there too, because you certainly add to the shows with Dave and John.

Mary Carillo: Awe, John and David, they’re as good as it gets, to my mind. I can’t imagine doing it with anybody else. I really mean that.

Marty van Duyne: Well you make a great trio. I’d like to move on. Dave, I have a question for you.

Can you please explain, I’m not really sure I understand all of this about the dogs and so two things that I’m seeing. I know you were just talking about how you love when people send in their videos and that and this is something about sending a meme (unintelligible) pronounce that word right, you know. Since I’m an old person and I don’t have any kids to explain some of this stuff to me. I need some help from you.

David Frei: Let’s do it. The memes are posters that are created to help promote the dog show. I mean it’s also a chance for people to be humorous and be funny and share their dogs doing funny things and give us a little caption above and below, you know, something like “quarterbacks are not the only ones that are barking out signals on Thanksgiving Day.” And things like that.

My dog - I got a picture of my dog standing up at the tellers window in our local bank and I captioned it, “I’d like to make a withdrawal please, because I want to get my IRA to roll over.” So, you know, it’s things like that…

John O'Hurley: Oh you are shameless.

David Frei: I am. Thank you very much. I’ve been waiting to use that one for now a while.

Marty van Duyne: Right.

David Frei: But it’s our way of telling people hold onto your remote at home. If there’s football people in your home, hold onto the remote until 2:00. Stay with us until two. You can enter the meme contest with - I’ve gone blank on the name of the…it’s called That Dogs Until 2. Dogs Until 2.

Mary Carillo: And there’s a $500…

David Frei: Sorry, pet radio. And…

Marty van Duyne: Oh okay.

David Frei: …there’s a way to win $500 and a trip to the dog show next year. We’ll bring you to the dog show if you’re chosen to be the best one. So you have a great time with it. It’s fun. We want to get people involved and think about keep that remote away from those football guys, because they’re going to end up watching the show and having as much fun with the dog show that they will with any of these football games going on on Thanksgiving Day.

Marty van Duyne: Well I think that’s a great idea. I mean…

Man: How quickly you’ve turned on your first love, David.

David Frei: Well my dog - I like my dogs. I like dogs, because I like the spontaneous celebrations they have in the ring. It’s not some tribe dance they’ve been working on for months.

Mary Carillo: Well I - you know, I do let my dogs dress up in this football jersey and you have (unintelligible) football. But he definitely does that on other days. Not on the national dog show day, because he’s watching all of those dogs and trying to figure out where they are and not - why they’re not walking around the house. So…

David Frei: Well John and I both talk to our dogs during the telecast and we know they’re home watching us and so we - I said, “Angel, I hope you’re watching that.”, or, “I hope you heard that story, Grace.” And we have some great time with it.

Marty van Duyne: I’d like to move on to a question for John now. I think it’s been about 10 years ago now and that you always said that this is your favorite Saturday of the year when you come in to do this show. So is this still your favorite Saturday of the year?

John O'Hurley: It sure is.

Marty van Duyne: And you’ve got that great book that you put out about the perfect dog. And this is - I mean you always just look so - I mean you always look tremendous anyway, but you just look so happy along with David and Mary. It’s kind of like the smiles are never-ending.

And why do you love this so much?

John O'Hurley: Well this is, you know -- again -- it’s the great family day and I always have my family there. My wife and my son, they have, you know, we have grown up with the dog show and every year we spent our Thanksgiving with it.

And my son is grown up over this, 12 years now, kind of living back stage at the dog show and it’s been wonderful to watch him grow in appreciation for what we do and grow in his love for dogs.

And also help out a little bit with some of the broadcasting. Every now and then we - we’d pitch to him for a little bit of a little side bar, a little bit of an interstitial. So it’s been fun to watch him participate and grow in this wonderful day that we have together.

David Frei: I think John - I think you you had brought Lisa to the dog show the year Will may have been born…

John O'Hurley: At the dog show.

David Frei: It’s pretty close to his birthday. It’s pretty close to that.

John O'Hurley: Actually it truly is. He was - it was only one week later that he was born.

David Frei: Yes. I want to do one thing to - to just get the name straight. It’s PetLife Radio, ( If you want to get in on the meme contest. Our friends at Pet Life Radio, dear friends of mine. I just went blank for the moment. It’s after thirty-some years of dog shows on T.V. I guess it’s - I can’t keep them all straight, but great friends of ours.

Marty van Duyne: Well I want to thank you all for taking my questions. I - you know, I certainly enjoy doing this press conference with you every year. But I mostly enjoy getting to see all of you up there in Philadelphia and I’m praying we don’t get snow this year.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Sophia Woody with NBC News. Please proceed.

Sophia Woody: Hi. Thank you so much for taking my question.

My question is what is the atmosphere like backstage and behind the scenes of the show?

Mary Carillo: I’ll take that first only because that’s where I live during these - during the - these dog shows.

It’s, you know, the benched show is not every dog show features the benching area where, you know, spectators can go back there and watch the dogs getting groomed, getting ready. It’s remarkable.

I mean I - there’s - our entries this year, the - it’s like a couple of thousand dogs. I mean that - they are so beautiful and so well mannered, you know, there’s not a lot of crazy barking and, you know, there’s - they’re all beautifully trained.

And just to watch how calm they are. A lot of them are, you know, they’re in their boxes sleeping, you know, taking it easy even when they’re getting groomed and fussed over. The - they’re always willing to give you a lick if you wander over there and ask about them.

I - it’s a beautiful atmosphere. It really is. And it’s nice, because, you know, they’re - they tend to be clustered, like, all the, you know, all the (Pommies) are in one group or the Bichons are in another. They’re all - they are kind of all clustered together.

So you get to really study them. And, you know, get a chance to see, you know, how they are grouped. How they are trained. It’s - I - for somebody - if you’re all interested in dog shows I would recommend going back into the benching 100%, because it’s really - it’s educational and it’s beautiful and the trainers or the owners who handle this -- whoever’s back there -- they - they’re very patient with your questions. They want you to know about their dog, about that breed, you know? They want to answer your questions, you know. They’re proud of their pooches and they show it. It’s lovely.

Sophia Woody: Oh that’s great. Thank you so much.

I do have one other question. All of you have, you know, hosted dog shows before. John and David together for a while and, Mary, you’ve done the Westminster dog show also with David. So I’m wondering how would you describe the dynamic between all of you as your hosting together?

David Frei: Well I think it’s great, because we all share this great affection for these dogs in our lives and it’s also fun, because we understand what it’s like to be a dog owner. Where somebody comes - when you’re walking down the street with your dog and somebody comes over to you and says, “Oh, Angel, Angel, Angel, how you doing?” And they look up at me and say, “How you doing?”, like as - I’m an afterthought.

So we all understand the - it - the shows about the dogs. The dogs are the stars and we’re just there to carry the treats.

John O'Hurley: Yes. I echo that. I agree.

Sophia Woody: Yes. Well that’s great.

John O'Hurley: We live in their shadow for one day of the year.

Sophia Woody: Yes. Well thank you so much.

Operator: And our next question comes from the line of Joanne Anderson with Battle of Babylon. Please proceed.

Joanne Anderson: Hi. Hi everyone. And I’m blessed (unintelligible). Hi. First, David, I have a little question for you. Did you think of the IRA thing yourself? The rollover - IRA rollover. Was that yours?

David Frei: Well does it sound like something I needed help with?

Joanne Anderson: …credit for that? No it doesn’t. That’s why I said that.

No - and just to follow up on what you just said about the people know the dogs. I’m absolutely amazed when someone recognizes me without an afghan and they know who I am. Because I didn’t think anybody ever thought there was anybody there. You know, it’s just like so, so funny.

But on the press release -- if I read it correctly -- there’s a show after the show where there’ll be more - some of the former champions? Is that what it said? It said there’d be a - there’s another show where champions from 2013 on will be featured or did I read that wrong?

John O'Hurley: No. I don’t think so.

Joanne Anderson: Is that what it is? What is this - the two - what’s the 2:00 thing? That’s the 2:00 show?

Erika Lewis: Joanne, this is Erika.

Joanne Anderson: Yes? There was another thing in the press release about former champions being there, former best in shows? Or did I read it wrong? Erika?
John O'Hurley: I think you may have read it wrong.

Erika Lewis: Yes. Hi. So what that meant on NBC Sports Network they will run a marathon after the show - of past dog shows.

Joanne Anderson: Okay. And the - and my last question is the charity -- part of the Tony Larussa charity -- that’s on - that started already, right? That’s been going all month? The - where you post your picture and it’s - and…

John O'Hurley: Yes.

Joanne Anderson: …you post your picture on either Facebook, right? That’s going on?

Now is for that - it’s - they - they’re giving a contribution for each post that they use, right? That’s how it’s working? Erika, do you know what I’m talking…

David Frei: No. I think it’s any post…

Joanne Anderson: …that they use on Twitter, Instagram or that - and then a dollar goes to his charity, his veteran’s charity?

David Frei: Yes.

Joanne Anderson: That’s lovely. Really nice. And that’s - and that’ll go - that goes until the day of the show I imagine? Until the day of the show?

John O'Hurley: I think it actually goes a little beyond that as well. So…

Joanne Anderson: Right. That’s just a nice thing for all of us to promote, you know…

John O'Hurley: Yes. It is.

Joanne Anderson: …now that - we can start promoting it right now, because - well it will be - wonderful charity. But thank you very much and good luck with your pronunciations and keeping better. I think we should - on the air we should sell the Dutch breed -- okay -- on air, because that…


John O'Hurley: (Unintelligible) you all may not know this, but Joanne is a retired school teacher, so she’s often correcting grammar and…

Mary Carillo: But she’s grading us? Is that what you’re saying?

Joanne Anderson: Yes. I - yes.

David Frei: She’s grading us.

John O'Hurley: … every word of our press releases.

Joanne Anderson: Right. Right. But it - and I could ask you to spell it now, but I know all three of you would cheat, so I’m not asking. You have it right in front of you.

John O'Hurley: We’re people of integrity…

Joanne Anderson: Yes. I know. They just make it harder every year. I don’t think that - I don’t think they could make one harder than this one though to pronounce.

John O'Hurley: Well we got Azawakh. We got the Azawakh next year.

Joanne Anderson: True.

John O'Hurley: We’ll see what we do with that.

Joanne Anderson: Yes. That’s true. Right. Right. Thank you. Okay. Bye. Bye.

Operator: Our next question comes from the line of Marty van Duyne with News Net News. Please proceed.

Marty van Duyne: Hi guys. You thought you got rid of me, but I’m back again. David, you just got a big honor this year with the Dog Writer’s Association of America didn’t you? Can you tell us about that?

David Frei: Well I was honored. I was honored to be inducted into the Dog Writers of America Hall of Fame. And it’s kind of cool to see that Mary got inducted into the Sports Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame as well. I think now that, you know, once we got her doing the dog show they got her into the Hall of Fame. So I think that - she had a great - she - she’s still in the midst of - I don’t want to make it sound like she’s going down. But she’s…I think she’s going in with Bob Costas for God sake. So you know, the people that she’s rubbing shoulders there is very cool. So we’re very proud of Mary. We’re really proud of the whole team. John, you know, has won every award there is to win in the world of - in the showbiz world with his Tony Awards and the Emmys and the awards that they get for Seinfeld and all the other shows that he does. So we are a star studded group.

But this one day of the year we’re not the stars. Again, the dogs are. So we’re just there to do what we can.

Marty van Duyne: And I did - I am a (Sky Warren)’s spotter. I did check the weather and it now says that snow storms are going to be out of here before then and it says, “Mostly sunny.”, for Saturday. So the - it’s not going to rain on your parade as it were.

John O'Hurley: That’s great news.

Marty van Duyne: I - I’m really - I’m glad Mary mentioned something about being back stage and behind the scenes. And one of the things that I think people really need to understand and I tell folks out of all the dog shows this is one of my most favorite ones to come to, because people decorate their benching areas and all kinds of great things. It’s - and then you have - Purina generally does that - the little show with the dogs that do all of the acrobatic things that (unintelligible)…

John O'Hurley: The agility, yes.

Marty van Duyne: …(unintelligible) the agility thing and all of the tricks and that that these dogs do that - and most of them are all rescue dogs. And these are the things that I tell people, you know, “This show is probably the best way to get your money’s worth of entertainment.”, to go and get a ticket to this and you spend the whole day there with your family. There are so many things to do at that show. It is just absolutely the best.

And then the best part, of course, is at the end of the day when they get to see you guys do the thing with the best in show dog.

But just wanted to share that…

Mary Carillo: No. I agree with you. It’s got, like, a country fair atmosphere to it doesn’t it?

Marty van Duyne: Absolutely. It’s not - you know, some of the other shows you go to and it’s like you just see the dogs in the ring. And this has got so many other aspects of things that you can do and then there - there’s so many things that are around the show too, the, you know, the night before the (unintelligible) left or the Ronald McDonald house and then you’ve got - John, I guess is - that theatre is doing the play of your book again this year.

John O'Hurley: They do. Yes. They’re doing The Perfect Dog Thursday night.

Marty van Duyne: Right. And it’s just - this is just something that is just such wonderful family entertainment and it’s (unintelligible) and it’s - that part of our - it’s just such a beautiful part of our country up there too in that area of Philadelphia, so…again -- thank you for what you do guys every year with this, because it’s - it is - it may be for - John, maybe for 10 years it’s been your best Saturday of the year. That - my best Saturday of the year also.

John O'Hurley: Awe, that’s great news.

Operator: And there are no further questions at this time.

Erika Lewis: This is Erika. Thank you very much everyone for joining us.

David Frei: Thank you all.

Erika Lewis: I just wanted to clear up the social media contest really fast.

Fans can post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram why you’re thankful for your dog and you use the hashtag #DogThanking and tag @Purina. And for every one of those posts between November 9th and 25th, Purina will donate one dollar to Tony LaRussa’s animal rescue foundation.

And the other contest…

Mary Carillo: Nice.

Erika Lewis: …is the Pet Life radio contest. And that’s the Dogs until 2 meme contest. So you can submit your meme showing why you should watch dogs until two with your dog, and you could win $500 or a trip to the dog show.

So those are the two different contests. And we hope you will all join in. And I want to say thank you to Mary and John and David for your time today. And please watch the dog show on Thanksgiving at noon.

Mary Carillo: Thank you.

David Frei: Thank you everybody.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen that does conclude the conference call for today.


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