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By Suzanne

Interview with Mark Consuelos of "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" on FOX 2/27/12

Final Transcript
FBC PUBLICITY: I Hate My Teenage Daughter
February 27, 2012/11:30 a.m. PST

Michael Roach
Mark Consuelos


Moderator Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for standing by and welcome to the I Hate My Teenage Daughter Conference Call. At this time all participants are in a listen only mode. Shortly we will conduct a question and answer session. Please limit your questions to one question and one follow up. As a reminder, today's conference is being recorded.

Iíd now like to turn the conference over to our host, Mr. Michael Roach. Please go ahead.

M. Roach Good morning everyone, and thank you for participating in the conference call today with Mark Consuelos on behalf of his appearances on two episodes of I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Tuesday March 6th and Tuesday March 13th; both air at 8:30/7:30 Central on Fox. And as a reminder, I Hate My Teenage Daughter returns to the schedule Tuesday, March 6th as well. I just wanted to thank Mark for taking time out today to do this call and weíre ready to begin when you guys are.

M. Consuelos Great.

Moderator Alright, then weíll start out with Jamie Ruby of Please go ahead.

One moment please. All right Ms. Ruby your lineís open.

J. Ruby Hi, thanks for taking the call.

M. Consuelos Thank you.

J. Ruby So how did you get the part on this show?

M. Consuelos A really good way. They offered me the role, that's probably the easiest way I can get the job.

J. Ruby Okay, can you kind of talk about that a little more?

M. Consuelos No, they called me and asked me if I was interested in doing the show, they told me the role, I thought it was really funny, I play a Spanish teacher. I guess Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran are going to go back to school, like a community college, and one of the courses they take is Spanish. I just thought it was funny because I really don't speak Spanish and to play a Spanish teacher it kind of tickled me a little bit.

J. Ruby I guess that would make it hard. As a follow-up; besides that, what did you find the most challenging?

M. Consuelos I wouldn't say I found anything too challenging, I was just really happy to be working on sitcoms again. You know, I did Hope & Faith a few years ago when it was on with Kelly and had such a great time doing it and had really only done one hourís before that, but I kind of really liked the multi-cam half-hour life. You know you go in there for a few hours the first day, a couple of hours the second day, and then on show night itís a live audience, which I really enjoyed.

J. Ruby Okay great, thanks so much.

Moderator And next we move to TVGrapevine with the line of Sammi Turano. Please go ahead.

S. Turano Hi, how are you?

M. Consuelos Good, thank you.

S. Turano Good, Iím glad. My first question for you is, youíve done soap operas, you've done hosting, and now you're doing sitcoms again. Is that the medium that you prefer and why do you prefer that medium?

M. Consuelos I'm glad to be getting back and just doing the acting. For a while I did some hosting, like you said, and that was a lot of fun, but I think I find it more natural just to be going back and doing the acting. And I Hate My Teenage Daughter was extremely funny. Katie Finneran and Jaime Pressly are hysterical and I was psyched to do the job.

S. Turano Okay, and the second question for you is; how you feel about the soap opera worlds decreasing? I know you got your start on soap operas?

M. Consuelos Yes, it's kind of sad. I started out on All My Children and you never thought about that show going off the air and that just went off this past year and itís sad. I think that there are so many great actors that get their start; they work really, really hard. And to now I think we're down to like three or four soaps total in all the networks. Itís kind of sad for me.

S. Turano Okay, well thank you so much.

Moderator And next will go to Starry Constellation Magazine and the line of Jamie Steinberg. Please go ahead.

J. Steinberg Hi, itís a pleasure to speak with you.

M. Consuelos Hey, thank you very much.

J. Steinberg I was wondering when you started working with Jamie and Kate, did you find there was a bit of instant chemistry between you all?

M. Consuelos Well I would like to think so, but definitely between them. They are; they play best friends and the comradery on set and on stage, and even with the whole cast was just evident as soon as you got there. But the one thing I love about, you know to act a sitcom life is that you're laughing all day. That's usually a good sign that the show is good. So that was pretty evident from the start.

J. Steinberg What were some of your most memorable moments from being on I Hate My Teenage Daughter? Itís got to have a little flubbing sometimes.

M. Consuelos Yes, there was this one time. I guess I'm teaching the class how to say burrito as Iím spelling it; you know, B U R R I T T O, or however you spell it, and I spelled it incorrectly and it was a take and people were just cracking up. I like what, what's wrong? And you spelled burrito wrong. It was just hysterical, it was very embarrassing.

J. Steinberg Now youíre a part of the Social Media Network, Twitter; why is that such an important place for you to connect with fans?

M. Consuelos Listen, I don't know if it's an important place for me to connect with fans, I just find it interesting and fun. I think the one thing that's great about it that's pretty instant and you get feedback and you can give information and get information pretty quickly. I think that's probably the best thing about it.

J. Steinberg Great, thank you so much.

M. Consuelos Yes, thank you.

Moderator And next weíll move to the line of Diane Morasco of Morasco Media. Please go ahead.

D. Morasco Good afternoon Mark. Thank you so much for taking this call. I want to know what do you think were the three key elements that you brought to the role of Alex?

M. Consuelos Three key elements. Well, he was very tan, that's for sure. I hope he was funny and I hope he had chemistry with Jaime Pressly because they go on a date in the second episode, which is really fun. So there's tan, funny, and hopefully I had some chemistry.

D. Morasco Okay, and my next one really quick, what experience did you take away from the role that you haven't ever had before?

M. Consuelos Oh, great question. Every job is new. You know you take something new away from it. I think the one thing I took away from it is that I really enjoyed the medium in doing the sitcom, the multi-cam live audience situation. It's a lot of fun; I mean to get that instant feedback from the fans, from the people watching the show, the audience watching the show, is pretty exciting.

D. Morasco Thank you so much and I just want to say I'm tan too, so have a good day.

M. Consuelos Right on.

Moderator And next from the TV MegaSite, Suzanne Lanoue. Please go ahead.

S. Lanoue Hi, thank you for speaking with us today. I'm a longtime fan of All My Children, so you'll always be Mateo to me. I was wondering, you said that it was great to get back into doing sitcoms. What prompted this, where you decided to go back to audition, or what happened?

M. Consuelos Well, you know Iíve always been limiting the shows that I can do to kind of New York. Because my familyís in New York and the kids and just our lifeís there and it's kind of hard to commit to a whole season or a regular role on a sitcom, on a one-hour that's shoots in LA. And this was just a couple of episode arc, which made it that more appealing. Iím like, I can go out there for a few weeks, do the show, and then Iím done. That was kind of the appealing part to it.

S. Lanoue And will you be doing other things, have you been doing more auditioning, will we see you in some other things, do you have anything coming up?

M. Consuelos I am pounding the pavement, so I hope to have more stuff imminently to talk about.

S. Lanoue Alright, thank you very much.

Moderator Weíll go to the line of Jamie Ruby again with

J. Ruby Hi again. So what would be your ultimate dream role?

M. Consuelos Oh my gosh. It would be something that, I guess it would be on the show Breaking Bad mixed with Mad Men and The Walking Dead, something like that. And it would be shot in New York City and I only had to work a few days a week. I think that would probably be the dream role.

J. Ruby Well, that sound like fun.

M. Consuelos Thatís not too demanding, right?

J. Ruby No. Whatís something that your fans would be surprised to know about you do you think?

M. Consuelos Well as it pertains to this role, I play a Spanish teacher, I don't speak Spanish; I speak Italian, thatís my first language. We recently went to Spain and I thought, because they say Italian and Spanish are so similar, I could not communicate at all, it was really hard. I had really bad Italian, which I don't think I get, but the two languages aren't that easy to communicate. I made do, I made it back from Spain to the United States. So I guess I survived. But I guess that would be the thing; I don't speak Spanish.

J. Ruby Okay, thanks so much.

Moderator Then next from the line of Gabby Winkel with Soap Opera Weekly. Please go ahead.

G. Winkel Hi Mark.

M. Consuelos Gabby, how are you?

G. Winkel Iím good, how are you?

M. Consuelos Great, thank you.

G. Winkel Good to talk to you. We were a big fan of Dirty Soap. Do you have any other producing projects lined up?

M. Consuelos Yes. We have a show with CMT; I'm not sure we can actually talk about it; we're in production right now. I'm not sure if we can; I probably can, I just don't want to get in trouble, but we're shooting right now, itís a great show that we're really psyched about, and yes, and were doing six episodes of that. And I hope youíll talk about that soon.

G. Winkel Okay. And since the title is how dealing with a teenage daughter of this sitcom, how are you dealing with a teenage son in real life?

M. Consuelos Oh my gosh. I mean obviously, I think what I love about the title is that obviously itís in jest and nobody hates their kids. But there are moments in the day in your relationship with your kids that you're like aw, I can't believe they did that or I can't believe Iímó, theyíre a high emotional moment. But with our son it's great; it's an adventure. You know you think that as the older they get you're going to be out of the woods with just issues and problems, but you're never out of the woods; you're always kind of like in the position of you watching them breathe and make sure they continue to breathe when theyíre newborn babies and it just changes just a little bit when theyíre 14.

G. Winkel Okay, thank you.

Moderator Next from, Kristyn Clarke. Please go ahead.

K. Clarke Hi Mark, thank you so much for talking to us.

M. Consuelos Youíre welcome.

K. Clarke So Iím curious, how is the chemistry on set for you? Are there any fun behind-the-scene stories you could share from your time on set on I Hate My Teenage Daughter?

M. Consuelos The chemistry was great. No, I got along really, really well with Jaime and Katie and the rest of the cast and they seemed to have it down pretty well. I think thereís like maybe the seventh or eighth episode that I was in and they just had a really good thing going and it was just a good place to work.

K. Clarke Thatís great. Iím curious, you know youíve had plenty of work in TV and films. Do you think that thereís a formula for good comedic TV?

M. Consuelos Yes, itís got to be funny. Good and funny. Iíve read a lot stuff thatís not funny and thatís what I love about this feature episode, theyíre really funny and the two actresses are obviously super talented and work magic with these lines. And the writers are awesome on these shows. The table reads, we were just hysterically laughing, and thatís usually a good sign when the table read; it goes very, very well. As the week goes on, when the audience comes to watch it, theyíre really going to enjoy it.

K. Clarke Great. Thank you so much.

Moderator Next on the line of Alice Chapman Newgen of the Times Courier. Please go ahead.

A. Newgen Hi Mark. Itís such a pleasure talking to you today.

M. Consuelos Thank you.

A. Newgen My question is; when did you realize that you wanted to be an actor? Was there someone that inspired you or did you just always know you wanted to be an actor?

M. Consuelos I guess as a little kid you fall in love with and going to the movies or being lost for those couple of hours when youíre in the movie theater and watching those stories unfold and that whole experience. I guess thatís the first thing that kind of motivated me or inspired me as to be able to tell those stories, or as an actor, it just seemed like a great thing to do and I think also I became an actor maybe out of desperation. I didnít know what else I could do. I know I didnít want to wear a suit every day. Thatís funny, some of the jobs Iíve had as an actor Iíve like played an FBI agent where I had to wear a suit every day anyway. So it was a passion of mine early on, and I kind of dabbled in a lot of things growing up. I really didn't pick what I wanted to do until late in college, but it's worked out well.

A. Newgen Well is there any particular role that best suits your personality that you have acted in over the years?

M. Consuelos The roles that best suit my personalities are the ones they offer me. If I donít have to audition for it thatís the ones that best suit my personality.

A. Newgen Okay, well thank you so much.

Moderator And weíll go back to the line of Diane Morasco from Morasco Media. Please go ahead. Diane, your line is open.

D. Morasco Thank you so much. Hi Mark. I was just wondering, who are you comedic icons?

M. Consuelos Oh man. Icons; I love Desi and Lucy. I love The Honeymooners, shows like that; All in the Family. It's funny when I first got the job, All My Children, when I went on the audition I misheard my agent; Iím like wait, All in the Family, theyíre bringing that show back? I was so excited, and theyíre like no, no, no; All My Children. Iím like, oh, okay, which wasn't so funny. But shows like that growing up I really enjoyed watching.

D. Morasco Okay. Now if you were to sit down and break bread with someone that's alive or dead, comedic role, who would it be?

M. Consuelos Of like my favorite comedians, alive or dead? Maybe like Richard Pryor. I was a huge Richard Pryor fan growing up. And you know itís like your guilty pleasure as a kid getting ahold of those little cassette tapes and listening to those, like the language are so bad and he was just so funny. And then when you actually saw his shows, like when I got cable Iím old enough to know like when we got cable on our street and we were able to watch his live show on HBO or Showtime or wherever it was on and watch him perform; that would have to be Richard Pryor.

D. Morasco Okay. Did you play a lot of pranks in school?

M. Consuelos Did I play pranks in school?

D. Morasco Yes.

M. Consuelos No, I wouldnít say that.

D. Morasco Would you ever do a drama or would you prefer to stay with the sitcom? What do you feel most comfortableó?

M. Consuelos You know, I've always done a lot of dramas, but the sitcoms to me I like because, like I said earlier, you end up laughing all day and that's a great life. And then hours, the whole hours your schedule on is to come or just, theyíre really civilized, you know, they're not these 12 hour days. So I'm probably leaning towards, if I had my choice I'd love to do a sitcom.

D. Morasco Okay, my last question is, what makes you laugh, really laugh, like nothing else?

M. Consuelos Iíve got to say the thing that makes me laugh the most is when we are disciplining our kids. Like trying to be stern with them and they look at me at the dinner table, Iím like, Iím Ö you can do this and you should have turned in your homework or Iím trying to be really, really serious and my kids look at me and it's kind of like they start cracking up. And my wife and I are just trying to be, and she looks at me and she's going to break, and Iím not going to break, because if I start breaking then weíre going to laugh and then the point is lost on them. So that really makes me laugh; when I have to like be the serious parent.

D. Morasco Thank you so much and my best to Kelly, Mark.

Moderator And there are no further questions in the queue.

M. Roach Well great. Well thank you everybody for taking time out today to talk to Mark about I Hate My Teenage Daughter, which has its Spring premier Tuesday, March 6th, 8:30/7:30 central. And thank you again, Mark, for doing this today.

M. Consuelos You got it. Thank you guys.

Moderator And ladies and gentlemen, this conference will be available for replay after 1:00 p.m. Pacific time today through March 5th at midnight. 




When Sophie tells Annie that she does not care about getting good grades, Annie decides to set an example by taking night classes at the local community college. Nikki joins her in a Spanish class and is surprisingly fluent as she frequently watches telenovelas. Meanwhile, the dads are in charge of getting the girls to finish an important school project in the all-new ďTeenage EscuelaĒ episode of I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER airing Tuesday, March 6 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.



Annie steps outside of her comfort zone when she accepts a dinner date with her former Spanish instructor, Alex (guest star Mark Consuelos). Meanwhile, an envious Jack runs a background check on Alex and discovers that he is hiding a secret that Jack and Nikki decide Annie needs to know about as soon as possible in the all-new ďTeenage Date NightĒ episode of I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER airing Tuesday, March 13 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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