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By Stephen

San Diego Comic-Con 2012

I had a great time at Comic-Con!

Jackie Chan was there to promote his last "big movie." He says he's going back to doing smaller ones like his first ones. He also wants to some with people like Stallone and Pacino. He was asked to be in Expendables 2, but wasn't finished with his latest project.

He was the only one I stayed in line for this year, but I got to see a few previews and a series of interviews with Sam Raimi (Oz), Tim Burton (Frankenweenie) and a third guy who I didn't recognize. They were all Disney films and they all look very good, altho I can't recall what third movie was.

I also sat through the Twilight promotional panel. Lots of emotion about wrapping up the series and hints about a new project. I enjoyed the books and the movies (eventually I'll get around to the last two), but I try to avoid all of the silliness and promotions.

As for the rest of the Con, I scored a few new promotional buttons, a lot of Magic cards and a new Sonic Screwdriver.... ;)

My wife Zina scored a lot of great books, some of which she actually paid for.... She took lots of pictures for the site...(they will be up soon~Suzanne)

We also went to a farewell dinner at the US Grant Hotel (where the first Con or two were held), for Comic-Con co-founded Richard Alf. There was nice food, plenty of crying and plenty of laughs. Just how Richard would have liked it!

Greg Koudoulian did a good job as event coordinator and host. Richard's mom was there, as well as George Clayton Johnson, Batton Lash, Mike Towry and many others of Richard's friends.

This year, I was also able to check out the promotional events across the street and Trolley tracks from the Convention Center. Zina and I had our photos taken as Coma victims, sampled some delicious sausage and strolled through the Frankenweenie Graveyard.

All in all, it was a fun time and we're looking forward to next year!!

By the way, some of the old timers are putting together a smaller Con in October, called Comic Fest. Not, it is to be stressed, as a rival or replacement to Comic-Con! I'll post more details on my Facebook page. ;)

From Zina, who also took a lot of photos that we'll be putting up!~Suzanne

Ok, what did I do at Comic-con.

Wednesday Night: Had good parking near the office so saw no reason to park under office. Took shuttle to Convention Center. Got in a relatively short line to get passes, bag, and other stuff. Tried to go upstairs to wait for hall to open..someone seemed to have an issue. Had to go downstairs, and got Preview Night sticky for Steve and I. Saw Armin, Dave, Mike Towery and his son Went upstairs and sat and waited....and waited...

Went to the publishing section and picked up 6 hard full novels and other freebees. Tried to get you some business cards (for my collection~Suzanne). Walked around some, but with work in the morning, was tired. I think we were home by 10 or 11. Thursday, I was tired. I really didn't want to fight long obnoxious crowds and the hustle and bustle. Went to publishing, got MORE books, love books.. went to the Hilton and got photos of all the Batmobiles...from the TV show to now...very cool; hung out with the outside press along the side of the Hilton and got some probably bad photos of people from Twilight, got shots of John Noble, when in the Hilton, and took a picture of someone I knew I should know, but couldn't remember who she was.

When to Wilfred press thing - very good, I believe about 2 rolls of photos from that. Up close and personal of the cast and director. It was really fantastic...They were all really really nice. Elijah Wood was sweet and
nice and funny. Went to bank. Can't remember what else I did, oh, yeah, saw Steve, went to old people reunion...which turned out fun, caught up with Steve and got home at about mid-night. Friday, didn't get there until late, about 12:30. Tired.

Got more books, more freebees, more signed books, more freebees. Saw Sally Richards from Eureka, got her to sign my "Eureka" catalogue for free, and she liked the photo I have of the guys from 6 years ago. Oh, yeah, that's another cast photo I have. In my collection. Went to Get Jiro panel with Anthony Bourdain. Got him to promise to sign my book, which he did on Saturday.

Got more books, more freebee stuff....more signed books.... and book signed by Torchwood's John Barrowman...sigh....sigh...!!

Sunday sat at panel of legends of the Comic Strip, very cool, the writiers of "Luann" "For Better of Worse" and "Foxtrot". The panel for "Husbands", which is an internet program with Brad Bell, Sean Hemeon and produced by Jane Espenson- all three were there and the show was moderated by Jenna someone, I can't remember her last name. Photos of all...

Then I saw Eaon Colfier...took pics..and then the battery of both cameras died. Got more books, home by 5pm.  

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Page updated 5/15/17

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