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By Suzanne

Colin Morgan

Interview with Colin Morgan of "Merlin"on Syfy 12/19/11

This was a very fine call. Colin Morgan is a nice young guy. I love his show, and he does a great job on it. He was just a very straight-forward, ordinary guy, who loves to talk about his show. He seems very nice.

Moderator: Blair Thill
December 19, 2011
12:00 pm CT

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by and welcome to the Merlin conference call. During the presentation of participants will be in a listen-only mode. If you would like to register for your question you may press the 1 followed by the 4.

This conference is being recorded Monday, December 19, 2011. I would now like to turn the conference over to Steven Cox.

Steven Cox: Hi everyone. Welcome to our Merlin conference call today. Weíre very excited to have Colin Morgan here with us.

Just a reminder, Merlin premieres its fourth season Friday, January 6 at 10:00 pm. And without further ado weíll turn it over to you questions.

Operator: Very good. If you would like to register your question please press the 1 followed by the 4. Our first question from the line of (Jamie Ruby) from (Syvision).com. You may proceed.

Jamie Ruby: Hi. Thanks so much for talking to us today.

Colin Morgan: Hey, no problem.

Jamie Ruby: And also happy early birthday. Itís getting close.

Colin Morgan: Well, thank you very much. Yes Iím looking forward to it this year.

Jamie Ruby: Great. So can you kind of tell us like something about the season, kind of how itís going to be different and just some of whatís going - we can expect this year?

Colin Morgan: Yes I think one the - one of the first things people will notice will be (unintelligible) it looks very different. Itís got a different tone to it this year.

Thereís a - weíre shooting on 35 mil which is what (unintelligible) on movies at the minute. So itís got a real movie look to the French kind of theme and (unintelligible).

Stories have become a lot (powerful). Theyíve become a lot more complex. Theyíre pushing connectors in directions that really thereís no going back on. So big shifts, big steps, big changes.

And of course it - the (tagline) of the season this year is the darkest hour is just before the dawn. So that is a hint of the tone of the series. It definitely is much stronger.

Jamie Ruby: Okay great. And then I have a question from Twitter. They want to know if you can compare Merlinís friendship with both Arthur and Gwen.

Colin Morgan: Yes itís (unintelligible) interest (unintelligible) well, you know, Arthur and Gwen are destined to see the future (unintelligible) of king and queen.

And itís Merlinís destiny to ensure that Arthur becomes the greatest kingdom, you know, the king of the land that (unintelligible) kingdom. Then Gwen is probably the right person for that. And Gwenís a great friend of Merlinís also.

So I mean thereís a huge amount of respect and loyalty among the three of them. And I think of things were (unintelligible) things pilot okay and everything goes to plan, you know, the future will be set in stone.

But really this series a lot of things have broken up, certainly about that trio of Arthur to Gwen and Merlin. Thereís a huge way, a (district) between them, kind of halfway sort of towards the end of the season which is going to be very difficult to repair.

Jamie Ruby: All right, thank you so much.

Colin Morgan: Really. Thanks a million.

Operator: The next question is from the line of Curt Wagner from RedEye. You may proceed.

Curt Wagner: Hi Colin. Thanks for doing the call.

Colin Morgan: Hey no problem.

Curt Wagner: I wanted to ask about because it is a lot darker and everything, does that present new challenges for the actors or the writers? Is that harder to sort of work in the humor that you guys always get in there?

Colin Morgan: Well whatís great this season is that it struck a really good balance. As dark as the stories go they never go of in (unintelligible) the realm of complete darkness.

Thereís always an element of fun to them there in a sense that as dark - the darker it goes almost in a (unintelligible) way to cope and certainly of part of Merlin itself in many situations where maybe (unintelligible) survivors to (unintelligible).

And thatís something that I think (unintelligible) really appreciates is that the (unintelligible) always there and that the characters are still themselves as dark as the stories go.

Curt Wagner: Okay, all right. And then I was also wondering if you prefer going off the legend as we know it? Is that more fun for you guys or is it harder to do that?

Colin Morgan: Itís always more intriguing actually you - whenever you get the script done and, you know, itís called something quite (unintelligible) like, you know, (Lancelot like), you know, thatís sort of the (unintelligible).

And (unintelligible) that story of (unintelligible) kind of original kind of legend. So itís good to have develop, you know, the preconception of how itís going to be and really (unintelligible) moments (unintelligible) way.

So I think when things veer slightly off of that (unintelligible) and the fantasy way in the way that Merlin (unintelligible) does it, Iím always intrigued by that.

But equally so, whenever those iconic images. Excalibur (unintelligible) are performed right in front of your eyes thatís also huge and exciting.

And I think thatís what works about the show is the two blend very well together.

Curt Wagner: All right, great. Thanks.

Colin Morgan: Thanks a million. Cheers.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Heather Hogan from

Heather Hogan: Hi Colin. Thanks so much for doing this call with us today.

Colin Morgan: Hey howís it (going)?

Heather Hogan: I guess one thing I want to ask you is one of the big draws for our readers and I guess for a lot of Merlin viewers is Merlin and Arthurís relationship.

Can you talk a little bit about how weíre going to see that grow and change over the course of series four?

Colin Morgan: Yes Iíve mean itís one of the most iconic relationships in (unintelligible). Itís very much about bringing Arthur to the point where he can really (unintelligible) that is fit for him and that heís fit for himself.

And in the fourth season we see them grow apart a little bit actually. Thereís a new character called Agravaine whoís Arthurís uncle who goes on the scene who very quickly he realizes heís not all that he seems. Yet he is Arthurís (unintelligible). Heís exactly where Merlin should be. And Merlin very quickly kind of sort of aggravates (unintelligible).

And itís about Merlin trying to regain that position to try to get by Arthurís side to be there for him and to get him to make the right decisions.

Because as things very quickly change and Arthur gains more responsibility and itís exactly what Merlin should be. (Unintelligible) itís about (unintelligible) friendship.

Steven Cox: Hi. Sorry to interrupt. Colin are you on a speakerphone right now?

Colin Morgan: No.

Steven Cox: Okay. Weíre just having a little bit of trouble with your connection. Thank you.

Colin Morgan: Did you (unintelligible) someone...

Heather Hogan: Yes I have just one more question. Colin what is your favorite Merlin to play? Is it the sort of clumsy funny Merlin or the dramatic Merlin or that great Dragoon Merlin?

Colin Morgan: I would say I mean itís the variety that I like. Itís the facets of the character. Itís that part that fascinates me.

Itís the - itís I think variety is the spice of life and getting a chance to place yourself in (all) directions being (unintelligible) parts where there is a complexity that I enjoy the most.

Heather Hogan: Awesome. All right, thanks so much.

Colin Morgan: All right, thank you.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen just continue to stand by. Weíll make a few adjustments to Colinís phone. One moment please.

Ladies and gentlemen please continue to stand by. Your conference call will begin shortly.

Once again please stand by and thank you for your patience. Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen please continue to stand by. Your conference call will begin shortly. Once again please stand by. Your call will resume shortly. Thank you.

Colin Morgan: Okay no problem.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen weíll now reconvene the conference.

Our next conference is from Tiffany Vogt from TV Addict. You may proceed.

Tiffany Vogt: Hi Colin. Welcome back.

Colin Morgan: Hey, thank you very much.

Tiffany Vogt: So at this point does Merlin believe Morgana is beyond redemption or does he still hope that he can save her from her dark destiny to be her greatest enemy?

Colin Morgan: No, sheís beyond redemption. I think that Merlin - Merlinís definitely come to that conclusion. Heís given her chances. Sheís - heís tried to show her the good prop.

Merlin knows that if magic part of you then you choose where to pick it. It doesnít choose you. And heís always chosen the good path.

And sheís just gone by further, further. Sheís kind of a bit power hungry now and she just wants - she wants power for herself and she wants the throne and she wants it all for her. And thatís (unintelligible) qualities. Thatís irredeemable. And she is his ultimate nemesis in the series.

Tiffany Vogt: Okay and does Merlin continue to resent the fact that he must keep his magical abilities secret or is comfortable hiding in the shadows and being the man behind the great man?

Colin Morgan: I think itís very frustrating for Merlin. He really wants to - I think, you know, his great objective, his great dream is to live in a land where magic is free under the rule of the greatest king ever known.

And if - he wants to be right in the open that people can live and gather that there isnít the segregation, that there is no hiding anymore.

And yet for him itís usually frustrating because itís a lonely existence and, you know, to - for to - for him to live without (unintelligible) day and night.

So whenever the time comes that (unintelligible) but a lot (unintelligible) the times he was right I think Merlin will grasp with the full hands and ensure the future of magic.

Tiffany Vogt: Yes great. Thank you.

Colin Morgan: (Unintelligible).

Operator: Our next question is from the line of (Steven Brian) from Yahoo Voices.

Steven Brian: Good morning Colin. Thanks for talking with us today.

Colin Morgan: No problem.

Steven Brian: Iím getting the impression from all the things that Iím seeing online right now is that season four is going to be a bit of a game changer in regards to the whole Arthurian legend. Is that - am I off base on that?

Colin Morgan: In terms of the - a very legend of a true telling you mean or...

Steven Brian: Yes maybe itís like it might bring the series a little closer to the mainstream...

Colin Morgan: Oh.

Steven Brian: ...stories of Arthur...

Colin Morgan: Yes...

Steven Brian: ...and Merlin?

Colin Morgan: Yes itís definitely moved in that direction I feel because the characters are maturing. Itís moving more towards the legends that we know.

And as our characters grow up weíre become more synchronized with the legends that we know because of characters grow older thatís when some juicy stuff could start coming along. And we certainly start fading into that stuff in this season.

And there are some huge iconic moments that any (unintelligible) legends will recognize and anybody who doesnít will probably be intrigued to find out a bit more.

But itís definitely driven more towards the legends. But that was never the theme of the producers and the writers anyway.

It was always to have, you know, (unintelligible) legend of the business and have a sort of layer to work off and tell stories and youíre not expected with. And thatís certainly the theme thatís carried throughout this season as well.

Steven Brian: Well and my second question would be, you know, what attracted me to this series was the fact that, you know, throughout - you know, growing up I read all the different variations on Camelot and the Arthurian legends.

And what I liked about it is that Merlin - this one is focusing on Merlinís, you know back story. I mean Merlin to me was always a mysterious character and I, you know, I like that.

But I am also - is he going to be - in season four and five will he be taking more of that puppet master role that I was used to seeing in a lot of the previous stories in previous tellings of this legend?

Colin Morgan: Yes thatís a big thing actually coming up in this season because thatís absolutely what Merlinís striving towards.

Heís gaining wisdom and a certain kind of power in that wisdom and certainly imparts a lot of Arthur. And youíve seen Arthur listen to him a lot more. Youíre seeing Arthur in fact change the way heís thinking sometimes because of what Merlin says.

And you seem to be giving (unintelligible) and thatís pretty exciting. But theyíre also growing a little bit further apart. So itís - Merlin has to work awful hard to try and be heard.

And hopefully by the end of the season youíll see that the relationship has come to the point where maybe theyíre ready to set rules and set grounds and perhaps become a good team to rule the kingdom.

Steven Brian: Well Iím definitely excited about season four. Thanks again.

Colin Morgan: Yes thanks man.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Amy Harrington from the Pop Culture Passionistas. You may proceed.

Amy Harrington: Hi. Thanks so much for your time today.

Colin Morgan: Yes no problem.

Amy Harrington: So weíre just wondering why do you think the Camelot legend has such staying power in pop culture?

Colin Morgan: I think because itís problem (unintelligible) stayed right through the centuries is because itís been retold and retold and - in different ways so youíre never saying just the CM legend all the time.

You know, (Unintelligible) started out as a legend then Tennyson did them, you know the wants and future King. Weíve even got the Disney version of it. Weíve got everything.

Itís just been retold and retold and added to and added to. And thatís something that weíre doing as well in a (in fantasy) setting.

And thatís something it seems to be a timeless topic that people constantly seem to be inspired by and moved by.

Itís just a platform for a lot of different things - magic, (unintelligible) loyalty, friendship. It covers all the grounds. And thatís something that I think works in any time in any age.

Amy Harrington: Excellent. Well thank you so much and happy holidays.

Colin Morgan: Well thank you. You too.

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Steve Eramo from the Morton Reports. You may proceed.

Steve Eramo: Hi Colin. Itís a pleasure to speak with you today.

Colin Morgan: Hey man.

Steve Eramo: Wanted to find out in what ways have you seen Merlin further grow and develop as a character in season four?

And have you discovered any new acting challenges would you say associated with that growth?

Colin Morgan: A big thing is the maturity of the character this year. Heís really, really studying what Arthur is going through.

You know, heís actually in a way experiencing what Arthur is experiencing. Arthur has got so much on his plate.

And the kingdom is in its most dire need of strength at this stage. And itís very much about Merlin engage in exactly where he is and what he should be doing.

He gets - at one point in the season four he gets the biggest opportunity heís ever going to get to change Arthurís opinion about magic. And he takes it and itís a big risk and he does and itís one of the boldest decisions heís made.

And as an actor itís interesting to really study the emotion he has about - that heís going through. And in terms of friendship whatís - what do you do for good friend when theyíre going through hell and yet youíve got such a motive to make sure he gets through the other side to the future? And for again, a little bit of selfish reasons because Merlin wants to live in a land where he can be free.

And so heís got to keep everything as a balance and heís got a lot on his plate. Heís literally, you know, juggling plates itís - at one point.

But there are bigger stakes and bigger objectives. And, you know, I donít think Arthurís never been in as much need of Merlin as he is now. The only problem is he doesnít realize it.

Steve Eramo: And as a follow-up I also wanted to ask you about Merlinís relationship with Gaius in season four. Maybe you could tell us a little bit about that and also whatís it been like working with Richard Wilson in the series?

Colin Morgan: Richard Wilson is an absolute gentleman. You speak to anybody on set or any of the cast members and they will have nothing but praise for him. He is a pleasure to work with and an (honor).

And the relationship between Merlin and Gaius is one that I love hugely. I think itís fantastic.

And whatís great thereís an episode this season which takes the two of them away from each other for a while.

And itís really interesting to see how Merlin reacts when Gaius isnít around because maybe you donít realize how much he needed him until heís gone.

And itís a really interesting episode about their relationship and the love that they have for each other.

And my guess at some point Merlin is going to use Gaius and heís not going to be around forever. And itís just a taste of what that will look like and how it will be like.

And that really, you know, at the minute Gaius is the only one that really Merlin can confide in. So if Gaius wasnít around, you know, it - life becomes even more lonely.

So itís a really good relationship. Itís a father son relationship. Merlin was, you know, was always sort of a father relationship and itís always been missing in his life. And Gaius and him are very much a sort of surrogate father and son.

Steve Eramo: Colin once again thank you so much for your time today and thanks for all your hard work on the show -- really appreciate it.

Colin Morgan: Oh thanks a million. Thatís very kind of you.

Steve Eramo: Take care.

Colin Morgan: All the best.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Tony Tellado from SciFi Talk. You may proceed.

Tony Tellado: Hi Colin. Itís great to talk to you again after seeing you this summer at Comic-Con.

Colin Morgan: Oh yes? Howís it going?

Tony Tellado: Good. One of the mantras I guess for season four is magic and more magic. Will that kind of...


Tony Tellado: Will we see Merlinís powers kind of evolve a little more this season?

Colin Morgan: We do quite a bit. Heís - I think one of the big things is the power of his words and - in this season and understanding that, you know, magic is good for a lot of things but sometimes youíve got to talk to your friends and you got to understand what theyíre going through and think more and use things more wisely.

I think from previous seasons weíve seen him use magic very sporadically and very instinctually. And although he is - it is his instinct sometimes he needs to put the brakes on and say hold on, whatís best for me, whatís best for Arthur? Whatís best for the kingdom?

And those are questions. Heís becoming up a lot wiser now. Heís becoming a lot more clued in to when he should use his logic and how he should so thatís something thatís really, really interesting.

Tony Tellado: And have you heard anything about season five? I know youíre going to start shooting in a little while.

Colin Morgan: Yes in fact we know nothing about it. They keep things so secret from us for quite a while. We only find out really like three episodes at a time.

So when we started season four I only knew episodes one, two and three. And then once we finish shooting those we get four, five and six.

So I know nothing about season five. I only know that season four ends on such an intriguing note that they cannot do a fifth season and youíd have a lot of very upset people if we ended on that I note (unintelligible).

Tony Tellado: Thatís great, thank you Colin, great to talk to you again.

Colin Morgan: Good man, thank you.

Operator: Our next question is from Liz Henderson from NiceGirlsTV. You may proceed.

Liz Henderson: Hi. You were talking a little bit about how things are going to be changing and getting darker this season.

And Iím pretty interested, really interested about your - Merlinís relationship with Morgana this season.

Can you talk about has Merlin had any regrets as far as when Morgana really needed him he really kind of turned his back on her?

Colin Morgan: Yes, yes. I mean itís a difficult call because Merlin has tried a lot to show her the right (prop). And it became very clear early on that he was told that Morgana would be and would be his downfall and his doom and would be the one who is in direct opposition to all his goals and his destiny.

And thatís been his most important thing about his focus as difficult as it is or has been heís had to so much aside, you know, for that for the future and for the future of his kind and if that means sacrificing her or anyone, as ruthless as it is, thatís what he signed up for when he came to Camelot. That was the deal.

And it says a lot about him as a character the fact that sometimes your emotions have to be shoved aside and youíve got to do that.

And Morgana is definitely - theyíre definitely beyond redemption. She has chosen that path. Sheís - as far as Merlinís concerned sheís had her chances. And I think you try to build a boundary in what youíre definitely going to get burned.

And I think Merlinís stopped building the (banner) and heís ready to just really just put it out. And heís very focused on that this season.

And Morgana has (dropped off) a huge spear of this figure called Amorous who is what Merlin is known as among the Druids.

And as she has an image of (Amerous) as old Merlin so throughout the season whenever Merlin changes into old Merlin she has this terrible, terrible fear of him.

And he doesnít quite understand it but of course itís great from his point of view because we donít often get to see Morgana in such a state of distress. And she certainly as ruthless as she is she has a huge fear of (Amerous) as well. And thatís something - thatís a real strong subplot throughout the whole season too.

Liz Henderson: Oh excellent. But your - thereís going to be confrontation obviously between Merlin and Morgana. Can you talk about shooting some of those scenes with (Kay)?

Colin Morgan: Yes whatís great is we get the mix so as old Merlin. And itís fun because as Merlin gets the opportunity to use magic openly to say what heís really thinking and the interaction between Morgana and the old Merlin is a confrontation that takes place which is now pretty epic.

Between Merlin as himself and Morgana thereís such a history there of itís everything of the betrayal of hope, of love, of friendship. Itís very, very complicated.

And so when they come to a head in this season as they do on a number of occasions itís fueled with such a - with such a back story of complications that itís sort of charged with electricity.

The only problem is Merlin canít use his magic at this stage and itís hugely frustrating. But we see him pushed to the brink and we see him in (unintelligible) situations where he - when he overcomes that fact. And we think this a lot powerful wizard that heís going to become

Liz Henderson: Excellent. Well itís been a long wait but Iím sure the wait was well worth it and Iím looking forward to it. Thanks a lot.

Colin Morgan: Yes I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

Operator: Our next question from the line of (Dan Compora) from

Dan Compora: Hi Colin. Thanks for talking with me today.

Colin Morgan: Hey, howís it going?

Dan Compora: Good. Hey, do you foresee the series exploring any of the back story of Gaius or Uther? To me that seems like a very interesting material but just really just been touched on on the surface.

Colin Morgan: Yes I think thatís a really, really interesting thing. The (unintelligible) of it might be (unintelligible) and (unintelligible) that has happened in the past. And weíve heard hints of what went on.

It was certainly I think a flashback episode would be fantastic just to get a glimpse of what it was like back then, what exactly - what was details or circumstances under which Camelot became that really paranoid state and paranoid of magic and (unintelligible).

I think itíll also be very interesting to even get a glimpse of Merlinís circumstances because he -when he first came to Camelot his past was a little bit shrouded in history - in mystery and we didnít quite know what that is.

So itís - I think itíd be interesting to again explore those aspects a little bit more and certainly get a good ground of exactly where these going - these animosities sort of built up and their frustration.

So itís - yes I think thatíd be good (unintelligible).

Dan Compora: And the last question I have for you just be, you know, the - when you look at the relationship with you and Arthur I think that thereís always some danger in storytelling when you take a heroic iconic figure like Arthur and kind of make him a bumbling fool in the sense that he doesnít recognize Merlinís power.

Is there any conscious effort to kind of balance that a little bit to keep Arthur heroic despite the fact that weíre trying to build Merlin up as a hero?

Colin Morgan: Well I think obviously big changes with this season certainly because I think as an audience (unintelligible) weíre in the know. We know that Merlin has magic. We know that heís the one who is doing all the behind the scenes stuff.

So but to everyone else thereís absolutely no way they would wouldnít suspect Merlin. You can (unintelligible) thereís - so I donít think thereís any sort of dumbing down of the character as such and because we - I think certainly since series one Arthur has grown significantly and heís a lot more mature and heís certainly dealing - willing towards that (unintelligible) that he can become.

So and youíre certainly seeing the transition period. And I think this seasons a lot (unintelligible) transitions the characters make.

Dan Compora: There is room for two heroes then.

Colin Morgan: Oh yes, I think so.

Dan Compora: Yes. Thank you again. I appreciate your time.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Ryan Thomason from

Ryan Thomason: Hi Colin. Thanks for taking time out talking to us (unintelligible).

Colin Morgan: No problem.

Ryan Thomason: Iíve got - my first question is since the whole seasonís already aired over on the BBC and now that itís just airing over here in the states do you kind of - does it feel like itís a year round thing for you because youíre not really getting too much of a break in between the different airings or is it just like Merlin all the time for you now?

Colin Morgan: Yes I mean we film for eight months of the year so itís quite a long filming period. And then thereís quite a lot of publicity and promotion to do around that as well.

So but itís - you know, we get a chance to chill out and have a break. And Iíve run some projects in previous years in between so you get a chance to have a bit of variety as well.

But itís definitely a massive commitment and one thatís hugely rewarding by the end of it. Itís a lot of hard work but itís really worth it.

Ryan Thomason: In the third season you actually got to wear the old man makeup and all that kind of stuff. Did that freak you out a little bit at all?

Colin Morgan: I think it freaked a lot of other people out more than me, you know, or people on the corridors and people sort of catching glimpse of me because I got a couple of breaks, you know, in-between there where theyíre putting it on. It takes me 4-1/2 hours to put it on.

And itís at one stage where before they put the wig and the hair on walking about bald. And that kind of freaks a lot of people out. But I had a lot of fun doing that.

Ryan Thomason: And I had talked to Katie over the weekend when she was going back to see her mom for the holiday and she had mentioned that you and Bradley are quite big joksters and pranksters.

Do you think that really helps your guys relationship on screen?

Colin Morgan: Yes. I mean I think it helps that, you know, we like to have a bit of fun and have a bit of a laugh whenever itís needed for scenes and but also, you know, equally is important is to focus and concentrate on scenes that are a bit more emotional or require a bit more focus. So itís about making the calls in the day and, yes itís not all fun and games but itís not all serious either.

Ryan Thomason: Well thank you very much and canít wait to catch the new season.

Colin Morgan: Thanks Ryan.

Operator: Our next question from the line of (Linda El Amin) from (Windanapolis).

Linda El Amin: Morning Colin.

Colin Morgan: Hey, howís it going?

Linda El Amin: My question is I was wondering since the dragon basically escaped in season three I think we havenít really seen much of it. And I was wondering are you guys going to be showing or are we going to see more aspects of Merlinís dragon lord side?

Colin Morgan: Yes for sure. Thatís something thatís really explored in season four as well because Merlin - this is maybe what Merlinís (his part) is about the dragon lord.

And it also shows his separation, his independence from the dragon in a way as well. Because at the beginning in season one the dragon was a confident, someone that Merlin needed help from.

And slowly and slowly they grew apart and the dragonís motives became slightly jarred and slightly unclear. And so thereís been all these questions of trust between them.

But the dragon is a creature of magic as much as Merlin is. And thereís that connection between them. And Merlin having very few people to confide in, the dragon is one that he can also confide in too.

So the relationships are always going to be strong between them. But as dragon (unintelligible) he can always command the dragon which is a great quality. And certainly Merlin and everyone thinks that in (prior) situations and when, you know, the dragonís help was needed.

Whatís going to be interesting to see is if Arthur ever meets the dragon what his reaction to him would be.

Linda El Amin: Oh thank you. My next question is I was wondering youíve done a bunch of different spells during the show. Is there any spell that you can think of that youíd love Merlin to be able to do or power that he doesnít have that youíd love him to have?

Colin Morgan: Possibly let me think. The - I mean I always thought teleportation would be a great one which he hasnít figured out how to do yet. I think that would be a really good one. It might cut out on all the quests that we have to go on though. That might be a shame. But yes I think teleportation would be a great one.

Linda El Amin: All right, thank you very much.

Colin Morgan: Thanks (Linda).

Operator: Our next question is from the line of Stephanie Jaar from You may proceed.

Stephanie Jaar: Hi Colin.

Colin Morgan: Hello. Howís it going?

Stephanie Jaar: Great. So Merlin had this really sweet storyline with (Faya) last season. And I was just wondering if maybe youíll have another romantic encounter this season?

Colin Morgan: Sorry to disappoint but no, thereís not going to be any love interest for Merlin this season unfortunately. Itís not something that the writers have explored.

And but I think maybe in legends, you know, Merlin was notoriously messed over by all the girls. So maybe they decided to keep him well away. But maybe I can have a few words and try to get someone going for the fifth season.

Stephanie Jaar: Good idea. And also you guys have had some really guest stars in seasons past. But is there anybody this season that we should look forward to?

Colin Morgan: Yes thereís a (grit) due coming up with (Van Daniels) and (Maranda Risenbay) that had (Tristan Amazolda) who - going to make an appearance later on in the series.

They are fantastic, they really are. Theyíve got a really such a good dynamic amongst each other and are really a lot of fun to have around on set actually as well. And yes, thatís one to really look forward to I think.

Stephanie Jaar: Is there anyone youíd like to see guest star, maybe a dream actor?

Colin Morgan: Oh Iíve got way too many, living or dead?

Stephanie Jaar: Either one.


Colin Morgan: I mean well, I mean like youíre talking like, I mean like one of my favorite actors of all time is definitely Paul Newman and you know what I mean? I love - Iíve got so many favorite actors like Sean Penn and - but yes, Iím not so sure we could get them on the show.

Stephanie Jaar: Yes, could have them be a rival king or something.

Colin Morgan: Yes why not. Itíd be great.

Stephanie Jaar: Yes. Actually well thank you very much for your time. I look forward to the new season.

Colin Morgan: Well thanks a million.

Stephanie Jaar: Yes, bye.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Jerry Nunn from Wind City Times. You may proceed.

Jerry Nunn: Hey Colin.

Colin Morgan: Hey.

Jerry Nunn: Thereís been a lot of talk about Arthur Merlin being kind of gay icons. And Iíve heard Brokeback Camelot -- things like that. Where - whatís your feeling on this kind of talk?

Colin Morgan: I keep my self pretty separate from it to be honest. Iím not a big Internet user. I donít do blogs or Facebook or Twitter or anything like that. The only thing I have is an email account.

And so I never have anything like that going on. So itís always, I will say, you know, but if youíre looking for anything in any show in any form you can find it. Itís certainly something we stick very clearly to the scripts and play them for what they are. And thereís certainly no kind of like overtone or pretext that weíre trying to show.

Jerry Nunn: Yes I think but itís brought in a lot of viewers I know for like Zena and things like that.

Now when are you coming back to America or maybe possibly Chicago for a Comic-Con here?

Colin Morgan: Well hopefully Iíd love to come back again next year. We went to do Comic-Con in San Diego actually in the summer. And that was fantastic. We had such a blast. So hopefully we get to go in - go again next year. Itíd be brilliant.

Jerry Nunn: Great. Okay well come to Chicago. Weíd love to see you.

Colin Morgan: Oh yes, Iíd love to come man. Itíd be awesome.

Jerry Nunn: Okay, all right.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Troy Rogers from You may proceed.

Troy Rogers: Hi Colin. Thanks for the time.

Colin Morgan: No problem.

Troy Rogers: Can you talk about the creatures Merlin and Arthur will have to fight this season?

Colin Morgan: Yes the in the opening two-parter of the season thereís a really - one of the darkest things weíve had come on called the - itís called the (Rocka) which are these free roaming spirits from the underworld.

At the beginning of the episode thereís a festival called (Sowen) which is celebrates the day of the dead. And itís at a time whenever the (veil) supposedly between the real world and the underworld is at its thinnest.

And Morgana takes advantage of that and creates a (tear) which releases all these demons out. And they only function at night. They are repelled by light. And they literally kill and freeze people in a second.

And the big thing that is one of the scariest things about these creatures is that Merlinís completely powerless against them. They literally absorb his power. So they are one of the most formidable creatures I think theyíve come across. And thatís right on the - in the opening episode.

Troy Rogers: Cool, right on. And I also want to know what does it do to Merlin when he discovers he has to make a huge sacrifice to save Camelot from Morgana?

Colin Morgan: Yes I mean thatís - Merlin is completely focused on his destiny. He will do whatever it takes. He has to put a lot of his emotions aside. He has to not think about himself, not think in a way about his personal consequences and think about the consequences of what it will do for Arthur and for the kingdom and for the future of magic.

And he sort of has to cast aside a lot of the personal feelings and - in a way. And Morgana has had her chances in a way. Sheís had her - sheís been given more than enough chances to prove that sheís - that she could be good and that she could turn things around. So Merlin will do whatever it takes.

Troy Rogers: Excellent. Thanks again (Colin).

Colin Morgan: Okay man. Thanks very much.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Joseph Dilworth from You may proceed.

Joseph Dilworth: Hi Colin. Thanks for your time today.

Colin Morgan: Hello.

Joseph Dilworth: I was wondering if Merlin obviously believes in his Destiny and Arthurís Destiny and like you said heís willing to do anything to make those happen.

But at this point does Arthur believe in his own destiny to that extent as well?

Colin Morgan: That - yes itís a good point actually. Thatís one of the huge things of this season is that Arthurís raising a lot of belief in himself. And heís listening a lot and gaining a lot of advice from his uncle.

And Uther at the beginning of this - of the series, of the season is really a shadow of himself. Heís really gone a little bit mad. Heís not in his right mind at all. And so the responsibilities fall to Arthur to really make big decisions.

And but heís not confident in himself at all. I donít think he feels ready. He doesnít feel that he can make these decisions alone. He wants to make his father proud and not so difficult that (unintelligible) edge. And Merlinís trying to be there for him. Merlinís trying to make him see that things are right. But Arthur has a stronger bond with his family, his uncle over his friend.

And thatís a difficult thing for Merlin to try and overcome because he knows that regardless of circumstances situation Merlin needs to be where Arthurís uncle is and thatís by his side being his most trusted advisor.

And thatís a big, big challenge for Merlin this season is to try and get Arthur to accept him as well.

Joseph Dilworth: Great. And weíve also seen throughout the series other knights like Lancelot and so forth that eventually become the Knights of the Roundtable kind of drift through the series.

Is there going to be a point where Merlin maybe realizes that he needs to start kind of positioning or gathering these other knights around Arthur?

Colin Morgan: Yes thatís a big thing. Itís - I guess it comes to a point whenever you (well) to Arthur has his strong bond of knights.

And whatís good about this season as well is weíre really seeing that very, very strongly and knight quests that Arthur and Merlin go on together or used to go on together by themselves theyíre not accompanied by a whole gang of knights. And Lancelot, Percival, Leon, Elyan, Gwen. They all come along. So thereís actually a real camaraderie and band of brothers feel to a lot of the episodes this year. So youíre definitely seeing the Knights of the Roundtable take information already and without Merlinís influence so and so thatís pretty exciting to see that happening.

Joseph Dilworth: Great. Thank you very much and weíre looking forward to this season and the next.

Colin Morgan: Good. Thanks very much.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Julia Haas from CliqueClack.

Julia Haas: Hi Colin.

Colin Morgan: Hello.

Julia Haas: So first of all I should warn people that our site is watching on a British time schedule. So Iím - I do have some questions but theyíre a bit (unintelligible).

Colin Morgan: Okay.

Julia Haas: So first of all I was wondering, the season finale is shaping up to be pretty epic and pretty heart-wrenching. So exactly how much should I expect to cry on Christmas Eve?

Colin Morgan: I think there might be some tears of joy to be honest. Thereís some pretty iconic moments happening in the season finale, season four.

Itís huge epic moments, the actual, you know, in terms of visually of what youíre going to see is iconic if you can imagine. The finaleís called the Sword in the Stone so you can guess.

And but also and then and in a way that I thinkís very surprising. And also thereís a bit of a cliffhanger I think which people will be very intrigued by. I was certainly intrigued by. I think itís the most intriguing ending weíve probably ever had for a season.

And that leaves sort of a lot of questions for where weíre going to go in season five. So, you know, weíve come to a really nice conclusion but at the end itís kind of thrown up in the air a bit as well.

So that - maybe I think probably just tease you enough as I can without saying too much.

Julia Haas: Well I have a guess but I wonít say so you wonít have to tell me if Iím right or wrong yet.

Colin Morgan: Okay.

Julia Haas: But I also had a question about the magic reveal which Iím sure youíre sick of answering questions about. But when do you think it becomes imperative that Merlin has to reveal his magic to Arthur?

Like at what point does it become that their relationship doesnít survive once heís been lying for so long?

Colin Morgan: Yes I think it needs to come to the point Merlin needs to be absolutely 100% sure that if he - that at this stage, if Merlin was to say that he had magic he would no doubt be either educated or exiled for his betrayal, for his abuse and for his ability not to be trusted. And thatís - that would be a big problem.

Merlin is the one thing thatís keeping him focused on his path for the destiny is the fact that heís just regarded as a servant. So he can act secretly and he can do that.

The minute that he comes out that, you know, that he has magic is a huge risk so it would be - he would be stupid to do it at that stage.

Arthur needs to not be (unintelligible). And once stains of change are shown, once it looks like Arthur wonít be a reincarnation of Uther as a king, thatís the time - thatís when Merlin can then do it.

And then - and youíre definitely seeing a progression of that and the (grounding) of Arthur at season four.

Operator: Our next question from the line of Crystal Taylor from You may proceed.

Crystal Taylor: Hi Colin.

Colin Morgan: Hello.

Crystal Taylor: Hello. Saw you back in the - in Comic-Con. My question since everybodyís asked such wonderful questions has to do with the fact that Merlin has put so much into making, you know, the hopes of the future being Arthur. And now we have Uther mad.

Knowing children of people who have Alzheimerís are somewhat worried about, you know, if thatís going to be their fate too, I wonder if Merlin worries at all of like father like son if Arthur could, you know, turn out to be not such a great bet or whether he just thinks itís magic and if he could get to - get Uther in some way he could cure him?

Colin Morgan: Yes itís a big thing. I think Merlinís got a lot of fears. Of course he wants Arthur to be the best king that he can be. And but so many factors are taken into consideration, the fact that Arthurís got so little confidence in himself, the fact that he wants to do his father proud that his father is just losing rep and reality and the effect that that has on a son and (unintelligible) itís a hard thing to watch. Itís a hard thing to go through. And no doubt Arthur probably has those fears for himself as well.

I think Merlinís pretty steadfast and pretty confident in his belief in Arthur that heís always believed heíll be the greatest king. Heís always believed heís got the qualities. His qualities just need to be encouraged and they need to be pushed to the foreground, not buried underneath and bad decisions and bad advice which is exactly what Agravaine is doing.

So itís really imperative that Merlin fights through and battles through and stays strong for Arthur even if Arthurís feeling at his most weakest.

And certainly and Uther going down the path heís going down, itís not encouraging and itís not good.

So, you know, Merlin does get a chance to redeem things there. And he does take his chance and for Uther which is a really interesting decision I think to make that if Uther can some way be healed or cured by magic then Arthur will believe in magic and trust in it and see it as a force for good.

And thatís something thatís brought very early on in the series. And itís a really itís a great opportunity and Merlin takes advantage of it.

Crystal Taylor: Great. That sounds wonderful. So just a little fun quickly question. With Merlin wielding the sword the, you know, the magical sword really sort of for the first time in an effective way, did he have time? Did he have fun with it? Did he think wow, this is something Iíd love to be able to do more of or what?

Colin Morgan: Yes, I mean I think he was very lucky not to have the sword because (unintelligible) caliber because that - because I think with a normal sword he doesnít handle it so well.

And but yes, certainly I think possibly me as Colin enjoyed it a lot more than me as Merlin, you know, because I think it, you know, sort of (unintelligible) is something that was great. But I have to make it look a little bit clumsy and a little bit, you know, Elyan to me, but realistically, you know, magic is Merlinís talent and he should probably stick to that.

Crystal Taylor: Okay, thank you very much.

Colin Morgan: Thank...

Steven Cox: This is going to be our last question.

Colin Morgan: Okay.

Operator: Our last question is from the line of Suzanne Lanoue from The TV MegaSite. You may proceed.

Suzanne Lanoue: Hello. It seems to me...

Colin Morgan: Hi.

Suzanne Lanoue: ...that your character Merlin is smarter letís say than Arthur or is it just that he has more information and that - or that he has magic? Which do you think it is?

Colin Morgan: Maybe a little bit a combination of all. I think Merlinís in the know in terms of what (unintelligible) where Arthurís going that - and what must take (unintelligible) for Arthur to be in that position (unintelligible) that position of that perfect king.

But also the slightness of Merlin (unintelligible) magic and with Arthur never fully realizing, you know, that heís got out of a situation because of Merlin and because Merlinís been there.

And yet Arthur he, you know, regards him as the (kind of) the servant, kind of the one thatís kind of there just to carry the luggage I suppose to actually carry the weight of the situation.

And the humor comes in the fact that Merlinís the one who probably has the biggest problem of them all. And as an audience member weíre clued into that.

But those in the world of Camelot just, you know, Merlin is not Merlin. He is just Merlin, you know. And itís - and thatís an interesting thing I think for an audience to watch. And it hopefully doesnít make the other characters look too dumbed down or anything.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen this does conclude the Q&A session. Mr. (Cox), back to you sir.

Steven Cox: Thank you all very much for calling in. Thank you Colin for answering all these great questions. And...

Colin Morgan: Oh thank you...


Steven Cox: ...just a reminder, Merlin premiers Friday January 6 at 10:00 pm. Have a good one. Happy Holidays everyone.

Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, this does conclude the conference call for today. We thank you all for your participation.

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