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By Suzanne

Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Interview with Jean-Luc Bilodeau of "Baby Daddy" on ABC Family 7/19/12

ABC Familyís Q&A Session with Jean-Luc Bilodeau ĖBABY DADDY

Moderator Youíre starring in Baby Daddy with Chelsea Kane, a Disney Channel star, and you have worked with a lot of talented Disney Channel stars in the past like Miley Cyrus in LOL, and Debby Ryan in 16 Wishes. What has it been like working with them?

J. Bilodeau Itís great actually. Theyíre all very talented and intelligent and theyíre great to work with on the set. I donít know what theyíre like outside of the work place, but I know that theyíre great girls. Well I know what Chelsea and Debby are like mostly outside, but theyíre great girls. They get their work done and it was great working with all of them.

Moderator If you had to choose which one to hang out with off camera, which one would you choose?

J. Bilodeau I donít know. I mean Iím really close to Chelsea because weíve been working together lately, so I guess Iíd say Chelsea just because we already do hang out. The whole cast is really tight so we go out a lot, so Iíd definitely have to say Chelsea.

Moderator How did you feel about coming into this show fairly unknown as a lead with Tahj and Melissa on set? How did that feel coming into a show with those two comedy stars?

J. Bilodeau It was nerve-wracking just because theyíre so funny and so talented and this is my first sitcom job ever so, I had pretty big shoes to fill because Iím working with the greats. Tahj was born into this style of comedy and Melissa is just incredible. It was a little nerve-wracking because I thought Iíd have to par-up with them but itís great though. Iím learning so much from them. So itís been an incredible, rewarding experience.

Moderator We remember you from Kyle XY and youíve grown so much since. How different is it to act in the role you had in Kyle XY to now on Baby Daddy where youíre a father?

J. Bilodeau Itís way different. Aside from the character differences, itís just a whole different kind of acting style and the schedule is different and the sets are different. Itís a whole different game for me. I was so used to single-cam drama and being a comedic relief on that platform had its own share of difficulties and then switching over to sitcom where itís comedy all the time and specific comedy, itís regimented. You have to do certain things to make it funny for the multi-cam audience. So itís a lot different but itís a lot of fun and Iím still learning. Weíve only done ten episodes so Iím still getting in the swing of things, obviously, just because itís my first multi-cam job ever.

Moderator How is it having a baby on the set? Did you have any experience with babies before the show?

J. Bilodeau No, actually, my first day on the set was the first day Iíd ever picked up and played with a baby. It was pretty exciting. I was nervous to meet the parents of the kids, but the mom was incredible. Honestly, Baby Daddy was my first time ever interacting with a child that young. Theyíre just so well-behaved. They work harder than we do. Itís actually a really fun job to work with them.

Moderator How has being on Baby Daddy changed your perception of parenting?

J. Bilodeau It hasnít really changed it. Itís made it more elevated. Iíve always known that parenting is a really hard job. But working with the kids every day and being so precise on how you handle these kids; I didnít think it took so much effort and attention and itís incredible. When you have a kid, you really have to pay all your attention to them and give up your whole life. Working with the kids really amped up my feelings toward having kids; Iím definitely going to wait a long time.

Itís funny because I donít have to change diapers. I donít have to soothe the baby while itís crying; itís usually passed off to someone else and even when I have the baby, itís a hard job and I have to pass it off when things arenít going well. I canít imagine what itís like to be, especially with twins, like the girls on our show, what thatís like to be around them 24/7. Iím not a morning person either; waking up in the morning for me is so hard, so Iím definitely going to wait a long time for kids.

Moderator Whatís to come with your relationship with Riley and whatís it going to take for Ben to actually wake up to her infatuation with him?

J. Bilodeau Oh I think that itís going to take him realizing why am I not pursuing this girl; sheís gorgeous. Sheís a great mom figure for my kid. I think that itís just going to hit him eventually and heís going to play on it because why wouldnít you? All the factors are there. They just havenít met up in his head yet. Heís just a little preoccupied because heís got a kid and heís young and heís still trying to date. Sheís throwing off the signals so heís just got to pick them up and I think eventually he will figure it out. Heíd be an idiot not to, thatís for sure.

Moderator Yes, is that something that we will see in these first ten episodes or?

J. Bilodeau Definitely tune in. Things change in the whole love triangle but I donít want to give away too much. But definitely watch and follow that relationship because it does get a little bit elevated.

Moderator Can you talk about how you got started on this series?

J. Bilodeau I started out pretty normal for an actor. I just got the audition, went in for the first audition, call back, and I met the producer. I went back for another producer read. Then back for a director session and then I did two testing auditions for it in front of the network. So pretty normal; I mean, I did know that they were casting this show in October of last year and I really wanted to get in on it but I was away shooting something and it worked in my favor that they ended up recasting the role and I got to go out for it in April of this year. So, I just auditioned and I loved the script and as soon as I got that call, I was so stoked to get to work and itís been such a rewarding experience ever since. Itís really great.

Moderator Have youíve learned anything about yourself since you started filming this show?

J. Bilodeau Iíve learned even more that Iím not a good morning person just because we wake up at 7:30/8:00 sometimes and for me, doing that every single dayóIím a very sleepy guy. But Iíve learned that I can work pretty hard under pressure. I didnít know that Iíd be so composed working in front of the audience because the first Friday that we did our audience day or audience taping was the first time Iíd ever worked in front of an audience. So that was interesting seeing how I could actually do it. I was really nervous but once the first Friday was over, I was fine. That was definitely a new thing I discovered.

Moderator Going back to the love triangle between Riley, Ben and Danny. In the few episodes that Iíve seen so far, Iíve gotten attached to both Ben and Danny, so itís going to be tough to find out who Riley eventually ends up with, but do you have a personal preference as to who you would like to end up with Riley?

J. Bilodeau Outside looking in, I want Danny to be with her just because I know Derek and I know heís a great guy. Iím not watching the character, Iím pretty much watching Derek. Heís just a lovable giant. Heís this big good-looking dude.
Youíd think heíd be off doing his own thing, just fooling around, but heís so in love with this one girl, which is rare, and I think that the audience really appreciates that. From my perspective, I appreciate it more too. But I think once Ben realizes Riley likes him, heís going to start warming up to that and I think heís going to reciprocate that and maybe my opinion will change. I donít know. Heís going to try really hard for it because Riley would be a great mom for Emma and I think heíll understand that and definitely play on it.

Moderator In future story lines, is there any clash between Ben and Danny that you can talk about because of this?

J. Bilodeau I donít want to say yet, but Ben, for a little while, is still really clueless that this is all going on, even with Dannyís relationship with her. He doesnít really put the pieces together and I think that itís just because heís preoccupied with work and dating girls and with his baby. So once they both put all the pieces together, I think thereís going to be a clash between all of them; itíll be interesting to see him actually get excited for it. But Iíd definitely tune in to follow that story.

Moderator We talked earlier about you working with Debby Ryan and she has her own show on Disney Channel called Jessie where she portrays a nanny. Do you see any type of crossovers between your show and that show? Or maybe even Melissa & Joey in the future?

J. Bilodeau Sheís taking care of kids and Iím taking care of a kid in my show. Theyíre all very similar. Weíre both very young to be taking care of kids and having the responsibility of keeping them safe and happy. Itís just in a different vein, because Disney and ABC Family are a little bit different, and Baby Daddy is a lot more immature of a show than Debbyís show.

Moderator What kind of crossovers would you like to see between maybe Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy in the future?

J. Bilodeau That would be really funny actually. Thatís a funny show and theyíre our lead-in. I think thatíd be great to do the crossover and our producer and creator, Dan, worked with Melissa on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, so there is our in, if we wanted to do a crossover. I think thatís a possibility as long as we shoot at the same time, I think it would work.

Moderator Is there any chance that weíll be seeing the baby mama any time soon, without giving away any spoilers?

J. Bilodeau Thereís always a chance that she comes back. But I think that Iíd rather see Ben take care of his daughter and not have anyone else come in and ruin that because I think if she came back, sheís going to want a part in Emmaís life. Thatís the only reason why sheíd come back into Benís life. So if she does, I hope her involvement with Emma is small because I want this show to always be Baby Daddy and I think itís really special that there is a relationship between a young father and his baby daughter. You never know. Maybe she comes back this season, next season, Iím not sure. I donít want to give away too much.

Moderator Say if Jean-Luc was able to cast the mom, the skyís the limit, who would you pick?

J. Bilodeau The sky is the limit, okay, Iíd pick probably Sienna Miller.

Moderator Do you have any other big guest stars coming up in the works in the next few episodes?

J. Bilodeau Yes, weíve got a couple. Ashley Argota from Disney is showing up in episode seven. Greg Grunberg is coming in episode eight. Weíve got a bunch of heavy hitters coming in and spicing up our show. Weíve got a great season, a lot of crazy stuff. So Iím really happy that weíve got a bunch of really good players to come on board.

Moderator You mentioned that you are rooting for Danny with Riley because you like how Derek is going after her. But what about for Chelseaís character, how Riley has been pining after Ben for so long; how do you feel about youíre going for Danny but sheís been in love with Ben for so long?

J. Bilodeau I think she definitely deserves the pay off with Ben and I think itís going to come eventually. Thatís my opinion. I think sheís eventually going to be with Ben. Theyíll both figure it out. Itís perfect for Ben and sheís wanted it for so long. But, in the meantime, while Ben is so clueless, I think sheís going to start falling for Danny. I donít know, Iíve only actually seen ten episodes of the show. So Iím not sure where else itís going to go but I think that itís going to go back and forth for a little bit until she decides whatís best for her and whatís best for Emma; but Iím excited to see what happens.

Moderator We mentioned earlier that you worked with Miley Cyrus in the movie LOL. Were you disappointed that the movie did not get the support of the distributor?

J. Bilodeau Yes. They put it together really well. It was a sweet movie and there were a lot of big names attached to that movie and they all did a really good job and Miley did a good job and it was fun working on that set. Itís sad that the hard work was put down a little bit. They clearly just lost interest in it and didnít promote it as well as they could. But itís becoming little cult movie, I guess. A lot of people seem to respond to it but yes, itís disappointing. I was actually looking forward to seeing that have a premiere and getting the attention it deserved.

Moderator How much are you like your character Ben on Baby Daddy?

J. Bilodeau Iím a lot like Ben. Iím a pretty genuine dude. I try to see the best in all situations and I, like Ben, think I would take care of my kid, too, if I were in the same situation. I wouldnít just send her off to adoption. I wouldnít let her go. Iíd definitely take care of her and itís great because I have parents just like Melissa, who would help me. I mean every joke, every genuine moment he has, I ground it in my own: what would I do and how would I say it. So Iím not really stretching too far to play Ben.

Moderator If you could be on any other ABC Family show, which would you pick?

J. Bilodeau I want to be on that Pretty Little Liars show because that show gets millions of twitter followers. I want to jump on that show and be someone on there. Theyíre all very good-looking girls; Pretty Little Liars would be my go to show on the network.

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