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By Suzanne

H. John Benjamin, who voices Sterling Archer

Interview with H. John Benjamin of "Archer" on FX 2/7/13

Final Transcript
February 7, 2013/10:00 a.m. PST

Kristy Silvernail, Manager, FX Media Relations
H. Jon Benjamin, ďAgent Sterling Archer,Ē Archer

Moderator Welcome to the Archer Teleconference. At this time, everyone is in a listen-only mode and in just a few minutes, youíll have an opportunity for questions and the instructions will be given at that time. As a reminder, the conference call is being recorded. Iíd now like to turn the conference over to our host, Ms. Kristy Silvernail.

K. Silvernail Good morning and welcome to the Archer conference call with H. Jon Benjamin, who voices the spy you all know and love, ĎAgent Sterling Archer.í Thank you to everybody for joining us today and especially, Jon, we really appreciate your time. As everybody knows, Archer airs Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, only on FX. In tonightís episode, ďMidnight Ron,Ē viewers get to see the beginning of beautiful hatred played out between ĎArcherí and his new stepfather as theyíre chased by gangsters.
With that said, letís go ahead and open it up for the first question.

Moderator Weíll go to Kyle Nolan with

K. Nolan So earlier in this season, your world of ĎBobí and ĎSterling Archerí collided. Could you talk a little bit about how that episode came about and what it was like for you making it?

J. Benjamin Yes, it basically came aboutÖ Adam Reed, the creator of the show had the idea to do it. Apparently, he was a fan of Bobís Burgers and mine. So he came up with the idea to do it. He asked me to ask Loren Bouchard, the creator of Bobís Burgers; so I was like the middle man, but it went really smoothly.

I think it was like around a 15 to 20 second phone call. Then they turned it over to hundreds of thousands of lawyers and they worked to hammer out a deal. So, yes, it all came from Adam, I think, wanting to open the season like that; which it was really well done I thought. Iím not sure you needed to know about those Ö.

K. Nolan So for you, is it ever odd or confusing switching back and forth between these two characters that have the same voice?

J. Benjamin Well, a lot of people complain how I donít do anything different for either; and Ö them. I did notice, finally, that ĎArcherí is a little bit different than when I had to do him as ĎBob,í but I got very convoluted; real subtlety there.

Moderator We go to Rodney Ho with Atlanta Journal Constitution.

R. Ho Iím here where Adam and Matt work Ö. Do you ever need to even come to Atlanta at all? I presume you get off the couch.

J. Benjamin Actually, Iíve been many times to Atlanta, but I came recently to visit the studio and boy, was that awkward.

R. Ho What?

J. Benjamin No, no, it was fine. There were just a lot of animators staring at me.

R. Ho I presume they recognized you even though you donít exactly look like ĎSterling Archer.í They all knew who you were, right?

J. Benjamin Yes, I mean I think, hopefully, they didnít expect like someone exactly like ĎSterling Archerí in appearance to walk in. No, I got it. Itís one big room with a hundred people drawing and hearing my voice like over the PA. Itís like a sweatshop in Cuba.

R. Ho Ö. I heard they do have air conditioning once in a while, though, and that they sometimes use that.

J. Benjamin You have to go to your car, if you have a car, just to cool off.

R. Ho Has the success of Archer improved your personal sex life at all?

J. Benjamin Yes, I have not had sex now in four and a half years; so itís an improvement.

R. Ho So thatís an improvement; okay.

J. Benjamin Well, if you knew how I had sex, yes, not having it is one step above.

R. Ho At least ĎArcherí gets a lot of sex; right? Thatís nice, right?. Doesnít that make you feel better?

J. Benjamin So that I can live vicariously through an animated character. I havenít tried yet to use ĎSterling Archerí to have sex and I donít know if that would work out.

R. Ho Do you think that ĎSterlingí is maturing in any tangible way, now that weíre entering into the fourth season?

J. Benjamin Yes, maybe, in really, really like glacial progress probably. At some point, I think he has to and I just feel like, hey, his lifestyle is going to catch up with him, if it in any way mirrors real life. I just like feel like I want him to gain like 15 pounds; like he wonít metabolize alcohol as well or something soon, right.

R. Ho Right; thatís true. But if you look into the event, do you think heís better looking now than he was season one? Do you think theyíre making him better looking or are theyó

J. Benjamin Yes, he is pretty rock solid appearance-wise. That doesnít change. Maybe heís gotten in better shape. I havenít checked under the shirt.

Moderator Weíll go next to Brittany Frederick with

B. Frederick I recently read an article that says you could tell stories about Archer fans that are surprised at how you obviously donít resemble the character. Could you share some of that? I mean, do people really freak out?

J. Benjamin Yes, well there have been a bunch of people who have not done well to disguise their, like, disappointment. So you have a lot of people going, oh, Ö too bad. I think it was more just like sort of shattering hopes.

B. Frederick I have a followup to that. The show has some really interesting fans, really energetic fans. Whatís the best fan experience that youíve ever had?

J. Benjamin Whatís the best fan experience Iíve ever had?

B. Frederick Yes.

J. Benjamin Like as a fan or with a fan?

B. Frederick No, with the Archer fans.

J. Benjamin Okay, because as a fan, it would be Ö Mick Jagger. But with a fan, I did onceóthis was what I thought was a good idea at the time, when I lived in New York and I happened to be walking through Central Park, sort of on the south side of Central Park. Two guys came up to me and it was right next to where they do the hansom cab rides, the horse-drawn carriages. So for some reason, they were like, ďoh my god! Archer! Archer!Ē

I was like, all right, everybody get in. It just so happened that the guy was right there, so I could give him money. So the guys got in with me and then itís likeóbut the unfortunate part is itís like a 45-minute ride around the park. That got really awkward after about the first ten minutes, because they were kind of like just two college kids. They were like, ďwhy are we doing this?Ē Iím like, ďI donít know; I thought it was funny at the time just because we were standing in front of it.Ē So that wasóit wasnít fun, but it was the best fan experience, I guess.

Moderator Our next question is from the line of Fred Topel with Crave Online.

F. Topel What was your take on Archer in the pilot and has that changed at all?

J. Benjamin What was what?

F. Topel What was your take on Archer in the pilot and has that changed at all now several seasons down?

J. Benjamin Well it hasnít changed much. I think I was probably less confident in my character at the time, so now Iím really just sort of full-voiced, full-on arrogant Ö. But I think I didnít know that that was the case in the pilot. So, yes, I think Iíve just gotten more aggressive in general and I try to be less nasally than what I used to be.

F. Topel Weíve seen up to next weekís episode with trying to get back together with Ö and Ö, keep her boyfriend in space. What other funny stuff is coming up later in the season?

J. Benjamin Well, thereís a really good storyline with his new stepdad, ĎRon Cadillac.í ĎArcherí is immediately put off that his mom is getting happy or happier. But then there are all these sort ofóthis ĎRon Cadillací character is kind of not what he seems. Thatís pretty funny and then thereís a big sort of two-part season finale, which is a pretty grand story that takes place under water.

F. Topel So you went from space to under water.

J. Benjamin Yes, like I was saying, thereís not much more to do; maybe Middle-earth.

Moderator Weíll go next to Earl Dittman with Digital Journal.

E. Dittman You mentioned Mick Jagger. So is Mick Jagger a fan of Archer?

J. Benjamin No that was just random.

E. Dittman Oh, okay. I was thinking oh, that would have been really cool.

J. Benjamin That was when I was young and he was old.

E. Dittman When hasnít he been old lately? Anyway, I was going to ask you, the script is so finely, weirdly written, but do they give you a chance to adlib? Do they give you a chance to maybe take a line and go somewhere else with it? Or are they prettyóstay to the script?

J. Benjamin No, theyíre not slave drivers. Depending on the scene, I think sometimes we could fool around a little bit. But, on the whole, we pretty much keep to the script because, like you said, by the nature in which itís written, itís pretty tight. There are a lot of jokes that have to do with scenes cutting against each other, so thereís not much room for it. But Iíll throw in a few things and a lot of things I assumed that other characters adlibbed, end up Adam having written it. Sometimes heíll rewrite scenes once he hears that they donít work as well as he thought right at the spur of the moment, so that is probably the most time in which things change.

E. Dittman Do you all ever get to work together? I mean, do you get in the same room with Jessica [Walter] and everybody else and get to do some? Or is it all pretty separate?

J. Benjamin Itís all separate. I think, occasionally, Iíll smell her having been there before me.

E. Dittman Have they ever thought about trying it at one time? Doing like a whole group recording and see how it works.

J. Benjamin Well, we did an Archer Live! where we read scenes together, which we kind of read the best-of stuff. So we did that together.

E. Dittman Was it fun?

J. Benjamin [Teasing] Eh, ah. I donít know how you spell that but it may be ehhh.

Moderator Weíll go to Christiane Elin with Sci-Fi Vision.

C. Elin Iíd just like to ask you if thereís anything that youíd like to do in real life that ĎArcherí gets to do?

J. Benjamin Wow, thereís a lot. Iíd like to work for my mom; sheís a ballet dancer. No I wouldnít. That would just be really tedious office work. I donít know what you do for a ballet dancer.

I would like to kill people; yes, I would like to indiscriminately kill people sometimes. Iíd like to go to like Ö and Morocco. Iíd like to travel a lot, like ĎArcher.í That would be fun.

C. Elin Also, because of the new stepfather in the picture, are we going to see some daddy issues?

J. Benjamin Yes, I donít think ĎArcherí responds to the stepfather in the way he would his real father; thatís for sure. But I think ĎArcherí has some major oedipal inclinations; so yes, I think no matter who filled in for the father role, heíll want to kill him.

Moderator Our next question is from the line of John Blabber with Bubble Blabber.

J. Blabber Hey John. How are you doing this beautiful morning?

J. Benjamin Very convenient name. Good; I canít believe I just said oedipal inclinations. I never wanted to say those two words.

J. Blabber No worries. Last year, I was at your tour day for New York. I had a great time and wanted to know if there are going to be any more in the near future.

J. Benjamin If Matt Thompson, the Executive Producer, sobers upómaybe.

J. Blabber No, not the Archer one, but the actual your tour date; like the ďJon Benjamin Has a TourĒ dates. Remember those?

J. Benjamin Oh, you saw my show.

J. Blabber Yes.

J. Benjamin Yes, I think I will do more of those, maybe in the spring. Iíve just got to figure out a way to get less agoraphobic.

J. Blabber Got it. If you need a kick start or campaign started, let me know.

J. Benjamin I donít know if money is the answer.

J. Blabber Iím actually kind of disappointed because I was thinking we were actually going to get aÖbuild a movie this past winter and we didnít get one.

J. Benjamin Yes, that would be a good kick starter, I guess. If we could get the funding for that, I think it would do well in certain portions of Asia.

Moderator Weíll go to Monique Jones with

M. Jones For my question, I just have to say Iím a huge fan from the Home Movies, so itís good to talk to you.

J. Benjamin So we go way back.

M. Jones So my first question is do you have a favorite thing about playing ĎArcher?í

J. Benjamin Well, I really like this show. I think itís probably my favorite thing. So I like seeing them. So itís a bonus to be in them and then seeing the final product. I do like that a lot. So I do end up watching, pretty much, like theóIíd probably wait. I havenít seen any from this current season yet, but Iíll watch them all at once. Itís fun that itís me; fun that Iím that guy. When I watch it, Iím the guy but Iím a real conceited Ö, so Iím not sure. I like celebrating myself all the time.

M. Jones Well, that can be healthy at some point.

J. Benjamin Yes, I mean it takes up a lot of my time looking in a mirror.

M. Jones Do you have a favorite episode?

J. Benjamin Wow, man I donít know. Thatís tough. Name a couple. I canít rememberóI havenít watched them in a while. Like I said, I havenít watched the current season. My god, I canítóI know what it was about. I just donít know it was called and I canít remember right now what it was about. Sorry. Probably, letís just give it a number, episode 206.

Moderator Weíll go to Fred Topel with Crave Online.

F. Topel Did you ever expect Bob and Archer to go at the same time?

J. Benjamin No, Iíve gotten that question before. Itís definitely like why are you doing them both; like I would have potentially turned one down to do the other. It just happened fast.

I canít remember which came first. I think it was Bobís Burgers, but with FOX, had a very long development process; over a year or more, like a year and a half, where they kept making this demo. Archer was reallyóI had done itójust recorded the pilot and then heard that the show got picked up, maybe, I donít know, eight months later or something. So Bobís Burgers, I think, started along before Archer did. It just took a long time for Bobís Burgers to get on air. It just was coincidence that they came on kind of at a similar time.

F. Topel What funny stuff is coming up for Bobís?

J. Benjamin We just started taping the back end of the third season or something. Also, I believe that some of the cast members will be writing some episodes coming up, so I know I am. Thatís exciting.

F. Topel What do you want to write for Bobís that none of the other writers would do for you?

J. Benjamin What will I write for Bobís?

F. Topel Yes.

J. Benjamin Yes, I think it would be much darker, if I did it. I havenít figured out what my episode will be about, but Iíll go very dark.

F. Topel Do you enjoy going from this flawed secret agent to this regular guy burger maker?

J. Benjamin Yes, yes. I like how different they are. Yes, itís nice to sort of get payback for ĎArcherísí attitude when ĎBobí seems to be sort of gets shoveled on; whereas ĎArcherí kind of doles it out all the time. So itís a good balance.

Moderator Weíll go to Ernie Estrella with

E. Estrella Could we talk about maybe when you get the script coming in, is there any one particular type of episode that you get excited for? Like we see now that weíre into the later seasons and now theyíre starting to build on older plot points and some seeds that were planted long agoódo you get excited to see some of those? Or do you like seeing some of these one-off, kind of spoof episodes?

J. Benjamin Iím not particularlyóI donít really care, I guess, on the whole. But I do like, obviously, when like thematic stuff happens, itís fun to read and itís always fun to see. Adam is very good at that. He will plant a seed and that seed will grow like three episodes later. So itís always nice to forget about a character and then realizeóespecially like the ĎBarryí stuff, where heís in space now and then I just sort of forget about ĎBarryí and then an episode comes up where ĎBarryí is Ö ĎArcherí all along and it makes sense why heís doing it. So that stuff is very rewarding, I think, especially for people who watch the show a lot and appreciate that.

E. Estrella Are you told when those seeds are planted, that theyíre going to become something later? Or do you get kind of surprised when we are the first time you see it?

J. Benjamin Yes, I donít get the script until basically almost the day, the night before the day I record it. So thereís no way to tell. There have been occasions where I read it for the first time while Iím reading itówhile Iím saying it.

Moderator We go to Terri Schwartz with Spinoff.

T. Schwartz Hi, thanks so much for speaking with us today.

J. Benjamin Oh, how many are there of you?

T. Schwartz Probably way, way too many.

J. Benjamin You mean like youíre cloned?

T. Schwartz Yes; I have a variety of Terri Schwartzís just sitting around in my apartment right now.

J. Benjamin Thatís cool.

T. Schwartz Iím just curious, so youíve worked on a variety of animated shows and, as youíve already mentioned, you worked HomeÖ with Vernon Small. Has there ever been any discussion of you doing a voice on Ö?

J. Benjamin No, I donít think so. I donít recall.

T. Schwartz Do you want to?

J. Benjamin No, I donít. I donít want to.

T. Schwartz Why?

J. Benjamin No, I donít care. I donít think heís ever asked. We donít speak very muchónot because we donít get along, just because weíve lost touch. But Iím sure I would be happy to do it. Is that show still on?

T. Schwartz It is; itís coming back.

J. Benjamin Okay, well then, put a word in.

Moderator We have a question from Jaime Steinberg with Starry Constellation.

J. Steinberg Hi, itís such a pleasure to speak with you.

J. Benjamin The names are getting better and better. Itís almost like itís starting to get fake.

J. Steinberg Anything to impress you.

J. Benjamin So that was just for me.

J. Steinberg Exactly.

J. Benjamin Unfortunately, I hate constellations.

J. Steinberg Oh, thank you. Iíll just have to alter that right now. Good thing itís our ten-year anniversary.

J. Benjamin Well, itís a good time to change the name.

J. Steinberg Was there anything about ĎArcherí that wasnít originally scripted to you that you added to the character?

J. Benjamin You mean like I want him to have black hair or something?

J. Steinberg Or about his personality.

J. Benjamin Oh, no, not really. I mean it might be the case where Adam Reed, the writer of the show, maybe started writing stuff based on like what Iím like. But no, yes, if that were the case; heíd be Jewish by now.

J. Steinberg What do you think it is about Archer that makes it such a fan favorite show?

J. Benjamin Well, I think the colors are really nice. I think itís because itís really funny and really well done. I imagine people appreciate it. When it first came out, there was no sense that it was going to be like this much of a hit, I think even for Adam. Although Adam Reed had done prior shows that I think had a big following; maybe not like as big as Archer, but big in terms of people really loving what he does. So I think itís pretty much because Adam creates really great characters and really funny stories.

Moderator We have a question from Earl Dittman with Digital Journal.

E. Dittman Quick question; you had just mentioned, you were talking about it earlier, I mentioned thatóI have to be very honest. I donít watch Bob. I donít watch sinceóI mean I donít really watch any animated stuff except for Archer. Thatís the only one I watch. I think out of all the bunch, itís the best one in the air. No BS to you; I really just think youíre great. Everybodyís great. The show is so witty and smart and I canít miss it. I mean itís like addicted to it in some weird way. Have you ever thought, though, about going intoódo you have a compelling feeling to do live action at all?

J. Benjamin Well, yes, I mean I have done it before. I donít get as much work in live action than I doóbut Iíve had a live action show on the air on Comedy Central, which a few people saw. So Iíve done some stuff and yes, Iím going to continue to try and do it. Live action comedy is what I sort of started doing, so Iím kind of moreóIím always surprised I keep doing animation.

E. Dittman Well, especially when itís as good as this one, I can see why you do.

J. Benjamin Yes, I got lucky.

Moderator Weíll go to Kyle Nolan with

K. Nolan What has been one of the most bizarre things youíve been asked to voice on Archer?

J. Benjamin On the show Archer?

K. Nolan Yes.

J. Benjamin Well I only pretty much do Archer, so I donít getóthere have been occasions where theyíve made ĎArcherí pose as another character and I know Iíve failed sometimes, because I think there have been attempts to when Iím in deep cover or something where I play a Russian business man or something. I donít know the specific one, but there was like a Swiss something. I remember I couldnít pull off the accent that was for sure. So Adam Reed was like, forget it.

K. Nolan At this point, is there anything that you find shocking at all when you first read the script, because there are some strange things that happened on the show.

J. Benjamin That what? Say it again.

K. Nolan There are some strange things that happened on the show. Is there anything, by this point, that ever shocks you when you first read the script?

J. Benjamin No, no, nothing ever shocks me, even from the very beginning. Iím not easily shocked. So, no, no.

Moderator We have a question from the line of Daniel Calvisi with

D. Calvisi What are the keys to satirizing a genre like you do with Archer satirizing the spy genre? I suppose maybe Bobís Burgers is a take on like The Simpsons family comedy genre.

J. Benjamin I guess, I donítóactually like Bobís Burgers really doesnít satirize another genre of animation, and I donít think itís satirizingóit kind of is a family sitcom in a way. If anything, Bobís Burgers occasionally will satirize pop culture stuff or movies. I think Archer doesnít really even do that. Itís pretty much like an office comedy more than anything else. So yes, the spy stuff, albeit itís a big part in the show, I donít feel like itís kind of not winking at the spy genre.

D. Calvisi Okay; so itís basically written just as a comedy show about this character, not really Ö.

J. Benjamin Yes, I think itís a much more character-based comedy and itís not very high-concept in that sense where itís trying to take the Ö out of James Bond anymore. I think thatís probably the least important part to Adam, although Iím not totally sure about that.

D. Calvisi Would you recommend that aspiring screenwriters write animation, because I always hear that they say animation is developed in house?

J. Benjamin Who did that?

D. Calvisi Aspiring screenwriters, whether itís T.V. or film animation, Iíve always heard that itís really Ö for newcomers to break in like with a spec script.

J. Benjamin So what are aspiring? I donít know what that means.

D. Calvisi Like a new writer who has a concept for an animated sitcom and is trying to shop it around, as opposed to having a track record.

J. Benjamin Oh, do I think that fits that person?

D. Calvisi Yes, right, writing in that genre.

J. Benjamin Writing in animation.

D. Calvisi Yes, writing in animation.

J. Benjamin Oh, I assume itís probablyósorry about that. I didnít understand any of it. I assume itís as difficult or certainly itís as difficult or as easy as not doing it. I think like people who are specifically getting into animation have a reason to want to do that. I think itís almost an organic choice for most people who want to write animated stuff. So it probablyópeople make that decision for themselves. I donít think it starts with which one am I going to do.

Moderator We have a question with Jeri Jacquin with Military Press.

J. Jacquin We saw you at Comic-Con this year and I wanted to ask you, how does it feel to walk into a room with 2,000 screaming people?

J. Benjamin You should see my apartment. Did your cat laugh?

J. Jacquin Do you have people waiting for you every day?

J. Benjamin Well, I live with maybe 1,700 roommates.

J. Jacquin Nice.

J. Benjamin Pretty small, two bedroom, but thatís New York. The market now is really awful.

J. Jacquin I watched when you walked into the hall and you had kind of like a stunned look on your face when everyone started screaming.

J. Benjamin Well, the first time we were at Comic-Con, I think was the first time, maybe the second season end or something, I donít think Iíd even met the cast at that point, because everybody sort of did the show from their respective cities and countries; Chris Parnell, of course, living in some eastern European country for tax purposes. But so I didnít have any sense of the popularity of the show at all and it wasnít that itís gotten more and more like you said. But I remember the first year being really struck because it was in a much smaller room and people were in this huge line to get in and they had to turn away all these people. I think we were all looking around like, this show? So that was surprising. The other look from this last time was probably because I was high.

J. Jacquin Nice, all right. We want to tell you how much the military guys love your show. It gives them something to really Ö.

J. Benjamin Are you with the military?

J. Jacquin I write for Military Press.

J. Benjamin Oh, okay, I didnít hear that part.

J. Jacquin Yes, so whenever they know the show is coming, the Ö just gets crazy.

J. Benjamin Well, anything I can do for our boys and girls in the military, except fight, I will happily do.

J. Jacquin They appreciate that.

J. Benjamin Yes.

J. Jacquin Thanks so much.

J. Benjamin Iím doing any training, so come on.

Moderator Letís go to Fred Topel with Crave Online.

F. Topel What do you like to watch on T.V.?

J. Benjamin Well, I donít watch a lot of shows actually, surprisingly. I do watch Archer a lot. Like I said before, I watch it kind of in oneóI sort of watch one season in a couple days. Most recently, I think I wasóthe show I got into most, probably Boardwalk Empire, maybe. Other than that, I really kind of watch sports and news. Itís pretty much predominantly basketball and Democracy Now!.

F. Topel Are you a fan of James Bond movies and do you have a favorite Bond film?

J. Benjamin I was a big fan when I was a kid and I do have a kid now, and heís a pretty big fan of all of the Bond stuff. As far as like a favorite Bond movie, I actually just watchedóit wasnít Bond, but my kid is a big fan of thrillers. So we go back and we watch a lot of stuff we just watchedówhat was it? The Day of the Jackal. Itís really funny watching a 70s style sex scene with a nine-year-old, but my favorite Bond movie is probably Dr. No.

F. Topel Oh, good one.

J. Benjamin Thatís old school.

F. Topel Right; I liked the first one too.

J. Benjamin Yes, the first one is always the best; although Iíve got to say, I like Her Majestyís Secret Service. I thought that George Lazenby was a pretty, a really good Bond. I liked him.

Moderator Weíll go to Christiane Elin with Sci-Fi Vision.

C. Elin I just wanted to know, have you heard the news about the Archer action figures?

J. Benjamin About the what?

C. Elin The Archer action figures.

J. Benjamin Did they get away?

C. Elin Theyíve got action figures, Ö.

J. Benjamin Oh, they do? I didnít know that, no. Wow; when did that happen?

C. Elin Theyíre in development and theyíre being released in Spring 2013.

J. Benjamin Theyíre comingówow. So theyíre just likeóyou mean theyíre making them.

C. Elin Theyíre making them. Theyíll be out in the spring.

J. Benjamin In development sounds really like really, like they are Ö.

C. Elin Oh, no. FX has made a deal to make them, so theyíll be out in the spring.

J. Benjamin Wow, Iíll buy you one.

C. Elin I want a dolphin puppet.

J. Benjamin Okay, Iíll just get you a dolphin puppet.

C. Elin Which figure would you be most interested in getting?

J. Benjamin Like ĎPamí; ĎPamí is my favorite character, so I hope they make a ĎPamí one.

Moderator Our next question from the line of Daniel Calvisi with

D. Calvisi Do you think the Nielson Ratings Ö television today and how much does the rating affect your shows, either on FX or FOX, if that is Ö?

J. Benjamin Did you start by saying do I think theyíre valid?

D. Calvisi Yes, are they valid; do they apply; should they have so much emphasis on them?

J. Benjamin Well, I donít know much about it. I donít know how theyóbut I certainly know that theyíre a resource for networks for sure. I donít think thatís changed very much, but I think networks are catching up to understand how shows are being watched differently. Like if itís true, like I said, I donít watch Archer whenever itís on. I always watch it taped or on DVR in that manner.

So I donít watch much T.V. live anymore unless itís, like I said, a sports event or something. So I think itís probably changing to kind of figure out how shows are watched after the fact or after they air and all that stuff. I think, probably, Archerís popularity is measured byóyou have to start factoring in all of that. I sound like a television executive; that was way too networky. Sorry about that.

But Archer, I think really doesóI think it does pretty well, right? Like I donít really know what the ratings are, but Iím not sure if there are still like boxes, Nielson boxes? That feels like Soviet era technology. Right? Like do they really still do that or itís all just through the cable company now where they like flick a switch and see what youíre watching for a second.

K. Silvernail They still have boxes.

J. Benjamin Whatís that?

K. Silvernail They still have boxes.

J. Benjamin They do.

K. Silvernail Yes, they do.

J. Benjamin So, yes, and the boxesóare they nice? Are they likeólike how many are given out? So they just do it by a scale? Itís like a multiplier. Like whatever that family is watching, they assumeódo you know?

K. Silvernail I have no idea, Jon. Iím in publicity, not in research. Cut me some slack here.

J. Benjamin Well, can you connect us to research?

K. Silvernail Yes, sure. Let me get them on the line.

Moderator Our last question is going to be from John Blabber with Bubble Blabber.

J. Benjamin Is that your real name?

J. Blabber Yes, it is. I was born with that name.

J. Benjamin That is really good.

J. Blabber So I actually had an opportunity to interview Dave Willis a couple months ago; a.k.a. ĎBarry Dillon.í He mentioned working with Adam. He feels like every time he reads one of his scripts, and this is what makes the show good and special, that theyíre just so well written he has to go consult a dictionary to look up words and stuff like that. Is that Ö, are his scripts that different from the rest of the pack that that part of the show works?

J. Benjamin Well, in fairness, Dave Willis is like a real idiot. So itís like itís not fair. Itís like giving a nine-year-old the script and asking him to understand the most basic literary references.

J. Blabber Heís such a sweetheart, though.

J. Benjamin Well, thatís why. Arenít all idiots like that? Theyíre so nice. They donít know any better. Well, Adam would likeóyes, itís true, Iím often asking about certain references that Adam makes in the show. So when we record, yes; and I pronounced cuckold wrong. I said cuckold last time, so there are a lot of words that are used that Iím aware what they mean, but Iím not sure how to say them.

J. Blabber Right.

J. Benjamin Thatís like Ö. Ö? Iím often worse with pronunciation, but Iím not an idiot like Dave Willis.

J. Blabber Well at least we learn something new every day.

J. Benjamin I hope he reads this.

J. Blabber He probably will.

J. Benjamin Because if he does, itís time to get some learning.

K. Silvernail Awesome; and on that note, I just want to thank everybody for joining us today. A full transcript will be distributed as soon as it becomes available. As a reminder, Archer airs Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Pacific only on FX.  Thanks so much and have a great day.

J. Benjamin Bye.

Moderator Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our conference. Thank you for using AT&T Executive Teleconference Service.

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