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By Suzanne

Catherine Bell

Interview with Catherine Bell of "Good Morning, Killer" on TNT 12/1/11


Moderator: Kristina Stafford
December 1, 2011
2:00 pm CT

Operator: Good day and welcome to the Turner Entertainment hosted Catherine Bell conference call. Todayís conference is being recorded.

At this time, I would like to turn the conference over to Ms. Kristina Stafford. Please go ahead.

Kristina Stafford: Good afternoon. Thank you for joining the Catherine Bell conference call. ďGood Morning Killer,Ē premieres Tuesday, December 13 at 9:00 pm Eastern and Pacific Time on TNT. The conference call is now open for questions. Please press star 1 to ask a question. Thank you.

Operator: Once again, that is star 1 to ask a question. If you are on your speakerphone, please make sure your mute button is enabled - or disabled so that your signal may reach our equipment. Weíll pause for just a moment to assemble our roster.

Our first question comes from Kenna McHugh with Screenhead Movie Roar.

Kenna McHugh: Yes, hi. My question is for Catherine. You know, you did - I was - I followed your career a little - you know, quite a bit and I know youíve done - your work is really great. And I was just wondering, what do you do to keep up the positive attitude and keep creating such great work?

Catherine Bell: Aw, thank you. Well, you know, I guess itís just who I am. I donít know. I kind of just enjoy life and try to keep finding fun projects to work on and Iím fortunate enough to keep finding them and people keep wanting to make them with me. And in between, I intersperse that with my family, my kids and, you know, try and enjoy life.

Kenna McHugh: Great. That sounds great. Thatís wonderful.

Catherine Bell: Okay perfect.

Operator: Our next question comes from Michael Smith with If you do have a question, please press star 1.

Michael Smith: Hi. Good morning. I guess this is a two-part question. Number one, did you enjoy the experience of ((inaudible)) character?

Catherine Bell: Yes, I really did. Iíd never played an FBI agent and found it fascinating just trying to get into the mind of a, you know, a kidnapper, a rapist and track this guy. It sounds very fascinating. And obviously it was based on a wonderful novel so we had a lot of things to draw from. And itís a very rich, rewarding experience actually.

Michael Smith: Okay. And I guess a quick follow up, there are several other novels featuring your character. Is that - is this something youíd like to continue doing later again revisiting this?

Catherine Bell: I would love to. Itís actually something we talked about from the beginning. And it ended up being such a wonderful filming experience I think for all of us involved that we were instantly hoping to do more. So hopefully it goes in that direction.

Michael Smith: All right, thank you very much.

Catherine Bell: Yes, sure.

Operator: At this time, we have one question remaining in the queue. Once again if you would like to ask a question or if you have a follow up question, please press star 1. Weíll take our next question from Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine.

Jamie Steinberg: (Itís good) to speak with you again.

Catherine Bell: Hey you too. I saw you Tweeting about this earlier.

Jamie Steinberg: Of course and right now.

Catherine Bell: (Oh good).

Jamie Steinberg: Maybe youíll follow me sometime.

Catherine Bell: Yes. Oh yes. I will.

Jamie Steinberg: Is there an aspect of this character that you connect with or you really just didnít like?

Catherine Bell: I actually found her fascinating. Sheís not a perfect woman by any means. Sheís very smart, very good at her job, very much in control there. But very much not in control in her personal life, picks very bad relationships. And definitely has some issues, which I found as an actress really fun to play, you know.

Jamie Steinberg: Well, what was the most interesting thing that you learned about being an FBI agent?

Catherine Bell: You know, I really didnít know too much about the FBI. I got a chance to go down to the headquarters in Los Angeles and really learned a lot just touring the offices for several hours and finding out, you know, all the different areas that they cover from bank robberies to terrorism and, you know, anything of course that crosses state lines.

But also like hate crimes and cyber crimes and things like that, which I really didnít fully understand what the FBI did and how they protect us as American Citizens and theyíre kind of a combination of sort of military and law enforcement, just everything rolled into one. And really, really gained some new knowledge and respect, you know.

Jamie Steinberg: Great. Thank you so much.

Catherine Bell: Yes, sure.

Operator: We have a follow up question from Michael Smith with

Michael Smith: Hello again. If the Internet movie database is to be believed, William Devane started working the year you were born. What was it like working with such a veteran actor?

Catherine Bell: It was fantastic. He plays my grandfather in the script as a great character, kind of just a crotchety old, you know, cop who thinks he knows better then me and thinks the FBI are a bunch of (whooses) and, you know, so we have this sort of love-hate relationship. But we had a blast. Heís definitely been around and, you know, knows how to fill a characterís shoes. It was really fun.

Michael Smith: Thank you again.

Catherine Bell: Sure.

Operator: We have another follow up from Kenna McHugh with Screenhead Movie Roar. Ms. McHugh. We have another follow up...

Kenna McHugh: Sorry about that. I - my mute was on. Sorry. Can I ask it? Hello.

Operator: Yes, your line is still open. Please go ahead.

Kenna McHugh: Okay thank you. Sorry about that. I was just curious because you talked about the research you did and as a craft for your profession. How much research do you think is needed? When do you know when youíve done enough research and you can - and youíve got your - youíve got your part, youíve got ((inaudible)), you can - you feel like you can continue, you know, you can perform the roll?

Catherine Bell: Yes, you know, to me itís kind of ongoing even throughout the filming I think. Thereís a point in the beginning where you really know nothing about the character. And to me thatís always scary especially if youíre, you know, depends on how close youíre getting to start of production date.

But, you know, very rapidly it all starts to come together, which reading the script and reading the novel and meeting FBI agents and asking a ton of questions and, you know, just doing your research, itís like little by little, itís like youíre putting on layers of this character and you start to kind of get a sense of it.

And for me, it usually all comes together on the first day of filming where, you know, okay, there I am and Iím in a costume. Iím wearing the suit of this FBI agent. Iíve got the badge, the gun, you know, and you start saying the lines. And then it kind of - it all comes together and progresses over the next, you know, few days.

But even then Iím always looking and searching and finding out more and, you know, I really think that the more you study, the more you do that, the more you find, you know.

Kenna McHugh: Yes. I have another question. Do - itís kind of a - itís a physical fitness question actually. I know that with your - you know, I havenít seen the (screener) yet. Itís coming tomorrow. But I presume that you do have some physical, you know, stunt work that youíre doing with the - I figure with the FBI.

So what - can you give a - whatís your workout routine like to stay in shape for these roles?

Catherine Bell: You know, most of the (workout) is done before we start filming because once we start filming, honestly, especially something like this where Iím in every single scene, most - you know, most every day. I donít think I had a day off on this one.

So it becomes harder and harder to work out. You know, youíre getting more and more tired and you just do a few pushups here and there, sit ups, you know, in the morning. But before I start filming, itís pretty rigorous. I definitely do, like, an hour, hour and a half, sometimes up to two hours a day just getting in shape and, you know, getting lean and getting strong and doing some martial arts and, you know, whatever else I can depending on the role.

Kenna McHugh: Thatís cool. Do you play any competitive sports?

Catherine Bell: No, I havenít had time. I pretty much just do stuff with my trainer at the gym or if I do martial arts I do a class or something, but...

Kenna McHugh: Yes, thatís cool. I was just curious. I was curious. Okay, well thanks.

Catherine Bell: Yes, sure.

Operator: We have another follow up question from Jamie Steinberg with Starry Constellation Magazine.

Jamie Steinberg: What were some of your favorite moments that you had from filming on, ďGood Morning Killer?Ē

Catherine Bell: Oh, letís see. So many. It was really, really one of the best experiences Iíve had filming, both the story and everyone involved in making it. All the actors were really wonderful from Cole Hauser and Titus Welliver and some great, great talent.

But I donít know. I loved doing the scenes that involved the killer, the bad guy. Those were - without giving anything away or what kind of scenes they were, very intense and very emotional and, yes, kind of very challenging to shoot a well. But yes, those are probably my favorite I would have to say.

Jamie Steinberg: And why do you think people will want to take the time to watch, ďGood Morning Killer?Ē

Catherine Bell: Well, if theyíre anything like me, they like to be entertained and so many people - myself included - like mysteries and thrillers and I know Iíve always been fascinated with serial killers or, you know, this is the kidnapper/rapist. But, you know, that - what makes somebody do that? And to me itís fascinating. So to have something thatís based on such a wonderful novel with such a great story I think makes for some good, fun popcorn-eating, soda-drinking movie watching, you know.

Jamie Steinberg: Also, what are the other projects youíre working on? I know you were last speaking to us about (B Ring) and about another witch film.

Catherine Bell: Yes. Well, letís see, weíve got - Iím doing Army Wives right now. We just got picked up for ten more episodes in this season.

Jamie Steinberg: I know. Congrats.

Catherine Bell: So (Iíll be) busy for a little while but - yes, yes, weíll do 23 episodes now. And hoping to, you know, some talk of maybe another, ďGood Morning Killer,Ē movie or series after Army Wives. Or some other projects that Iím working on as well as the producer and developing, but you know me, always - Iím always busy. Always working on something.

Jamie Steinberg: When do you (read)? When do you have family (day)?

Catherine Bell: You know what, I actually have the day off today and I spent most of the day - my daughter stayed home. She had a little sore throat so we were just decorating the house, doing Christmas stuff, listening to Christmas music, running around playing, chasing the baby. So I definitely squeeze in my personal and family time.

Jamie Steinberg: Great, thanks.

Catherine Bell: Yes sure.

Operator: We have no further questions at this time. Ms. Stafford, Iíll turn the conference back to you for any additional or closing remarks.

Kristina Stafford: Thank you so much everyone for joining todayís call. As a reminder, ďGood Morning Killer,Ē premieres Tuesday, December 13 at 9:00 pm Eastern and Pacific Time on TNT. A transcript of this call will be available within 24 hours. Thank you Catherine and thank you all for participating.

Catherine Bell: Thank you guys.

Kristina Stafford: Take care.

Operator: Thank you. This does conclude todayís conference.

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