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WELCOME to The TVMEGASITE.NET Monthly Giveaway Page!

Rules for Entry

So sorry that we haven't had any winners for awhile. I'm working on getting more help to update the site.

THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! I will try to get prizes out soon. Thank you for your patience.

Past Winners

Updated 2/4/18

Please make sure that you check your spam folder regularly! Or make sure that this address is in your address book so your spam filter will not put it in the wrong place: (click on the link and type in the words to see the whole address)  We will contact you two or three times via email and then send you our choice if we do not hear back from you.

November contest starts 11/5/17

Please remember DO NOT ENTER between the 25th of this month and 5th of the next month, or your entry WILL NOT BE COUNTED!
NOTE: Your prize will be sent out sometime within 6 months. Do not pester us via email about when you will receive it. Thanks for your cooperation! Also: due to human error, we cannot guarantee that any of these prizes are available. Sometimes one gets given away and we forget to delete it from the list. In which case, we will let you choose again.


Enter to win our contest.  Scroll down to enter and you will be entered into a drawing.  Two lucky winners will get one of these prizes below.  The winners will be drawn from all entries.  Please read our privacy policy regarding your entry.  This contest is for U.S. and Canadian residents only.  We will not ship your prize if you live somewhere else. Only one entry per person or your entry will not be valid! 

Prizes will include choice of these brand new items!

Contest ends November 26th midnight eastern time

The prizes in BOLD I can't find right now; I may have lost or misplaced them when moving. Do not choose those as your prize.


  • Official E! notebooks (3) (Approximate Retail Value $10) as part of the promotion for the show "Eric & Jessie: Game On". New episodes air Sundays at 10/9c on E!
  • "Dog The Bounty Hunter" T-shirt  (2 available) (Approximate Retail Value $15)
  • History Channel iPod Speaker Case (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • WWE knit cap that says Rated R Superstar and has a zipper (Approximate Retail Value unknown)  (2 available)
  • WWE T-shirt, black with pictures of wrestles and says Raw Smackdown (both front and back), size XL, no ARV known.  (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • Character Project Poster from USA Network - very nice, suitable for framing. (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • "Wedding Day - Journey to the Altar" - Notebook from TNT. (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • HGTV Olive T-shirt size Large (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • HGTV cup holder (like you use when walking or at the gym) (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • HGTV small duffel bag (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • HGTV Jigsaw puzzle - flowers (2 available) (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • Days of Our Lives coasters (ceramic?) ( 3 available) (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • HGTV Home Decorating Journal (a little bent)  (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • Oprah's Lifeclass Journal (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • Passions martini glass (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • Bold & Beautiful Christmas ornament (2 available) (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • Y&R pin  (2 available) (from The Young and The Restless) (Approximate Retail Value unknown)
  • Y&R Christmas ornament, white  (3 available) (from The Young and The Restless) (Approximate Retail Value unknown)

DVD's--TV Shows

DVD's--Movies, Specials and Miniseries

USED DVD's (Only partially viewed & only once - for reviews)




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To enter: Enter Here or email me your entry with: your full name, you full address, your gender, your favorite TV show, and how often you visit the site (daily, weekly, monthly, often, occasionally, never, or first time).  NOTE: Make Sure you Put "Contest Entry" in the subject line!  ONLY SEND IT ONCE OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

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